05 February, 2007

Akki Pundi (Rice Dumplings)

In today’s menu I am going to present authentic, traditional Mangalorean recipe of Akki Pundi (Rice Dumplings). This was the first time I tried making this and boy! They were so simple and easy to cook. There is no frying, rolling and no sweating or swearing ;) Everything went so smoothly and I really-really managed to produce perfect Pundis. Thanks to my MIL who gave me simple yet best recipe to make perfect Akki Pundis. I served them with delicious bowl of onion-potato Sambar, Rave (pronounced as ra-way) which is made from jaggary and onion pakodas (oh!!! It’s difficult to stay away from fried food :) This time I made Onion Pakoda’s using Asha’s recipe and boy, they were yummylicious :) Thank you Ashakka for yummy recipe. And these pakodas are my entry for Coffee’s MBP.

Akki Pundi served with Potato-Onion Sambar and Onion Pakodas

There are different ways of making Akki Pundi’s and this is my MIL’s version. I will post my Amma's version sometime later.

Akki Pundi and Onion Pakoda

2 cups Rice
Salt to taste

Akki Pundi ready for steam cooking

Wash rice and spread it on clean cloth to dry.
Once all the water is dried up, grind the rice without adding water coarsely. Make sure that you don’t grind it to smooth powdery texture. I usually grind the rice grains to khus-khus sized granules.
In a mean while, pour 3 glasses of water and salt to taste in thick bottomed vessel and bring it to boil.
As soon as the water is hot enough add ground rice and keep mixing the mixture making sure that they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
Cook this mixture over a medium flame, stirring continuously till solid enough to be rolled into balls. (It took me around 8-10 minutes)
Make small lemon-sized balls by wetting your hands in cold water.
Arrange them in a steamer and steam cook for about 15 minutes in medium heat.
Let it cool down a bit before you serve them.
Serve them with any Sambar, Kurma, Honey or Chutneys.

Akki Pundi served with Potato-Onion Sambar and Onion Pakodas

Once you mix the hot water and rice flour you can shift the mixture into microwave bowl and cook it in microwave for about 10 minutes. Make sure that you mix the mixture once in every 3 minutes so that it’s mixed evenly.
You can also cook the Pundi’s in microwave for 8-10 minutes using Microwave Idli Maker.
To make spicy Pundi’s, season mustard, urad dal, broken red chillies and curry leaves. Add this seasoning to the water along with rice in the beginning and then proceed with the next steps.
You can also add ½ cup of freshly gated coconut to the mixture.

Akki Pundi served with Potato-Onion Sambar and Onion Pakodas


  1. Sups,
    Loved the gol matol unde(thats what I call them). And as always the pictures are perfect and the onion pakora's oh boy all of them my all time favs. Love them all gal!!!

  2. they look so cute. very similar to our upma kozhakattai except the seasoning.

  3. Hi Sups,

    Akki Pundi looks awesome,the picture itself is tempting me very much

    Onion pakora is really looking at me asking do you want me to taste??:))

  4. I am sure they are yummylicious!!!! They look so good, how can they not taste good!!!! :) Lovely presentation Supriya and a great entry :)

  5. Hi Supriya,
    These are looking so cute.Do you eat them dipped in the sambar like we do with idli?
    The entire dish along with those pakoras looks yummy.

  6. Supriya, akki pundi looks delicious...My MIL n' Mom make rice kozhukattai amost the same way.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Supriya, Nice recipe. We call them kozhakattas and have them with coconut chutney. Onion pakoras, wow, mouth watering!

  8. Yummy!! I love spicy Indian dishes..seems these preparations are from the southern part of India. Thanx a lot for sharing the recipe, but really dunno how it is gonna finally taste. Thanx a lot for sharing it!!

  9. Hi Supriya...what a wonderful dish..Akki Pundi looks great...please contribute towards the FAHC, its a great recipe...thanks for sharing...

  10. Hi Supriya,
    This recipe is new to me though it somewhat sounds like plain kozhukattai.They really look lovely with sambar.

  11. Wow! My mom makes them with Akki tharee, I love them very much. This recipe brought back so many memories. Thanks supriya.


  12. Oh wow...those lovely balls of goodness look good...I think I would enjoy them on their own! Pakodas look lovely....


  13. very interesting recipe..i never heard of this.thanks for sharing

  14. Sia those beautiful snaps.We make those rice balls with the filling of jaggery and coconut and then steam them we call them kozhakatta...will post them someday:)
    Those pakora does look yummylicious

  15. Rice dumplings, onion pakoda I love it. Awesome. thanks sia.

  16. My DSL went out in the morning and came back after many calls to the phone guys.I think someone is doing VOODOO on my PC and on my blog!!:))

    Thanks for making and enjoying Pakodas and Akki Pundi or Kadubus look wonderful and I love the color of the sambhar!Pretty Thali.

  17. I hadn't heard of akki pundi, Sup. Looks yum! The pakode look really good too!

  18. I liked the name 'Akki Pundi' :) So u eat them with sambar ? Those pakoras look quite tempting :)


  19. Its a wonderful breakfast menu. Hey..
    Konkani's make a similar Pundi..we call it Undi! My method is very different, but I guess end result is almost same.

  20. Hi,
    Yummy looking dish Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hi Supriya,

    This all looks so wonderful -- I am bookmarking to try everything! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Dear Supriya,
    Lovely pics as always and rice dumplings and onion sambhar looks mouth-watering , and its breakfast time here in India , I am Drooling dear ..
    thanks for keeping me in your thoughts ...
    hugs and smiles

  23. @seema,
    i use to call it atom bomb;)

    mmm... is kozhakattai kerala dish?

    haha... i didn't know u like onion pakodas so much;)

  24. @coffee,
    thanks girl:) glad u liked my entry for ur event...

    u can serve them dipped in a bowl of sambar. leave the pundis in sambar for 5 minutes and serve hot... my MIL usually serves it like that but i like to eat it with other side dishes too. so i serve them separately with sambar, chutney and honey.

  25. @mahi,
    thanks:) hope u don't mind me calling u mahi:)

    thank you... i too like having it with coconut chutney:)

    thanks for stopping by. you are correct, this is south indian dish. akki pundi alone has no taste as it has only rice and salt. but its usually served with hot spicy curry or coconut chuteny or even with honey. they are very good for health conscious people as they are steam cooked and contains no oil:)

  26. @dilip,
    i will surely submit it to FAHC...its my pleasure dilip bhai:)

    yeah... they are same i guess. kerala and mangalore food have many things in common:)

    awww.. deepa, i am glad that it took u back to ur childhood:) give it a try sometime as its very easy to make:)

  27. @trupti,
    if u like idlis then u will love these little balls of goodness too:) i am sure siddharth and sahil will love the look and taste of them:)

    oh then u must give it a try sometime:)

    filling with jaggary and coconut? wow... i guess its similar to what we call modaka... please do post the recipe for me:)

  28. @jasu,
    thanks girl:) i am glad u liked it:)

    ha ha ha... i guess ur comp and blog have "vakra deshe";) its better to show their "jataka" to jyothishis;)
    and yeah... we enjoyed pakodas. i usally make them little differently but this this i tried ur recipe:)

  29. @vani,
    is it? its very popular breakfast dish in mangalore. they are very easy to make.. give it a try sometime and let me know:)

    u can serve then with coconut chutney or honey too. but make it sure that chutney is hot and spicy as pundi alone has no taste:)

    oh we call it unde:) but pundi is how its actually known.. yeah, my mom makes them differently... will post her recipe sometime later... and u too post ur recipe:)

  30. @MT,
    thanks dear:) hope u give it a try sometime:)

    oh... don't forget to tell me how u like it:)

    hope u r having good time n india:) u r always in our thoughts:) come back with loads of recipes for all of us:)

  31. Really cute akki pundi and pakoras look delicious!!Our pidi is similar to akki pundi but small balls and serve with beef curry .

  32. i spent the new year's of 2003 in Mangalore and all I ate was akki pundi. and your pakoda's look so you. will be back for more.

  33. @kitchenfairy,
    guess its ur first isit to my blog. welcome to spice corner:) i am a vegetarian so i can only guess that it must be one of ur favourite curry:)

    just now i left comment in ur blog and here i see urs:) loved all ur short stories:) looking forward for more interesting stories from u.
    wow... all u ate was akki pundi in m'lore? did u try kori rottis with chiecken curry(i didn't but most of my non-veg eating friends adore that dish)

  34. Lovely Rice balls Supriya, thanks for such a traditional recipe. Am unable to comment from work, sob sob :(

  35. @sandeepa,
    thanks girl:)
    is it just my blog u cant access from ur office or others too?

  36. I left you an email on your yahoo account. Do check it....take care and
    enjoy the rest of your day!


  37. Hi Supriya,
    your pictures are looking so good, as usual this time too i wishto grab some of it :)) .
    this is new item for me, thanks for sharing , My net is not working properly since last few days, seems like i missed so many nice entries here, btw, my superhero was spider man :D.

    thanks for being there. :)

  38. yum yum yum pakoras and yum yum yum akki pundi. What else should I say!

  39. @trupti,
    thanks for those links:) i have replied to ur mail. do check it when u get time:)

    no worries girl... hope ur net connection is working fine now.
    spider man? he he... that has to happen right? we both have so many things in common;)

  40. @hema,
    don't say a word, just grab some and have fun:)

  41. I mentioned your akki pundi to my mil and showed her the picture. She said they make something called akki unde that looks similar and is usually made for breakfast. Then today, I come home in the evening and she'd made them! I've taken pictures and will post her recipe soon. But thanks to you, Sup, I got to taste some more authentic Mamgalorean cuisine! :)

  42. @vani,
    we too call it akki unde at home but its popularly known as pundi:)
    i am eagerly looking forward to ur MIL's recipe vani. is she from mangalore too?
    hope u enjoyed eating it:)

  43. Can we use any type of rice for this?

  44. @Lynn,
    you can use any type of rice but it tastes best when made using either idli rice or sona masuri rice or rosematta rice(red rice) which are available at any indian grocery stores. if you don't get any of these rice you can simply use basmati rice.

  45. good recipe..
    steaming hot pundis with the seasoned red chutney is a feastly tiffin item.. never one can avoid relish this simple though lovable item!!!


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