26 June, 2013

Nawabi Paneer Curry Recipe | Simple Paneer and Peas Curry Recipe with Swiss Diamond Product Review and A Giveaway!

Learn how to make Nawabi Paneer Curry ~ Shallow fried Indian cottage cheese and green peas cooked in rich, creamy coconut and cashew nut gravy

So it’s just couple of days before I hang my office wear and see myself sporting jeans and comfy t-shirts.
It’s just couple of days before my stilettos are replaced with bare feet/trainers/sneakers.
It’s just couple of days before my office files are replaced with story books.
It’s just couple of days before my MS office calendar is wiped clean of meetings, seminars, trainings, project deadlines to colouring, learing, visits to the park, play groups, and other kid related activities.
It’s just couple of days before my jovial, friendly, caring and loving boss (ahem, my hubby is my boss at office) is replaced by the most demanding, clingy, attention seeking, bossy and loving boss who will make me work 24X7 without pay, holidays and other perks!

18 June, 2013

Goodbye Terrible Twos and Welcome Troublesome Threes! Happy 3rd Birthday to My Darling Lil Dumpling....

My dearest, darling, little menace Lil Dumpling,
You are going to be THREE this Sunday! Let’s get over with the cliché first, “How time flies!” Holy macaroni, when did you turn 3?! Seriously!!! ~sigh~

As you leave behind the year of Terrible Twos and enter the year of Troublesome Threes, your parents can’t help but feel proud for the little feisty fighter they are blessed with! As we see you, our little brave boy, hopping around the room dancing to the music playing in his mind, we feel the love for this little brat gushing from our hearts and threatening to flood our eyes! A wise person once told me that when your heart filled to the brim with love for someone, it is quite natural for it to overflow in the form of pearly tears! That wise person is now in different time zone, thousands of miles away eagerly waiting to cuddle you, her very first grandchild. You, our Lil dumpling, have shown us the true meaning of our hearts beating outside our bodies!

11 June, 2013

Sprouted Peas Dal Recipe | Kid Friendly Dal Recipes

Learn how to make Sprouted Peas Dal ~ Sprouted green and yellow peas cooked in sweet and sour split pigeon peas lentil gravy

It was a dull day yesterday. What looked a promising week full of sunshine and high temperature; it was dull, grey, cheerless and just blah! I didn’t sleep on previous night and the light headache that I woke up to gave me company through out the day and became a really-big-headache kind of headache by the time we reached home! And the fact that I missed 2 successive days of my exercise regime to get in shape and beat hubby at bike race just added more guilt and bruises to my pride.

04 June, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Peas Curry Recipe | Simple Peas Curry Recipe

Learn how to make Sweet and Spicy Peas Curry ~ Dried green and yellow peas cooked in sweet, sour and spicy tomato and tamarind gravy

It is summer…finally and at last we are getting the much needed vitamin D! With temperature shooting up and the sunshine spreading its warmth and smile around, we are spending more time outdoors and making the most of very few brilliant days of sunshine. Finally we can go out without swaddling ourselves in thick layers of cloths and even the thin jackets and sweaters are left behind hanging in the coat hangers :) Oh yes… Yes, yes, yes! Sun sure makes me happy!