13 February, 2007

Cooking from Other Blogs and Flower 'n Fruit Photography

I thought it's a high time I posted recipes I tried from other blogs before everyone start thinking I always cook and post my recipes;) These days I have been busy trying and testing recipes from other blogs and trust me I enjoyed it a lot. So here are three dishes I cooked from my blog buddies Asha of Foodie’s Hope and Manjula of Dalitoy. I am also posting “some” pictures I clicked during my India trip.

First is the Onion Pakodas which I made using Asha’s recipe. They were crisp, tasty and everything Asha said. We both enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Ashakka for this recipe. Here is another recipe of Onion Pakoda’s which I have posted earlier in my blog.

Asha's Onion Pakodas

Second dish is also from Asha’s blog. It’s her grandma’s recipe of Beetroot Palya and Grandma's recipe can never go wrong:) Beetroot is our favourite veggie(apart from another dozens of other veggies;). This recipe is a sure keeper for us as we enjoyed it simple rice and yogurt.

Asha's Beetroot Palya

Third recipe of Potato Saung is from Manjula’s blog. Boy!!! If you like tangy and spicy potato curry with very less ingredients and even very little preparation time then I highly recommend this for you. It was so delicious that we cooked it again in a same week. Thank you Manjula for this wonderful recipe.

Manjula's Potato Saung

Today I am posting flowers and fruits and vegetable pictures from my Amma and Atte’s much loved and nurtured garden. You will understand how much they love gardening once you see these snaps.

My good friend Trupti’s blog ”The Spice Who Loved Me” is nominated for best Indian food blog by IndiBloggies with other five beautiful blogs. My good wishes to Trupti and other bloggers who have been nominated. So friends what are you waiting for? Go and start voting for your favourite blog here at Indibloggies Poll.


  1. WOW!! You have been very busy I see!! Beet palya and Pakoda both look fabulous,it's not always easy just to follow somebody recipes and get a good result.You have done a great job.I always loved Potato soung and I will try Manjula's version too.
    Thanks for the slide.Looking at the photos of flowers reminded me of home.I miss those colors.Here we maintain the "Lawn" like it's a religion or something!:D We do get some Tulips,Blue bells and that's it.
    Have a great day tomorrow.I just baked a cake,nothing much else.

  2. although i didn't get taht red colour of beet palya the taste compensated everything:) we both enjoyed it a lot:)
    ha ha ha... even i dont understand maintaing yards of lawns with few flower plants:) i have already started digging the lawn and K is not very happy about it;O)

  3. Onion pakoras, beet root palya and song looks perfect. I'm yet to try out Asha's onion pakoras..its indeed a special recipe.

  4. Hey Thanks for reviewing my recipe. I guess I forgot to mention you can add green peas or cauliflowers into it for a new twist.

  5. Hi Sups,

    It so nice of trying from our friend's blog,it is like a pat for them isn't it?

    I keep even trying like these,,,today i prepared soumya's methi paratha and seema's bagara baingan for dinner...let me post some time later.

    Coming to the snaps,Oh my god! i was wondering to see such a variety of flowers my gal....It really portrays your Mom'&Mil's interest on gardening.....

  6. Hi Supriya
    Nice food you tried from other blogs.
    The garden is so beautiful. Who is Atte, is it dad ? Thanks to them for growing such beautiful plants

  7. Wow!!! you really been busy..each and every dish looks delicious... have to try them all. Beautiful slide show too!!!
    Have wonderful V day Supriya.

  8. The foods looks yummy and the slide show, awesome. This blog I love coming back to, everyday!!Cheers!!Happy Valentine's Day!!

  9. @manjula,
    oh do try asha's palya and pakodas. they were really tasty.
    will add green peas/cauliflower next time. but even just potato were really good:)

    yes usha:) i feel its a big compliment for me when someone tries my recipe and says they enjoyed it.
    thanks for ur compliments. will pass this to mom n mil:)

    atte is my mom-in-law. appa means dad:) hope all ur doubts r cleared now:)
    thanks for ur compliments:)

  10. @sri,
    it was good experience trying and testing recipes from buddies blog:) i enjoyed a lot.
    happy v-day to u too:)

  11. @jessica,
    oh somehow i missed ur comment.
    thanks for ur lovely words. i am glad u like to visit my blog.
    happy v-day to u too... have a gr8 day:)

  12. That looks wonderful!!!!! You are the second person trying out Asha's onion pakoda..... that mean I must surely go and try it out. :)

    The gardening pics are beautiful!!!! SImply awesome!!! It shows how much effort they have put in it. :)

  13. @coffee,
    pakodas were delicious. i added pinch of cooking soda to it.
    these are just few samples of pics rooma. both my mom n mil are crazy abt gardening. they treat each and every plant like their kids:) i was not much into gardening but these two enthu women some how managed to change my mind:)

  14. I just love the look and shape of the pakodas, you know I showed them to K, and he was very impressed! The flowers are beautiful.....!

    You are a sweetheart!! Thanks so much for mentioning the nominations!


  15. @trupti,
    then who is gonna make pakodas, you or K;)?
    u deserve it girl... i have already started voting for u:)
    all the very best:)

  16. Hi Supriya , Its fun to try out dishes from other blogs:)Even I enjoyed making ur fermentless dosa, and kashi halwa.We learn so much from each other:)All the three dishs u tried are looking tempting. Must try them.

  17. I came here bloghopping and ur colourful spread caught my eye! Beautiful slide show.

  18. @archana,
    u r a gem... thanks for letting me know u like dosa and halwa:)
    u r absolutely correct archana. we learn so many types of food and culture which we r unaware of. i have never heard of some of the ingredients used in some recipes. so its all fun checking for those items and learning new things everyday:)

  19. @mallugirl,
    thank you and welcome to my corner:)

  20. Hi Supriya,
    We do cook a lot from our fellow bloggers blogs in recent times..It is fun and we enjoy cooking new recipes ..All the recipes u have tried looks good .

  21. Hey Sups,hmm..cooking from other blogs is fun,isn;t it?You learn so much..I am going to post about my experiences using others'recipes very soon!Those flowers are beautiful.I love the ixora.they were abundant where I grew up.

  22. @prema & vini,
    thank you girls and i will look forward to ur posts:) its real fun trying different varieties from different regions:)

  23. Hi Sia

    Lovely pictures from the garden. And yummy recipes too.

  24. Sups, Athe garden bari chenda kanthanne and love your header. Volle grand maduve card na hange kanthu. Loved it.
    Happy V'Day to you both from both of us gal.

  25. @lakshmi,
    thanks girl:)

    thanx n wishing u the same:)
    my template is under construction cheemu:)

  26. Love the header and the background...I always like your aesthetic sens, told you so :)

  27. Hi Supriya, I have uploaded photos with my cameraphone!!!. Photos of Coffee's chimichanga I tried , garlic potato and don't miss the home made wine photo. The fabric placed beneath the glass is the semi chiffon scarf I painted edge to edge on a white chiffon fabric.
    Now Iam going to make ur fermentless dosa again and take a snap:)

  28. @sandeepa,
    thanku girl:) its still under construction:)

    i am gonna check right away... expect my knock in few minutes;)

  29. Beautiful pictures, Sups! I love, love flowers and gardening..:)

  30. @sailu,
    thanks to u sailu. i wanted to post some pics i had taken when i was in india last month but kept forgeting abt it. u reminded me about it when i saw ur beautiful flower pics in ur blog:)

  31. holy lord in heaven...do I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new look! awesome job Supriya!

    looks soooo good, love that profile picture!


  32. @trupti,
    glad u like it girl. i was not so sure about it in the begining. u wont belive it, i strated with holi theme and ended up making this:) i was not so sure in the begining as what i wanted then i saw our wedding invitation and took it as inspiration for new template;) even now i am little skeptical abt it:)

  33. Sia..the new template looks great..btw how did you come up with that head banner..looks great..

  34. @mahi,
    thanku:) i used adobe photoshop and ms paint for that. inspiration was my wedding card:) glad u liked it:)

  35. Wow! everything looks awesome.
    I love flowers and your flower slide is just beautiful.

  36. hi supriya
    such a wonderful recipes..the pictures are btw..

  37. @JFF and Swapna,
    thank u girls:) glad u liked the pics:)

  38. Hi Supriya,
    Estu ruchi ruchi yada aduge madiddeera :) nimmanege ootakke barla? Illinda british airways olle deal ide, I will land at your doorstep now :)


  39. @deepa,
    guess what? just i read ur new post and left comment:) heights of coincidence;) nimma malehaniyalli nenedu bande:)
    BA du food beere olledu iratte comapred to other flights. hotte tumba tindu barabeedi. illigu swalpa hotte yalli jaaga ulisi;)

  40. i am feeling so out of place in this blog dedicated to recipes. If incase you need some recipe for being naughty, sham, frek-o maniac.......you can just call me :)
    miss ya choooooo much buddy....

  41. @inky piglet;)
    ha ha neha... u will feel at home after few yrs;)
    miss u too piggy

  42. Hi Supriya, as usual everything looks awesome! The flowers are especially lovely :)

  43. Hi Supriya, Thank you for your wishes. Your Mango rice, Akki Pundi, Spicy Dosas and Veg. Balls are so interesting. Nice photos as usual. Your guess about me - Oh! you flattered me. Thank you so much. It is always nice to hear from others. Especially in this virtual world, we always see each other through our interests only. Thank you once again. The facts about SB is quite interesting too. Have a good day dear. Viji

  44. Awesome food blog!!Carol

  45. Hi Supriya,
    such nice recipes from other blogs... I agree with asha it snot always easy to foloow some one's recipe and bring out good result too. you are great ! :)
    thanks for recommending he quick patato saung too, I am sure it will come to rescue me on busy evenings... :)) .
    wongerful pictures of gardens too. my sis loves gardening, although i never tried my hand on it, and i feel like it needs too much care ad maintainance for it. :D
    somehow my earlier coment on the past post didnt appeared to you, i wonder why... well ,lwt me say again ,tat 3 in 1 entry is fabulous. and i just love it, pictures are awesome too.

  46. Great dishes to try from bloggers recipes..

  47. @linda, viji, carol, pooja & lera,
    thanks a lot for ur kind words:) i am glad u liked it:)


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