17 October, 2018

Thai Red, Yellow and Green Curry Paste Recipe | Trio Of Thai Curry Pastes

Learn how to make trio of Thai Curry Pastes; Thai Red Curry Paste, Thai Yellow Curry Paste and Thai Green Curry Paste

"Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements."
~ Marcel Boulestin

One thing I have learnt from my over a decade of kitchen adventure is learning how to balance and harmonize flavours. Even the fresh ingredients, such as herbs, spices and vegetables, can differ depending on their freshness, the soil and climate condition where they are grown, the way they are packed and stored etc. Same chilli I had bought few days back was less spicy and the tomatoes were more juicer than the one from my previous shopping trip to same old supermarket. Similarly, tamarind puree from same brand may differ in degree of sourness depending on how thick or thin it is made while the colour of chilli powder may be brighter than the last pack you consumed.

Thai Red, Yellow and Green Curry Pastes

Thai Green Curry Paste

For any cook, amateur or experienced, it is important to make adjustments in the quantity used to bring out the right flavour of the ingredients to suit your taste buds rather than blindly following the given recipes religiously. Recipes should serve as guidelines as they cannot speak for our taste preference or the variance in the ingredients we get from different places. Rather following the cooking instructions, I follow my instinct and my palate as it is these two which tells me what I would like in a particular dish, a hint of this a dash of that which creates a perfect harmony between flavour, aroma and the complete satisfaction of creating something which my loved ones enjoy.