05 March, 2007

Jeegujje Podi/Breadfruit Pakodas & A Protest Against YAHOO

Breadfruit one of the common vegetable found in every household. When it comes to Mangalore cuisine, Breadfruit is the best substitute for Potatoes. It has got gummy, rubbery finish when raw and has got this melt in mouth texture when cooked. I remember the days when I and my sister used to climb this huge breadfruit tree in the backyard and spend most of our time swinging from its branch. Oh!!! We were naughty monkeys ;) For me, Breadfruit tree is one of the handsome trees, with its branches spread out evenly with gorgeous green foliage. Their leaves have this beautiful glossy green colour.
There are many recipes for cooking breadfruit. My favourite are sambar, majjige huli, palya and podi/pakodas. Here is a simple recipe of making Jigujje Podi/Breadfruit Pakodas.

Jeegujje Podi

Jeegujje Podi(Breadfruit Fritters)
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 10-15 mins
Serves: 2-3
¼ Breadfruit
½ cup Gram Flour
1 tbsp Rice Flour
½ tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
A pinch of Asafoetida/Hing
Salt to taste

Jeegujje Podi

Peel the bread fruit and remove the fibrous part in centre.
Slice them into ½ cm thickness.
Keep them immersed in water till required.
In a mean while, add all other ingredients and make thick paste using water.
Remove the slices from water and dry them using paper towel.
Coat each slice with paste evenly and deep fry them in oil at medium flame till they turn golden yellow.
Remove from oil and place them on paper towel to remove excess oil.
Serve them hot with tomato ketchup with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy.

Jeegujje Podi

Note that frying breadfruit requires more time than usual pakodas.
Use Asafoetida/Hing while cooking breadfruit as they tend to be very starchy.

Jeegujje Podi

Some Interesting Facts about Breadfruit:
The breadfruit is:
Low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
High in Vitamin C, Dietary Fiber and Potassium
The nutritional value of breadfruit makes it ideal for:
Maintaining optimum health
It is also OK to include breadfruit in your diet for:
Weight loss
Weight gain
(Source: http://www.great-workout.com)

Jeegujje Podi

YAHOO: Enough of Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

A protest against Yahoo! India plagiarizing contents from bloggers.
I just want to say: Shame on you Yahoo!
Read more here & here & here & here... We stand united for our rights.

(Icon credits - Sandeepa of Bong Mom's cook )


  1. Hi, by breadfruit, do you mean the one which looks like a small jackfruit?

  2. I have never heard of Breadfruit. I did go to wiki and see the photos there but still this fruit is a mystery to me. Your Pakodas look terrific. I like the ketchup swirl and the new look of your blog

  3. @sra,
    yes sra. its the same one. but unlike jackfruits, breadfruits are seedless. u can check the pic n more info on wikipedia(i have given the link in my post)

    its quite familier veg in south canara anu. most of the homes will have a tree of breadfruits growing in their backyard. they are very tasty when cooked. soft and melting kind of texture.
    thanks for ur compliments. i am glad u liked my new template:)

  4. Hi Sups!

    Wonderful snack from you.Presentation is very creative.Nice information about breadfruit.Thanks dear.

  5. I envy you for getting Jeegujje!!Bondas looks yum!!!I have to go to some Chinese store and look for it.Enjoy Sia.The word Jeegujje takes me back to Bantwal,nostagia!!!:)

  6. @usha,
    thank you dear:) glad u liked it.

    check them in carribean stores ashakka. i am sure u will find fresh ones there. you will find there chikoo fruits also.

  7. Hey Sia, how re u..? I did get to see the pic of ur last post and as kitchenfairy right said, we call it kondattam mulaku :)I ve never heard about breadfruit pakoda..the only dish i know is the side dish we make, we call it 'kada chakka thoran' and its my favourite. Nice presentation too :)

  8. ooooh - fabulous! Brings back good food memories :-)


  9. @shn,
    i am fine dear:) thank you for asking. i have taken 1 month break before starting my new job. so just relaxing at home:)
    oh!! so at last u could see the pics. donno whats a prob with blogger. i had to upload all the pics again:(
    now what is this 'kada chakka thoran'? i am all ears. do post the recipe sometime. it sounds very interesting:)

    thank you dear:) i guess its ur first visit here. so welcome to spice corner:)

  10. Hey Sups,nice post today!I love breadfruit.I was recently introduced to it by my friend who I told you is Konkani.I have never bought it as yet but was thinking I will get it this week.so will try your recipe!

  11. I haven't had breadfruit- ever...though have seen it and heard about it. Gosh you're so lucky to have access to such veggies in UK...

    ah well...you going to make this for me when i Visit right??

    oh and thanks for the comment on the koftas...i got that lovely color from Hungarian paprika and roma tomatoes..
    wicked, eh?


  12. hi supriya
    wonderfull dish.pictures are looking great!!

  13. This looks like small jackfruit. I never know about this breadfruit and the pakoda. Looks very delicious.

  14. Jeegujje elli siktu?
    Mouth watering...I have never been soo nostalgic..

  15. I don't think I have ever had or used this fruit. Can you say the local name, as in the "Indian" name and also the "Hindi" name if you can ?

  16. Sia girl, If I find this breadfruit here in our local stores, deft'ly I will post the recipe of kada chakka (breadfruit) thoran but so far i havent found 'em here.Its nothing but side dish served with meals, cooked with a grated coconut mixture..it will be dry...something like poriyal for tamilians and i assume its 'palya' for u, not sure though ;) Hope u dont mind me scrapping again :)enjoy ur hols :)


  17. hi Sia,
    This fruit is new to me. Pakodas looks nice, Great presentation!!!

  18. Hi Supriya,
    I had never known that something like Breadfruit existed !!!
    There is one more potato like which grows under the soil( from which sabudana is made) I have forgotten the name. It is consumed a lot in south India.That again tastes like potato :)
    The pakodas with the tomato sauce chakri looks yum .Wish we could taste it :( You really know how to dress up your dishes :)

  19. Nice Presentation!!There is a big breadfruit tree in my home(Kerala),My mother used to make chips with breadfruit also we put that in Beef curry.Breadfruit Pakodas is new idea for me.Here In UAE its available.I will try this soon.

  20. Interesting Post and beautiful photos. Tks for sharing. Viji

  21. @vini,
    wow!!! thanks to ur friend who is introducing u to m'lore cuisine. i am glad u like it. this is one of the veggies which will come for long time when refrigerated. do give it a try and let me know how u like it.

    yes trupti. i consider myself lucky to get familier veggies here. when i saw it for the first time i started jumping then and there much to K and shop keeper's surprise;) i guess its same with most of us who live away from their home. simple things like this can make u feel closer to ur roots.
    wicked is the right word for u koftas:) thanks for letting me know. i will look out for them. hugs to u too... oh!!! i am ready with 2 recipes for ur winter swing event. getting K to pose is really difficult:(

  22. @swapna,
    thank you dear:)

    yup...its a smaller version of jackfruit without seeds. breadfruit have got buttery texture:) thanks jasu for ur compliments.

    got it from caribbean market. i am sure u must be having one shop in ur place manju. u will also find many other m'lore veggies there.

  23. @sandeepa,
    i did googling and got few names for breadfruit. they are also called as Ulu and Rimas. Kamansi is the other name for Seeded Breadfruit.
    check these sites for more info:



    oh i got it girl:) we make palya of this. the recipe is same which i have posted earlier(tindora with tender cashew palya) thanks for letting me know:) u r a sweetheart:)

    i am really glad that u liked it dear:) thankyou for ur kind words.

  24. @archu,
    boy!!! now i have to check whats that veg which is used to make sabudana. although i use sabudana, it never occured to me how its grown or where it comes from. isn't it wonderful that everyday we get to learn so many things from others?
    gimme ur address and i will send some on ur way. or better why don't u shift to somewhere close to me;)

    ah!!! chips r my favourite. my mom makes jackfruit chips also which again is divine:) feeling nostalgic now...

    thanks dear:) glad u found it interesting:)

  25. Hi Supriya,
    Wow that's a wonderful idea, though I wish it was possible for me to stay close to where you are staying Sups:)
    Till then lets thank the net for bringing us all together where we can exchange our ideas and views. I had never ever dreamt I will be blogging and making so many friends. I am getting too emotional no...:)

  26. Never heard pakodas out of breadfruit.You know,a search for breadfruit recipe led me to this amzing world of food blogging.I loved the pic and presentation.

  27. Hey Supriya,
    Same pinch atha.Well I had bought 2 jeeguje and prepared all the 4 dishes.hee.hee..Just love them...Well feel like buying them again its so temting na?

  28. @archu,
    emotional? :) it happens sometimes. u r absolutely right here. even i started blogging to keep track of all the cooking recipes i learnt from my mom, mil and friends. i usually can't remember the ingredients. so it was my cooking diary n i never ever thought of making so many friends here:) its amazing world of www, isn't it?

    i am glad u liked it mahi. u know what? i am busy with searching for some good pinapple recipe for ur event.may be i have one:) will be posting it soon, once i get pinapple from market:)

  29. @soumya,
    guess what? just left comment on ur blog n i see ur comment here:) he he...same pich;)

  30. Looks like lots of bread fruit is cooking up at ur place and soumya's:D. looks delicious. I have never tasted this one should try sometime. I haven't seen this one in east cosat.

  31. Hey Supriya,
    I love jegujje bajjiyas! We used to live in Mangalore for a short time and we made this at home all the time. Even now I have a close dear Konkani friend from Mangalore (her native place is close to Kumta) and her grandma and mom used ot make this all the time when I was in India. Not sure if I'll ever find this here in the US.
    Looks delicious!

  32. @padma,
    yup. looks like we both coincided our cooking;) thank you dear:)

    oh good latha. did u like it? have u tried any other dish other than bhajias? palya and sambar are equally tasty.

  33. I love breadfruit too!never knew that we could make bajjis out of it!Thank you supi,did u get to buy it at an Indian store?

  34. @sumi,
    no girl. i got it from carribean market. haven't seen in indian store we have here.

  35. Gosh! Am I in the right pan? Is this the right post? Or Do I look like a stuffed breadfruit! ;-)



    The might of Bloggers' solidarity, Three salutes to thee!

    (But I am still a bit confused if the local content provider is trying to fool both their client (Yahoo India) and us bloggers on the other side, by a misappropriately placed statement that is still not upto a proper apology!

    Hope Yahoo will arrange some third party translators to help them understand Malayalam text!

    Despite the vague lines pretending to be 'the apology', there has been also reports of Yahoo apologizing to an Indian house wife in some responsible news media. It is not clear whether these reports are based on any real facts. No symptoms of such apology seems present on either at the affected blogs or at the Yahoo's own site bare the pretentive statement mentioned above.

    I feel that the affected bloggers can still pursue their struggle, if they wish so, through every means they find suitable including legal options.

    Neverthless, certainly, our mission has already been a hitherto unseen success by it's very popular appeal and the tremours it generated!

  36. Jegujje podis are the best...

  37. sabudana made of (maragenasu)Cassava root.I love jeegujje podi but I dont get breadfruit here in california

  38. Hi, I happened to look into your blog thro mysoorean(whom I discovered just yesterday). Great recipes.
    Isn't breadfruit called divihalasu? I think thats what we mysooreans call it...., by the way where in UK are you to get all these, I'm In Oxford and I dont get anything :). Caribean is those african stores right? we had some in Aberdeen where I stayed till recently....I'll check in here


  39. I have found some trees here in California where I live that have this same kind of looking fruit, and always wondered what it was? I do not know for sure if it is the same Bread fruit? Is there other trees do you know that produce this kind of fruit that are not edible? Does this fruit have a Milkey substance when cut into to or pricked?

  40. @Two Moms Catering, I think you described the breadfruit tree :) You can find more information in the wikipedia page ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadfruit


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