26 September, 2006

Food Blog Events Around The Globe

Food Blog Events hosted on Monsoon Spice
~by Sia of Monsoon Spice
A Fruit A Month (AFAM)
~by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual
A-Z of Indian Vegetables (AZIV)
~by Nupur of One Hot Stove
Dosa, Roti & Curry Mela
~by Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons
Jihva for Ingredients (JFI)
~ by Indira of Mahanandi
Monthly Blog Patrolling (MBP)
~by Coffee of The Spice Cafe
Microwave Easy Cooking (MEC)
~by Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons
Monthly Mingle (MM)
~by Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey?
Regional Cuisines of India (RCI)
~by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine
Safety Moments (SM)
~by Jyothsna of Curry Bazaar
Think Spice (TS)
~by Sunita of Sunita's World


  1. Sharmi said
    hey honey you seem busy!! what's up?

  2. Asha said
    HUH!!! What?!
    I just came back after a hour consultation for my Lasik Eye surgery.I am blurry eyed and can't see properly.Tushar is typing this comment for me!:D
    They said I have to talk to the Surgeon on Wednesday again about high tech options,so will see.
    Did you list these for us? That's so usefulThank you!:)
    See you later Sups.

  3. @sharmi,
    he he...playing with codes:)

    oh!!! hope u get well soon ashakka. that really sweet of tushar to help u:) do let me know how ur wednesday consultation goes. i pray that everything goes smoothly for u.
    i felt the blog was little over crowded. so made some tabs to make it clutterfree:) i am glad to know that u found it useful:)]
    hugs to u n to Tushar for being such a sweet n caring son:)

  4. sia..your mailto is not working...to address is not getting populated...

  5. @srivalli,
    i am not sure why u r not able to do that sri coz it automatically opens MS Office Outlook mail box. anyways, here is my mail id, sia@monsoonspice.com

  6. Hey Sia, is Monsoon Spice your new name?? then I'd edit it on my blogroll...also, could you update your event list with AFAM-Peac hosted on my blog this time? Its my first event, so I'm getting the jitters about what if no one sends me anything!!???:)

  7. Hi Sia,
    like this list.
    thanks for sharing .lot of events are going on around ....

  8. You have a wonderful website. Great work and wonderful presentation of the great Indian cuisine.

  9. bhooo...mec is missing here ....punishment for this is that you got to make cakes in mw this time...:D


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