25 February, 2007

Cream of Corn Soup

Other day I was chatting with my lovely cousin who is staying in US. She is a fabulous cook with many healthy and nutritious recipes in her kitty. After we finish with our usual chit-chat, we share some interesting recipes which we have had tried and found quite good:) I was lucky again (as most of the times;) and got this awesome soup recipe from her. When she said she was hooked to this soup I was bit sceptical about it. Thats mainly because the only soup I am really hooked is tomato soup, which I can consume in gallons without complaining. Although I love soups, no other soups have come close to tomato soup. And boy!!! Was I wrong this time. I am quite happy that my soup theory proved wrong:) It was all she mentioned and now like her even I and K are hooked to this delicious hot bowl of soup. So this is a call to all soup lovers out there to give it a shot as I am sure you will love it as much as we do.

Cream of Corn Soup

Cream of Corn Soup
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time:15-20 mins
Serves: 2-3
1 can of Cream of Corn
2 cups of Water/ Vegetable Stock
2 cubes of Vegetable Stock (omit if you are using vegetable stock)
1 tbsp Soya Sauce
1 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
1 tbsp Corn flour (adjust according to required consistency)
½ cup Carrot, diced into small pieces
½ cup French Beans, chopped
½ cup Cabbage, chopped finely
½ cup Green Peas, cooked or frozen
½ cup Celery, diced (optional)
Salt and Pepper Powder to taste

Cream of Corn Soup

For Garnishing:
2-3 green chillies, finely chopped and kept in vinegar for 1-2 hours
Shredded Cabbage

Cream of Corn Soup

Pour 2 cups of water into heavy bottomed pan and add veg stock cubes to them.
To this add cream of corn and mix well.
In a mean while, microwave all the vegetables for 2-4 minutes so that they retain their crunchiness.
Add these vegetables to the pan with soya sauce and vinegar.
Take ¼ cup of water and dissolve corn flour in it.
Add this to soup and keep stirring so that no lumps are formed.
Cook in medium flame for another minute and then add salt and pepper according to your taste.
Serve hot garnished with shredded cabbage and chillies in vinegar with any bread or bun.


  1. Hi Supriya,
    Wow the colour of the soup is lovely golden and the buns with those poppy seeds on them are looking yum :)
    This is one of my favourite soups along with hot n sour soup in chinese food.
    Good post:)The addition of veggies in the soup makes it more colourful:)

  2. The soup is mouth watering. Very nice presentation and photographs, supriya. Viji

  3. @archana,
    its one bowl packed with nutrition archu:) its 4th time in 10 days that i have made this soup. kind of addicted to it now:)

    thanks girl:) just checked ut upside-down veggies:) i must say i can't rest well till i try that one:) looks really good viji...

  4. This is one soup which I can consume in gallons!!!!! and not complain about!!! ;)
    Nice pics there supriya :) !!!

  5. Nice pics supriya.. and soup looks tempting.... I would love to try it out on the weekend!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. @coffee,
    oh my ghost reader;) hope u r having gd time in India with frenz n family:)

    welcome to spice corner. glad u liked the recipe. i tried to check ur blog but looks like i don't have right to access it:)
    do let me know if u try this soup:)

  7. Beautiful photos, Supriya, and it sounds like a healthy, flavorful soup! I was never a fan of creamed corn (probably had too much as a kid!) - now I will have to give it another chance :)

  8. The soup looks lovely, Supriya. I am not that great a soup lover though I like "french-Onion" Soup a lot and all "Thai" soups
    But your pics always look so lovely that I get hooked :)

  9. AHHH...!!!!!! Look what I have at Aroma!!!;D

    Looks fabulous and I know it tastes fabulous.Great recipe,love the photo as usual.

  10. Wow Sups! what a pleasing colour.I love all the soups!!!!Hey i liked your preasentation and photography very much...

  11. Supriya,
    Your new template looks gorgeous!

    Soup looks delicious.

  12. @linda,
    like u even i was not very fond of corn and many vegetables:) now i have become a good girl who eats all vegetables without any fuss;)

    french onion soup....slurrpp... i have recipe for this soup but its been quite sometime since i tried it. please do share ur recipe sandeepa.

    just checked ur post ashakka:) looks like we both have been busy with corn soups:) i am going to hunt for that book u mentioned:)

  13. @usha,
    thanks sweetie:) i am glad u liked the colour n presentation. but best thing is the soup itself is very tasty and filling:)

    thank you:) i am glad u liked the new look of spice corner.

  14. Hey Sups,
    This is the soup about which Nimmmiakka mentioned to me too . Gottu try it now. Lovely presentation and I am an all time soup lover.

  15. That looks really appetizing, I might have to rush to the grocery store to get some cream of corn now !!
    And hey, Allana of 'A Veggie Venture' is having a 'Soup's On' event here. She is collecting loads of soup recipes this month, you could surely add this soup'er bowl to it ;-)

  16. Soup looks fabulous, healthy and nice picture. I should try sometime.

  17. Hi Sia, I am on the way back from Asha's place and quite surprised to see another bowl of corn soup !!:) Though I'm not a big fan of corn, I liked ur presentation and pictures a lot.


  18. hi supriya
    great soup dear!!!wonderful pictures!!!

  19. Aha!! I see you don't have e mail id listed either!:D
    Well..Pooja kalisidre sari, illandre ninna id kottu 'Do not Publish' anta baredare nanna blognalli, naanu ninage bareetene.I moderate all my comments,so I won't publish.

  20. Hi suppi,

    Try madideya soup? Glad you liked it.innondu lentil soup maditte. adude tumba layikka avuttu.


  21. Hey Supriya,
    Well i love corn and have fresh ones in fridge and was planning to prepare them to night.Happend to see your version here.If possible will give a try today.Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Supriya...another thing we have in common...our love for soups...especially tomato soup...have you ever had it, Indian style-tempered with curry leaves and other spices?
    Cream of corn soup is good too..I like it with some crushed tortilla chips in it!


  23. @seema,
    yup... this is the same one:) it's really good seema. try maadi noodu. and anyways u love soups right? :)

    thank you priya. and thanks for that info. i will surely go through it:)

    it is filling too with so many veggies in it:)

  24. @shn,
    yup. we both ended up making and posting soups;) thank u for ur lovely words.

    thank you dear:)

    ashakka... nimma mesg siktu. naanu nimma id ge mail madiddene:) thank u:) i will leave a comment on ur blog when its urgent;)

  25. @nimmi,
    engoge tumba ishta aidu:) we have got 3-4 tins stored in our pantry now:) neenu helida haange engade cant stop eating this:) will meet online soon:) can't wait to try ur lentil soup:) give my love to A and M:)

    u need to use cream of corn soumya. u get them in cans. enage ee recipe tumba ishta aidu. nimmi attige ya recipe idu. we just love this now:)

    u have got my full attention trupti. indian style tomato soup? wow... is it thin watery like rasam one? i have got few recipes of them. would love to try ur version though. so please post the recipe soon(before winter gets over;)

  26. Hi Supriya,
    Guess blogger ate up my earlier comment!! Loved your soup, Pics are great! Love creamy soups.

  27. was never sure of corn soup. hated it when i was in boarding school where we got served this three time a week. but your photos suggest that it's time i grew up and be a little adventurous.

  28. @jyothsna,
    bhoo to blogger. its acting funny now a days:) thanks for letting me know:)

    oh i can understand it very well. i was kind of allergic to potatoes(can u belive it?) when i was staying in hostel. i am sure u will grow up very soon like me;) he he...

  29. So many vegetables in a corn soup, that must be very yummy and nutritious. I love that beautiful color of the soup and nice pesentation too!
    Your Cousin and you share the same love for cooking, which is good for both of you, since you can share your experiences with food, that you must have had in 2 very different countries, right?

  30. @nidhi,
    thank you dear. we both love cooking and she has many wonderful recipes:) i am abeginner when it comes to cooking. so i get the chance to learn many things from her:)

  31. Hello Sia,

    I am a big soup lover and this is one is tempting to try it soon...

    I loved the music on your website ...what a good day to start with the religious music playing ...loved the recipes and presentation of your site..


  32. @sushma,
    thank you dear:) u r too kind with ur compliments:)


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