05 June, 2007

Green Bell Pepper/Capsicum Soup

Yeah, yeah… It’s still soupy soup season for us here. Unlike other parts of the world where everyone is basking in golden sun and sand, we, not so privileged ones are snuggling under cosy blanket with a bowl of hot soup and dreaming of all that glorious sunshine. I just have to close my eyes to feel that cool breeze from palm-fringed beaches and lush green fields in my native. We are almost there… Right now while writing this post I can see the sun peeping out of the clouds and smiling. Oh!!! When will he grow up and stop playing that silly peek-a-boo. May be he did hear me grumbling about the same thing again and again. It’s strange as how the weather can be so deceptive. We had early spring in this part of the world and according to the weather forecast (here they come) we are on the way to one of the hottest summers in the history and I am waiting for the day when I can start grumbling about hot and sweaty summer days. Oh!!! Let me stop sulking and come back to my favourite subject.
Here is the recipe of Green Pepper Soup which I found in one of my cook books by an anonymous author. I tweaked it to suite my taste and preference, as I usually do most of the times, to create a filling, good tasting bowl of soup. Although it’s little fattening with that cream I sneaked into it, you can always lighten it my using milk in place of cream and modify it to suit your needs. The peppery taste of green capsicum is mellowed with cream which gives it extra richness and taste. Serve this hot bowl of soup with some bread and boiled vegetables tossed in your favourite herb/spice mix. The recipe below makes 3-4 servings of soup.

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Green Bell Pepper Soup

Green Bell Pepper Soup
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 20-30 mins
Serves: 3-4
3 Green Peppers/Capsicum, finely chopped
1 medium Onion, finely chopped
2 cloves Garlic, finely chopped
¾ tbsp Maida/All purpose flour
4-5 cups Vegetable Broth (or use 2-3 cubes of Veg Stock)
½ cup Fresh Cream(adjust as per taste)
1 tbsp Lime/Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Butter/Oil
1tsp Dry Mixed Herbs
Black Pepper & Salt to taste

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Green Bell Pepper Soup

Heat butter/oil in a pan and add finely chopped garlic and onions. Sauté it at medium flame till onion turns translucent.
Now add chopped green peppers and sauté them continuously for about 5-6 minutes till the pepper become soft and skin starts to wilt.
Mix the Maida and cook on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes till the raw smell of Maida is gone.
Next add about 2 cups of vegetable broth and bring it to boil. Remove the pan from flame and let it completely cool down a bit.
Transfer the contents to a food processor and puree the mixture to smooth consistency without adding any more of water.
Transfer this puree back to the pan and add vegetable broth, dry mixed herbs and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.
Simmer and cook uncovered till the bubbles are formed at the surface, stirring in between.
When the bubbles are formed, mix the fresh cream, lime/lemon juice and adjust the seasoning per taste. Cook this for further 4-5 minutes in medium flame.
Garnish with microwaved pepper rings and serve with boiled vegetables and roasted new potatoes and bread of your choice.

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Green Bell Pepper Soup

Did You Know?
The bell pepper is low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium and high in Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Manganese, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid and Magnesium.
Green, sweet bell peppers have 2 times as much vitamin C as oranges; red and yellow bell peppers have 4 times as much.
The nutritional value and health benefit of bell pepper makes it ideal for maintaining optimum health and weight loss. So don’t include too much bell pepper in your diet if you are interested in weight gain.
(Source: www.great-workout.com)

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Green Bell Pepper Soup

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  1. looks yummy! Unlike you, we are suffering with hot climate here in southern part of the US. But, inside my office, it is way cool with AC and all and we are wearing sweaters and jackets.

  2. Sia,

    No way still raining in GB, boy I hope Mr Sun starts shining bright in the next few days.

    Soup and pics looks absoutely gorgeous.

    In between wanted to let you know that I love music on your blog, I never heard of Rahul sharma before shame on me !!

  3. Hello Soup girl!!:)
    Looks gorgeous and I love the bread there Sups.You guys do eat lot of veggies,no?!Really good.I will try it next time.Are you cooking breakfast for T?
    After a long very hot week,we finally got some much needed rain here at NC.Lata is from NC too! It's lot cooler than last week though,which is very good for us.
    Have a good day dear girl:))

  4. I just left loong comment and seems it disappeared!! Hope you got it.Soup looks great,I will try next time and love the bread there!:)
    Have a great day,hugs.
    I did e mail Aroma to food blog desam,hope fully they add it there:)

  5. Beautiful beautiful photos!! Love the creaminess of the soup. Your idea of serving soup with boiled vegetables is new to me. i like it a lot!

  6. Wow - looks really yummy. I've had cream/maida based soups with brocolli, asparagus, mushroom, but never bell peppers. Goes to my to-try list but only after the weather gets a little cooler here - got to enjoy the short Portland summer now don't I? :-P

  7. Hi dear...hope sunny uncle listens to all your grumblings and comes active again :) i loved everything there in the photo...ur soup...veggies and that bread too...what variety of bread is that?


  8. is it time to change ur title from stuff master to sia's soups :)
    that bowl of soup sure does look all creamy and YUMMY! and love those bread rolls, they have always been my fav :) the creamy broccoli soup at au bon pain is one of my fav, ur soup looks equally creamy, a must try!!!!

  9. Wow Supriya, Beautifup pictures there. As Asha said I love the bread there too. More soup recipes are always and always welcome as we are soup lovers and I love to try out new recipes. I did get you email and I will reply to it soon but I wanted to congratulate you both on your new car. Will mail you soon.

  10. Hmmm.. The soup looks awesome. If you had posted it before a couple of days.. I would have saved it for the next winter coz' it was hot and sweaty... but not now. It has been raining for the past couple days Crazy season.. but I don't hate it too much since I have a soup to try and voila ! some green bell peppers in the fridge :)

  11. Sia that soup looks lovely. Also love your colorful array of vegetables. A great meal.
    Wishing you a little bit of the sun that is beating down on us

  12. Supriya, I never in a million years would have thought to make a soup from a green pepper. This looks awesome! You know I'll have to try it. Sending you some sunshine in return for the recipe! :)

  13. Hi Sia, soup looks very yummy. I just want to see some rain. But no rain here in CA.

  14. Soupy sia! surya mama keltha iddana? loved the soup the veges and bread. BTW yen bread addu? roasting veges with soup great! next week i will be taking off for few days hunting for a new caretaker for my kids. hopefully will get good one i am keeping fingers crossed.bye

  15. Not only the soup, but all the things behind it also looks great!!! Lovely presentation!!! I am gonna try the lighter version of it. :)

  16. Thank God we are over with the soup season :)
    Sups excellent presentation. Those veggees ,bread and the soup too...ooo good.
    When ever I need a soup recipe I know where to go now.You are Soup Queen Sups :)

  17. This is a gorgeous, gorgeous looking soup!

  18. Dearest Sia, we have so much sunshine here in Barbados and I wish I could send you some. Unfortunately in Guyana where my family is, there are heavy rains and flooding :(

    The soup looks creamy and smooth and I L-O-V-E the the colour. The pictures look beautiful as usual.

  19. luv the color
    mixed herbs.....how abt cloves, cinnamon and pepper?
    those veggies look great too :)

  20. I love everthing there..What bread is that ?? Dear ur soup looks Yummy Yummy...Here we are enjoying!!(No other way) hot hot Summer...

  21. Hmmm... I am addicted... and how! God you girls turn up so many amazing out of this world, yet simple, dishes... and I have have to try!

    Looks lovely... since I am alone now... maybe tonight itself. Don't have to slave over the stove.

  22. Sia, the soup is so creamy but the presentation beats the recipe i say. Very nice with the bread and veggies. Viji

  23. wonderful recipe and great looking pictures. Its too hot in Phoenix to even think of peppers!

  24. Hmmm... we had one week of sunshine and now it is cold again... so yeah, I can really use that soup...

    BTW u should change your blog name to soup corner :D... Beautiful picture, first i thought you had drawn a design with green sauce when I saw the pepper slice on the soup... :) I love the presentation with all the veggies...

  25. @lata,
    thats so cool lata.... i am still waiting for proper summer here. hopefully by the end of this month we will be blessed with lots of sunshine:)

    oh!!! u will be coming to london right? dont worry. london weather is much better and its much warmer than other parts of UK:)
    what? u have never heard of mr.rahul sharma???? he he...thanks to trupti, now i am one of his die hard fans;) he is cute isn't it?(i can think of some better words too;)

  26. @ashakka,
    oh wow...i get the new title now;)
    i too love poppy bread but u need to spend more time brushing ur teeth after having this;) yup, we eat lots of veg and fruits here. remember 5 portions a day? we strictly follow that:)
    i can send u all the rain and black clouds from here in exchange for some sunshine;)

    we have to balance all that fresh cream in soup with something healthy:) thats why those boiled vegetables:) thanks u for ur compliments:)

    i too love cream of brocolli and mushroom soup but not a big fan of asparagus though. enjoy all the sunshine while it lasts:)

  27. @mishy,
    he better come out of the clouds and smile;) or else i am gonna drag him and lock him inside the room;)
    its poppy seeded bread we get in super market.

    thanks lady:) i too love cream of broccoli soup and love it with garlic bread...yum... and wait for my more stuffing stuffs;) i guess its a time i started showcasing some more stuffed veggies again;)

    i know hw much u and A love soups. they r quite addictive rt?:) and thank u sweetie. will look forward to ur mail:) and hope u got my wishes too:)

  28. @meena,
    my blog is filling with soups n try red pepper soup which i have in my archive. personally i like red bell pepper soup to green ones:)
    i dont mind rain but these continouls drizzle is what i dont like. hope the weather gets better in few days so that i can whip up some cool recipes for summer:)

    yes please... we "need" sunshine very badly:) thank u dear:)

    aww...thats so sweet of u dear:) i will definately exchange few more recipes for more sunshine;)

  29. @jasu,
    thank u dear:) u want rain? hw about exchanging some rain for sunshine?;)

    i hope surya mama is listening:) LOL at soupy sia;) i better cook something else before i get branded as soupy sia;) its poppy seeded bread...
    good luck roopa. yaradru olle caretaker sikke sigtare bidu:) dont worry...

    LOL...just saw ur puran poli and now she is talking about going lighter;) u can use milk in place of cream and make it lighter:)


  30. @archu,
    OMG!!! first stuff master and now everyone is calling me soupy sia, or soup queen;) i will save other soup recipe in draft for the time being;) LOL... thanks sweetie:)

    a warm welcome to spice corner and thank u for ur compliments:)

    u r a sweetheart dear:) i am sorry to hear that its flooding in guyana... i hope everything is fine there cynth.
    thank u for ur kind words sweetie:)

  31. @anusharaji,
    welcome to spice corner dear:) and thank u for ur compliments.
    cloves, cinnamon will be very overpowering for this soup. i used mixed herbs and that too in a very small quantity. u can use rosemary if u prefer. i wont recomment any other spices as u wont get that peppery taste of bell peppers:)

    thanks dear:) its poppy seeded bread. u r making me go green with envy now;) enjoy the hot hot summer:)

    addicted to what? blogging?;) we all are sailing in the same boat;)
    thank u for ur kind words:) hope u enjoy this soup:)

  32. @viji,
    thank u so much for ur kind words viji:) we love eating lots of vegetables:)

    thanks dear:) oh wow!!! send some sunshine here:) we badly need it!

    thanks sweetie for ur sweet words:)
    do u want me to parcel some? i meant soup, not sunshine;)
    oh u too... i have to stop posting soups for sometime;)

  33. wow!!sia , this is really cool one ....Veggies on the row ....tasty tasty ....thks for sharing lady ...

  34. hi sia..lovely..thats all i can say..!!soups & cosy blankets seem to good to us here in Indain summer..that info on capsicum was also great..

  35. You are in a soup for sure Sia ;-) Shall soon send some fine weather your way.
    Soups looks delicious and with your style and presentation...what can I say ?

  36. first time i visited your blog....i loved it!would love to see more ur soupy soups!!!!!

  37. Oooh Oooh Looks so good and comforting. What a color? So subtle and rich. Love the platter you have laid out there. Can't wait to try this. Bookmarked.

  38. Firstly, i was drowning in every single piture, the bowls of soup are so inviting... secondly dont worry about the cold, right now we are frozen with the african winter, who would think africa is cold... some of my readers must be wondering if i live on mount kilimanjaro or something!!!.. anyway, thanks for this warm and comforting recipe, its so much needed in my house right now....

  39. Summer or winter, I can have a bowl of soup anytime...and if it happens to look like yours, I might have some more...now, does that sound a bit greedy!!!

    btw, as regards the weather, I fully support you...

  40. the soup looks so comforting Sia, I always buy Knorr soups. never tried anything right from scrap. will have to start doing.

  41. Hi Soups..sorry Sups...just kidding.

    I think i can call you Soup specialist.....You present and tempt with variety of soups.....What a lovely presentaion...

  42. OMG....This is looking great...YUM!.....As usual beautiful pictures...Great recipe.. Love it..

  43. Hey Sia.. I just posted a new recipe. Can u check pretty please check my blog and say if the pictures are upto scale.. I can really see the difference. Girl u are good !!

  44. Well.. I was going to name u capsicum lady. Soupy Sia sounds like a better fit.

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  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. @deepa,
    Thanks lady:)

    I do miss indian summers u know.. may be we should swap places this time;) I guess u must be preparing for the monsoons already…ah!!! that first rain and beautiful smell of soil… ~nostalgic~

    LOL… I am and I plan to make tandi-tandi, cool-cool soups for summer too:)

  48. @naditha,
    A warm welcome to spice corner:) sure I will post some more soupy soups but not for a while though;) all my blog buddies are planning to title me soup queen. So will take little break from soups;)

    It is rich with that cream and tasty too… do let me know if u try it kribha:) wishing u safe trip to india:)

    Welcome to spice corner and thank u for ur compliments. Well, even I never imagined it can be cold in africa. All I can think of is hot desert and jungle safari:) shows how knowledgeable I am in geography and climate condition;)

  49. @sunita,
    U r my kind of girl suni… even I love slurping soup all around the year:) and u don’t sound greedy at all. Thank u for ur compliments. I am blushing here:)

    What? U use ready to eat soups? Try making soups at home girl as it requires very little time and energy. And ofcourse, homemade one’s are always healthier as we exactly know what goes into it and how much too…

    He he he… I know u did that on purpose;) LOL… thanks dear:)

  50. @sukanya,
    Thank u for ur kind words dear and I do hope u try it someday:)

    What? Capsicum lady? LOL…but yeah, I do love peppers and everytime I go for shopping I have to buy a bag of peppers… just love their colours and taste:)
    I checked ur post and it looks really good:) I have dropped my mail id there… just drop me a mail so that I can talk to u abt it in detail:)

  51. Hey!!! your soup looks heavenly!!!! Love your presentation.... and a great job with the pictures like always! :)

  52. WOW....Looks gr8.......soup and photo looks completely dazzling.
    Have a nice day.:)))

  53. It's the season for soups and capsicum in blogs right..:)..didnt know that even bell peppers get into soups..nice innovative recipe.Perfect for a rainy day!thanx a lot for sharing..

  54. If only it was soup season for us, boo hoo!

  55. Ugh, you, too? have had my fill of crappy weather here! Hey, the bread roll you have there looks really unique! :) homemade?

    Sigh, can't believe Hrithik is dancing somewhere near us while we have to stay under the covers, haha..

  56. wow...I love the colour...great soup...have to try this...thanks for sharing

  57. Oh come to Dubai gal, its 40 Deg C here..... and going to get worse!! I was in UK this time last year and it was sunny and brilliant for 2 days, then it rained and it was dark and gloomy!!

  58. Sups,
    It looks so yummy!! The photos are so good. Hasivagtha ide nodtha idre!


  59. Wow sups that soup looks great.I have one recipe for pepper soup too..gonna have to try this one since you are the spice queen of soups and everything edible:)

  60. gosh,where have I been???? That is one gorgeous looking soup and I like that pepper ring in the middle!

    hope you're doing good...will write you soon!


  61. Oh Sia, Please tell me how to copy link to your post Grilled Vegetables with Guacomole. I just can't get it right.
    In fact I just posted a comment that too vanished :)

  62. ummm.....mouth watering, i love the color of the soup. Btw bread bahala chennagi kanuthe photonalli, yava bread adu? Nimma pics as usual adbhuta!

  63. Loved the recipe and pictures.

  64. @ramya,
    thanks girl:)

    thank u dear:)

    red pepper soup is my fav... i have its recipe in my archive. check that also n try them on rainy day...

  65. @sra,
    i can slurp soup in any season;)

    nope...hritik didn't shake his bon-bon this time also;) so no point in attending it;)

    @dilip bhai,
    thank u:)

  66. @jyothsna,
    40 deg c? he he he... i guess i will stick to english weather than;)

    hasive aadre idannu madi kudiyodalva?

    girl, u said the same thing when i posted red bell pepper soup and i have been waiting for u to post this soup recipe of urs:) please post the recipe sometime soon:)

  67. @trupti,
    yeah...i want to ask u the same Q... where have u been girl?;)

    calm down girl:) i have left the comment in ur blog:)

    thanks lady:) its poppy seed bread we get from supermarket.

    thanks dear:)

  68. Hello, been visiting your page for a couple of days now. You've posted some amazing recipes!
    Just one question for the green pepper soup. Can i use water instead of Veg stock?

  69. Hello, been visiting your page for a couple of days now. You've posted some amazing recipes!
    Just one question for the green pepper soup. Can i use water instead of Veg stock?

  70. @Munchmany, yes you can use water in place of veg stock.


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