21 August, 2007

Recipes from Ajji’s Kitchen-Brahmi Tambli

So many things we never got to do
So many conversations we never got through
I feel lost and empty now
Every day I ask, how?
I could feel nothing when you died
I felt I wanted to run and hide
Run and hide cause I felt blind
Peace and and clarity I couldn't find
They say when you die your soul just flies away
I wanted to chase your soul, so for another day you could just come and stay
You were my Grams, you taught me how to stand on my own
Now that you’re gone, I feel as though I can’t do it alone
I've tried so hard to see things through and become the person you wanted me to be
Sometimes it’s just so hard being me
I'd give anything if I could just talk to you once more
To see you walk through the door
and tell me that everything was going to be alright for sure
When I look into the sky I picture you staring down
Which is why I have no reason to frown
All the things you taught me, all the songs we use to sing
Now you’re gliding under God’s precious wings
I hope He’s taking good care of you because now you’re in His place
I hope all your worries and all your fears have left your face
I never got so say goodbye that was the worst part
But I know that when you left secretly you said goodbye to my heart
So when I lay myself into bed tonight
I know you'll always be there to hold me tight.
- Jonathan P. Lanier

It seems like August is the cruellest month after all. At one moment the sun was smiling at me, and next moment he went behind the dark cloud leaving me in complete darkness… Losing a loved one is tough enough and losing two in two week’s time seems like some kind of cosmic joke. Little did I know I will lose my Doddappa and only two weeks later I was to suffer another loss… My maternal grandmother passed away this weekend leaving behind wonderful memories and pain of not being able to say my last goodbye to her.
Last year soon after my wedding she was diagnosed with Cancer which slowly drained all her energy and strength. All of us felt scared, helpless and angry and it was impossible to imagine our own life without her. With all sort of advancement in technology and medicine, I still wonder why there is no cure for cancer. Perhaps someday there will be an inoculation for cancer. For a person who has not spent even single day of her life lying on bed after sunrise, last few months had been too painful for her. When you see your loved one failing, looking ill, having no appetite, unable to walk steadily, losing weight and you are told that treatment isn't working, you can get a pretty clear picture of what is going to happen. Even then letting go is not easy. We Hindus believe in life after death and we will see our loved ones again on the other side. But death seems so final when it is a loved one and you are emotional. Ajji left this world on a very auspicious day surrounded by her family. Realising how much pain and suffering she had endured, we gave her permission to leave us. I know deep in my heart that she is at peace now and she will continue to be with us from where ever she is.
I am dedicating new series ‘Recipes from Ajji’s Kitchen’ where I’ll be sharing the recipes which are passed from one generation to next. These are the recipes which I learnt directly from Ajji and from my Amma and aunts who in turn learnt it from my Grandma. Simple recipes cooked using few ingredients which not only tastes good but also has many health benefits. One such recipe is Tambli/Tambuli is a coconut and yogurt based curry often served in summer. There is no cooking involved when making Tambli and is usually served as cold curry with hot rice. This cooling Tambli is very popular dish back at home during peak Indian Summers which always worked its magic. Different ingredients like gooseberry, kokum, onion, garlic, ginger etc are used depending on one’s taste.
One of my favorite Tambli is Brahmi Tambli. Brahmi, Thyme Leaved Gratiola, has been used since ancient time as a tonic for improving memory. In the gurukuls of ancient India there was the practice to regularly administer Brahmi to young students to help them learn sacred hymns.

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Brahmi Tambli
Prep Time: 10-15 mins
Cooking Time: -
Serves: 3-4

One small bunch of Brahmi Leaves
¼ cup Coconut, fresh/frozen
1½-2 cups Yogurt
1 Green Chilli
1 tsp Ginger
½ tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds (Optional)
Salt to taste

For Tempering:
½ tsp Mustard
1 Dry Red Chilli
Few Curry Leaves
1 tsp Oil

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Brahmi Tambli

Grind brahmi leaves, coconut, green chilli, ginger, salt to taste and jeera to smooth paste in a food processor using little yogurt at a time. Add little water if needed.
Heat oil in a pan and add mustard, broken red chilli and curry leaves. When mustard starts to pop and sputter transfer it to Tambli and mix well.
Keep Tambli refrigerated till needed and serve it cold with rice and pickle.

Did You Know?
Bitter and astringent in taste and light and slightly hot in effect, Brahmi is a pacifier of all the three doshas - mainly kapha and vata. Although people in India, especially ayurvedic physicians, knew about Brahmi’s benefits thousands of years ago, modern research on it was conducted recently by the central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. The trails have resulted in establishing that this long treasured herb, besides possessing antioxidant properties, also has the amazing ability to facilitate learning and enhance memory and concentration.
Ayurvedic tests describe Brahmi as medhya, a medicine that braces the mind to carry cognitive functions and intellectual pursuits. But ancient authors seem to believe that the healing effects of Brahmi extend far beyond mind and brain. Brahmi is not only a memory-booster and intellect-promoting herb; it is also a tranquilliser, a muscle relaxant, an anti-convulsant, a blood purifier, and an anti-pyretic, carminative and digestive agent.
Though Brahmi is beneficial for maintaining the tridoshic balance, ayurvedic physicians believe it to be the drug of choice for counteracting the vitiated vata dosha — the factor which governs the nervous system,
Brahmi is known for its salutary effect in anxiety, depression, hypertension, sleeplessness, mental retardation, insanity and hysteria. Acharya Chakradutta has written that Brahmi is beneficial in all types of epilepsy. Ancient texts describe the use of Brahmi in a number of other disorders like biliousness, ulcers, splenomegaly, asthma, skin diseases and in general and senile debility.
Brahmi enhances the mind’s ability to learn and concentrate. As it simultaneously calms and invigorates the mind, it is a very good medicine for reducing the effects of stress and nervous anxiety. It also helps maintain the clarity of thought and has proved effective in treating ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in hyperactive children, and age-related mental disorders in old persons.
(Source: www.ayurvediccure.com)

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Brahmi Tambli served with Rosematta Rice, Mago Pickle and Majjige Menasu


  1. Lovely pictures !!!
    Very useful info too.

  2. Sia, so sorry to hear about your Doddappa and ajji. Must have been hard for you not being able to to go to India.Life sucks sometimes.I lost my beloved Mysore Thatha and couldn't go either and 2 yrs later,ajji passed away too!
    I wrote about Tamblis and Ajjis in my post for tomorrow, announcing RCI K!! Same words I see here, shocks me!:))
    Tambli looks yum although I have never heard of Brahmi leaves before.Photo is gorgeous too.
    YUP! I came back home today and unpacking, laundry and moderating blah blah! DID NOT BLOG for 4 days!!Haha!!

  3. Sia, I am so sorry !! U & ur family are in my prayers.Please take care and be strong.
    Ur Aaji will live among all of us with her wonderful recipes.

  4. my Deep condolences Sia. your new series looks sure like a great bang! the brahmi tambli looks so authentic and traditional. lovely recipe. always the traditional food and its looks sure give you a lil goosebumps.

  5. Oh Sups, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. I am sure your Ajji would be very glad that you are spreading her knowledge through her recipes. Hugs to you dear

    Brahmi is a very important green, it aids memory power. Where did you get it ? I didn't know it was available outside India

  6. Sia,

    very sorry about your loss, I personally am going though the same pain of seeing my ajji being bed ridden,extremely sad and feel totally helpless.

    I am glad to see you celebrating your ajji's life with her recipes.

    very nice recipe,except I haven't seen Bhrami leaves being sold in US markets. will keep on a look for these

  7. Sia, hugs to you, dear.....i have no words to express myself right now.....but, this, for sure is the right Shradhhanjali to your Ajji.....

    much love,

  8. Sia, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Grandmothers do hold a very special place in our heart and memories.

  9. Awwww honeyyyy I am so sorry about your loss...two at that.. I will pray for your loved ones and you too.

    The brahmi leaves look so fresh and enticing. Good one.


  10. Oh sia, i am sorry for ur loss.
    And Bhrami i didn't know we can use it in cooking too.Cool it's nice.

  11. oh sia, i am sorry know about ur loss. u will get through it.
    Till now i didn't know we can cook with brahmi leaves

  12. Sia, Hugs to you, I know how hard that must be. That would be a lovely series and would be looking forward to each installment. Brahmi Tambli sounds so simple but sure is a special recipe.

  13. So sorry to hear dear! enage gottagttu estu kasta while i was pregnant i lost my dodappa and this year grandma who sufferred lot of pain from past 15yrs.Take care sia ! ondelaga thambli your looks spicy we make is differently will try your ajjis recipe :)

  14. I have no words to console you. This sure is a blow. But be strong. This too shall pass.

  15. i'm so so sorry for your loss, sia. this series is a great tribute to her.

  16. what a beautiful poem, now i've a lump in my throat! very true, if only there was just ONE more time.....

    naver had those greens, new to me. there i see the cute mango shaped bowl again :)

  17. Sups it is very sad to hear about your Ajji.
    Good you thought of sharing your Ajji's recipe through this section.
    I did not know the benefits of brahmi.Thanks for the info. All I knew about brahmi was the hair oil brahmi amla tel :)
    I noticed in South India you incorporate these medicinal plants in your food which is really good.

  18. This is the best tribute you could have given to her Sia! I have always maintained that after a loved one has passed away, one should grow out of it and look at something good from them, and you have done just that! :)

  19. It was a very touching post Sia.
    ....sorry to hear that sad news .....Time heels...that is all I can say for now.

    We had tambuli for our dinner yesterday and was happy to see it here again. I will blog them too in my next post. Lovely pics as usual and will wait to see more fingerlicking recipes from 'Ajjis Kitchen'

  20. Hey Sweetie, I know that can be hard on you. Here's a big hug. Take care of yourself.

    The brahmi tambli is a unique recipe. I've never come across brahmi used in Indian cooking. Thanks for sharing, your ajji will be proud!

  21. paatti-ajji recipes are simply the best. i almost cried when i read about your grandmom moving on in her journey. i love my grandmom a lot too, and she's not keeping too well, i get the feeling that her time has come.

    you have already found one dedicated follower of "Recipes from Ajji’s Kitchen".

    brahmi-ADD tidbit is useful. love that slurpy bowl of brahmi tambli, it looks gorgeous.

    i shall try it soon and will ping you when i do.

  22. I am so sorry to hear of your loss Sia. I am sure God will give you the strength.

    Be glad that you have so many memories of her and that she will live in your heart forever. And she attended your wedding too... which is a big deal. My grandmother is 94 and was sure she'd see me married. Even though I took ages to tie the knot.

    Tambli is something we make in amchi/konkani cuisine too. I will try this sometime soon.

  23. My deep condolences Sia!!
    But its good that u have their memories!!

  24. Oh, Sia, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. That was a lovely poem!

  25. Sia, my condolences :(

  26. Sia, nice write up and good series to start with authentic recipes. This is something new for me. The photos are lively as usual. Love to read your post always. Viji

  27. My condolences to you dear Sia...but it's really nice that you're trying to preserve the memories of your dear one in such a nice way...

  28. Sia, so sorry to hear about the loss, and words are not enough to comfort the pain and agony, but surely its a passing cloud. Loved you description on Brahmi, My amamamaa used to prepare hair oil with lotsa of herbs including this.

    Tambli looks awesome, can you post the other variations too, using gooseberry / kokum or any other..

  29. sorry for ur loss,Sia. YOu have chosen a nice way of remembering her.
    Your tambli is like our pulisserry, me thinks. But what is a brahmi leaf?

  30. Sorry to hear about Ajji Sia. She is always around u in ur thoughts and things u do.
    Tambli looks pretty, is it kadhi??
    We make kadhi with leafy vegetables.

  31. @seeC,
    thank u.

    thanks for being there ashakka. yes, it really hurts when u r far away from home and u cant do anything abt it. but i guess this is life all abt.
    i am kind of feeling better coz i know she dont have to suffer anymore. it was really heart wrenching to see her suffering with pain.
    i am sure u must be knowing abt brahmi/ondelaga/timare in hassan. its quite common in our state.
    just came bk from leaving a warning in ur blog;) cant wait to send u my Ajji's recipes.

    thanks dear:) i thought the best way i can show my love for her is by showcasing some of her authentic recipes which really showcases her wisdom.

  32. @sharmi,
    i am glad to know u like and approve of my new series dear. some of these recipes which i will be posting has very dear memories attached to them.

    thanks san. she was excited abt my blog when i had mentioned her the last time i met. so i guess this is the right tribute to her.
    i got brahmi from srilankan stores. check for any tamil or srilankan stores close to ur home.

    i can understand and empathise with u dear. it really hurts to see someone who always been there for u look so frail and ill. hugs to u.
    look out for brahmi in tamil or srilankan stores.

  33. So sorry to hear about your loss. I know how it feels!

    Well, brhami neeru (juice) is something that is given to kids in our families...same reason ..good memory....and also good for stomach i guess...I have been fed that too...and oh yea, i have got good memory, my husband sometimes doesnt like that quality of mine :P but i never knew of this cooking aspect of brahmi...this dish looks something like our moru curry...

  34. Hi Sia,
    First time commenting on Ur site(I was a ghost reader !!! )
    my condolences sia about your Loss,

    I like Tambli, nanna friend manenalli bendekai tambuli taste madidde.
    Brahmi(vandelega antare alva kannadadalli) nalli just soppina palya madutini,
    Yours look yummy with that cute bowl

  35. Thanks for the recipe. And sorry about the loss of your loved ones.
    All tambulis, including brahmi (other greens are malabar spinach (basle) and doddapathre), are made the same way in our house, only difference being the use of cumin and black pepper (instead of green chillies). I saw on some other blog that ondhelaga was the same as water cress, do you know if its the same? Where would you find brahmi in the western countries?

  36. Oh, no!! So sorry to hear about your grandmom Sup! You must be devastated with another tragedy in so short a time. Please accept my sympathies. I pray that you & your family have the strength to bear this double loss.
    Your Ajji sounds like a wonderful person! I think your Ajji series is a nice way to pay homage to your grandmom.

  37. Dearest Sia, I am so very sorry to hear about your Grandmother's passing. This series is fitting and a great way to pay tribute to her, through sharing the foods she made and by many of us appreciating it and even making some of it, her memories will live on, for a very long time.

    Hugs to you my dear friend.

  38. Oh Supriya! I feel u're pain dear. Hugs to u. Not sure if I or anyone can say much that can make it any better, but time is the best healer! I'm sure u're ajji and dodappa are at peace and in a better place!
    Tambuli looks so good. Where did u find the brahmi leaves? Looked for it in your post, not sure if i missed it!
    I would love to learn some of your ajji's recipes!
    I have some maavinkai at home, will try u're tambuli with that!
    Hugs Latha

  39. So sorry to hear about your loss.I pray that God gives you the strength to endure the pain.Loved all the info about the Brahmi leaves.the pictures and recipes sound delicious.

  40. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Sia. This is a good tribute to your Ajji. Take care

  41. @musie,
    ur hug really worked dear:) thank u.

    thanks girl. i completely agree with u.

    thank you for including us in ur prayer. it means a lot:)

  42. @ramya,
    thank u dear. fresh brahmi leaves were given to us while growing. and when we were tired of eating them amma and graqndma used them in cooking.

    thank u indo. tambli is a simple recipe where no cooking is involved. there is ayurvedic benefits of brahmi which is good for everyone especially growing kids.

    awww girl...hugs to u.
    tambli is not spicy. i used just 1 chilli as i didn't want the spiciness to overtake brahmi's taste. do share ur recipe too.

  43. Wonderful picture.....Lovely dish...Take care girl...

  44. @suganya,
    thanks girl... although i am shaken by the fact that she is no more i was kind of prepared for it since one yr. i know that she dont have to suffer anymore.

    thank u.

    thanks my dear... brahmi is very much used in south india. so i am not surprised u r not aware of this.
    and that bowl is broken now...fell from my hand somedays before and i did feel quite bad abt it for long time:) i find it difficult to lose things which i love..

  45. Sia,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my condolences.
    This new series is such a fine tribute to showcasing her recipes & will help to keep her memory alive. I hope God gives you the strength to overcome the loss of your dear ones.Take care. Hugs to you.

  46. A big hug to you to ease you of the loss.....
    The post is very touching...

  47. I am so sorry to hear about your Dodappa and your Ajji...its really hard to go through such situations. My prayers and wishes are with you and your family.
    Brahmi tambli looks so good and its so simple to make...looking forward to many more such simple and traditional recipes of your ajji.

  48. Sup, so sorry to hear about your loss... hugs to u dear, take care!

  49. Sia...so sorry to hear about your loss...thats a lovely tribute to her...thanks for sharing them with us...


  50. @archu,
    thank u archu. good to know that now u know the benefits of brahmi and its got more roles than just in hair oil:)
    u r right. we use lots of greens and plants which have got more ayurvedic and medicinal value in cooking.

    thanks coffee. although it still pains to know that u have lost ur loved one, the lovely moments spent seems more important. i am lucky that i had all these yrs to love and appreciate that person for what they r... fond memories are something which i will always cherish

    thank u dear. so it was tambli for u as well? i will look forward to ur post:)

  51. @jyo,
    thank u for that big hug jyo...it really helped:)
    brahmi is widely used in our native. will try to post more recipes.

    aww girl...hugs to u. i can understand what u must be going through...

    thanks sweetheart... grandparents r always specila isn't it? i lost my maternal grandparents when i was very small. so it was only my mom's mother who was there for us...

  52. @cinnamon,
    thank u lady.

    thanks sra...

    thank u dear...

  53. viji,
    thank u viji. i felt this is the best way i can cherish my grandma's recipe and special moments spent with her...

    thank u suni... i felt the same thing

    thank u dear... my ajji also used to make hair oil using many medicinal plants and brahmi was one among them. the aroma of that oil still lingers...
    i will surely post other tambli recipes if i find the ingredients...

  54. @shaheen,
    thank you:)
    if i am not wrong there is cooking involved in pulisserry. tambli is different. check this link for more info on brahmi

    thank u my dear.
    tambli is not kadhi...there is no cooking involved when making tambli and we use coconut and yogurt as a base.

    thank u.
    yes, u r right. i remember my granny making us eat few leaves of brahmi every morning and doint remember being keen on that:)

  55. something sweet for sweet sia over at mine :)

  56. @mamatha,
    thank u girl and i appreciate u leaving ur trail here atlast:)
    i have not heard of bendekai tambuli. do u have a recipe for that? and i have not tasted brahmi palya also. do share ur recipe with us when u get time:)

    thank u dear. i am not sure if ondelagaand watercress being one and the same. i found big bunch of brahmi in srilankan stores and have frozen them immediately. do keep an eye on any tamil or srilankan stores close to ur place.

    thank u darling. i was just recovering from my dodda's death and within 2 weeks i lost my ajji too. i was kind of prepared for my ajji's condition as she was under lots of pain since last yr.
    thank u for being there for me:)

  57. @cynth,
    ur hugs surely felt like cooling balm sweetie. thank u:)

    thank u sweetheart... u r right, time surely heals everything.
    i found brahmi in srilankan stores. we bought big bunch of it and freezed it in zip bags. planning to use it again as we both like cool tambulis.
    maavinakai? oh wow... enjoy dear:)

    @starry nights,
    thank u dear... i am glad that u found the brahmi info useful:)

  58. @roopa,
    thank u my dear:)

    thanks girl:)

    thank u sweetie. i am sure many of us relate our loved one with food in one or or other and i am no exception... i am missing ajji a lot but these recipes will make think abt the wonderful time we shared.

  59. @bhags,
    thank u for that hug dear.. it surely helped me.

    thank u tee. the fond memories is what will get us moving on with life...

    thanks darling

  60. hi sia... sorry to hear the news.. its been more than a yr i ate timare.. aase avutha iddu.. nice to see that u get even this in UK no wonder so many patents.. Nice presentation..

  61. @srivalli,
    i couldn't think of any other thing to share my love for her. thanks sri.

    i am on my way...

    thank u dear. we dont get timare so often. i was lucky to get hold of it few weeks back and have stored them in freezer.

  62. Great post Sia........It touched me dear....
    Sorry to hear about your doddappa and ajji.I offer my heartful condolences.

  63. OH Sia... i am so sorry to hear about your Dodappa and Aji. My Aji was also diagnosed with cancer just before i left for the US and passed away 2 years ago. Take care and keep posting your Aji's recipes. That will keep her memories alive. And the pics of the brahmi-tambli are beautiful and tempting as usual. btw, where did you get the brahmi?

  64. Dear sia...so sorry to hear about your loss...I know it must be hard, but at the same time, cherish the good times that you had with your loved ones....take care...

  65. Hi Sia,
    Sorry to hear..
    This recipe is a homage to her.
    Is it Vallarai leaves???

  66. sia, felt so sad reading this post. Don't know what to say or how to console you.Sometimes life is so hard.
    Brahmi, is it the same leaf that if consumed regularly is said to enhance your brain power ? Even relieve constipation ? isn't this the same ? Didn't know we could cook with it. Thanks for sharing your ajji's recipes.
    I have something waiting for you in my blog...check it out.

  67. Sia, so sorry to hear about your loss. My grandmom also died of cancer and it was so very painful for her :(. Its been 7 years now, but that picture is still in my mind.

    We too make this tambli, its delicious. I love this with pathrode on the side ..yummm....

  68. Hi supriya
    I feel very sorry for u!!!When i saw my maternal granny became bed ridden i felt very sad and i know how much pain it will be..That too staying so far will be like a hell when we lose our loved one..Don't worry sia!!!as u said our Hindus believe life after death ...they will come into your family as a new one!!

    I love maggiga menasu!!!they sure will be yummy !!!all the best for ur new series!!!

  69. Dear Sia,
    Very sorry to hear about your doddappa and ajji. I know how you feel. I too felt the same way when I lost my maternal grandma. I felt so angry and frustated.I stopped worshipping gods for a while. Slowly, I overcame it. Hope you recover soon.
    Tambli looks great. Awaiting more of your ajji's recipes.

  70. Hi Supriya, I sent you a big long comment to this and am sorry to see I think blogger ate it :( Anyway, thinking of you and sending you a big hug from New England. I am sure your dear loved ones are smiling on you even now. It is a beautiful tribute you wrote here :)

  71. Hi Supriya -
    Sorry to hear about your ajji. Now, I too enjoy only fond memories of my ajji.

    I love tambuli! when visiting Bhatkal, Kumta and Honavar (on the Karnataka coast) during summers, that was a staple. And every aunt had a different recipe. Here, M make a 'zucchini' tambuli. It does involve first boiling the zucchini, but the rest is similar. Will post a recipe soon.

    Do you get the 'Brahmi' leaves in the UK? What is it called here? I will try and follow this recipe too.

    Keep up the great work and very nice of you to start a new series of recipes dedicated to Ajji!

  72. It was such a heart wrenching post and such a wonderful recipe thanks so much

  73. @sirisha,
    thank u and a warm welcome to my corner.

    i am sorry to know abt granny girl. now i can understand what u must have gone through.
    i got brahmi from srilankan shop.

    thank u dear.

    yes...brahmi is known as varalli in tamil.

    thank u dear. u r right abt brahmi. amma n ajji always gave us brahmi leaves to eat when we were kids.
    thank u for sending me another award girl:)

    yes shilpa. its very difficult to let go, especially when its some one very close to ur heart.
    i love kokum tambli with patrode:)

    thank u dear for ur kind words. majjige menasu/balaka is again i learnt from my granny.

    thank u dear for ur kind words. i can naver get angry with god coz i belive that there is good reason behind every difficulty/pain we have to go through. my granny could atlast rest in peace after going through so much of pain and sufferings.

    thank u my dear... ur words are like balm to my pain...

    thank u. u must blog the recipe of zuccini tambuli. i am all curious to make it now. i love nellikai and kokum tambli a lot.
    i was lucky to find bunch of brahmi leaves in one srilankan store. its called as Kudakan in malayalam and Vallarai in tamil.

    thank u and a warm welcome to spice corner.

  74. hmmm sia, i think my comment got gobbled up...

    im very sorry to hear about yuor ajji, my condolences to you....

    thank you for giving such great information on brahmi, will try and look for it in the shops...i really want to use it after reading all its benefits

  75. Hi sia, lovely post, and iam sorry to here about your loss. My dad passed away last year and since then its the memories of him which always has been inspiring to me ,

    The brahmi is indeed versatile and has lots of medicinal value attached to it, but its the first time i saw it being used in food. Thanks for the info and the thambli :)

  76. Hi Sia,

    Thanks for the Brahmi Tambli and especially for the dried pomogranate peel recipe. I'm amazed at the amount of effort you put into your posts !

  77. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  78. hey Sia, where to get Bramhi leaves in US.


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