26 September, 2006

Request A Recipe


Most of the Recipes blogged in Monsoon Spice are the one’s which we cook regularly at home or whatever we fancy eating. If it is simple Rasam/Dal Rice one day then other day it is something I learned from my Amma, Relatives and Friends, Web, Cookbook or TV show. There is no particular rule I follow while posting these recipes. The recipes blogged are something which we ate, loved and want to replicate the same in future. Monsoon Spice is our treasure box of recipes which satisfies both our tummy and soul which I am sharing with you now.

I am more than happy to get your feedback and suggestion to make it more interactive and interesting place for you. There are few recipes which I am not too fond of or haven’t got the right ingredients or just forgot about it all together or just don’t have enough time to cook. So if you are looking for a particular Vegetarian Recipe in Monsoon Spice please mail me a request, or respond by commenting to this post. Please do look through the "Search" box and the Monsoon Spice's Recipe Index to see if the recipe is already blogged. I will try my best to find out the recipes and post the recipe along with photoes for you. Blogging is my hobby so please be warned that I may not be able to respond to your request right away.

Requested Recipes:


  1. Sia,

    Great site. Just added you to dmoz - recreation/food/spicy.


  2. Sia,

    Great site. Just added you to dmoz - recreation/food/spicy.


  3. hii supriya,,

    i recently bought phool makkan ....the are puffed lotus flower seeds actually i think u know...i am looking wht to cook with them kindly post some recipes with them please......thaks in advance


  4. @anonymous,
    i am sorry that i can't post the recipe which uses phool makkan as i dont get lotus seeds in my part of the world. but here are the links for some interesting recipes which uses lotus seeds.
    Puffed lotus seeds raita
    Lotus Seeds Gravy from Lera's blog.
    sorry i couldn't be much of help in this case. do drop in a comment if u need any other recipe and i will try to cook them for u and post(if i get the ingredients)

  5. thanks supriya for the recipe i bought them in a food store in leeds ,they are available in asian foodstores in bradford or in any place

    thanks once again

  6. @indira,
    i will ask my asian store owner to get me a bag of lotus seeds. thanks for letting me know as where they r available:)

  7. where do u live in yorkshire supriya

  8. @indira,
    sorry indira, for personal reasons i cannot disclose my location. hope u understand.

  9. I loved your about me....

    could not read the main text..some of it seems cut off..

  10. Hey Sia,

    I am from Bangalore (living currently in US) and I wanted to know an easy way to make ragi muddhe without any lumps in them. Ragi muddhe with soppina saaru is the ultimate! Awaiting your suggestions :)

    Thanks a lot!


  11. Sia, I am experiencing difficulty in typing in the latest beet curry post..Couldn't get into the box :(...sorry to type here..
    The curry looks lovely and red..Though we are not great fans of the veggie,the dish tempts me to try !!:)

  12. Hello Sia,

    Just happened to land your site ..My compliemnts on a good site and beautiful pictures. You got another regular visitor now :)
    Just a Question - where do you get the Ganesha/Krishan spoons? I wish I knew. Can you please let me know where I can get (atleast) similar ones? Thanks a bunch!
    Best Wishes
    - Aarti

  13. @ranjani,
    i have not made ragi mudde till date as its not eaten in m'lore, my native. i will try to find a quick and easy method to prepare and will post it only if i am successful in making it. it may take sometime for me to post the recipe as i am bit busy at a moment. till then i hope u do try someother recipes from monsoon spice:)

    thank u:)
    i found that ganeesha spoon from one of the antique shop in mangalore. if u live any place close by to mangalore i will be more than happy to mail u that shops address. just drop me a mail.

  14. Hi,
    Could you post a recipe for phirni please?

  15. hi Sia can u tell me wht is kitchen king masala?

  16. @anon,
    kitchen king masala is a special masala powder which enhances the flavour of any curry. there r different brands of kitchen king masalas available. it contains powdered coriander, tumeric, fenugreek, ginger, salt, tejpatta, cumin, black pepper, cardamom, garlic flakes, taj, poppy seeds, onion flakes, cloves, mustard and asafoetida. one brand which is use is badshah kitchen king masala first time i had to get it parceled from india but now u should be able to get it in any indian stores.

  17. Hi Sia... How r u? This is Praveen Shetty here. I am in US - Pittsburgh. I need some help in cooking. tell me how to make curry without using mixer grinder and coconut

  18. Hi Sia,

    Hope you are having a good time in India. Could you get the recipe for Dharwad Peda from your mom ? I couldn't find it anywhere online.



  19. hi suppi akka this is me Sammi, amma wanted bendi fry but i did not get it
    please add it.

  20. hi sia, i have a question about the header of the blog where we write blog name and add picture. I am a tech challenged person (I am a pharmacist). Would you please tell me how to make the header big. My page starts with a green line just below the header which interrupts the images the the header.

    Also wanted to border the pics with a color, like how u line ur pics with a border. But somehow could not find a way.

    Please help me.

  21. @lakshmi,
    please e-mail me ur mail id as its more easier to mail u than reply here in comment section

  22. Hi Sia,
    Iam glad I stumbled onto your blog and its very nice...keep it up!!!!!
    Could you please advise me also how to make my header beautiful the same way as you advised Lakshmi.
    My e-mail ID is : surftosurvive@gmail.com
    If you get the time do visit my blog
    URL of my blog is : http://sukanya-keralaiyer.blogspot.com/
    Thanks and Best Regards,

  23. Sia, I am here in the request comment form to leave a request..Kindly chk my blog as I have passed a much deserving award to you! I m not sure if you already might hv got the E award, still I wd personally vote u for it! Thanks again! For being so lovely!

  24. Just came across your blog while blog-hopping.
    Congrats on all the great work!
    I am awed by the number of Kannada recipes you have here. It reminded me of my mom's and aunties' dishes :-)
    Can you please blog the recipe for Bendekaayi gojju. I would love to introduce my hubby to it :-)

  25. Hi Sia,
    would you help me with udupi/mangalore style sauthekayi(cucumber-yellow) huli recipe? Thanks a ton. You have my e-mail address.

  26. @lakshmi,
    if you r talking of majjige huli here is the link. replace ash gourd with yellow cucumber and follow same method.

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  28. Hi Sia,

    I am a regular follower of your blog and I think its simply amazing.I heard about a mangalore side dish called sasuve and made with okra. Can you post the recipe for this?


  29. Hi Sia,

    I have visited your site first time and it is awesome.
    Also I have seen a blog called "arogya sanjeevani" and I love to read it. I will really appreciate it if you can add me in a team

  30. @pushpa,
    i will try to post sasve recipe soon:)

    thanks for ur kind words of appreciation. Aarogya Sanjeevini is my pivae blog and I haven't given access to anyone. So sorry abt that.

  31. I liked ur blog a lot and the thai recipes pics looked absolutely sumptuous ! one question ....which brand of coconut milk do u use ?

  32. @meena,
    thank you :) I use "tropical sun" or "blue dragon organic coconut milk" brand canned coconut milk.

  33. Hi Sia

    Nice blog!I am a great fan of Mangalore curries but I seem to have a bit of problem finding some ingredients like Kokum and Teppal.Any idea if I can find them in any of these East Ham stores? If not where else can I find these in London?


  34. hi Jyothi,
    i usually bring them from home as they r not easily available anywhere else. i haven't seen any grocery shop carrying either of them in London. but u can check them online and see if u can buy them from some online shops.

  35. Hi Supriya!

    I haven't been to your blog for ages! Wow very nice.

    I wanted to see if you found a good Pumpkin Masala recipe. I love this curry at the restaurant but can't find anything similar. The one I had some coconut in it as well.

    I think you may have just inspired to resuscitate my blog from the dead!

    Will be surfing around your site!


  36. Hi Sia

    I have been following your blog from quite some time , new look is good and i love the way u present the dishes and the write up too.:-)
    I would like to know which model camera u use to click the pictures

  37. Hey sia , sorry to here.. your header looks so nice.. can you tell me how do u do it?

  38. Hi Sia,

    Do you know how to cook raw bananas as a sabzi in an easy way? I have never done it before but was hoping to be able to try.

  39. HEY..do you know the recipe of fried spinach. I tried it in a restaurant in appetizers. Thanks in advance

  40. Hi Sia,

    Hey What a gr8888 site... I m in luv with ur blog.... The way u present ur recipes is simply amazing... i came across this recipe in ur blog where you flattened the bakery bread n stuffed veggies... i m not sure if it was in the apptzr or snack category... hahahha tried searching for almost an hour... but still not able to find... can u plz plz tell me where i can find it in ur blog...

    Thanks in Advance

    Gud Luck

  41. @SSS, is it Dabeli u r looking for?

  42. Sia,

    Can you please post a recipe by using ‘kala channa’ with lesser masalas for rotis and chappathis?

    I am a learner in cooking and I have tried some of your recipes like paneer kofta, matar paneer etc. (got appreciation from my Hubby, Thanks to you.).

  43. Sia,
    thank you for all the help you give me with your wonderful recipes and pics. it is funny how the internet allows us to feel almost as if we know a complete stranger!! :-)
    my sweetheart longs for a dish he recalls using kala channa that is a mix of sweet and sour. i made the kala channa recipe that depends upon the carmelization of the onions, but that is very sweet. do you know of one that is sweet AND sour?
    again, thanks. all the best to you and yours.

  44. Hi sia,
    really nice pics ... why some of the pics are note opening.?? its coming exceeded bandwidth limit..

  45. Hi Sia ,

    Wonderful blog with lovely recipes.

    Could you pls tell me which of the daals/brunchs can be cooked and frozen over the weekend.

    Am a professional and have an 19 month old.It will really help me during the week if i have stuff ready .

    any suggestions


  46. Wow, I love your site, just learning to cook Indian recipes, dont know where to start, so many regions and spices. I am an avid explorer though and first I must educate myself with India. Thank you for the lovely site, filled with so much useful information!

  47. Sia,
    Accidently i found your website and i simply loved it. I tried to make kandavi in microwave and followed your instructions, but it was a disaster .. after 5 mins of high in it has started to turn solid from within, in the sense it has was getting cooked.. after a while i pulled it out added a little more buttermilk and tried to beat it ( this was a mistake i guess) it turned all lumpy and i realised that i could nothing further with this batter...what is the consistency of batter after it is cooked?
    in the sense when do i know that i should stop and it is ready to be spread like dosa?
    i am totally blank about this, i love kandavi, please guide me


  48. Sia-
    You have a absolutely wonderful blog. Thanks to a lot of you guys who make people like me who never thought cooking can be interesting, become a passionate lover of cooking! I love cooking these days and try out varities of recipes. I am a regular follower of yours and Sailus food Blogs. Thank you Sia!

  49. Sia--

    I came to your site a long time ago and found a recipe on here using chana dal that you cook in a pressure cooker. It was fantastic on rainy days! But now I can't find it on here :(
    Am I missing something? Is it right under my nose?

  50. @Theresa, u can look under the label Channa Dal (Split) and Channa Dal (whole) and see if u can find the recipe u r looking for! u can also check the recipe index (it does need updating). I hope u do find it and cook to ur heart's content :)

  51. Sia, We came across cabbage roti from your posting. Everybody loved it. We used to do them using wheat flour and mix the cabbage with flour into dough. Then we would just make it like parathas.
    But the rice flour tasted better.

  52. @Dhiru Galani, I am really happy to kw that u and ur family enjoyed the Cabbage akki rottis. Roties made using wheat flour wouldn't give the same crispy texture as the one made using rice flour. So I can understand how different you found these rottis compared to the cabbage paraths. Akki rotti is staple breakfast item in Karnataka, especially in b'lore and mysore region.

  53. Sia,

    Thank you for your cool website. I am an Indian-American and I really miss food from the homeland. I regret not being interested in cooking when I was much younger. But hey, it's never too late to learn. I'm enjoying your recipes.


  54. wow! i absolutely loved your blog sia! pictures are wonderful. methi malai mutter is my fav..

  55. I made your green Thai curry this night and it was excellent but I noticed a distinct difference in the colour. Yours is bright green while mine as quite dark. Do you blanch the basil before grinding it with the other paste ingredients?

  56. @Beatles, I am glad to know u enjoyed the green thai curry. The fresh homemade curry paste always tastes so much better than the bottled one.
    regarding the colour, I don't blanch the basil leaves but grind the fresh ones (including stems) directly with other ingredients.

  57. Hey missy!

    Had a hankering for Mangalore Buns....thought your site would have it :(...Love your site a for a quick lookup of traditional dishes.


  58. Sia,
    Please post a recipe of "chili paneer" (dry version).


  59. Hi Sia,

    I want to know how to make sweets? Gulab jamoon?? Plsssssss

  60. Hi Sia...
    Lovely posts am very much inspired I would like to share some of your recipes as and when I try them in my blog with link to your recipe.. If its ok pls let me know I couldnt find your email id so have put my comment here

  61. Hello mam,

    My question is not about recipes.my question is :

    Which theme/template you use for your website?

    I liked your photography too.Thank you.

  62. @सुshant, I have used a simple template with white backgroud and then changed a lot in CSS code to get the look I want.

  63. please send me recipe of akki roti at my email address minizinbox@yahoo.com.

  64. Hi Sups,

    Got to know from Amita abt ur website...GR8 effort...keep going ...best wishes :-shobi)

  65. Hello! I recently came across your site and I LOVE IT! I was wondering if you had any slow cooker recipes/ever tried it with any of your recipes?

    Looking forward to trying some of your recipes VERY soon!

  66. @smif, I am really sorry to dissapoint u! since I don't own any slow cooker, I won't be able to post any recipes that are made using sloq cooker. but please do browse through the blog as there are many recipes u can make within 30 minutes on stove top. Do let me know if u need any help or more info :)

  67. Request you to post the recipe for gulab jamun

  68. Hi sia,
    I am new to baking. I want to buy oven for cakes, muffins, pizza , grilling and also suitable for indian cooking. Am so confused with information on internet. Can you please help with what kind of oven will proper for my requirement. I want it for 2-4 persons. Thanks!


  69. @vinita naidu, I have AEG electric double oven, one for grilling and other for baking. I myslef am not very familier with the types of ovens as I very rarely do baking. Where do u live? as the types and brands of ovens available here in UK may be different from where u live! If u can let me know which country u r living in, I can ask some of my blogger friends to help u with ur query

  70. Hi sia i just love ur blog . Which paneer is good in india?

  71. hi sia just loved ur blog. I am from karnataka i tried doing paneer recipes but the paneer from dairy is very hard and culdn't taste rather..What kind of paneer should i use ?

  72. @seema G, my mom often uses Amul Paneer and she is quite happy with the product.

  73. Hi Sia..You have a wonderful blog.....and a cool write-up....Great photographs. Lovely blog...I'll be definitely visiting your blog to hear more about your "ramblings" (as u say) ;-)

  74. @Dhanya Praveen, welcome and thank you for your kind words :)

  75. hey sia.. i am totally in love with your blog.. :) may i know what cup measurement you refer to in your rice recipes?
    And keep up the lovely work.. love your pictures too, following you on instagram as well ever since i stumbled upon you and your blog.. :) much love.. xoxox

  76. @Inaz Sheriff, thank you and welcome to MS :)

  77. hi sia...i love your receipes....m a great fan of your blog...though i m writin you for the first time....sia i will like you to post more recipes for weightconscious people or those who want to lose their weight

  78. Hi Sia ,ur's is a lovely blog :) .. please let me know which butter do i use for baking cakes/cookies as in india we get salted butter only.

  79. Thank you Megha! As per your query, I am not much of a baker but you need unsalted butter for baking any sweet bakes or else the texture and taste if finished baked product will be much different as the store-bpught salted butter has high salt content. I remember my mom using homemade butter when making cakes. Hope this helps!

  80. Hi Sia,

    Im a fellow blogger and great fan of your recipes too, recently tried the Hyderabadi Dahi Bhindi Masala and it was awesome, i wanted to post the recipe in my blog, and would surely link you back too, hope you wont find it a problem.
    Thanks and regards
    priya of http://houseofspice.blogspot.com/

  81. @pria, thank you :) And sure, you can go ahead and post the recipe.

  82. Hi Sia, I love your food photography. You take the most amazing pictures of food. Please give me some tips on taking beautiful shots! Thanks a lot! ~ Sonali

  83. Dear Sia, I love your blog and your beautiful pictures. It's especially nice to hear about DH and the lil dumpling. I have tried many of your recipes, and they have become family favourites; also your blog is the first place I look when I find a new and interesting ingredient I want to try. I'm sure it's a lot of work keeping up the postings, so please be assured we appreciate it.

  84. Long time fan. Beautiful site and wonderful recipes.
    I collect cookbooks especially regional Indian ones.
    I find it sadly lacking there is no vegetarian karnataka cookbook and their cuisine is so rich. Love ur karnataka mangalore recipes and http://ramkicooks.wordpress.com/2008/03/20/1001-traditional-karnataka-curries/ opened up how many different kinds of cuisine are within the beautiful state...please please Sia think about writing a cookbook on Karnataka vegetarian recipes,,,even an e-book would be great..I think you are the one to do it.

  85. Hi Sia

    I just love your food blog., Its so very Colorful !!!
    Tried a few recipes of yours, they were so much like restaurant style.,
    Keep up your good work.. All The Very Best !!!

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    I came across your blog and found your posts very interesting for our food section, http://thealternative.in/tag/nature-on-my-plate/.

    We would be happy to look at reposting some of your posts to begin with and subsequently publish original posts from you.

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    Look foward to hearing from you on how best we can work together!

  87. @Ayeesha Khanna, contact me at siakrishna[at]gmail[dot]com

  88. Hi Sia

    I see some great work here. Keep it up. We at ANDORE do it with as much passion. You Cook, We Make Cookware with just the same amount of passion.

    We have just got on social media and are looking to connect with like minded folks with intense interest in cooking. Not much on our page as yet, but we promise we'd keep you engaged going further with lots that would interest you. We are following your posts on page and we find them great. Would be our pleasure if you can take a second to check our page and connect with us and be part of all the forthcoming activities we are planning to come with. Believe us it will be fun.

    Would love to see you being a part of our family .


  89. Hi!
    I need to get in touch with you as I am looking for a host for an upcoming Food Show on a new Food Channel. Please DM me your email & phone number or email on divyashree.)mangalorkar@gmail.com

  90. Hi Sia! Thanks for this lovely blog, I came across it as I was looking for a spicy missal recipe and decided to follow yours! However, you mention dry coconut in your Kolhapuri masala ingredients but it isn't in the process? Do I dry roast that too and grind it with the rest? Trying this out tomorrow, will let you know how it went!:) Thanks so much!

    1. Yes, you need to dry roast the coconut until golden n cool it completely before grinding with other spices. Make sure that you keep stirring the coconut and don't burn it :) Do let me know how it turns.

  91. Hello. Could you please do a recipee for cream of mushroom soup and mushroom chilli starter? Thanks a lot! Love the blog!

  92. Dear Sia, I am sorry to see so few posts recently and I am sorry that you seem so discouraged with "writer's block." This does seems to have been a labour of love for you, and if that love has waned, so be it. But remember that many of us would be interested to hear how things are going for you and your family in India. Where do you shop? What does your kitchen look like? Are you working full time, and if so where do the people in your office eat lunch? all these things would be interesting to your international readership I'm sure. But most of all we hope that you and the lil dumping are happy and well. Take care.

  93. Hi Sia, loved your Diwali pics. You have an awesome taste which has translated into a beautiful home. Loved the artefacts and the cushions. Would be lovely if you could tell me where you got the Indian print cushion covers from. I stay in Mangalore. Thankyou. :)

  94. Hi Sia, loved your Diwali pics. You have an awesome taste which has translated into a beautiful home. Loved the artefacts and the cushions. Would be lovely if you could tell me where you got the Indian print cushion covers from. I stay in Mangalore. Thankyou. :)

  95. Hi Sia,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I'm Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Monsoon Spice has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Indian Food Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Indian Food Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  96. Sia,

    I am in LOVE!!! with the green peppercorns on a loom as I call them.

    I eat a lot of them and grab all the bottles when ever I see them in a store.

    Where can I go see the best species in India? I am based in UK but often visit India. Would like to pack these and sell them as a hobby!!! Puttur? Near MAngalore or?



  97. HI Sia, What oil do you use. I was thinking of using Avocado oil. Great recipes and photos. Please advise. TY


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