16 March, 2008

Ode to Potato: Grand Finale

“A man who prides himself on his ancestry is like the potato plant, the best part of which is underground”
- Spanish Proverb quotes

The humble, modest and unassuming Tuber grows out of sight, underground and when pulled up it looks like a part of earth. Have you ever seen it competing with any of the vegetables? Have you ever heard a vegetable vendor calling attention to this humble Tuber? When he is praising the goodness and beauty of other vegetables you will find a sack of these Spuds sitting quietly in some dark corner. Unlike other vegetables, Potatoes may not be even being considered when it comes to looks. It doesn’t have clear complexion of white Eggplant, glow of tomato, frills of cauliflower, slenderness of Ladies finger, nor radiance of Sweet Corn. One thing what it has is popularity and you wonderful bloggers proved it again how much this modest looking tuber is loved by everyone, aged from eight to eighty.
Make a way and cheer… Let us celebrate and sing along an Ode to Potato. The bright lights are on, Cameras are clicking away, people are cheering and there it is, Potato playing on center court… Pick your choice from these 135 wonderful, delicious entries… Chips, Chats, Soups, Fries, Masalas, Curries, Breads, Roties, Parathas, Mash, Pulao, Biriyanis, Raitas and even Sweets all made using Potatoes. Here I am spreading Potato Buffet… Pick your plates and help yourself…

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“Pray for peace and grace and spiritual food,
For wisdom and guidance, for all these are good,
but don't forget the potatoes.”
-John Tyler Pettee, 'Prayer and Potatoes'

I have posted the entries in the order I recieved them. I have tried my best to collect all the entries and post them. If there is any errors or omissions, please mail me or leave a note in comment section. An Ode to Potato logo poasted in the side bar of Monsoon Spice will bring you to this event round-up page for future reference.

  1. Ramya of Mane Adige's Baby Potatoes in Tamarind
  2. Carnation of Red Carnation's Potato Cheese Omelet
  3. Miri of Peppercorn Mill's Mutton Kurma
  4. Siri of Siri's Corner's Potato Pulao
  5. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food's Batatya Talasani
  6. ISG of Daily Musing's Potato-Cheese Enchilada
  7. Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Season's Spicy Potato Roast
  8. Kalva of Curry in Kadai's Aloo Matar
  9. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Bonda
  10. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Mattar Sabzi
  11. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Mattar Kofta
  12. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Paratha
  13. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Peas Paratha
  14. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Fry
  15. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Chatpata Aloo
  16. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Jeera Aloo
  17. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Aloo Matar Kurma
  18. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Pav Bhaji
  19. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Puneri Aloo
  20. EC of 100% Microwave Cooking's Ragda Pattice
  21. Ramya of Kitchen Corner's Brinjal Potato Veggie
  22. Dhivya of Dhivya's Kitchen's Bread Potato Cutlet
  23. Kalai of Samaithu Paarkalaam's Roasted potato with Bell Pepper Poriyal
  24. TBC of The Budding Cook's Potato-Leek Soup
  25. Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Season's Aloo Paratha
  26. Coffee of The Spice Cafe's Potato Thai Style
  27. Seema of My Randap's Batata Song
  28. Divya of Dil Se's Aloo Paratha
  29. Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi's Getting Potatoes off your Couch
  30. Deepa of Recipe and More's Potato Curry
  31. Bhags of Crazy Curry's Hash Browns
  32. Sreelu of Tasty Travel's Aloo Paratha
  33. Vijaya of Daily Meal's Potato Curry with Green Chilli Paste
  34. Shilpa of Aayi's Recipe's
  35. Seena of Simple & Delicious's Aloo-Pepper Masala
  36. Sushma of Cook Spot's Aloo-Methi
  37. Eskay of A Bon Vivant's Chow Chronicle's Fenugreek'ed Potatoes
  38. Arundati of Escapades's Potato Rosetti
  39. Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Season's Potato Kurma
  40. Dhivya of Culinary Bazaar's Baby Potatoes-Edamame Curry
  41. Supriya of My Kook Book's Bataate Kaatla
  42. Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen's Baby Potato's with Sesame Seeds
  43. Madhu of Ruchii's Potato-Broccoli Cutlets
  44. Padma of Padma's Kitchen's Aloo Poha
  45. Radha of In Kitchen's Stuffed Potato Balls
  46. Jayashree of Spice & Curry's Drumsticks and Potato Curry
  47. Nags of For The Cook in Me's Gujarati Khattai Aloo
  48. Maya of Konkan World's Sindhi Aloo
  49. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food's Batatyachi Suki Bhaji
  50. Priya of Priya's Kitchen's Dum Aloo
  51. Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasure's Gratin Dauphinois
  52. Cham of Spice Club's Potato Sukka
  53. Vimmi of Possibilities's Spicy Bread Rolls
  54. Raaga of Chef at Work's Potato Cutlet
  55. Suman of Heavens Garden's Phuchka Plate
  56. Archy From Archy's Recipe Book's Aloo Bartha
  57. Bhawana of Bhawana Loves Cooking's Dum Aloo
  58. Bhawana of Bhawana Loves Cooking's Aloo Raita
  59. RP of My Workshop's Baked Samosas
  60. Sra of When My Soup Came Alive's Potatoes with Curd-Cashew Paste
  61. Mansi of Fun & Food's Spicy Vegetarian Potato Cutlets
  62. Namratha of Finger Licking Food's Spicy Oven Fries
  63. Namratha of Finger Licking Food's Hash Browns
  64. Madhu of Ruchii's Aloo Pachadi
  65. Sunita of Sunita's World's Rosti
  66. Asha of Foodie's Hope's Aloo-Gajar Rezala
  67. Asha of Foodie's Hope's Aloo-Rajgaro Pooris
  68. Sandhya of Sandhyas Kitchen's Potato Latkes
  69. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food's Batatyache Thalipeeth
  70. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food's Ratalyacha Kees
  71. Renuka of Fusion's Potato Gulab Jamun
  72. Sig of Live to Eat's Eggs n' Potatoes Curry
  73. Pooja of My Creative Idea's Spicy Suki Bhaji
  74. Home Cooked's Bombay Toast
  75. Suma of Veggi Platter's Potatoes with Lemon
  76. Lavanya of Home Cook's Recipe's Spicy Potato Curry-For Rice
  77. Menu Today's Saabhudhana Vada
  78. Michelle of Greedy Gourmet's Hash Browns
  79. Seena of Simple & Delicious's Potato Bonda
  80. Lisa of Food and Spice's Potato Tempeh Hash Browns with Salsa
  81. Ewa of Milk & Pumpkin's Polish Walnut-Potato Fritters (Kotleciki Orzechowe)
  82. Purnima of Fantasy Cook Blog's Toast Sandwiches
  83. Ewa of Milk & Pumpkin's Slovak Dumplings (BryndzovΘ HaluÜky)
  84. Priya of Spicy Thali's Eeda Batata (Eggs on Potato)
  85. Vaishali of Earth Vegan's Oven-baked Rosemary-Pepper French Fries
  86. Pim of A Peek Inside My Kitchen's Alu Dum
  87. Uma of Telugu Ruchi's Itsy Bitsy Potato
  88. Ben of What's Cooking's Turkey and Potato Tacos
  89. Deeba of Passionate About Baking...& Beyond's Oven Baked Potatoes
  90. Shriya of Spicy Tasty's Dum Aloo
  91. Vanamala of Nalapaka's Tandoori Aloo
  92. Annu of Annu's Kitchen's Potoato with Brocolli
  93. Naina of Naina's Recipe's Potato Nest
  94. Suganya of Tasty Palette's Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  95. Linda of Out Of The Garden's Stuffed Lauki
  96. Annu of Annu's Kitchen's Aloo Gobi
  97. Annu of Annu's Kitchen's Aloo Kurma
  98. Annu of Annu's Kitchen's Aloo Mutter Fry
  99. Mer of Playing With My Food's Oven-roasted Red Potatoes
  100. Sowmya of Creative Saga's Easy Bread Roll
  101. Veena of Honey & Butter's Aloo Paratha
  102. Veena of Honey & Butter's Potato Chops
  103. Miri of Peppercorn Mill's Urulai Roast
  104. Recipe for Aloo Chat:
    Boiled potatoes : 200 gms
    Tamarind pulp: 1 tbsp
    Black salt: 1/4 tsp
    Salt to taste
    Sugar : a pinch
    Coriander leaves finely chopped
    For Masala:
    1 tbsp coriander seeds
    1 tbsp jeera
    3-4 whole red chillies

    The coriander and jeera need to be dry roasted and finally the chillies should be added. Once cooled dry grind them in a mixer.

    Cut the potatoes in small pieces and add all the ingredients and toss and mix well. Garnish with coriander leaves. The masala and the tamarind pulp should well coat the potatoes .A few drops of water can be added if needed to coat the potatoes better...Now sit back n enjoy!!!!!

  105. Vanamala of My Kitchen World's Vada Pav
  106. Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures's Oven Fried Potatoes
  107. Siri of Siri's Corner's Aloo Kurma
  108. Mallika of Quick Indian Cooking's Aloo Makha
  109. Usha of Samaikalam Vanga's Potato Bhath
  110. Bharathy of Spicy Chilli's Spicy Baby Potatoes
  111. Archana of Archana's Kitchen's Aloo Bonda
  112. Liberal Foodie's Shepherd's Pie
  113. Anuzi of Living Life with a Little Bit of Spice's Spicy Batata
  114. Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore's Potato Sticks
  115. Uma of Telugu Ruchi's Potato Fusion
  116. Rama of Andhra Kitchen's Potato Gravy
  117. Ramya's Kitchen Corner's Potato Kurma
  118. Ramya's Kitchen Corner's Vegetable Biriyani
  119. Ramya's Kitchen Corner's Egg Cutlet
  120. MS of Food Travail's Norwegian Potato Roti: Lefse
  121. Saswati of Potpourri's Alu Chops
  122. Rupa of Simply Aroma's Potato Onion Rasa Palya
  123. Manasi of Cook @ Heart's Til Aloo
  124. Dee of Ammalus Kitchen's Potato Crisps with Goat Cheese
  125. Latha of Masala Magic's Potato Buns
  126. Latha of Masala Magic's Mixed Vegetable Palya
  127. Trupti of Recipe Center's Potato Puffs
  128. Sia of Monsoon Spice's Peas-Aloo Paratha
  129. Latha of The Yum Blog's Samosa
  130. Pooja of Creative Idea's Potatoes in Yogurt Sauce
  131. Valli's Kitchen's Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup
  132. Mandira of Ahaar's Alur Dom
  133. Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Season's Aloo Subzi
Thank you all dear Bloggers and non-bloggers for participating. Some of you resumed your blogs and some even started blogging just to participate in this event. I greatly appreciate you taking time and cooking delicious entries for me and giving due respect to this humble Tuber. Thank you once again….


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