28 April, 2009

Whole Wheat Naan: For a Healthier Me!


Whole Wheat Naan

It is one of those ‘frozen brain’ days where I am I am not able to put my feelings into words or sentences (well, in my case lengthy rants). So till I try to thaw my brains, my friends, enjoy this rare moments where you will not be tortured with my ramblings or stories. All we going to talk are food, food and only delicious food!!!

22 April, 2009

Mushroom Manchurian: Indo-Chinese Delight!


Mushroom Manchurian, my entry for Click Spring/Autumn

After 4 days of holiday, I am back at work today. Last few days have been wonderful in my neck of woods. Well, it was more than wonderful and in fact, it was glorious when it comes to weather! I know I did mention about not to get too obsessed with weather in my last post but some things can’t be helped!!!

16 April, 2009

Stuffed Capsicum in Peanut Sauce: What is Your Current Obsession?


Stuffed Capsicum in Peanut Sauce

Regular readers of my blog will know how obsessed I can get over few things. Ever since I moved to this country, weather has been one of the biggest obsessions of my life. Surprisingly, I am not going to talk about weather today (there is no point in nagging and repeating same things, is it?). But I am going rant on my other obsession in my life! Yeah, you guessed it right. Let’s talk about food! (What you had in mind?;)

15 April, 2009

Capsicum Masala Rice: An Ode to Vibrant Spring!


Capsicum Masala Rice

At last my favourite weather is here to stay. Yes, I am talking about spring, the season of new beginning! It’s the season of bursting colours and heady fragrances.

11 April, 2009

New Kid on the block: Beyond Curries

A few decades back, majority of people around the globe believed in so many myths about India as a country and Indians as people. For many, India was the land of snakes and snake charmers, with elephants and bullock carts being our means of transport and a country of faded splendour now left with poverty and diseases. Thanks to globalisation, mass media and Indians making headlines around the world, India is now known for its fastest growing economy, the knowledge base, its progress in the fields of science and technology, corporate houses and vast business opportunities, to name a few!

But there is one more myth that still needs to be shaken, a myth that the Indians thrive and survive eating hot, spicy and greasy Curries! For many, Indian food means spicy, greasy, fatty food cooked with a main ingredient called Curry Powder, which is available in many supermarkets. Yes, a big myth about curry and its ingredients. We are here to show that there is a lot more to Indian food than Curries! Just like the culturally diverse sub-continent called India, there is a diversity of ingredients, flavours, textures and cooking techniques in what we broadly term as Indian cuisine.

09 April, 2009

Methi-Lilva-Nariyal Pulao: Bitter is Better!


Methi-Lilva-Nariyal Pulao

I can imagine most of you either rolling your eyes or twisting your nose when I say “Bitter is Better” :). Yes, bitter is definitely better when taken in moderation just like sweets!

03 April, 2009

Gobi ka Kheema: The art of 'ahem' Seduction!!!


Gobi ka Kheema

Curly haired, little pot bellied, fair and of course handsome! He was there again that night surrounded by his family and friends. I tried to move away from his sight before he could see me and rushed to move past him. But alas, that was not to happen and he was beside me in within few seconds.

01 April, 2009

Rhengan Reveya: Rural, Rustic Charm!

Rhengan Reveya, Rustic and Delicious
Rhengan Reveya

Will it be called too much of bragging if I were to say I cook very mean Indian food?
Will it be called blowing your own horn, little too loudly perhaps, if I am to say I cook better than the chefs at well known Indian curry houses?
Will I be kicked out from the restaurant for asking the chefs to change their career because they failed to cook one decent pot of rice?
Err, will I be?