10 October, 2006


This cabbage, these carrots, these potatoes, these onions ... will soon become me. Such a tasty fact!

- Mike Garofalo

Im not sure about the origin of Avial is Kerala or coastal Karnataka. Whatever, its a great dish. I love it because of the range of vegetables used. For me its a best dish when I find bit and pieces of vegetables left in fridge the week I skipped my weekely grocery shopping. You can use as many or as little varieties of vegetables you wish. My Amma handed over this recipe who in turn learnt from her Mom. You dont need to cook any other sunji's or palya or curries when you have avial in your thali. Its a colourful and healthy food which my Hubby loves and Im quite happy to cook for him whenever he wishes(mainly because it hardly takes 20 minutes to prepare the whole dish).

Colourful Avial

Vegetables I used:
1/2 cup each of:
Green peas
Green beans
You can also use Yam, Ashgourd but I was short of them.

Veggies used for Avial

Other Ingredients:
1 cup Sour curds
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
Curry leaves Few
3 tbls Coconut Oil(or any other oil)
SaltTo taste

To grind:
2/3 cup of dessicated Coconut
3-4 Green chillies(According to taste)
1 tsp Cummin seeds


Grind together the coconut, green chillies and cummin seeds to make a fine paste, adding very little water.
Mix the curd to the ground paste and keep aside.
Peel and chop all the vegetables into 3-inch lengths.
Cook the vegetables together with salt, termaric powder and very little water in a heavy-bottomed vessel.
Add the paste and heat through, taking care to prevent curdling.
Add 2 tbls of coconut oil and curry leaves and mix well. Do not heat.
Serve hot with rice.

Avial served with Rice

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  1. I cant believe u have been cooking only for a year .. tell me the truth :-)


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