28 March, 2007

Stuffed Chillies

Err… Yeah!!! Yet another “Stuffed” recipe from me. I am stuffing my tummy with stuffed stuffs. I can’t understand my recent obsession with stuffing any vegetables on sight. After trying stuffing Baingan, Bhendi, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, I did the ultimate stuffing. {~Applause~} Here comes my Stuffed Chillies. I cross my heart and promise, no more stuffed stuffs for another month;)
Well, looking at my increasing waistline my hubby at last openly asked me to stay away from stuffing my tummy. Alas… Till now I some how managed to act innocent to all subtle hints I was getting from him. Do you have any idea that you foodies are partially responsible for my increasing waistline? First you lure me with nice description, then tempt me with mouth watering pictures and brainwash me with your sweet guidelines as how easy and quick it is to make.

Stuffed Chillies

Well, I am here to take revenge!!! Revenge on every food blogger buddies for making me gain few extra pounds with in a month’s time. My revenge is not sweet. It’s scorchingly hot and sinfully delicious. {~Devilish Grin~} When you try one you will crave for more. The more, the merrier;)

Stuffed Chillies

Stuffed Chillies
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15-25 mins
Serves: 3-4
4-6 Jalapenos or any medium thick skinned Chillies
2 Potatoes
1 cup Gram flour/Besan
1 tbsp Rice Flour
A pinch of Cooking Soda (optional)
1-2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Powder
1 tsp Amchur/Dry Mango Powder
Salt to Taste
Oil for Deep Frying

Stuffed Chillies

Slit the chilli along one side using small knife.
Remove the seeds and white part inside the chilli. If you prefer spicy ones then leave the seeds as they are.
Peel the potatoes and chop them into large chunks. Cook them in salted water and mash them thoroughly.
Make small balls of mashed potatoes and stuff them tightly inside the chilli and keep them aside.
Make thick batter of gram flour, rice flour, cooking soda, chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, amchur and salt using enough water. Make sure that there are no lumps left in the batter.
You can mix about a tbsp of hot oil into the batter which will help to reduce the amount of oil absorbed during deep frying.
Dip stuffed chillies in batter and coat all the sides.
Deep fry them in heated oil till they turn crisp and golden brown in colour.
Serve sizzling hot with tomato ketchup or any chutney or dips of your choice.

Stuffed Chillies

You can add garam masala or any other spices like chilli powder, turmeric powder, amchur, jeera powder etc to mashed potatoes for making it spicier.
Add grated cheese or paneer to mashed potatoes for extra richness.
Check for some more delicious stuffed chillies here, here and here.

Stuffed Chillies

Did You Know?
Chillis are loaded with vitamin A, a potent antioxidant and boost to the immune system. As the pods mature and darken, high quantities of vitamin C are gradually replaced with beta carotene and the capsaicin levels are at their highest. Due to these capsaicin levels, some believe that eating chillis may have an extra thermic affect, temporarily speeding up the metabolic rate, hence burning off calories at a faster rate. Whatever, you certainly do sweat and actually cool down in hot climates as sweat evaporates. Your nose runs, your head clears ... you can breathe! And with that extra flow of saliva, the gastric juices also flow. The alkaloids from the capsaicin stimulate the action of stomach and intestine improving the whole digestion process!
(Source: www.chillisgalore.co.uk)

Stuffed Chillies


  1. Too much, girl! :) You've gotten artistic as well, love your saucy sun!

  2. Hey Sia, Very nice yarr. Each dish of yours is so uniquely presented. and nice photography. Dont worry atleast I am not bored with your stuffed stuffs...!! they all look so good and each one is different from the other. hey you know after starting the blog my waistline has also increased and my hubby too keep giving me hints heheheh....
    anyways so I am not alone.

    keep stuffing

  3. More stuffed!!! You love stuffing everything,don't you?:D

    Looks mouthwatering,save the authentic Karnataka recipes for me for Sept,I am hosting RCI for Karantaka cuisine!!

    Enjoy the stuffed stuff.(I learnt the words from Sharmi!):P

  4. Hi Sups,

    Stuffed Chillies looks creative and interesting dish too..

    Excellent presentation asusal....

    Recently you started stuffing works..huh:))

  5. @sra,
    its not come the way i wanted. but was too hungry to start again;) so just took pictures. ultimately its food which matters:)

    thank god!!! i felt i am stuffing too many veggies and my tummy too;)
    ha ha ha... then i am not the only one who has weight issues;)

    dont make me feel guilty:( K too asks me why i am stuffing each and every veggies on sight;) he he he..
    waiting for ur wednesday buffet:) i hope u have not forgetton abt it;)
    dont worry ashakka. there r so many kannadiga recipes out there:)

  6. Now you are stuffing us with all these delicacies. tell the hubbby, that looking at these yummy food alone has expanded my waistline (see now I got you to blame for my weight gain, yeeehhhhh :))

    That sun is wow

  7. hey, i won't even be able to manage that - your sun is just fine!

  8. @usha,
    thanks girl. and no more stuffing till i get to post for some blog event;)

    ah!!! i will show ur comment to hubby dear;) he he he... but on serious note i have been gaining weight. so i better start cooking some healthy. or will just cook for blogging and eat ghas-phus;)

    he he he... i am blushing here;) thank u for ur reassurance lady:)

  9. Sia..waistline is a universal problem I guess....till now I was never bothered about such a thing coz I was quite lean but very recently, I am a bit concerned as people have started saying...oh..look at u u have put on weight !! :O i love stuffed chillies...and hey I like ur ketchup designs...this one looks somewhat similar to the SUN JAVA logo ;)

  10. Thats just simply gorgeous,,, we are ready for your revenge, atleast we get to see delicious recipes with beautfiul presentation...the saucy sun looks amazing ..

    I love chillie bhajji...and yours look sinfully delicious


  11. hey girl...is this what you were gonna make for K when we were chatting? hehhe....what a woman!

    Yeah, i think almost everyone of us have grown a little sideways lately....kya karein? Khao ,piyo, aur jiyo, i say.

    Love the ketchup Sun...!

  12. @shn,
    ha ha ha... food blogs are the reason for our waistline prob:)
    sun java logo? he he he... i didn't think that way... u have sharp eyes for picking things girl:)

    ah!!! so i did accomplish my goal;) thank u dear for ur compliments:) ur japanese eggplant rolls are still fresh in my mind!!! gorgeous pic..

    no...that is another stuffing;) i am not gonna post that one for sometime:) he he he...
    and yup... in the end i am doing that...khao, piyo aur jiyo... he he he.. dieting mere bas ki bat nahi:)

  13. hello stuff master, i mean in the filed of veg!! u r too cute!

    btw, every time i see any stuff veg i remember a quote from bill maher, the comedian. He said during thanksgiving - 'this is the only country that stuffs food in side food', little does he know about our desi stuffing, we stuff everything. ha!ha!
    anyway just a little joke wanted to share with you.

    veg looks great.


  14. Hi Sia,

    Nice pics and presentation..

  15. Oh no, that sun looks so naughty in a waistline-expanding way!!! :) Aren't the chillis hot enough to be eaten on their own? Sheesh, yours look ten times better than the greasy ones I made last week! My hubby would never dare tell me my waistline's expanding because his is no better, heh heh!

  16. Ooooo these stuffed chillies look so good, I want to eat it right off the blog :) :) Great recipe and a wonderful presentation.

  17. Sia, Artistic design with the ketchup there! Are you stuffing all those veggies in the fridge?

    Love those extra Gyan you supply with every recipes.

  18. I'd luv some of those chillies!! I can almost taste it:) Nice presentation and ketchup design.

  19. Looks like you got lots of free time:). Nice presentation and delicious recipe.

  20. So you're blaming us? Go on, we can take it. I know you want to stuff another vegetable, don't deny yourself, just do it. :)) You can always keep blaming us.

  21. wow stuffed chillies..looks mouth watery!!!

  22. Oh girl!! you and your stuffed food are making my mouth water. By the way which of these stuffed food did you like the best. Let me start with the best first ;-) hee hee . Loved the ketchup sun.


  23. Wow Sia, looks too good, "stuffing my tummy with stuffed stuffs" cracked me up :D

  24. hmm stuffed chillies, lovely presentation as ever.
    Stuffed chillies nodi bayali neeru...hmm .


  25. @richa,
    u called me stuff master? he he he... suits me at the rate i am stuffing so many veggies;)
    that was a funny quote from bill maher... little he knows abt indian cuisine;)

    thank u lady and warm welcome to spice corner:)

    ha ha ha... u made me burst out cracking. but its differnt case with us. i eat little and still put on weight where as my hubby dear hogs like...and still manages stay thin. i dont want to end up looking like tun tun;)

  26. @sangeeta,
    go ahead girl and have some:)
    thank u for ur compliments:)

    dont ask abt stuffing the fridge. its is overstuffed;) so had to take some out and stuff them too;)
    thought i will share all that gyana i learn when cooking different veggies. there is so much to learn each day

    u can have them anytime girl:) ketchup design didnt come the way i wanted. but was too hungry to make it again;)

  27. @shivapriya,
    what free time? hardly get time from blogging and checking other blogs;) he he...

    u r a darling girl:) he he he... so u dont mind me blaming u guys?
    yup, i want to stuff other veggies and guess what, just yesterday i stuffed chillies again;) he he he...

    thank u lady:)

  28. @seema,
    mmm... i liked tomatoes...oh no, its baingan...wait a second, was it okra? mmm...may be mushrooms... or chillies? i am all confused now... will stuff some other veggies too and let u know;)

    he he he... i am actually doing that sig. u donno how much i try not to;)

    enri? nimma aduge maneli en nadita ide? sanje barabahuda?

  29. Looks yummy Supriya! Sinfully yummy! :-)
    And i like u're write-up, it was funny!
    And lovely pictures!

  30. Sia, you really are out with a vengeance....what do you think you're doing by tempting with all those goodies, every time I visit...rest assured,you're really going to increase everyone else's waistlines with your delightful creations...

  31. Oooooh! Nange idanna nodi nan laptop na haridu thin beku anisthu :) It looks sooo appetizing!


  32. @latha,
    thank u yummy lady:)

    talk about revenge;) i hope its not just me who is having prob with increasing waistline;) he he he...
    glad u like the way i present food suni. it gives me pleasure to cook and serve and also take pic. its my stress buster:)

  33. @deepa,
    ayyo devre...hangenadru mad bittira!!! matte browsing ge enu uliyolla...he he he...

  34. Yum Yum :)

    Hot is good! love this recipe. i usualy make them with paneer, but have to try with potato-cuz' i love potatoes :).

    Hot+Potato=heaven :)


  35. Sia, you so cute!
    You have a fantastic skill in food styling!

  36. Hi,
    First time here. I came to you from Asha's "foodie's hope" blog. Glad I found you. Good collection of recipes and awesome presentations. Nice inspirations for my next party.Very artistic pictures. Good work.

  37. Yummo Sia! I have a bunch of peeps sitting on my desk so I guess your stuffed stuff is far from my weight woes. I must say food blogs have certainly contributed to a few extra pounds on my body but hey I second Trupti's thoughts :-)

  38. Yum sia. They look gorgeous. I have been known to buy stuffed chillies from my favourite London sweet shop. These look almost identical.

  39. Sup,
    I have a very simple solution to ur "increasing waistline"..Send all those stuffed stuffies here:))..Very nice recipe..Esp. liked the design u made with the ketchup..Go and hit the gym, girl..and keep making all these wonderful dishes..

  40. Hi Supriya, I definitely have to take a little time away from stuffing myself these days, but I don't think I can do it before I try these and your mushrooms... oh my goodness!!! The photos are gorgeous as usual, and they both sound soooo delicious :) I especially like the 'flame' garnish for the chiles... so clever!

  41. Hi Supriya, blogger ate my first comment where I was lamenting my own stuffing issues... but I must try your chiles and mushrooms!! The photos are gorgeous as usual, and I especially liked the 'flame' garnish for the chiles... very clever! :)

  42. Nice plating! You eat with your eyes first :D

  43. I can blame you for the same sia :P but worry not..... we will all promise to go the the gym okay???!!!! ;) Get the stuffed stuffs coming ........

  44. Hmm Stufed jalapenos are decadent, my mouth is watering!I had th ebest of these in JAipur!

  45. @musical,
    i never tried chillies with paneer although i use grated paneer for tomatoes and capsicum stuffing.

    u r too kind with compliments lady:) see who is talking about food styling? u always make me drool over ur presentation:)

    a warm welcome to spice corner dear:) i am glad to get ur feedback:) hope u will visit again.

  46. @KA,
    ha ha ha... u r too funny KA:) and i too feel the same:)

    from indian takeaways, i found them too oily and too spicy for my liking. so i make them at home as it is very easy to make them:)

    ha ha ha... thats a wonderful idea;)
    gym is the only solution i guess:)

  47. @linda,
    ha ha ha linda... u r so much like me. i cant rest until i try something:) do let me know how u like them. looks like madam coffee has made stuffed mushrooms and liked it:)
    sorry linda. i didnt checked my blog little late so delay in moderating ur comments:) thankfully there is no prob with blogger:)
    and thank u for ur lovely words sweetie:) glad u liked my little work with ketchup although it didnt come the way i wanted:) was too hungry to make it again;)

    ha ha ha... "eat with eyes"... thats sweet:)

  48. @coffee,
    i am glad u tried and liked crispy mushrooms:) hope u did use electric fryer for that:)
    the prob is me hitting the gym;) i am too lazy to do that;) there r 2 more stuffed stuffs in my draft but gonna take liitle time b4 posting them:)

    jaipur? thats one place i want to see and planning to do it next year:) thank u for ur compliments lady:)

  49. sia, Gracious ,what a rhyming, stuffing tummy with stuffed stuffs, guess, now I'm doing the same, stuffing all the delightful food pictures ,a visual stuffing :) Stuffed chilli is my fav,do go to any distance to indulge my craving for these.
    Have a great weekend!

  50. Wow! I hv Jalapneos in my fridge and I was wondering wot to do with them, especially as I do not prefer to use them in our style of food! Thanx Supriya!! ~hugs~

  51. And Oh... another thing... since u mention waistlines.... it IS difficult to resist ! I FAIL every time I resolve to diet... my hubby just shakes head and is content with a few sarcastic remarks.... water off a duck's back!!hehehehe!!

  52. Hi Supriya,
    Great presentation.
    Please see my version here.

  53. sia,
    suppose today you have started on your job,

    Any more on the stuffing series or are you on diet?? ha ha

  54. @lera
    forget the rhyming girl, this is whats happening here:) stuffing stuffs;)

    oh cool. stuff them mansi;) he he he...
    dieting n me is like water and oil. we never mix well together. so its complete failure for me too:)

    thanks for the link dear:) i will definately try ur version soon:)

    diet? who, me? never;)

  55. Simba loved seeing all the photos. Quite delicious photos indeed. Good work! Keep up!
    Usually Simba run out of food options and end up doing few dishes repeatedly. Simba hopes that he can come back to this site and pick some recipes. Simba particularly liked the way this site is organized! Nice work!!

  56. @simba,
    glad to know simba liked spice corner. a warm welcome to simba. did simba know that we cant leave commnet @simba's blog? just wanted simba to know that sia liked simba's blog. simba writes funny stories and sia likes funny stories:)

  57. Hi Sia,

    I tried the stuffed chilli recipe this week and turned out great.Have posted in my blog and ending it back to you for MBP.

  58. Hey wat is the pepper u have used.Is it Capsicum(Kodamilaga) or the Bajji Chilli(Long, green one).
    Have u cutthe chilli breadth wise instead of length wise

  59. Hey the chilli u used is capsicum?
    Did u cut it breadth wise instead of lengthwise

  60. Can u pls tell me whether u r using capsicum for this stuffed chilli
    So u cut the Capsicum into 2 halves across the breadth

  61. @bhargavi,
    These are banana peppers we get in indian stores not capsicums. you can either cut them in middle and stuff and then cover with batter and deep fry or slit vertically from top-bottom, then stuff and cover with batter and deep fry and then cut in center.
    you can also use capsicums if desired.


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