18 May, 2007

Bhindi Fry in Yogurt

Weird, quirky, out of the world, unusual name hah? I don’t blame you… The name Bhindi Fry in Yogurt is the name we kept for our Accidental Diva. After working my ass off in office trying to figure out where I went wrong with some thousand lines code, no wonder my brain was on curfew. There was a bag of lovely tender okra which was sitting in one corner of refrigerator for more than a week and before it starts rotting I wanted to cook something out of it. I hate to waste things especially food. All I could think of cooking was simple Stuffed Bhindi. With my brain cells going haywire, I absentmindedly chopped half of Bhindi’s before it dawned upon me I am supposed to slit them for Stuffed Bhindi. And before I could do anything my better half was ready with the ground masala for stuffing the okra. The only solution which came to my rescue was my Hubby Dear who is an expert in fixing things ;) The end result was Bhindi Fry. Just when I thought all’s well which ends well, I ended up adding yogurt to Bhindi Fry where I actually wanted to add yogurt to grated Cucumber for making Raita. To our utter surprise our Accidental Diva-Bhindi Fry in Yogurt turned out absolutely fantabulous. Crispy bhindi and crunchy onion cooked with spicy masala and sweet yogurt turned out really delicious. The name may sound little quirky but taste was unbelievable. May be next time I when my brain is half dead I hope I get as lucky as this time;)
I am sending this to my gorgeous friend Trupti's Spring Fling which is all about cooking with family or friends. Here is our Accidental Diva for you sweetie;)

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Bhindi Fry in Yogurt

Bhindi Fry in Yogurt
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 2-3
15-20 Okra/Ladies finger/Bhindi, chopped into 1cm pieces
1 large Onion, chopped finely
1 tbsp Sambar Masala
3 tbsp Grated Coconut
½ tbsp Tamarind Paste/Dry Mango Powder
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
3-4 tbsp thick Yogurt
1 tbsp Coriander Leaves, chopped
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
2 tbsp Oil
A Pinch of Hing/Asafetida
Few Curry Leaves
Salt to taste

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Bhindi Fry in Yogurt

Grind grated coconut, sambar powder, tamarind paste, turmeric powder and salt (according to taste) into a smooth paste adding little water.
Mix this ground mixture with finely chopped onion and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan and add jeera, curry leaves and hing.
Sauté it till jeera starts to pop and splutter.
Now add cut okra and sauté it continuously at medium-high flame for about 8-10 minutes till okra turns crisp and brown.
To this add mixed ground masala and quater cup of water and mix well.
Cook this covered in a low-medium flame for about 5 minutes, checking in between so that the masala don’t stick to the pan.
Open the lid and add little more water if required and cook for further 1-2 minutes at low flame so that the okra retains its crispiness.
Switch off the gas and add yogurt and mix well.
Serve it hot garnished with chopped coriander leaves with chapatti or rice and dal.

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Bhindi Fry in Yogurt

Did You Know?
Okra is native to tropical areas of Africa, and was cultivated in Egypt in the 12th century.
Okra is a species of the Hibiscus genus (Hibiscus esculentus) and a member of the mallow family (Malvaceae).
Lady's Fingers is another name for okra. This name only dates back to the early 20th century, and originally applied to a small variety of okra.
Okra, when it's cut, releases a sticky substance that has thickening properties. This substance is useful in soups and stews.
(Source: www.foodreference.com)

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Bhindi Fry in Yogurt


  1. Sia, Bhindi Fry looks delicious you call it accidental. Thank God ?!for fried brains right. Lovely with a few chappathais.

  2. Sia, looks awesome! In this case 2 wrongs made a right, right? :-) yummy, wich I could have some of that for my dinner!

  3. Gorgeous, thats a diva to die for. Call it Sia's Bhindi Fry...ummm Bheja Fry..oh no Bhindi Fry :)

  4. nice one, sia. you call this 'quick'? grinding coconut and all that jazz? it looks and sounds very tasty, though.

  5. WHERE IS K's HANDS WOMAN?!T keeps asking you and you won't put his hands in there.Is he a invisible hubby?!!MAYA!!!:D
    Great looking South Indian Dahi Bhindi.I made one last week,N Indian one.I will try this.coconut and sambhar pd,what's not to like?
    Would you like look at my "Qorma"?;p
    Have a great weekend,enjoy that Bendekai.


  6. Looks very nice, Sia... You should see when such accidents happen in my kitchen.... They never turn out this good!!! Loely pics too.. :)

  7. hey sia, accidental or not, love that bhindi fry, absolutely gorgeous pictures :o) you and jijajee over there cooking up a storm in the kitchen heh!heh!
    have a great wknd dear

  8. damn girl, that looks delicious!!!!

    thanks to you both! Enjoy the weekend, is it a long weekend for you too??


  9. LOL! I've done this several times, esp with bhendi. What a glorious mess yours is!

  10. @ISG,
    fried brains yup...as san said i should call in bheja fry instead of bhini fry;)

    LOL!!! thats funny...2 wrongs making right;)

    u understand my paranoia;)

  11. @bee,
    oh no!!! not as quick as squeezing rasgulla in lime squeezer ofcourse;) krish ground masala for me and chopping and making a mess is not big deal;)

    oh!!! we were too busy arguing;) i didn't want to take pics of pots n pans flying all around;)

    LOL... this was an exceptional case... we r not lucky everytime;)

  12. It's too good to believe it was accidental. Great presentation. Can't wait to try.

  13. @richa,
    cooking up storm in real sense girl;) have a gr8 weekend girl:)

    oh!!! u r really gracious dear for accepting sometime which was a result of all mess we created;)
    next weekend is long weekend for us. hope the weather gets better by then:)

    ah!!! thats a relief to know that i am not all alone;) glorious mess? LOL...

  14. I guess you are capable of inventing new things when your mind is off of something. Great recipe...

  15. morning I wanted to comment but your page always opens very slowly.
    I loved this combination. have heard of this curry before but have not tried. looks yummy though.

  16. Please continue to have accidental discoveries in the kitchen. You have set a high standard here so you know you've got to work hard to maintain it :) Dish looks superb Sia.

  17. hahahha...that was a nice story...i saw myself chuckling when i read u adding yogurt to the masala instead of adding it to ur raita :) and yes, did does look tasty, only if I could taste it now! :)


  18. kitchen accidents are sometimes the best recipes in your repetoire; that looks like a tasty mishap!

  19. Awesome presentation. Tripped into ur blog from Bee's jihva event and I am glad I did. I just started a blog and what a great inspiration all u guys are !!

  20. I am laughing out loud here at your story Supriya -- not laughing *at* you of course, but *with* you -- I know that braindead feeling in the kitchen! Your accidental diva looks so appetizing, and wouldn't you know I have an aging package of okra in my fridge right now... I am going to try this tonight. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend! :)

  21. Sups you work well under brain curfew,even disasters are successful.
    All ok now na ? :))
    Loved the bhindi, especially adding sambhar masala. Loved the accidental photos too :))

  22. Sia, it is really tempting and looks yummy. Viji

  23. sia, the bendekai fry looks fabulous. nice presentation kane. i opened your page three times to get here. i think the picture loading is very slow.
    have a great weekend :)

  24. That looks fab!!! I make it almost the same way though..... but minus the coconut!!!

    The pic looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  25. Hi Sai,
    It is looking gorgeous...Nice colour....Great picture. I like it very much.

  26. Lol, nice Sup, the story of a dish being born... some of those accidental dishes turn out so good, eh... sometimes the whole thing ends up in the garbage though... glad it worked out for you this time.. And also thanks to blogging, you got to write it down, otherwise next time you wouldn't know how to make this... :D

  27. Hi Supriya,
    Great looking curry. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Nice story..and ur curry looks so tasty!I want to have this with little hot boiled rice.

  29. gosh...what a lovely dish...why does it not surprise me you adding curd to Bhindis...have to admit looks fantastic...i do love okra fry...so gonna try this...thanks for sharing...

  30. @kribha,
    LOL....thanks girl:)

    ha ha ha... i still wonder how did i managed to cook anything that day;)

    i too am having same prob with other blogs.
    u have heard abt this curry???? thank god!!! ;)

  31. @cynthia,
    ROFL.... i guess i should show case all other accidental invensions too;)

    alas... my tradgedy looks like a comedy for u?

    i need to mention that it happens only once in a while;)
    a warm welcome to spice corner...

  32. @meena,
    a warm welcome to spice corner and i am glad to get ur feedback:) just took a quick peek at ur blog which looks really good. will come back later n check it in detail:)

    he he he... i too am laughing thinking abt that incident;) i liked it a lot n decided to write down the recipe before i forget;) do let me know hw u liked it dear:)

    oh no...these r not accidental pics;)

  33. @viji,
    thanks dear:)

    thanks for letting me know...i have been getting same coplaints from others too. donno what is the prob.

    so u too add sambar masala to bhindi fry? cool...will try ur way next time.

  34. @sukanya,
    thank u girl:)

    if its not for the blog i would have created another dish instead of recreating it again;)

    i am glad to kw u liked it:)

  35. @kitchenfairy,
    oh yeas...boiled rice with ganji and okra fry is the best combo:)

    LOL... how can i resist the tempation dilip bhai? ;)

  36. LOL Supriya... The pictures tell us that the end product tasted great. .good and a different kind of recipe .

  37. Looks and sounds deliciousry...should try your way...Hope you didnt jumbled up with the cooking steps otherwise I would be making yogurt in Bhindi sauce :-)

    Lovely recipe Sia

  38. Bhindi Fry.
    Beautiful food, photography, writing. Thank you for sharing all this.
    I am struggling with D vegetables for the blog I keep with my son.
    Have you any inspiration?

  39. Sia

    So delicous, mouth water should give this a try next time

  40. Want to try so many varieties with bhendi.thanks for this post supriya.looks yummy!!!

  41. @prema,
    yeah...by luck or fluke it tasted quite yummy and i made it again;)

    LOL...ha ha ha...nope...the steps are not jumbled;) i made it again yesterday to check if it tastes same;)

    @Great big Veg challenge,
    a warm welcome to spice corner and thank u for ur kind words.
    D vegetable? aww...thats tough one... i will let u know if i come across something with D:)

  42. @sreelu,
    thanks girl:)

    i know...there r many recipes to chose from:)

  43. wow sia!!..tht looks absolutely lovely ...accidental diva ..is indeed DIVA !!

  44. Hi,
    Fry looks yummy...ur photography is too good...
    thanks for sharing.

  45. the bhindi and yogurt combination looks so delicious. With chappatis, a great weekday dinner.

  46. Accidental diva looks yummy :D I suppose, most of the fabulous tasting recipes must have been born out of accidents... :D

  47. @deena,
    awww...thanks girl:)

    i am blushing here. thank u:)

    u bet:)

    thanks dear:)

    ha ha ha... may be in others case. i was just lucky this time;)

  48. That must be one delicious dish. Gorgeous pictures. Recently, I came to know that my husband's grand mother used to make okra - yogurt dish. When I heard about that, I thought what a strange combination and was thinking to give it a try just to see how the combo works.

  49. Hey... I was going to upload bhindi raita too... I made it on sunday and Haven't uploaded the photos to the computer... so the delay. Wow :)

  50. @suma,
    okra and yogurt combo is not something new. have u had bhindi kadhi and bhindi majjige huli? they are my personal favs...very comforting dish.

    will look forward to ur bhindi raita girl:)

  51. Sia - bhindi with yogurt sounds divine. I am a huge okra fan..will definitely try this one!

  52. @archana,
    i hope u like my accidental diva;)

  53. Sia - I made this last night and it was just superb! thank you!! My husband thanks you too! :)

  54. @arundathi,
    thank u sweetie:) i am glad to know u and ur hubby dear enjoyed it:)

  55. Hi Sia,

    you have such a beautiful blog... Pictures, stories and recipes, ... I am speechless. From what I read so far, I have been given such a joy and peacefulness. Your posts are so educational, I am adding you to my most favorite blogs, hope you do not mind. thank you so much :)

    And this recipe for eggplant looks super inviting.

  56. Hi Sia, Thank you for your kind words !

    MoonSpice is wonderful as well. This bindi in yogurt, just yummy!

  57. And let me tell you, this is the first time I am meeting a fellow Supriya in my life : ) and how freaky is it that both of us have food blogs and both of has have this passion?!

  58. My goodness, I could swim in this! Two of my favorite things brought together!

  59. Hi Sia....am new to ur blog and tried out this recipe and two of ur kofta recipes....all of them turned out really well so a big thanks! My husband also likes browsing for recipes. BTW, do u speak kannada and tulu??

  60. Wat do u cook girl. Guess u are gonna kill me in one day by only pics. Awesome pics. MY FAV...... I am just dying to grab and hog it. Awesome ! keep up the work.


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