09 March, 2007

Eggless Rich Scones

Yes…I did it. At last, I managed to overcome my phobia of baking(Is there a thing called Bake-phobia?;). Some what, I have always stayed away from baking cakes or cookies. I have discovered that when things don’t work out the way I want, they really get to me. My first attempt of baking goes back to my teenage year which was a complete disaster, where I ended up almost setting the house on fire. Since then I have kept myself away from oven until now.
Eggless Rich Scones
Few days back I watched cookery show where queen of baking Lesley Waters made these rustic looking scones. It looked quite simple and easy to make them and I had all the ingredients except eggs in my pantry which didn’t hinder my enthusiasm. First thing I did before I started baking was switch off the fire alarm;) Then with all courage and determination I started making scones from scratch. I omitted eggs and added more butter and lessened the amount of sugar the original recipe called for. Here is my version of Egg less Rich Scones.
Eggless Rich Scones

Eggless Rich Scones
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 20-30 mins
Serves: 4-5

2 cups Self Raising Flour + extra for Dusting
¾ cup Butter, diced + extra for Greasing
¼ cup Caster Sugar (According to one’s taste)
½ cup Ground Almonds
¼ cup Raisins
¾ cup Warm Milk
2 tbsp Natural Yougurt/Curds
Pinch of Salt

Eggless Rich Scones
Preheat the oven to 225 degrees/Gas mark 7
Take flour and butter in a large mixing bowl and add pinch of salt to it.
Using your finger tips, rub the butter into flour till it looks like bread crumbs.
To this add caster sugar, ground almonds and raisins and mix well.
In another bowl mix the wet ingredients. i.e., warm milk and yogurt. (You can also add one egg) and mix them properly.
Make a well in the centre of dry ingredients and pour 2/3rd of wet ingredient and mix well.
Add the remaining wet ingredients to get the required consistency. Quickly mix together the ingredients to form a soft dough.
Transfer this dough into a floured surface and shape it into rough circular shape using your palm about 1 inch thickness. You can also use rolling pin for this.
Cut this into wedges using sharp knife(use some flour to stop the knife from sticking).
Place these wedges into greased baking tray and sprinkle them with little flour.
Bake the scones for 10-15 minutes until the scones are risen and golden.
Serve them warm with the fruits of your choice or thick clotted cream and jam.
Eggless Rich Scones

What are Scones?
Scones are a type of rich, slightly savory pastry which is often served at breakfast or tea, especially in Britain. Traditional English scones slightly resemble American biscuits, as both use a flaky, dense pastry, but scones tend to be a bit sweeter, and also incorporate ingredients like dried fruit. Delicious when eaten warm, scones are also served cold with a variety of toppings including clotted cream, marmalade, jams, honey, and butters. Scones are also made highly savory with ingredients like potato flour and cheese.
The term “scone” in reference to a pastry has been in use in Scotland since 1513, and is probably related to the Dutch word for bread. Scones are the most highly evolved in Scotland as well, suggesting that the food originates there. Scottish scones come in a number of guises including soda scones, made with a savory mixture of flour, buttermilk, baking soda, and salt. The Scottish also make treacle scones, potato scones, and griddle scones; scones cooked on a griddle rather than baked.
(Source: www.wisegeek.com)

Eggless Rich Scones


  1. oohhh...Eggless?? Those look sinfully good! I'd love some with some jam and clotted cream please??

  2. I'm planning to make scones. This will really help me. Thanks for posting in advance.

  3. @trupti,
    on ur way madam:)

    r u? oh thats good padma. i just loved these scones. will look out for ur recipe:)

  4. Hey,
    I saw scones in the store the other day and was wondering what they really are..Thanks for the info and the recipe..Visiting ur blog for the first time and I loved it..Nice music too:)

  5. Even with all that baking phobia, u were brave enough to make variations in the recipe and give it a try...thats something to be admired :)Scones look beautiful . Am sure u re enjoying the holidays and doing experiments at the kitchen :)


  6. Eggless!!Looks great for a eggless scones.I added dry fruits.
    Have you seen my scones with eggs?I think you were not blogging then probably around Nov. for Thanksgiving.
    I was baking Naans today,came out wonderful,posting next week.
    Are you having a great time or what?:))
    Bake some Naans too while you are at it and not bakophobic!!:D

  7. Bakeophobia? I can relate to you. Had almost given up baking after burning batches of cookies and breads.
    Never had scones or American biscuits . Saw the biscuits in TV ads..they show a fluffy bun like thing. Are they crispy or soft like a bun?
    Pictures are awesome.

  8. Wow. Eggless? I am going to try them this weekend. Thx for sharing.

  9. @swapna,
    a warm welcome to spice corner dear:) i am glad u liked it. looks like u have got sweet tooth(just checked ur blog:) so do try out scones.

    nothing can stop me for long time girl;) i was scared in the begining as how it will come. i didnt expect it to be so good at first attempt that too with variations. enjoyed the smell, warmth and taste of freshly baked homemade scones.

    i am not surprised ashakka:) i am sure u will have most of the recipes posted in ur blog already:) ur blog is like wikipedia for me;)
    i am gonna make naan soon. and yeah no more bakophobia;)

    he he... thank god at least u understand me and my fears;) scones are little crisp from out and soft and spongy like breads inside. its almost loft whole loaf breads. try them at home. they taste really good.

    this weekend? cool... it took just 15 minutes to prepare the dough and rest all time went for baking. so its not at all difficult. do let me know how it comes:)

  10. They look perfect Supriya. A novice baker and such great results !!!
    Even I have not done much of baking ever

  11. Never ever tried making scones, just read about them.Never tasted them too :)Eggless version looks tempting . Are they soft inside?

  12. Hi Suppi,
    Looks awesome.Those little slices of kewi served at the sides.hmmm..good info below too.

  13. Good info and the scones are perfect. Love to have with my coffee. Viji

  14. Eggless Scones...I like that...they look great...reminds me of my trip to Cornwall...clotted cream and scones for tea...ohhh how cute you may say...~grin~...thanks for sharing

  15. Hmmm..Eggless scones are quite tempting!It's tea Time, I'm sipping my Tea ,what a timing ,wish I could have a bite,right now :)

  16. Great pix. Till I saw them some time ago, I used to think they were like cones, because scones and cones rhyme!

  17. Thank you dear,I need eggless recipes ,All the ingredients are with me.Here this is vacation time ,So this a a good choice for my kids...Lovely pictures!

  18. OOOH sups,you have done it!eggless scones..delicious.ok,time to put this link into my to-try recipes.Looks really nice dear.

  19. Oh, and very nice music too indeed.soon as I opened your blog,the smooth notes of the flute flooded my ears and it was soo good.in fact,I kept your site open just to hear the music some more:)

  20. Hi Sup! Hope you're well! I haven't missed a single post of yours though I havent' commented on many in the past couple weeks. I love akki rotti but we mak it differently. Do check my blog under breakfast for that was my very first post! :) I haven't tried bread fruit before but any phodi is good for me! :) How good do those grilled veggies look, huh? Am not a baker myself but your scones do look real good! Sorry for the all-comments-in-one but just wanted to let u know I've been reading but not commenting and hope to change that soon! :)
    Enjoy your break from work and have a blast! Planning any trip anywhere?
    Take care, hon. WIll catch up with u soon!

  21. glad to know they turned out good without the eggs, will mark this recipe down.
    Beautiful pictures, Sia.

  22. Hi Sups,

    Scones looks awesome.I wonder though it is first attempt of baking,scones has come out very well dear...


  23. @sandeepa,
    he he... i made them in small quantity thinking they will be big disaster. but i was quite glad with the end results:)

    try making them at home girl. and yes they r very soft inside.

    thanks dear. i love most of the fruits. and scones taste good with some fresh fruits too.

    thanks dear. and yup they r perfect with hot cuppa.

    oh how cute dilip bhai;)

    and i wish i had some rice halwa right now:)

    ha ha...scones. cones...he he...
    i have seen some round scones too:)
    thanks dear:)

    @kitchen fairy,
    i am glad u liked it. its perfect for ur kids. do let me know when u give it a try:)

    thanks for ur tip of using more butter and milk in place of egg. i kept that in my mind and tried and voila...it was perfect. i have booked ur savoury scones. gonna try it soon:)

    oh girl!!! u r an angel. i know u are quite busy with ur work and all. its ok if u cant drop a comment coz i know u r always there:)
    i am gonna check ur akki rotti recipe. thanks for the info.
    not yet planned abt holidays as K is busy with his work. i am bored to death and cant wait to start office. will be joining from 3rd april. u take care hon. tight hugs to u:)

    thanks dear. i was really surprised to see them come perfect:) loved it fresh from oven.

    thanks sweetie. now i am not bakeophobic anymore;)

  24. Hi Supriya...just posted a curd recipe on the blog, thought you might like it..being a curd junkie that you are...~smile~...take care sweet friend

  25. Ohh I also started getting the baking phobia when everything I was trying turned into a disaster...until I baked muffins...:-)

    The eggless scones look exceptionally wonderful...next time I bake I would try your recipe..:-)

  26. wow looks so tempting!!
    I wish I was near your house.
    lovely presentation

  27. Hi Supriya,

    Great job for overcoming baking-phobia -- I have it too. Unplugging smoke alarm boosts confidence ;)

    Your scones look gorgeous, eggs or no! My mom called me the other day with express purpose of telling me her scone recipe. I said no, mom, not gonna even TRY them... scones aren't for me. Now yours, Asha's, a few others are making me think twice :) Thanks for sharing!

  28. yum! Can you send me some too?? :)

  29. Hi Sia scones are lookind delicious I tried baking Asha's scone and loved them that was first time attempted baking a scone...have to try your eggless version too.

  30. @dilip,
    what? curd recipe...coming right over there:)

    u have muffins recipe? will check them soon n give them a shot:)

    even i wish the same. we both can do lots of cooking with some nice music:)

    wow...mom's recipe. then u must try it and pass it to us. scones are so easy to bake linda. try them and i am sure with ur mom's recipe nothing can go wrong:)

    sorry hon it got over same day. but will send them next time when i bake them:)

    i haven't checked ashakka's scones recipe. will try them soon. dolet me know if u try my version of eggless scones. they r delicious.

  31. Hi Sia,
    It looks YUmmmmyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  32. They look absolutely yummy!!Thanx a lot for sharing the recipe. would love to try it out!!Emmie

  33. @emmie,
    thank you girl. let me know when u try this:)

  34. Wow Supriya,

    these look amazingly inciting!! just like Starbucks, or better:)

    Great job!


  35. Sia, the scones look commendable. I too was bake-a-phobic at a stage pre-blogging but all the bloggers have really got me hooked to baking now. Never did scones. Will surely try them out.

  36. these look great Sia! I should've cut mine into smaller wedges as they expanded a lot! but not bad for a first try:)

    I'll add buttermilk next time..thanks for the tip:)

  37. I liked your layout very much and the scones too. Its a vestige from my Enid Blyton days...I always wondered how they would taste - I guess I will try them today :)

  38. Perfect recipe for my weekend party. Am searching for this recipe and here I landed. these look soo yummy, can't wait to try these.


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