12 August, 2007

Matar Paneer with Butter Naan

Here are sweet peas, on tiptoe for a flight;
With wings of gentle flush o'er delicate white,

And taper fingers catching at all things,

To bind them all about with tiny rings.

- John Keats

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Lucious Peas in Pod

One thing my mother never had to say even when I was in little polka dot frock was to eat peas. We kids at home loved our job of shelling sweet peas from their pods and collect all those bouncing little green gems in our little hand. Snap, shell and pop some peas into mouth; how simple is that? Knowing our love affair with fresh peas, Amma always bought large bag of shelled peas from farmer’s market. Little more than half of those little gems would disappear well before it was put into the basket and little more would easily disappear on its way to kitchen.
I don’t remember when my love affair with peas started. It had to be love at first bite and I still can’t get enough of it. Although we can consume peas throughout the year as they are available in cans, dried form or frozen, they can never match the taste of fresh peas from their pods. I have been buying fresh peas from our farmer’s market as April, May and June are usually the only months that they are available fresh. So if you’ve never had fresh peas, straight from the pod, you’re in for a treat. Fresh peas are sweet and delicious and I feel they taste best uncooked as they are nutritious and low in fat. With overflowing peas in our kitchen we decided to use them in cooking. So we have been having good servings of Peas Pulao, Peas stir fry and Peas with different vegetables. When it comes to peas how can anyone not cook Matar Paneer. Fresh Peas of summer and creamy Paneer (Indian Cheese) gently cooked in thick gravy of onion and tomato seasoned with aromatic Indian spices and generous dollop of butter is a pleasure to savor. When served with soft Butter Naan it’s a treat for all your senses.
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Matar Paneer with Butter Naan

Matar Panner
Prep Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 25-30 mins
Serves: 3-4

1½ cups Fresh Peas, shelled
2 cups Paneer, cut into 1 inch square
2 large Tomatoes, chopped finely
½ cup single Cream/Sour Cream/Evaporated Milk
1 tbsp+2 tbsp Butter/Ghee
1 tbsp Kasoori Methi
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
1 Star Aniseed/Marathi Muggu
1 Bay Leaf
2-3 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
Salt to taste

To Grind to Paste:
2 medium Onions, roughly chopped
1 tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder/Paprika
1 tsp Garam Masala
½ tsp Kitchen King Masala
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
½ tsp Amchur/Dry Mango Powder
2-3 tbsp Cashew Nuts, broken
½ inch Ginger
2-3 Garlic Flakes
2 Green Cardamoms

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Matar Paneer

Heat butter/ghee in a pan and shallow fry paneer cubes both the sides till they turn light golden brown colour. Immerse them in a warm water till required so that they don’t harden.
To the same ghee/butter add jeera, star aniseed, bay leaf and kasuri methi and sauté till jeera starts to pop and splutter.
Now add ground masala and fry it on a medium flame till oil starts to separate.
Add finely chopped tomatoes, salt to taste and about ¾ to 1 cup of water and boil till gravy thickens.
Add fresh/frozen peas, paneer and cream and cook for further 5-7 minutes over a medium flame.
Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with naan or roties.

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Matar Paneer

Naan is a round flat bread made of maida and cooked in a Tandoor or clay oven. You can make naan using pressure cooker or oven or grill or stove top. This time I tried Coffee’s Stove Top method which is not only easy but made beautiful tandoor style naan.
Remember to use Cast Iron Tawa and NEVER use non-stick tawa for this method.

Butter Naan
Prep time: 15 mins (excluding rising time)
Cooking Time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 3-4

2 cups All Purpose Flour/Maida
2 tbsp Yogurt
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Active Dry Yeast
1 tsp Salt
¼ tsp Baking Powder
2 tbsp Oil
¾ cup Luke Warm Water
1 tbsp Sesame Seeds

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Butter Naan

Dissolve yeast in warm water and keep aside for 5-10 minutes.
Meanwhile mix all dry ingredients: maida, sugar, salt and baking powder.
To this add yogurt and oil and mix.
Make a small well in the center and slowly add dissolved yeast water. Keep mixing till you get soft pliable dough.
Cover this dough with a wet cheese cloth or plastic wrap and keep it in a warm place for 1½ to 2 hours till the dough rises and doubles its original quantity.
Punch down this raised dough to release air and divide it into big lemon sized balls.
Heat iron tawa and roll the dough ball into a ¼ inch thick oval shaped roti with a rolling pin. Sprinkle little sesame seeds and gently roll the naan.
Sprinkle generous amount of water to one side of the naan and gently place it on the heated iron tawa. Remember to put the water side down.
When you see bubbles forming on the surface of naan in few seconds time, lift the tawa and turn it down so that the surface of naan is directly exposed to the flame. While keeping the flame on high, move the tawa so that naan is cooked evenly.
Naan is well cooked when you see brown patches on the surface of naan.
Apply butter or ghee and serve hot with any Curry of your choice.

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Matar Paneer with Butter Naan

PS: Thankyou for your concern and mails/messages. I was not be able to response to your comments and visit your blogs as I had crazy busy schedule. And more than that I am trying cope with the pain of losing a loved one who was very special to me in many ways. Till now I have only heard about the way how death touches others life and now I understand. This is the first time I am experiencing the pain of losing a precious one who was a backbone of our family.


  1. Oooh Sia,
    Matar paneer looks so good. I wish I could taste some right now!

    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I hope God gives you the strength to get through these difficult times.
    Take care.

  2. Matar butter, matar butter-quite a song here :-D. thats such a hearty platter, Sups! Good to see your post after quite a few days! How have you been doing, dear?

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  3. oh sia, so sorry to hear about it, i thought your were generally busy with you work schedule.i know it is heartbreaking to loose someone close to you We all have to face the ups and downs of life. dairya tagalavo, be brave girl !
    the dish is looking delicious dear :)

  4. I am so glad to see you back in action! :)

    Matar paneer and butter naan..... one fab combination! Glad that my method of naan worked for you. :)

  5. I also have coffee's stove top nan in my to do list. your pics make me hungry. Paneer and Naan never gets old. my hubby's favorite. I still have to perfect naan.

  6. sia,

    I love tender fresh peas too,paneer matter is a keeper, though I must admit never ventured into making naans, recipe seems easy should give it a try

  7. Sia, so sorry to hear about your loss. Hang in there!

  8. Hi Sups,
    Sorry to hear about the tragedy in your family.
    All the while I kept thinking that you were busy with work in the office.
    You have made my favorite menu.Pictures are excellent and Naan looks superb :)

  9. simply rocking....looks great...thanks for sharing your love affair with us...the picture with peas is very lovely to look at...


  10. what a yummy and different recipe for mutter paneer. It must be really rich and creamy to eat.
    Nan look good too

  11. Really sorry to hear about your loss...I've been through that (having lost my father), and whatever one might say, it is not very easy...however, as time passes, the fond memories shared with that person, gives one the strength to move on...

    ...regarding the shelling of the peas and popping some into the mputh, when I was a kid, I was telling my kids exactly that the other day, when they sat down with me to shell some...the matar paneer and the naan looks great :)

  12. Sia, Love your photography. Feel like grabbing it...
    Great combo and a nice poem.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you get the enough strength to be back to normal.

  13. Sia, hugs to you, hope you get over the loss.

    Oh the Matar Paneer with fresh peas looks gorgeous. Take Care

  14. So sorry read that Sia.Thathana, ajjina? My condolences to you and the family.Time will heal,take care.I thought you were just too busy.Take your time.Hugs to you my lil sis!
    For the first time in my life,I bought a Paneer pack from store(Bee says it tastes like good year tyre!:D) and I was thinking of making Matar Paneer too.Your's look great,Naan is plump!:)
    I will post my Paneer Matar too later and I have N0-Yeast Naan in my post this week,easy e peasy one.Make it when you have time.
    Take it easy Sups.I will be thinking of you!:))

  15. Hi Sia, sorry to hear about your loss. Be brave girl.

    Love the first pic. Beautiful pic of fresh peas. Matar paneer is my favourite. Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Sia, my condolences to u and ur family!

    Well, my hubby is a peas lover,this dish is one of his fav's....i have not added kasoori methi to my dish,only coz i dont have it in my pantry :P so this is the nan u made...looks good so is the paneer matar :)

    Take Care

  17. hugs to you, dear sia. we are so sorry for your loss.

  18. oh Sia!! this looks so good... the matar pic is awesome!!! Love the recipe!

  19. Oh..so sorry to read about the loss,sia.My condolences to you and your family.
    Matar Paneer and butter naan...i am sooo hungry seeing the pics !

  20. Sia, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Take heart and take care.

    Your matar paneer and naan look super delicious.

  21. Oh sia, so sorry to hear abt ur loss! I hope you are feeling much better now!

  22. You brought back memories of shelling peas, really that was a chore most kids loved.

    Matar Paneer & Naan looks out of the world.

    How have you been Sups ? Had dropped you a mail couple of days back too

  23. MMMM yummy sia.curry looking tempting!!the nann looks perfect.

  24. Sorry to hear the sad news sia. Take care. Love this mattar paneer and naan. The pictures are awesome. Love to have a plate dear. Viji

  25. Hey sia, nice and tempting recipe.. nice one.. list added to my recipe..

    Hey sorry to hear about the loss.. take care..im sure god will be ur side to give u strength..

  26. Sorry to hear about your loss,Sia.

    Nice to see my favourite Indian bread along with my favvvorite sidedish.I love this Perfect combo..

  27. My mouth is watering. I love paneer and one of my fave paneer dishes has to be mattar paneer.

    Sorry to hear about the loss in your life. I know this might sound lame - but time does heal a few wounds!

  28. Hey Sia... very sorry to hear about your loss, my condolenses to you, take your time to build up your strength, god bless..

  29. Great pics. OH my god. I am drooling. :)I want to have a bite of those butter naans with that matar paneer.

  30. sia,

    just checking to see how you were doing ? hope god gives you all the strenght to bear this loss.
    Hang in there and time will heal

  31. I am hungry and right now your food is making my stomach growl :)

  32. Sorry to hear about yr loss Sia. Hope you find the strength to pull yrself together.

    Those fresh peas looks lovely!

  33. Sorry to hear about your loss Sup.... hugs to you....

    That first pea in the pod pic is a work of art! Beautiful... :)

  34. Hi sia

    Matar paneer wow looks good. I should try it both. Fantastic pics
    btw sorry to hear your loss.

  35. So sorry about your loss, Sup! It's all the more difficult being so far away from home. My grandfather passed away a few months after I came to the US. I was devastated as I was very close to him. But I could not go back to India nor be with my family at that time.
    Please accept my sympathies and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. Will check on you again. Take care ~Hugs~

  36. @tbc,
    thank u:) what u waiting for girl? just grab that plate;)

    was very busy all these days. been busy with full day trainings as we started building our new portal. gosh... i really need break:)

    thanks sweetie:) i am happy that i did get a chance to talk to him few days back before he left all of us.

  37. @coffee,
    thanks for the stove top method sweetie. its super-duper hit with us and also very easy method too. i guess this is how i will continue to make naan from now on:)

    oh!!! do try coffee's method to make naan sharmi. its really really simple and tastes fantastic:) how have u been girl? i am trying to finalise the rice recipe for JFI and still confused;)

    u r back??? so good to see u dear:)
    and if u still have doubt abt making naan at home then i suggest u try it soon. i found this stove top method to be not just easy but it was super soft m tasty naan too. i guess i should ask coffee to make her PR now;)

  38. @sra,
    thanks sweetie:) hus to u

    thanks my dear:) i AM busy with office work too. but somehow i am enjoying this busy schedule as i dont get time to sit idle.
    its ur fav menu??? same pinch:) he he he...feels like i am bk in school;)

    i am glad to know u enjoyed it dear:)

  39. @saju,
    thanks dear:) adding cashew paste indeed makes the gravy very rich and thick.

    hugs to u sweetie:)
    so u r passing ur fond memories to ur kids:) with 3 people shelling th peas i can very well understand how much of peas u would have left with;)

    thanks my dear:) be my guest and help urself:)

  40. Hugs girl. I lost 3 people that were extremely close to me and that I was extremely close to between Nov 05 and Nov 06. I agree with Meeta, time is a good healer.

    You will find the strength to overcome this loss. I know because I have.

    The dish looks absolutely yummy.

  41. ISG,
    thanks for being there for me:)

    it was my doddappa. he was like my grandfather i never had. i grew up playing in his lap as for the 1st 7 yrs of my life was spent living in a joint family.
    i dont have complains of store bought panner. may be it depends on the brand. we get (i forgot the brand) really good panner from india here in super market. its tastes really good, and thats a reason why i still haven't ventured into making paneer at home.
    non-yeast naan??? i am coming over to ur place shortly to check that one:) thanks ashakka for being there for me:)

    thank u my dear:)
    matar paneer is my fav too:)

  42. @mishy,
    aha...so CJJ is fond of peas too? i get panicky when i dont have any peas at home;)

    thank u bee and jai.

    i am glad u liked it sweetie:)

  43. @pravs,
    thanks my dear:) and now even i am hungry thinking abt it as its close to luch break;)

    thanks darling:)

    i am feeling much better now thinking that dodda died in peace without him having to go though any pain or suffering:) thanks my dear:)

  44. @san,
    i am fine:) didn't get much time to check personal mails. will write back to u shortly sweety:)

    thank u dear:) glad that u liked them:)

    one plate mata paneer and naan to viji's place... coming shortly;)

  45. @sushma,
    thanks sush...do try it as its quite simple dish to please everyone:)

    its ur fav too? good to know we have similar taste;)

    aha...another matar paneer lover:) whenever i buy paneer, first thing comes to my mind is matar panner :)
    thanks meeta. finding it hard to belive coz just few days back i had spoken to him on phone. i know that whereever he goes he will be happy and as far as i know he will be partying around:) thats my Doddappa:)

  46. @rachana,
    thank u my dear:)

    be a good girl and cook some matar panner and naan sweetie:)

    thank u sweetheart:) u guys always cheer me and make me feel better. hugs to u:)

  47. @cynth,
    just hang in there...ur parcel of matar paneer and naan is on ur way:)

    thanks dear:)

    thank u darling:)

  48. @vanamala,
    do let me know if u try this someday:)

    ifelt really bad for not being there with my doddamma when she needed me. i was shocked to get this news as i had spoken to him just few days bk before he passed away. he sounded reaaly good and was egerly waiting for our visit to india. made me feel bad coz i didn't get chance to say goodbye to him:( well, i know that where ever he is he is happy.
    well, just checked M's b'day pics... she looks absolutely adrorable:) give her a tight hugs and kisses from me:)

    thats really sad to know girl. i can very well understand what u must have gone through. hugs to u dear.

  49. that matar paneer & naan looks absolutely lip smacking delicious. the marati maggu garnish looks pretty :) boy! i did miss blog hopping last couple of days.
    That is one lovely meal :) so sorry to hear about ur loss.

  50. sia,
    matr paneer with naan a good combo.Mouth watering pics

  51. Supriya, fresh matar you are lucky girl. Enage illi sikkuttille frsh matar. And i follow the exact way of making nan. Ditto hange neeru haki antisi flame inge direct hidudu madudu and this tastes so good alda ...just like tandoori naan. Beautiful pictures as always

  52. Hey Sia,

    Sorry to hear about the loss......so stupid of me, i just stopped at the dish.....hugs to you dear, i guess i understand how it feels.....But i'll just say this, love and wonderful memories are immortal.....

    hugs to you,

  53. Sorry to hear about your loss supriya. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The paneer and the naan look fabulous. Take care girl!

  54. Sia, I am sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my condolences.

    The matar paneer looks awesome. I have been using frozen peas for a very long time, the photo of fresh peas looks lovely.

  55. Sia, sorry to hear about your loss. The oft repeated advice (which is true but sometimes hard to remember through the sadness)...it will get better with time!!Guess a busy schedule always helps.
    Lovely pictures as usual - your blog inspires me to make some delicious traditional food.

  56. Hey Sia, Sorry to hear about your doddappa. Be strong girl. Your doddappa's fond memories will always be with you to remember him by.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe as always. I have a pack of paneer lying in my fridge.. Gonna try this one for tonight.

  57. wow sups,
    your naan looks great ! i too made matar paneer few days back. yours looks yummy...! let me grab some of it now and a naan tooo :)) .
    its a deadly combination , i just love it. a perfect punjabi menu. :) . keep on sharing.

  58. hi sia,
    sorry to hear the news. i am late as i was busy with so much going on.ur matar paneer looks delicious and yummy.i am going to prepare this.i never tried matar paneer.i make naan.this version i didnot try.will try.

  59. Hey Sia,
    Just love your recipes and pictures. Specially the angels of your photos. I spend a lot of time visualizing those :)
    A friend of mine is your secret admirer of your blog, she has tried several of your recipes. I have a lengthy list of your recipes to try.

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you and your family find strength to overcome this most difficult time.

  60. Happy Independence day Sups :)
    You must be in office right now :)

  61. @richa,
    ur guests r still there or have they left? good to see u hopping around;)

    a warm welcome to spice corner dear:) i am glad that u liked the pics:)

    british peas as they r called is something ppl here r very fond of:) its really nice to get these pods for very reasonable price:)
    hw have u been doing?

  62. @musie,
    thats absolutely fine dear. i actually didn't want to announce it my blog but since i was getting quite few mails from buddies i thouht i will let everyone know abt it. thanks u sweetheart for being there for me:)

    thank u lady. good to see u after long time. hope u guys r settled in ur new home:)

    its frozen peas for us too except in summer when we get fresh pea pods at very reasonable price:)

  63. @m&m,
    thanks dear for ur kind words. i am glad that i have been keeping busy with office work.
    i am touched by ur words and compliments. i donno if i deserve all these:)

    thank u meena for being there.
    do let me know hoe u like it:)

    so good to see u darling:) just peeked into ur blog and i am glad to see u resume blogging:)

  64. @ramya,
    what??? u never tried matar paneer? then its a right time to make this and enjoy with naan. do post ur naan recipe also.

    good to see u dear:) how have u been?
    girl, u r making me blush. and i have a secret admirer????? OMG!!! never ever i dreamt of having one:) thanks lady:)

    wish u the same:) n yes, i am in my office n blog hopping;)

  65. Sia, that is one luxurious treat one can have, I like the pics with that bold border, adding an edge to them. Nice post!

  66. Nimage ishtondu aduge maadodakke ellinda samaya siguthe. Dinadalli eshtu baari aduge maadutheeraa? Naanu idannella try maaduva hothige, nanna magana maduve aagiruthe. (My son is now only 2 & 1/2 year old). Devare Devare!!! Thumba thalme ide nimage.
    I was looking for Karnataka recipes and I think I have hit the right blog, wherein I can get all sorts of food.

  67. @padma,
    thank u:)

    LOL... girl, i cook once in a day and that too usual smbar/rasam and rice. we(me n my hubby) love cooking and eating. so weeeknds are our time to experiment some new cuisine. i am glad u like my blog. do let me know if u try any of the recipes i posted so far:)

  68. Hi sia,
    I tried out your recipe last night and my naans were perfect!!!That too considering the fact that i'm totally new to cooking..Thanks again.Do keep posting such great recipes...


  69. @zeb,
    i am glad it worked for u zeb. it is indeed one os the easiest method for preparing naan at home:) i will surely keep updating with simple and delicious recipes as i too am a learner when it comes to cooking.

  70. Hey Sia,

    I made your Matar-Paneer recipe today and the dish has been licked clean....... :)

    Thanks so much for a great recipe....

    Hope you are doing well, enjoy your weekend and have fun !!!

    Warm regards,


  71. Hi sia,
    I am not a first timer here. One of my cousins have forwarded one of ur recipes to me and i came here thru that mail:)And im glad i did. U have a wonderful space in here with beautiful pictures and awesome recipes. I just love the look of ur blog.

    One thing i wanted to know is which font do u use here in ur pictures. And i wanted to know how u put it in ur pics...i mean which software u put it thru... Pls reply me in my blog if possible. That would be very much appreciated.

    Thank u once again.

  72. Hai i tried ur Naan rcipie its a big HIT in my house. I had tried so many recipies but this is the best of all. plz visit my blog and leave ur valuable comments it will be a big boost for us http://bondedbyfood.blogspot.com/

  73. I made the butter naan, but its not as sticky as available in the restaurants or market.

  74. Hi Sia,

    Made Butter Naan tonight, and it was a great success. Everyone loved it. Thanks for the recipe.



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