09 March, 2008

Back to Childhood Days...


Come on people move
For childhood is calling
time to get up and groove
there is no time for stalling

Enjoy the warm sunny day
and chase all of your blues away
this is a day that is so enthralling
listen, as your childhood is calling

old men sit and are soon recalling
and slowly as their hair is graying
they hear the siren song of youth playing
saying that their childhood is calling

the time is slipping away so quickly,
so run fast and catch the dying sun
for childhood is calling
and your life has just begun
- By Jim Milks



  1. Beautiful pictures and narrative, Sups! Love this series!


  2. Everything looks nostalgic here!

  3. Very nice picture of the Balloonwala.

  4. Oh those were the days, i remember the ballon guy. Do you also remember the toy with a stick and baloon and if we blow into the stichthe baloon swelled up and made a noise :-)

  5. Wonders of color splash. Pretty :)

  6. Wow, you reminded me of my childhood days, Sia! Those were the days. Lovely poem and nice pictures. Thanks for that.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. That was a wonderful poem Sia..and the pic looks lovely..Nostalgic..

  9. Beautifull pictures!! and poem was matching it perfectly.

  10. Sia, loved both pics, the effect highlighting our colorful childhood is brilliant!

  11. A child grows to be a child again
    Walking through the narrow paths of life....
    There was no time to recall childhood
    Until reach old age and act like a child......
    Beautiful picture..! :)
    Thanks Sia..

  12. Oh Sia, that second picture - we used to see those things so often - the colourful, round ones that rotate in the breeze - we hardly see them now! Nice pix!

  13. Beautiful pics and ofcourse the writing too,,

  14. the pictures r beautiful ...
    I relive my childhood with my 3 year little one ...she insists on getting on Balloons from Balloonwallas and thats so precious for me ...
    the poetry suits the pics and the effects on picture is beautiful ,lovely
    hugs and smiles

  15. hey Sia as usual wonderful post and nostalgic....feel sad those carefree days wont come back again.

  16. Love the colorful gaadi!:)

  17. Wonderfully described pictures, Sups!!!
    I just love the first one!!
    So good memories eh and wish we can turn back the clock to just just enjoy once more!!

  18. hmmm... that tonga reminds me of the jataka gaadis in Mysore. my grandpa used make it a point to take me by those gaadi everytime i visited them in mysore.. lovely pictures

  19. Sia...beautiful pictures....

  20. I love these pictures. They're beautiful.


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