25 January, 2007

Navaratna Dosa with Coriander Chuteny

Lentils/beans are important part of diet in India. Be it plain rasam, sambar or dal lentils/beans are the main ingredients. I try to include lentils as much as possible as they are not only nutritious but also taste good. My hubby prefers dosa/pancakes for breakfast. Dosa can be made using just one ingredient. But here I am posting a recipe of dosa where I have used 9 different lentils/beans, so the name Navaratna which means 9 precious gems. The recipe source is of course my mother.

1 cup Rice
1 tbsp Methi/Fenugreek Seeds
½ cup Grated Coconut
Handful of Poha
4-6 Dry Red Chillies (adjust acc to taste)
Salt to Taste
Lentils/Beans used:
2 tbsp Whole Green Gram
2 tbsp Split Green Gram
2 tbsp Toor Dal
1/4 cup Urad Dal
2 tbsp Split Chana Dal
2 tbsp Chana Dal/Chickpeas
2 tbsp Kidney Beans/Rajma
2 tbsp Whole Wheat
2 tbsp Black Eyed Beans

Navaratna Dosa with Coriander Chuteny & Soppu Sambar
  1. Soak rice, fenugreek seeds and all lentils/beans in water for at least 4-5 hours or preferably overnight.
  2. Add poha, chillies and coconut and grind them to smooth paste adding enough water and salt to taste.
  3. Keep it over night to ferment the batter in warm place.
  4. Next day prepare dosa and serve hot with any Chutney or Honey or Sambar

Navaratna Dosa
I served this dosa with Coriander Chutney. Here is the ingredient and method for making fresh coriander chutney.
Small bunch/handful of Fresh Coriander Leaves
½ inch Ginger
1 cup Grated Coconut
2-3 Green Chillies
½ tsp Cumin/Jeera Seeds
1 tsp Tamarind Paste
Salt to taste
Navaratna Dosa with Coriander Chuteny & Soppu Sambar
  1. Grind all the ingredients adding little water at a time to smooth paste.
  2. You can also season it with mustard and curry leaves.


  1. Your blog looks cool. Nice pictures and delicious recipes.Thanks for visiting my blog. By the way nice dosa recipe. MY family loves dosa's will try this sometime.

  2. can't see the pics supriya, shall come back to check
    The name it self sounds gorgeous though

  3. Nice variant of Dosa. I will try navaratna dosa for sure.

    We used to have Adai Sosai on evenings at home. You must have tasted it.

  4. Read your "About Me" column today. Beautiful & creative writing.

    Navaratna dosa sounds very good and healthy. Whole wheat & lentils too..You haven't mentioned how much to add..I guess a handful of each..

  5. hi supriya..
    dosa is looking great..and mouthwatering too...

  6. Hi Sups.Dosa looks delicious,lot of protein and yummy side dishes.Where is the recipe for Soppin saaru?I am drooling over the picture!Liked the daily tip too.I wash onions sometimes but not always.Thanks.
    Btw,I checked my settings,nothing is wrong.I think it's the blogger problem.

  7. @padmaja,
    thanks dear.

    may be there is some prob with blogger itself. its acting funny these days. thats how my amma calls this recipe as it doesn't have any particular name:)

    @adai dosai,
    thanks and let me know when u try this. will go through adai sosai... it sounds wonderful

  8. @manjula,
    yup just small handful of each grains.

    thanks girl.

    will post the recipe soon... stuck with all office work:)
    hope ur blog behaves soon:)

  9. Nice and nutritous recipe chuppakka. Ah! there is see your hale thatte? Did u get it this time from India? I remember you mentioning to me that u wanted to get some.

  10. Hi Supriya,
    Can't see pic. But recipe sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The recipe sounds great supriya!!! :) But like sandeepa cant seee the pics :(
    Will come back again for them. :)

  12. @seema,
    thanku cheemakka:) appu idu indianda tandadu. enage bowls sikkidille. ammana hattare parcel madule helide ondu churu dina kalidikki...

    @menu today & rooma,
    i don't know whats wrong. some people are able to see the pictures and some dont. must be some problem with blogger. do let me know if u cant see the pics. i will upload them again and see... happy republic day to u:)

  13. Sia, please post the recipe for soppu sambar - do you mean dill? I always see it but mostly hesitate to buy it because my dill repertoire is limited to one or two dishes.

  14. Most nutritous dosa recipe, it caters to all our nutrient requirements.
    I tried the Kashi halwa, it was divine(I reduced the quantity of ghee
    though). End product was good.

  15. Could see the pics at home. Looks beautiful and great presentation as always

  16. @sra,
    i have used spinach and dill here. will postt the recipe soon. infact i use dill quite often in cooking. have u tried making dill chutney? it tastes like raw mango chutney...really good...

    that was quick girl:) i really glad that u liked it. it takes quite sometime to cook but the end result is simply suberb, isn't it?

    ufff!!! thats a relief... asha is having some prob with her blog and after getting ur comment i thought even my blog has gone bonkers:) thanks for letting me know dear...

  17. Hi Sups,
    Navaratna Dosa..hmmm.....name itself represents some richness.

    It was something new,but really i enjoyed the receipe from picture,what a colour,texture...so tempting.I hope sure your family would have enjoyed the taste too..


  18. I can't see the pics either...will check back later...thanks for the code, have tried it, lets see if it works! Thanks again,

    Hugs, T

  19. @usha,
    thanks girl... this name is given by my mom as she wanted to call it different than just mixed dal dosa:) happy republic day to u too...

    thats strange trupti... donno why blogger is not working right. mmm... if this continues for long i might change to someother blog. good luck with code:) if u need any help just drop me a line.

  20. Navaratna dosa sounds great and new to me. Great entry. Will try it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy republic day!!

  21. @JFF,
    thanks and wish u the same:)

  22. Sia,
    what a beauitful blog you have! I'm afraid having the same problem, can't view the photos (only this post though), will come back to see again (Blogger always acts funny from time to time...)

  23. Love the pic of the dosa.looks so good.I am sure it tastes good too.thanks for sharing.

  24. Suppi, Looks like Andhramirchy has been stealing our recipes. Check out my latest post, I've given the details.

  25. I can see the pic now!!!!! Looks Cool!!!!!

    You have been tagged!!!! :)

  26. I see I am late to this party, but I am admiring the lovely dosa! Wonderful photo *and* recipe :)

  27. Its seems to be dosas all the way.. I just tomato dosa and now your navaratna nutritious dosa. Awesome looking dosa picture, Supriya.

  28. @gattina,
    thankyou dear. i have uploaded the pics again. hopefully it should work fine:)

    thanks girl. i am afraid i cant see ur blog. can you please leave ur blog url.

    i have left a comment on that blog seema. i donno what else to do abt it. it has become big prob seema.

  29. @rooma,
    thanks for tagging rooma. i will go through it and post soon:)

    oh no dear. u r not late:) thankyou and give it a try sometime:)

    u know what? i just left comment on ur blog for tomato rice and now i see ur comment here:) i will try tomato dosa next week and update u:)

  30. Wow, Sup! That looks delicious!! LOoks like a cross between dosa and adai and very nutritious too! And all the seasonings must give it a nice flavour. Good one, Sup!

  31. @vani,
    thanks pretty lady!!! just saw ur pics in ur blog:) touch wood...:)

  32. hey suppi,
    looks geart.i bet they even taste great na....good going dear.keep up your wonderful new posts

  33. @soumya,
    yup... it tastes really good. give it a try sometime:)

  34. The dosa looks so good and nutritious, but it is thick... so is it good to make it thick and soft instead of thin and crunchy??

  35. @nidhi,
    u can make it thick and soft or little thin and crispy according to ur preference. i usually make little thick batter as we like it that way and it remains soft for hours.

  36. could you please mention the measurements of the dals and lentils you've used to make the navratan dosa. thanks

  37. @Cynthia Pinto, I have now amended the recipe with measurements for each lentils used. sorry abt that and thank u for bringing it into my attention :)


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