18 March, 2014

Gujje Podi Recipe | Vegan Tender Jackfruit Pakoda/Fritter Recipe

Learn how to make Gujje Podi/Tender Jackfruit Pakoda/Fritter ~ Vegan and Gluten-Free Tender Jackfruit Pakoda/Podi

When I was a kid, the everyday meal cooked using the ingredients grown in your own backyard was something that I considered ‘blah’, well, boring! There was nothing interesting in eating the food cooked using the ingredient that grew right in front of my eyes.

Gujje Podi/Tender Jackfruit Fritters ~ Deep fried goodness!

Bendi, simple coconut based curry made using large pumpkins growing in a vine? Boring!
Huli Menasina Kodhel, lightly spiced coconut curry made using ivy gourds covering the portion of wall and roof in the back of the house? Well, boring!
Tomato Majjige Huli, sour buttermilk and coconut based curry with tomatoes plucked right from the plant in a big planter? Let’s not even talk about it!

07 March, 2014

For Tea and Coffee Lovers ~ KT and Rimjhim Coffee at Lakshmi Nivas, Kalladka | Photo Essay

Rimjhim Coffee at Lakshmi Nivas Hotel, Kalladka

On National Highway 75 which connects Bangalore and Mangalore, probably the road I have travelled most in my lifetime, there is a small town called Kalladka. It is like any small towns with little shops lined on both sides of the road, some almost decrepit and few oozing old world charm! For many travellers passing through this NH 75, there is a tiny little hotel called Lakshmi Nivas that has become a holy grail for all coffee and tea lovers.

Lakshmi Nivas is a small hotel, with its wooden bench and tables, which one can easily miss visiting if not for their speciality: KT (Kalladka Tea) and Rimjhim Coffee which is not available even in star restaurants or posh cafes! Both KT and Rimjhim coffee is served in a small transparent glass are a treat to eyes, nose and taste buds! Like any other teashops or roadside coffee shops one comes across during road trips in India, Lakshmi Nivas too serve their coffee and tea in a small glass cup that sits in a small stainless steel bowl with a spoon to stir the hot beverage.