29 December, 2011

Crêpes with Spiced Poached Pears - A Guest Post by Soma @ eCurry

Crêpes with Spiced Poached Pears

If you are looking for an inspiration in food blogging world, you don’t have to go very far! There are many sweet and generous food bloggers who open then heart, kitchen, share their family recipes and also invite you to take a peek into their beautiful world. Soma of stunning food blog eCurry (apt name for food blog, don’t you think?) is one such inspirational blogger who is one of the most sweet person I have come across! Mother to two gorgeous girls, Soma shares her day to day life with beautifully woven stories, soulful narration and stunning photography. Her blog is something to be treasured and it is difficult not to fall in love with her awe inspiring posts. It is my greatest pleasure to have Soma here on my virtual kitchen. Please follow her on Twitter and become her fan on Facebook if you don’t want to miss out her unique, beautiful and delicious recipes.

22 December, 2011

Buttery Vanilla Pressed Cookies - A Guest Post by Aparna @ My Diverse Kitchen

Licensed To Bake!

I have made many friends through food blogs and social networking sites. I chat, exchange notes and share my personal thoughts with them and yet I haven’t met any one of them in real world! If given a chance I would like to meet few of them face to face. Aparna of gorgeous food blog My Diverse Kitchen is one such person whom I would LOVE to meet! Her lens captures the vibrant life and makes the world and, of course, foods look so colourful, lively and beautiful! As the name suggests, Aparna’s blog captures the essence of diverse cooking with simple yet exotic recipes, beautiful narration and crisp food photography that always manages to bring the feeling of warmth! Please welcome Aparna on Monsoon Spice kitchen and follow her on Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. She has perfect recipe for this Chrismas, Buttery Vanilla Pressed Cookies.

Wishing all the readers of Monsoon Spice a Merry Christmas and a best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

Warm regards

19 December, 2011

Indian Semolina Pancakes, Raisin and Currant Chutney, and Kokum Cooler - A This-and-That Snack - A guest post by Susan @ The Well Seasoned Cook

Rava Uttapam (Semolina Pancakes with Raisin and Currant Chutney and Kokum Cooler

This lady friend of mine has very special love affair with legumes. She is the brain behind very popular and wonderful food blog event called My Legume Love Affair or MLLA which will be celebrating its third year anniversary in few weeks’ time! Yes, I am talking about the lovely lady Susan behind the very special and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L food blog The Well Seasoned Cook (don't you love the name?!). I have known Susan for the past 3 years and I never fail to notice her eye for details which reflects through her stunning food and life photography. It is my greatest pleasure to have Susan here on Monsoon Spice as a guest blogger. Do check and participate in her yet another popular Black and White Wednesday, a culinary food photography event which challenges you to look at vibrant and colourful food in monochrome! Visit her beautiful blog, if you have not already done so, and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

15 December, 2011

Caramel Pear (Upside Down) Cake – A Guest Post by Nisha @ Look Who's Cooking Too

Caramel Pear (Upside Down) Cake

When I was absent from blogosphere for almost a year, I missed out reading my favourite blogs and chatting with my lovely blog friends. When I came back I found that there were many new food blogs, more than I had on my google reader! Among the lot, I found some really unique and interesting food blogs with beautiful narration and well presented food. One such blog was Look Who’s Cooking Too by gorgeous Nisha. I found her blog by accident but falling in love with her blog was no accident! Nisha shares wonderful recipes from her home and abroad, and the goodies she whips up in her London kitchen is something that will leave you drooling over your keyboard! It’s my joy to bring Nisha to Monsoon Spice kitchen. You can keep in touch with Nisha by become her friend on Facebook.

12 December, 2011

Kaju Barfi | Cashew Candy Squares Recipe - A guest post by Harini @ Tongue Ticklers

Kaju Barfi

Today I have a very special blogger friend of mine here who is known for her healthy vegan recipes, gorgeous food photography and radiant personality. She is none other than Harini aka Sunshine Mom. This lovely lady lives up to her name Sunshine Mom by spreading her warmth, kindness and her sparkling personality shines through her delectable blog Tongue Ticklers which is a treasure trove of vegan recipes, beautiful narration and stunning photography! Please welcome Harini who is sharing her delicious Vegan Kaju Barfi recipe with us all and don’t forget to become her fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

08 December, 2011

Farfalle in a Creamy Roasted Mushroom Sauce - A Guest Post by Deesha @ Vegetable Platter

Farfalle in a Creamy Roasted Mushroom Sauce

There are few food blogs which grabs your attention from very first visit. It could be the way it is designed (uncluttered and clean works for me), the narration, eye catching photography or the precise, clear instructions. Deesha’s Vegetable Platter is one such blog which has all these qualities and much more! Her authentic and traditional recipes married well with the modern and fusion style of cooking along with her crisp and beautiful food photography which is like a cherry on top of already delicious and beautiful cake! I am honoured to have her today as a guest blogger. Please welcome Deesha and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

05 December, 2011

Taro & White Bean Curry – A Guest Post by Chinmayie @ Love Food Eat

Taro and White Bean Curry

I have known her for more than two decades; we grew up on a same street and studied at same school. But we both lost touch when we moved to different cities for higher education. It was only last year when I met her again in my home town when she came to visit me and Lil Dumpling with her ma and gorgeous daughter and then we kept in touch through social network. Few month’s later she mailed me about starting her food blog and since day one, I have become a fan of her beautiful clicks, and what she cooks! It is my greatest pleasure to introduce beautiful Chinmayie of Love Food Eat, a food blog which is unique and simply stunning! Her blog may be just six months old but it is already studded with priceless recipes and beautiful narration. After one look at her blog and I am sure you’ll not want to miss reading her posts. So why not follow her on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook!