22 June, 2007

Ash Gourd Majjige Huli

June… A month of heavy down pours, loud claps of thunders, sharp lightening… Yes. I am talking about Indian Monsoon rain. It is raining here in UK but I still miss the monsoon rain. For me they were always wild yet serene. I miss the heavenly smell of damp earth when the rain hits the ground for the first time, first drop of rain falling on my face, subtle scents of jasmine from garden, aroma of hot cup of coffee, the swaying of palm trees, pittar-patter of rain drops on roof, knee-deep water on roads, the falling of mangoes and coconut in backyard… Ah monsoon… There is magic in that word, there is romance in season and there is life in it.
Magical beauty of monsoon cloud always reminds me the poems of Kalidasa’s Meghaduta. Meghaduta, the cloud-messenger is a collection of poems which narrates the story of a Yaksha (a divine attendant of Kubera, God of wealth according to Hindu mythology) who is exiled for a year from his home and his new bride. Yaksha during his exile passes his messages to his beloved through passing monsoon cloud and the poem beautifully covers the vivid journey of cloud passing through mountains, rivers, forests and the love, longing and passion these lovers share. No wonder monsoon is aptly called as lover’s season because monsoon brings with it a feeling of love, romance and longing.
If you want to see the true colours of India, visit her during the season of monsoon rains. It brings out the best colours of beautiful India with festivity and joy. How can you not fall in love with monsoon when you see kids dancing on streets, elders enjoying their cup of tea in the balcony of their home, mothers preparing naram-garam pakodas and coffee, lovers holding their hands and spending some intimate moments, farmers welcoming the rain goddess, the breath taking beauty of lush green landscape, palm trees gently swaying to the rhythm of rain… Yes, just thinking about brings lot of happiness and breath of fresh life for a people like me who are thousands of miles away from home. I do miss my home and I do miss monsoon…
Majjige Huli is one such recipe which brings back fond memories of home. Lightly spiced coconut and buttermilk curry is my favourite dish to eat with aromatic basmati rice and spicy mango pickle. It is one of the dishes which bring out the true taste of vegetable as usually only one vegetable is used to make it. My favourite vegetables for cooking Majjige Huli are green bell pepper, Thai eggplant (Udupi Gulla Badane), green tomato, chayote, yellow cucumber and ash gourd. Majjige Huli is much similar to Mor Kulumbu of our neighboring state and can be prepared with minimum ingredients and very little time.

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Ash Gourd Majjige Huli

Ash Gourd Majjige Huli
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 4-5
3-4 cups Ash Gourd, peeled, deseeded and cut into 1 inch cubes
¾ cup Grated Coconut, fresh or frozen
1 cup Sour Yogurt or 1½ cups Sour Buttermilk
1 small marble sized Tamarind (Optional)
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
1-2 Green Chilli
¼ tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
1 tsp Mustard
1 Dry Red Chilli
A Pinch of Hing/Asafetida
Few Curry Leaves
1 tbsp Oil (preferably Coconut Oil)

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Ash Gourd Majjige Huli

Cook ash gourd in about 2½ cups of water with salt to taste and tamarind for about 5-7 minutes. Use tamarind only if the buttermilk/yogurt is not sour enough.
Grind grated fresh/frozen coconut with green chillies, jeera and turmeric powder adding little water to make a smooth paste and keep aside.
When ash gourd is cooked add this ground paste and mix well. Add little more water if the gravy is too thick and bring it to boil.
In a mean while, beat yogurt by adding little water at a time to get buttermilk consistency and add it to the curry and mix well.
Cook it for further 1-2 minutes in low flame and turn of the gas.
Heat coconut oil in a tadka pan and add mustard, hing, broken red chilli and curry leaves. When mustard starts to pop and sputter transfer the tadka to Majjige Huli and mix well.
Serve hot Majjige Huli with rice and pickle of your choice.

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Ash Gourd Majjige Huli

PS: We will be leaving for a short vacation; away from all hustle-bustle, ringing phones and mobiles, glaring computers… Talk to you all when we get back :) Will miss you all. Happy cooking and happy blogging buddies :)


  1. lovely post as always ben...never been in india during monsoon rains...gosh, I have to go and experince it...sounds wonderful...great recipe...love the colours and presentation...hey enjoy the break okay...take care dear friend...

  2. I have never seen anybody complaining abt monsoon in India. It was never too much there. I closed my eyes and was able to see what you saw.. Such a vivid description.. Oh I miss India :(..
    Majjige Huli looks great in that 'mango' dish :) I was surprised to see tamarind with sour buttermilk. For those tangier mouths I reckon.
    Have a great vacation dear. Will miss you :)

  3. Someone is in a very romantic mood, talking about Meghaduta.... I take it that you two lovebirds are going on a romantic trip somewhere? wherever it is have tons of fun and bring back some pictures to share...

    oh, and the majjige huli looks great, love that bowl... Only way I like ashgourd is in moru curry.

  4. I too make this curry, your picture is so beautiful. that dish is very pretty.

  5. Have a great vacation.We are leaving on Saturday as well,will be back in a week.Check out Wednesday at FH if you can,something special(Hint:I am in TOI!),will post it there.
    Majjige huli is my favorite.Whenever I get Kumbalkai,I always make this.Looks delicious but cannot make it now.Trying to empty the fridge.Will make it your style when I come back.
    Wll miss you Sups but have a great time.Hugs:))

  6. Oh!! I forgot to say ! LOVE THE BOWL!!!:)

  7. Oye...I liked ur serving dish :) Too cute :) and a picturesque description of monsoon too :) and the dish , except for the tamarind part sounds similar to Moru curry or mor kolambu :)


  8. I am lovin' that CHILI bowl the most right now..where did you get that?

    Have fun on your vacation...come back with pictures!

    many hugs,

    I am so sorry I haven't been in touch a lot....the new store is keeping me busy, :)

  9. hey sia, happy vacation and have a wonderful time. Will miss u and we call it majjiga pulusu, a great soul satisfying dish!


  10. HI Sia,
    Presentation is beautifulll.
    I miss Ash gourd here in US can't fine anywhere here in Alaska. This is my al time fav veggi..I am drooling...After reading ur post I too miss rain...Thanks .....

  11. That's an interesting recipe ... that too with ash gourd. Thanks for the primer on one of Kalidasa's epic works.

    Have a relaxing vacation and get back with loaddddds of photos to share with us.


  12. Sia, Majjige Huli looks tasty. I cook a similar dish but I use Yogurt and no turmeric powder. I can imagine the taste.

    Have fun! Fun in the Sun?

  13. That bowl is sooooooooo cute!!!!! I loved your version of Majjige Huli. I faintly remember eating this at one of my friends place!!! Lovely presentation. :)

    Have a lovely vacation and come back with some great pics. :)

  14. sia i loved the writeup! just last week was imagining how we would drench in rain while the first mansoon hits. in the cold rain shivering would loved to have the mirchi bajjis the bhaji maker was itself shivering while preparing the same ha ha sakath i miss those college days. majjige huli looks delicious dear! hey i loved the mustard container looks cute or i shd say sexy?? he he why is your page still taking so long to load yet ?? have a great weekend :)

  15. hey Suppi,
    Love the platterBhari chenda iddu a bowl.very cute.Yavagalu you tell me same pinch.Well even i had prepared this but only difference is i added tindora .Love ashgourd.Enjoy gal.

  16. ~sigh~ I miss rains too.. I have been thinkng and dreaming abt it for the last 3-4 days!!! I miss the rains!!!!!
    Ash Gourd majjige hulli looks so yum!! and wonderful snap as usual!!

  17. WOW...Beautiful picture with simple but taste dish....Looks yummy.:)

  18. Sups enjoyed reading the post and everything about the monsoon :)I like all curd based curries from South India.
    The mango shaped dish is looking so nice, presentation is as usual gr8 :)
    Have a nice vacation, enjoy yourself.We will miss you :)

  19. Have a great vacation Sia... and thanks for this. I am always looking for different ways to cook Ash gourd. That I don't get it here is a different story... must go hunting!!

  20. Dear, dear! After reading your post, I'm missing the monsoons as well!! I don't like the monsoons in Mumbai, but the beautiful description of Meghaduta made me nostalgic! Nice recipe, and nice dish! Enjoy your vacation sweetie!! Be back soon :)

  21. I love ash gourd. Happy retreat! Come back soon!

  22. super recipe!

    scene: sakkath hasdhirbeku....aaga, majjige huli with bisi bele bhath or huli thovve combination + big pieces of boodhgumbalkai holu, thuppa (i love a topping of kene too)! brahmaanda!

    have a great vacation

  23. @dilip bhai,
    r u serious? u must visit india in monsoons to enjoy all those pakodas and garam chai:) on serious note, i always loved indian rain and i miss it a lot.

    although there is a dark side to monsoon, everyone seems to be under spell of its magic:) i am glad to know that i was little successful in taking u to the virtual world of monsoon;)
    i like majjige huli to be more tangier and i have mentioned it my post to use tamarind only if the buttermilk/yogurt is not sour enough. as i dont get very sour yogurt i tend to use tamarind.

    LOL...u can say that;) will surely post the pics once we come back:)
    i love ash gourd halwa which we call kashi halwa and ofcourse majjige huli. they both taste really really good:)

  24. @sharmi,
    thanks dear:)

    i remember u saying u will be visiting king's place/palace:) have fun...even we r going for a week n dont think i will get chance to browse:( dont tell me u r leaving for a holiday and there u gonna sit and blog!!!! u r too much ashakka:) will come bk n check FH.
    he he...we almost emptied our fridge after 6 months;) but to tell u frankly, i dont like the sight of empty fridge;) he he...
    u too have a gr8 time n dont forget to mail me the pics:) will miss u too. hugs to u:)

    thanks sweetie:) i have mentioned in my post tamarind is optional n use it only if buttermilk/yogurt is not sour enough:)

  25. @trupti,
    chili???? i guess u r right coz i got it with chillies in vinegar from NEXT. till now i used to think its mango but now i guess it was chili all along:) LOL...
    dont worry abt not getting time to mail. i still wonder how u manage to come n comment:) will send u the pics once we come bk:)

    thanks dear:) majjiga pulusu is a telugu word right? i get little confused with tamil, malayalam n telugu sometimes:)

    i got boodugumbalakai(ash gourd) for the 1st time from kerala shop in nearby town. u wont belive girl, we paid a lot for this small melon sized ashgourd:) they r quite expensive but its difficult to resist the temptation when u get to see some familir veggies:)
    thank u for ur kind words dear:)

  26. @mythili,
    from ur comment i guess u have not tried mor kulumbu/majjige huli/majjiga pulusu:) do try it if u get ashgourd or u can use any of the veggies i mentioned in my post:) thanks for ur wishes dear n will sulry post the pics once i get back:)

    thanks girl:) it tastes gr8 isn't it? and its very mild on tummy too:)
    sun??? not exactly:) i will say mountains:)

    do u want me to send u similar bowl? :) thanks dear for ur wishes:)

  27. @roopa,
    oh yes!!! i always loved to get drenched in rain although i would get bad cold next day:) eating corn butta right from the coal with all that spice and lime was my fav thing in rainly season:) i too miss those days!
    is my page still taking time to load? i will change some things once i come back:) u to have a gr8 time darling:)

    he he...same pinch puna:) engoge kumbalakai 1st time sikkiddu. suluda tenginakai size inge tumba pay madiddeya but cant compromise on such things;) can we?

    join the gang girl:) we all miss the monsoon:) all those yummy pakodas, garam coffee, conrn cob on coal...so many things!

  28. @kajal,
    thank you my dear:) hope u do try it some day.

    i envy u girl, u must be enjoying all that rain hah? do post abt it someday:)
    will miss u too sweetie:)

    ha ha... that was funny dear:) hope u do get ashgourd soon n try this dish:) if u like sweets then i have kashi halwa recipe in my blog which is also made using ash gourd:)

  29. @jyo,
    i know, all that water n flooding is another face of monsoon but it is still wonderful:) thank u for ur wishes dear n will surely come back soon:)

    thanks sweetie:)

    thanks u bellur:) aha!!!! iga nangu hasive agtide...nimma description oodi:)

  30. thats a nice post ..picture looks quite pretty as well..have a great hoilday..i think sig is right u guys going for a romantic holiday..!!enjoy ..!!

  31. Oh Supriya, how can you do this to me... all this lovely ash gourd... I can help you clean out the fridge before you go on vacation... ;)

    Hugs to you and have a *marvelous* time! Will look for you back all rested with photos and stories :)

  32. My store is "Hi-tech" you see, hehehe....we have wireless there too!


    Hugs, trupti

  33. @deena,
    he he...i must stop sig before she starts spreading this news around;) thanks dear:)

    was telling ashakka that at last we cleaned our fridge after our india trip:) and i seriusly dont like the sight of almost empty fridge;) hope u do get ashgourd in ur local store. we got it for the 1st time from kerala store and i greedily grabbed one soon:)
    thank u for ur wishes sweetheart:)

    i was sure of that;) i can very well imagine u managing everything and bloghopping in between;) by the way do u have some clones of urs or do u have more than 2 hands to manage;) hugs to u:)

  34. Hi Sups,,

    Happy Vacation...even i planned for 1 week stay at my sister place which is 4hours from my place...willbe back on July1st only.

    betweeen this Majjige Huli looks cool...asothers saidi even loved the bowl..so cute...

  35. @usha,
    thats so cool:) have a wonderful time with ur sis usha. i too love the bowl now, was not very sure when i purchased it;)

    girl, just mail me ur postal add and i will mail u this bowl:)

  36. Very lovely description of the rains, reminded me of the song "Aab ke sawan..." by Shubha Mudgal. Have you seen the video of that song ? Love it

    I like the way the dish looks and that bowl is so cute

  37. lovely pics & recipe :) have tasted majjige hulli sometime back, good to know it can be made with so many veg.
    so were u out shopping, all new bowls & stuff :)
    enjoy ur vacatio sweetie!

  38. Hi Sia, lovely recipe and good presentation. I like your serving bowl. Its very cute. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.

  39. @sandeepa,
    oh yes:) i love that song san...and we friedns used to sing that song loudly and dance in rain. trust me, that was our fav timepass in monsoons and we never cared who were looking at us;)

    hey my kitchen partner:) majjige huli is tasty if u use any one of the veggies i mentioned. raw green tomatoes and capsicum were my fav ones.
    i always love to buy something unusal for my kitchen and i was lucky to get this bowl from NEXT on sale:) glad to know that u liked it:)

    a warm welcome dear:) and thank u for ur kind words:)

  40. I never quite saw monsoon that way but now, I may be able to see it in a better light! :) Majjige huli looks so good, Sup! I usually add soaked chana dal in the ground masala.
    Have a good time away from the hustle bustle of daily life!

  41. I love the crockery and the dish you made. I also enjoyed very much reading about the monsoon rains and the bit about hindu mythology.

    Enjoy your break. Will miss you and am looking forward to your return.

  42. excellent reading ....Pics are great ....Have a safe trip back home and enjoy and have fun....

  43. Wow what a lovely dish in a wonderful bowl... needless to say abt the photography and the presentation. Take care and have a great trip.

  44. @vani,
    never heard of adding channa dal to majjige huli vani. i think it again differs from region to region in karnataka. i will try it that way next time. i guess it will make huli more thick and tastier:) hugs to u to dear:)

    i can tell u many hindu mythological stories cynth. u know that acc to hindu mythology we worship 3 crore gods and goddess right? :) yeah... i dont want to scare u away with lenghty details;) i will miss u too darling:)

    thank u sweetie for ur wishes:) u too have a wonderful time:)

    thank u dear for ur wishes:) u always make me start blushing with ur compliments:)

  45. Hey Sia.. Wonderful dish. Oh the monsoon rains. I miss them too. You guys have a fun vacation.

  46. Lovely write-up!! and I love majjige huli too.... its such a comfort food naa? You going on vacation?!!?! Have fun girl... :)

  47. The dish looks great, especially in that cute server...have a great getaway :)

  48. @meena, ramya and sunita
    thank u girls for ur warm wishes:) hugs to u all:)

  49. wow , new recipe for me and loooovely pictures... bookmarked to try... have a nice break

  50. We also make majjiga pulusu with ash gourd but different way, sometimes we use coconut but adding tamarind to majjiga pulusu is very new to me. Nice pic BTW

  51. hi Sia, hey dieing to this one.. i lov melara... its been ages i didnt eat melara.. different recipe. i dont use jeera and turmeric powder for melara.. try madte this one..thnx for the recipe..

  52. Your bowl and the curry looks nice. Have a nice vacation :)

  53. Hi sia

    The majjige huli is excellent, gr8 pics and nice to read your writeup...

  54. Hi Sia, Your write is wonderful and its raining in India. Your write up made me nostalgic....I miss India. Btw Majjige huli looks very tempting.I enjoy it with spicy yoghurt chillies and now my mouth is watering.........Have a gr8 vacation!

  55. hai,
    These pics look like a treat.And enjoy ur vacation.

  56. O o that was a lovely mango dish. Have a nice vacation...Tc

  57. hi just a small tip........ take 2 pinchs of urad dal & 1 small pinch of menthi seeds dry roast it for a sec &add it to the masala being ground.While the masala is done again dry roast 2 spoons of white rice & add it to the masala run again for 2 mins &add it to the cooked ash gourd! makes the hulli more tastier ,fragrant& the rice makes it a lill' thicker!

  58. Sia, you have been tagged!


  59. OMG, that mango-shaped bowl is just too cuuuuute!!! :) sorry i have been mia, girl! how have you been?

    you still getting rain? it could rain in lille for all i care, am on vacation in arles at the moment until the middle of the month, and am having so much sunshine i can even get a tan!! yay!!! (jealous yet? hee hee)

    will keep coming back to check your posts! *hugs*

  60. Lovely dish and pictures.
    We too prepare the same dish in Andhra called 'Majjiga pulusu', served with rice and plain dal. It's little different than your version. Also never tried with the first three vegetables you mentioned though we prepare it with others and even with chayote and green cabbage.

  61. tel us, tell us. where did you go? what did you eat? what crazy things did you do?

  62. @dumela,
    thanks dear:)

    i have mentioned in my post to use tamarind only if the yogurt/buttermilk is not sour enough. i like huli little tangier:)

    appu. idu churu beere reeti, namma melara alla. try maadi nodu:)

  63. @jasu,
    thank you:)

    a warm welcome to spice corner and thank u for ur compliments:)

    aha...majjige balaka(chilli):) i have its recipe in my blog. check it sometime and try making it as its not that difficult to make at home:)

  64. @ramya,
    thank u dear:)

    thank you:)

    this is the way my mom makes huli. i have noted down ur instructions and will give it a try soon:) thank u so much preethi:)

  65. @arundathi,
    thanks girl for tagging me:) i will come n check it soon:) bit held up with loads of office work.

    i really hate u girl :P this is not fair. but yeah i too was lucky to enjoy 1 week of sun and snow:) have gr8 time n come back with good tan and gr8 memories:) hugs to u too:)

    we too use chayote but never had it with green cabbage. do u have pulusu recipe in ur blog? will come n check later:)

    OMG!!! so mant Q's? he he he... i will write abt it and post some pics too. since yest i am held up @office with full day meetings and project plan. i didn't even get time to check blogs:(

  66. Sia, which one to appreciate. You write up or recipe or bowl or presentation. Not able to decide. All are so good. Enjoy your break. Viji

  67. Welcome back Sia. Missed you. Did you get some sun :)? Looking forward to hearing about the trip.

  68. such a beautiful post about the monsoon rains!

    I too love the rains. Here in Florida we get the hurricane rains and I love cuddling on the couch with my kids watching the bamboo trees whip about.

  69. Hey Sia,

    Lovely write up about the monsoon, and the Kalidasa poem. What does an Ash gourd look like?

    I love mor kuzhambu with the watery type vegetables, and this looks delicious.


  70. OMG...I am late to comment...as usual this time too..huh :(....
    beutifully presented majjige huli,Sia..:)..
    Loved the beautiful write up about the Indian monsoon...So I believe I am one among those lucky ones to stay back in India enjoying what all you said..making hot pakodas etc...Its really nice when it rains!After all its OUR earth...OUR mother land..:)

    have a nice holiday..miss ya..:)

  71. @viji,
    thank u viji for ur sweet words:) i am seriously blushing here:)

    i missed u too dear:)
    oh yes:) lots of sunshine and fresh air. will try to post abt our trip soon but not getting any time:(

    a warm welcome to spice corner:) i always loved the sound of bamboo trees swaying with the wind. i have wonderful memories of my childhood associated with bamboo trees:)

    ash gourd is also known as winter melon here. it looks like green coloured gourd covered with ash. here is the picture of it. its also known as boodagumbala in kannada, kumbalanga in malayalam and booDida Gummadikaaya in telugu.

    he he he... no worries girl. better late than never!!! ;) kidding:)
    yes, i belive u r surely r the lucky one to enjoy monsoon and its beauty:)

  72. Your description of monsoon bloomed fond memories of my favorite season in my mind. I really miss the first shower that hits the earth and the smell and greenery that it brings along with a lot of other pleasant changes. Excellent recipe too!!

  73. lovely picture sia...and nice recipe...


  74. thats cool bowl
    where did u get it?
    yet to read read the recipe :))

  75. @poonam,
    i think its same with all of us and looks like i am not alone who is missing monsoon:) a warm welcome to spice corner dear:)

    thank u lady:)

    i got it from NEXT. i grabbed it before anyone could lay their eyes on it;)

  76. yet another irressitible Treat from Karnataka, majjige huli is the ultimate festive treat I relish..sia, this one is show stopper with that beautifully shaped serving bowl.:)

  77. Excellent pictures. Tasty dish. Tempting :) Thanks for the post.

  78. @lera and seeC,
    thank u ladies:)

  79. Sia....Ur new site looks awesome dear......
    And I like this huli u just made...yumm...yumm....:-)


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