31 January, 2012

Veg Manchurian or Vegetable Manchurian Recipe

Veg Manchurian

Nature is beautiful. Nature is inspiring…. And sometimes, it can be deceitful!

Don’t take it wrong, as my intentions are not bad… It’s just an observation from my end when I actually saw that little, delicate crocus buds blooming in our garden. Yes, Crocus blooms in mid-Jan! Who would have thunk?!

27 January, 2012

Cabbage Akki Rotti Recipe | Gluten Free Spicy Cabbage Flat Bread Recipe

Cabbage Akki Rotti Recipe | Gluten Free Spicy Cabbage Flat Bread

I think I need another vacation to recover from previous one! Well, it almost sums up my recent trip to India-aah!

Food-dozing-food-chasing the toddle-food-trying to stop Lil Dumpling from running wild naked-food-meeting dozens of aunts and uncles-food-travelling with one super active toddler-food-temple visits-food-catching few blinks while Lil Dumpling runs riot without a stitch of thread on his back-food-trying to avoid cousin jealousy when one kid snatches toys from other-food-catching up with all the latest gossips in family and friend circle-food-taking few photos in between Lil Dumpling’s short day naps-food-food-food-and more food! Well, this almost sums up my India trip!!!

26 January, 2012

Monsoon Spice Recipe Index

Namaste & Hello Readers,

Due to many e-mails and comments, I have tried to make recipe search on Monsoon Spice more user friendly. There are four ways you can search your favourite recipes.

1. Search Recipes by Ingredients: You can now browse recipes based on main ingredients used. It is listed under different categories in alphabetical order on the side bar of Monsoon Spice.
2. Search Recipes by Title: The drop-down list on the side bar of Monsoon Spice and on Recipe Index Page lists the recipes by region, type and courses.
3. Google Search: You can also browse the recipe you want by simply entering the key word on Google search engine on the side bar of Monsoon Spice and on this Recipe Index Page.
4. Search Recipes by Month: You can browse the recipes by month by clicking on the month on archive section listen on the side bar of Monsoon Spice.

Monsoon Spice Recipe Index is laid out for visitors to come and pick their meal in an easy way. I have categorised this Recipe Index is two ways.
1. One is to choose recipes based on Regions from which they come from.
2. Second is based on the meal types.

Being a Vegetarian, I blog Vegetarian Recipes in Monsoon Spice and most of them are Satwik in nature. Each and every dish created and blogged in Monsoon Spice is prepared with utmost love and passion. I have tried to recreate the same magic in my small kitchen which I have grown watching it happen everyday in my Amma (Mother) and Ajji's (Grandma) kitchen. Thus its no surprise that most of the recipes I have blogged are the ones I learnt from my Amma, Ajji, Aunts and Friends. Other recipes are the ones which I tried from fellow bloggers, cookery books and shows, internet etc. And there are few recipes which are the results of occasional accidents happening in our kitchen by me and my much better half, HD. Hence most of the Recipes blogged in Monsoon Spice are the one’s which we cook regularly at home or whatever we fancy eating. The recipes blogged are something which we ate, loved and want to replicate the same in future. Monsoon Spice is our treasure box of recipes which satisfies both our tummy and soul which I am sharing with you now.

I consider myself to be an amateur cook when it comes to cooking. I have just started this wonderful journey of culinary experience and I am eager to absorb the lessons I learn on my way. So be patience and correct me if I have gone wrong and posted something which you think is not quite right. I am more than happy to get your feedback and suggestion to make Monsoon Spice more interactive and interesting place for you.

Can't find the recipe you are looking for? Just enter the keyword in the search box below and find the recipe you are looking for in Monsoon Spice.

19 January, 2012

Pomegranate Rice - A Guest Post by Radhika @ Food for 7 Stages of Life

Light, Colourful and Packed with Flavours: Pomegranate Rice

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I came back from one month of fulfilled trip to India. All I did was eating-dozing, eating-napping and eating-sleeping… You know the drift! I am still getting over the fact that the holidays are over, I am not yet ready to post anything as of now… While the writer’s block is keeping away from penning my fabulous time at home, the cold winter kept me away from work and confined to bed with nasty chest infection! So while I recover from both cold and homesickness, a dear blogger friend Radhika has agreed to guest post in my absence. In spite of her busy schedule with a new and exciting job of parenting to beautiful baby girl, Radhika kindly agreed to share her favourite recipe of Pomegranate Rice with all of here in my virtual kitchen. Radhika’s gorgeous blog Food for 7 stages of Life is alive with her beautiful photography, exciting recipes, and lovely anecdotes. From simple home cooking to fusion cooking, her blog has everything and more. You can’t just help but marvel at her innovative and unique recipes and wonder how you didn’t think of cooking it before?! Thank you Radhika for gracing my virtual kitchen with yet another interesting and winning recipe. Please follow her on Twitter or join her fan club on Facebook to find more about her and her recipes.

05 January, 2012

Sweet & Savoury Seasoned Jowar – A Guest Post by Pavithra @ Dishes from My Kitchen

Seasoned Jowar - Sweet and Savoury

Recently I became acquainted with the multi talented Pavithra of Dishes from My Kitchen on social networking site. I was overjoyed when she readily agreed to guest post for the readers of Monsoon Spice in spite of her busy schedule. Her blog is a virtual treat where she dishes out modern Indian cooking using traditional recipes and techniques but giving it her own unique twist. Just like the beautiful lady here, her blog is gorgeous with one of the kind recipe repertoire and stunning food photography that will make you run to the kitchen to create the same magic! From scrumptious sweets to daring bakes, from traditional cooking to modern twists, her blog has wonderful collection of recipes to please every one of you. A heartfelt thank you to Pavithra for gracing my virtual kitchen and sharing her childhood favourite recipes with us all! Please follow her on Facebook if you don’t want to miss out her wonderful recipes.

02 January, 2012

Victoria Sandwich or Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe - A Guest Post by Rosa @ Rosa's Yummy Yums

Victoria Sandwich or Victoria Sponge Cake

It’s been just few months since I began participating in Susan’s Black and White Wednesday, a culinary food photography event where we are encouraged to look at food and anything related to food in monochrome colours. Sometime I failed and sometimes I succeeded in capturing the vibrant and colourful food look good in just two colours. But I found one amazing food blogger who not just takes beautiful photographs in monochrome but wows you every time by bringing them to life. Every single photograph in her blog has some stories to tell without the need of any words! Her photograph makes me go weak at the knees, lifts my spirit, and also makes me happy every time! I am talking about gorgeous lady Rosa who writes at Rosa’s Yummy Yums from one of the most beautiful countries, Switzerland. I am honoured to have her here today, on Monsoon Spice kitchen, sharing her beautiful photographs and fond memories with you all… Please welcome Rosa today and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and Facebook if you don’t want to miss out some great food and photos.