26 August, 2008

Food for Thought

How many regional cuisines of India have you tasted?
Check out the must taste food items throughout the country…!!!

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Image Source: Unknown

Reminder for JFI-Soya:
I invite you all to celebrate Jihva for Ingredients with this month’s theme JFI-Soya. Choice of Soya products, the recipe, ingredients, method etc is entirely left to you. I would greatly appreciate if you can send me any Vegan or Vegetarian recipes but I leave it to your choice. Soya foods include tofu, tempeh, textured vegetable protein (chunks, mince etc), miso, soya sauces, soya oil and margarine, and soya dairy alternatives.

Deadline: 31st August, 2008

Please go through the guidelines and include all the required information in your post and also in your e-mail while sending your entry. Don't forget to add Your Name, Your Blog Name, Name of the Dish, Type of Dish and Perm Link of the entry along with the gorgeous Photo of final dish.

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  1. Will India look more beautiful if presented in any other style???Noooo Way.This food spread make it so unique!!

  2. Hi Sia,
    wow...u have done nice work...! Gud yaar:)

  3. nice find :) but i wish appam was suggested under kerala and not tamil nadu.

  4. No many for me I am sure. I have to investigate this map and see what I can make after patrolling the blogs.

  5. hey this map seems to be going around, i too got it in a email fwd, was thinking of putting it up on my blog too.

  6. thats a coool picture, Sia! Looks like I have a lot of dishes still waiting to be tried.. :) thanks for sharing..

  7. I ven't seen a delicious map before :)

  8. someone forgotten the palappam while talking about kerala cuisine. for me the must try anywhere is street food.

  9. and sia, if you find the "Red ant curry" from chattisgarh, do post it. :D

  10. Oooh, Sia, I cannot wait to go through this more closely and figure out what I haven't/have tried.

  11. nice map, just noticed lots of local brew ;) from the north east. shouldve mentioned a few spirits from kerala as well. got loads of new words to google up! thanks.

  12. i recently got a mail with this image and was really taken by it.Good that u shared it with all of us.....

  13. I think I have a lot to try... So its time for some blog patrolling

  14. Hi Sia dear! I am so sorry I just found out about your JFI: Soy -- what a great theme! I didn't make the deadline I am afraid, as I've been away alot of the summer -- but I look forward to the tasty round up! Also wanted to mention what a fantastic photo of cuisines of India!

    Hope you had a wonderful summer :)

  15. Very interesting!

    Even though I consider myself a foodie, this proves I have a long way to go!

    Ok, Need to travel and EAT MORE!

    ... heh they don't recognize any of our konkani foods! Damn! Will have to do a new map

    How have your been?


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