09 January, 2007

Genasale (Coconut+Jaggery stuffed Rice Cakes) and 3 Things MEME

Well friends, at last I am over (not entirely) with jetlag and homesickness. Thought I will start my new year's blog entry with our all time favourite Genasale aka Kai Kadabu (Kai means Coconut in Kannada) which is very well known and loved dish in Karnataka, especially in South Canara. It’s so much loved back in India that its one of the main Prasad offered to Lord Ganesha on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
It is one of the easiest recipes and requires very less preparation and ingredients. So not wasting much of your time I’ll straight away come to the point.

Genasale Served with Coconut-chilly chutney and Ghee

2 Cups Rice
2 Cups grated Fresh Coconut
¾ Cup Jaggery (according to taste)
½ tsp Cardamom Powder
Salt to taste
Few Banana Leaves


Soak rice in water for 1-2 hours and them grind to smooth batter with salt and enough water. The batter should be of pouring consistency.

In a bowl mix grated coconut, jaggery powder, cardamom powder and a pinch of salt. Mix them well. You can add more jaggery if you like.

Take a banana leaf and spread the batter thinly.

To this spread the coconut mixture evenly covering the batter well.

Fold the leaf like hand kerchief (as shown above).

Place them in a steamer and steam cook them for 10 minutes in high flame and another 20-30 minutes in medium flame.

Traditional Steamer

Let them cool down a bit before you serve. Serve them with dash of Ghee and Spicy Coconut Chilli Chutney.

Kai Genasale/Kai Kadabu


Thank you Seema and Pooja for tagging me for 3 Things MEME..

3 Things that scare me:
Being alone
Losing loved ones

3 people who make me laugh:
Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons"
My little sis and hubby with their PJs
My Appa and Amma with their debates ;)

3 Things I love:
First rain and the smell of earth
Long walks (Usually when I go out for shopping it also becomes long walks)

3 Things I hate:
Messy house
Mean and cruel people
Abuse in any form and mean.

3 Things I don't understand:
Finance Subjects
Spanish, Greek, German, French…
Some PJ’s cracked by my hubby

3 Things on my desk:
Cell Phone

3 Things I am doing right now:
Listening to music
Waiting for my hubby to return from his office
Thinking what to cook for dinner

3 Things I want to do before I die:
Bake tiered cake
Learn as many languages as possible
Learn pottery

3 Things I can do:
Watch boring movies till “The End”
Become a kid with kids and watch cartoon with them at streach
Listen (means actually listen) to anything my family and friends want to say

3 Things one should listen to:
Your loved ones
Music, any music which cheers you
Good advice which can make you a better person

3 Things I would never want to listen to:
Weather reports (Always give wrong info, but i still listen ;)

3 Favourite foods:
Masala Dosa
Ganji (Boiled rice)
Pickles, lots of them

3 beverages I drink regularly:
Orange Juice
Butter milk/ Curds

3 TV shows I watched as a kid:
Tom and Jerry Cartoons

3 books I read as a kid:
Amar Chitra Katha
Nancy Drew
Tinkle (I still have got shelf full of them)

3 of my dearest friends whom I would like to tag for this meme:
I guess most of my blog buddies have already been tagged...
So no point in tagging again:) Will check everyone's blog at leisure and tag..

Thanks to Seema and Pooja once again... I enjoyed writing this MEME...


  1. Hi Sups,
    You have come with wonderful,traditional receipe.

    Step by step pictures was very useful for us to understand the consistency of batter ,method of streaming too...
    Thanks for sharing buddy.

  2. What a lovely traditional recipe. Love your ganesha spoon.

  3. Hi Sia,great dish.I loved the Ganesha spoon.We make Kai Kadubu too at home in India not here.I don't all those leaves etc!
    Thanks for the visual treat!:)
    Welcome back!

  4. Hi Sups,

    It was interesting to know about you through Meme....

    great recipe..the presentation is nice..
    nice to read ur meme..

  6. Suppi, man genasale ...my mouth is watering babe. If you have a peak at my meme its my fav fav food. I love it with halsina hannu and mama makes it on thava. So aa bale ele karanchi innude best avthu . Love the ganesha spoon. Lovely. And thanx for the tip of using gulab jamun mix for koftha. Sounds interesting. Have to try it out next time.Hey matte India trip hengathu? Lets chat up at msg. Buzz me if you are free aatha. Snaps ella load madi kalsu

  7. Lovely recipe Supriya, the spoon is beautiful. Would give anything to get that spoon.

  8. What great pictures! Love the serving spoon! where did you get that? Loved your Meme even better-you're awesome.

    Take care girl...hope to meet you on YM sometime.


  9. Wish U A nd ur near and dear a very happy new year.Enjoy blogging .Happy to see u back:-)

  10. Welcome back Sia...Your post is nice and your MEME as well. Good to know that this dish is offered to Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing dish with us...its new for me.


  11. hi usha,
    u r most welcome buddy. its one of the best dish and it just melts in ur mouth when cooked properly.

    hi krithika,
    did u like the recipe more or the ganesha spoon;)

    hi ashakka:)
    same here. this was cooked by my amma. i want to give it a try only if i could get hold of some banana leaves. i was just wondering if we can substitute banana leaves with something else. if u got any idea plz do share:)

    hi swapna,
    thanx girl for ur feedback...

    hi seema,
    even jackfruit genasale is my fav but it was not halasina hannina season. but to my surprise i had halasina hannina genasale @ savitri chikki's place:) she had frozen the jackfruit and prepared it for me when i went there. girl, what an experience... it was too good:) had it with mango chutney:)

    hi sandeepa:)
    he he... its an antique spoon which i gifted to my dad for their anniversary. i have brought one for myself too and mine has lord krishna on top.

  12. hi trupti,
    as i mentioned b4 i got this spoon from one antique shop in mangalore and it was my gift to my parents on their wedding anniversary. i have got one for myself too with lord krishna. may be i will buy you one next time when i goto india and send it across if u like. actually @my native place we have got many spoons of this kind which are some decades old. my mom loves collecting panchaloha(5 metals), brass and bronze artifacts.

    hi meena,
    thanks a lot girl for ur sweet wishes.

    hi nidhi,
    congrats girl for ur success. hey if possible can you please upload ur cooking show in youtube or google video? i would love to see u in action:)

  13. Hi, nice recipe. As for the meme, I too want to learn pottery and I too liked Nancy Drew, I used to have all the titles from beginning to end, even some of the later, ghost-written ones.

  14. hi sra,
    thanks for dropping by... oh boy! i thought i had big collection of nancy drew books;) i guess i'm holding it tight coz they bring back lots of lovely childhood memories:)

  15. Hi Supriya,just three days ago, one of my friends came back from her vacation and she got me a book of konkani and kanara recipes.I read about this one in that.looks great and easy but I guess you cannot do it without the banana leaves,isn't it?The Ganesha spoons looks beautiful.

  16. wow vini:)
    thats really nice... hope u try some of the dishes from that book and share the recipes with us:)
    i guess there is some material which can substitue banana leaves... i am still googling for the info. i come across any info i will let u know:)

  17. Hey Sia..
    loved reading your meme... I too love Ganji with fried salted chillies or mango pickle...

  18. mmmm priya, guess what thats what i am gonna have now for dinner:)

  19. hey supriya welcome back
    so gald to see u
    wonderful dish
    pillayar spoon lovely
    thats for sharing this wonderful recipe
    but i guess it takes a lot of time
    but end is lovely though :D
    thank you supriya

  20. Happy new year supriya. Genasalae looks delicious. I loved seeing the steamer and the kitchen behind it. Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

  21. Sia,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am jealous, just wonderful banana leaves. Are they fresh? I do not get fresh leaves in my neck of the woods.

  22. Hi SUp! My mom makes uddina kadabu and kai kadabu during ganesha habba. Love the taste of both! Glad to know u had a great time in India. Enjoyed reading your 3 things meme too.
    Looking forward to all the other yummy stuff from the sneak peek! :)

  23. What a lovely presentation, i love this too, we call it Ila Ada in Kerala.

  24. Very nice dish and a good meme. interesting to know more about you. Thanks. Viji

  25. hi jaya,
    such a warm welcome:) thanks buddy... and hey it don't require too much of preparation or time. actually you can prepare and serve them with in an hours time(thats what my amma says:)

    hi mandira:)
    thanks girl. yup, i had gr8 time with family and friends. i guess i have put on atleast 2 kgs in short span after eating all delicious food cooked by my amma and atte:)

    hi rinku:)
    he he... yup, they are fresh banana leaves. even we dont get them here in uk. thats a wondelful thing abt our country isn't it? we have so many things to choose from:)

    hey vani:)
    i too love all traditional dishes. i guess i appreciate them more because its difficult to prepare here as we dont get some ingredients. stay tuned coz there is more to come:)

    hi archana,
    mangalorean and kerala food have many things in common. only they are called by different names. thanks for letting me know its kerala name:)

    hi viji,
    thanks buddy:)

  26. Hi Supriya,
    you just came back and also started with your delicious dishes here, thats what is called back with a bang ! right?
    nice to know about Genasalae , i wish if i can get a chance to taste it sometime.
    this spoon with Ganesha looks so divine itself. I just love it too much.
    Also enjoyed reading your meme.
    nice to see you back here.
    thanks for sharing a traditional dish.
    Stay tuned

  27. hey poo... back with a bang han?!! he he he... glad to kw that u liked the ganesha spoon... why dont u come over to my native next time when i'm in india... will ask amma to cook genasale for u:)
    i'm thinking what to cook for ur veggie of the week... i have got too many in my mind but no time as i'm not keeping well... may be i'll submit my 'tomato kulumbu'...mmm... still thinking abt it:)....

  28. hi supriya,
    you can submit anything you want dear .
    thanks for invitingme to your homr plce, i feel like rushing to my mom after hearing those words from you ! well, we are planning to migrate to USA (may be withing 2-3 months from now, as Deepak has already got H1B , just wrapping up things over here and completing the due tasks) , dont know when such time will come agian when you andme will both be in India at the same time .
    thanks buddy .
    will be in touch with you , regarding my veggie of the week , it is always pleasure to get something from you . you can send as many as you wish from your past posts too . :)
    get well soon ,and take care of yourself.

  29. Hi Supriya, great to see you back...hey missed your company you know...seemed you had a great time in India...anyways...welcome back...Hey have you heard about the FAHC project. Check out. http://feedahungrychild.blogspot.com/

    Please contribute some recipes if can, you have a great collection od dishes....thanks

  30. "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper." - Adelle Davis

    Is actually an ayurvedic concept..............

  31. pooja...
    ah!!! a tight hug girl:)

    dilip bhai,
    oh boy!!! glad to see ur comment:) thanks for lettin me know abt FAHC project. i will go through it and try to contribute whatever possible from my side:)

    hi anonymous,
    thanks for letting me know... there is so much to know about one's own country and its culture:)

  32. Thank you :)


  33. Hope you're feeling better Supriya..Just sending get well wishes your way. Take it easy...


  34. Hey Sia,
    I happen to post Pattoli on my blog few weeks back for JFI coconut.
    Looks like Genesale and Pattoli are the same, just 2 different names in Konkani & Kannada


  35. Hi Supriya,
    Nice to read your blog..
    How about exchanging links for the blogs:
    If you feel so, below are the details..

    Title : Krishna
    Title : Mohit Valecha

    Reply me with your blog as soon as you post them on your blog and also send me your blog url and the title you want to add it as. I will give you a link from both of my blogs.

    Awaiting reply,


  36. The combination is perfect! I have organic coconuts bought from The Organic Garden with me and I am going to try this authentic recipe shortly!


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