11 April, 2009

New Kid on the block: Beyond Curries

A few decades back, majority of people around the globe believed in so many myths about India as a country and Indians as people. For many, India was the land of snakes and snake charmers, with elephants and bullock carts being our means of transport and a country of faded splendour now left with poverty and diseases. Thanks to globalisation, mass media and Indians making headlines around the world, India is now known for its fastest growing economy, the knowledge base, its progress in the fields of science and technology, corporate houses and vast business opportunities, to name a few!

But there is one more myth that still needs to be shaken, a myth that the Indians thrive and survive eating hot, spicy and greasy Curries! For many, Indian food means spicy, greasy, fatty food cooked with a main ingredient called Curry Powder, which is available in many supermarkets. Yes, a big myth about curry and its ingredients. We are here to show that there is a lot more to Indian food than Curries! Just like the culturally diverse sub-continent called India, there is a diversity of ingredients, flavours, textures and cooking techniques in what we broadly term as Indian cuisine.

So here we are, a team of enthusiastic and passionate bloggers, creating this space dedicated to simple Indian cooking. This is a one-stop-shop for everybody who wishes to learn the basics of the colourful and flavourful Indian cooking. And more importantly you will learn that it is not only about Curries but it goes well beyond that! We will share the secrets of cooking techniques, tips, and pearls of wisdom shared by our grandmothers and great grandmothers to show how simple spices, herbs and other ingredients are used in creating the magic of Indian food. We will be sharing everyday, basic and rustic food cooked in every Indian kitchen using protein packed beans, legumes and lentils, delicious rice, healthy Rotis (Indian flat breads), fresh vegetables and greens, sinfully delicious desserts, amazing snacks and street food, freshly made spice powders, pickles, sauces, chutneys and gravies, and delightful vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Yes, this is Beyond Curries where we are set to demystify and simplify Indian cuisine!

Why another food blog?
The necessity to come up with this group blog was the result of many e-mails, comments and queries from the readers of our blogs around the globe who were interested in learning to cook Indian food but were unable to do so for various reasons. For one, many are not really aware of the ingredients used in Indian cooking and there are some readers who are staying away from home and craving for a simple home meal. There are also some food lovers who love to cook Indian food but are looking for the ways to give it a modern and creative twist. And there are many parents who want to know ways in which they can cook Indian food for their kids without too much of a fuss! So now look no further! Shoot all your queries, doubts (no matter how trivial they seem to you) and recipe requests to us.

Are you ready to learn and look Beyond Curries? Come and join us as we take you on a fun-filled roller coaster ride into the magical world of Indian cuisine…

Warm regards
Beyond Curries Team


  1. Yaay! Warm welcome to the new kid on the block ;-)

  2. Congrats Sia and kudos for coming up with this idea. Also thank you for editing my post.

  3. An awesome Idea for a group blog! The myth about Indian Cooking is so very true! Just yesterday I heard an ad on radio that said .. "Eeew.. What's that? Smells like Indian Food in a diaper" - I was so pissed off that people consider Indian Food smelly and oily when there's much more to it! I hope your new blog gives people a new perspective towards Indian Food :)

  4. Beyond Curries is a wonderful space I did visit it... Keep your good work going... Shall keep visitng...

  5. Sia, all the best with the new venture. With the team you have it is going to be a great success. Looks forward to myths demystified.

  6. Great idea :) All the best, Sia!

  7. Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your Tofu & Pineapple Thai Curry recipe. I just made it with Jasmine Rice. It was my first time to try Thai food at home. We really enjoyed our dinner.
    Thank you!
    BTW, I have started my blog. Please visit when u feel free. I am new in this blogging world and I knw that I still need to customize my blog. Will learn slowly. :)


  8. That's a good initiative - and one I've been trying to do for the past 5 years at One Page Cookbooks.

    /All the best


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