02 May, 2007

Red Pepper/Capsicum Soup

Have you heard of a famous quote which goes like “It’s difficult to predict three W’s in life: Wine, Weather and Woman”. I am not sure about first W because I can’t handle any drinks which have above 0.1% of alcohol. I don’t agree with third W because I am one among them. As for the second W is concerned I don’t have any issue because it is something which changes faster than my mood swings especially where I live;)
Last couple of days we were blessed with bright and clear sky which really cheered me despite the fact that I had badly sprained my ankle during our weekend trekking. Just when I started enjoying the warmth and ice cream, the weather changed as if some witch has spread her black magic. I was duped into thinking that the dark and gloomy days are over. I needed something really good to cheer myself and I was not ready to surrender myself to the temptation of munching my favorite Pringles. To distract my mind and eyes I opened a cook book which I had recently acquired from thrift store and voila, I couldn’t take my eyes off from one particular picture. Red Pepper Soup was the exact thing I wanted for brightening up the gloomy day and gloomy mood. All the magic ingredients were there to make bright, hot, spicy and tasty yummylicious pot of soup.


Red Pepper Soup

Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Prep Time: 20-30 mins
Cooking Time: 20-30 mins
Serves: 3-4
4 medium Red Peppers/Capsicums
4 medium Tomatoes
1 medium Red Onion Sliced
½ tsp Dried mixed Herbs
2 cloves Garlic, crushed
1 tsp Curry Paste
½ tsp Red Chilli Paste
4 cups Vegetable Stock/Water
1 tsp Sweet Chilli Sauce
1-2 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper for Taste


Red Pepper Soup

Cut the red peppers into quarter. Remove the seeds and grill or roast them in an oven until its skin blackens and blisters.
Cool the peppers slightly before peeling its skin.
In a mean while, mark a small cross on top of each tomato and place them in a bowl of boiling water for about 3-4 minutes.
Drain, cool and peel the skin of tomatoes. Cut these tomatoes in half and gently scoop out the seeds using a small spoon.
Heat oil in a pan and add crushed garlic and sliced onions and sauté it on low flame for 1-2 minutes.
To this add dried herbs, curry paste, chilli paste, chopped tomatoes, red pepper and vegetable broth and mix well.
Bring to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for another 5-6 minutes.
Remove the pan from heat and allow it to cool.
Place the soup in small batches in a food processor and process it to make a smooth puree.
Return this puree to a pan and add sweet chilli sauce and salt and pepper to taste.
Reheat the soup before serving with bread croutons.


Red Pepper Soup

Did You Know?

Red peppers are one of the few foods that contain lycopene, a carotenoid whose consumption has been inversely correlated with prostate cancer and cancers of the cervix, bladder and pancreas.
In general, all peppers are a good source of vitamin A and C; the red ones are bursting with these two antioxidants. Antioxidants are a group of nutrients that neutralize free radicals in the body fluids reducing the risk of disease.


Red Pepper Soup


  1. Ohh looks so divine. Its raining here today and I wish I could take a spoonful from those pictures. This goes into my todo list now. Thanks a lot for sharing :).

  2. Sia lovely looking soup there. Color looks fantastic. Taste delicious I am sure.

  3. hey sia, soup looks yummy & refreshing:) love the cups & the plate as well. hope ur ankle's better now. usually i buy the trader joes roasted red pepper soup, will try ur recipe soon.
    BTW it took a very long time to load the page, don't know why.

  4. hey ... looks very yummy ..never combined tomatoes and capsicum together ,,will surely try it soon

  5. Sia,Shilpa beat me to be first this time!:D Sorry about your sprain,take it easy girl.Hugs.

    Soup looks fabulous!I love the photos.Sounds delicious,Indian curry in a cup.Glad you enjoyed it.
    Oh England,what can I say about PMS weather!:P
    Guess who in coming good old US of A!!!The Queen herself after many yrs and she will be Jamestown,VA where Brits landed first here with their little little boats!I have been there:))

  6. Nice pattern on those dishes. The soup looks delicious. I better make this soon..it already getting hotter here.

  7. Hey Sia, what happened ? Are you alright now..? Hope you were able to have some fun at trekking before your ankle sprained !
    Your Soup looks quite delicious...and I want to try it out for sure....the colour is ssoooooo good :)


  8. Looks great Supriya...hope your ankle heals soon. I have a request for you. If its ok with you, can you mail me at desimomz.blog@gmail.com

  9. Would love to have some of it ...
    The color is so beautiful

  10. Looks WOW!!! may i join u? !!

  11. Sia, along with the soup I am drooling at the croutons as well!!!!! Put up those as well!!!! They look so diff.......

    The soup looks heavenly!!!! And the pic is .... is...... i have no words for it!!!!!!

  12. wow looks delicious kane! nowadays it has started raining heavily so may be just right for the evenings!
    hope your ankle is fine now.

  13. Sups your soups are always good and every time something new. The bread croutons yumm as usual.
    I will admit that I have never made soups other than tomato, mix veg ,and sweet corn. But your recipe compels me to try it .
    BTW what is curry paste? Any substitute?

  14. Red pepper soup looks wonderful Supriya. I have noticed that u get this wonderful colour in manyof ur dishes...lovely.

  15. oh what an yummylicious soup :D
    I hope that soup did cheer you up and make up for the weather.

  16. Absolutely Delicious Sia, Very nice photos. Viji

  17. Is this sweet or spicy? Like the colour

  18. That soup really looks rich and divine. We love having soups in the evening with a nice warm toasted slice of bread. This is going to be an addition to our list!

    Hope that ankle gets better soon too!

  19. @shilpa,
    its raining there? and we r having very bright day here. but i donno what to expect in next hour or so:)

    thanks indo. yup...tastes fantastic:)

    thanks richa. ankle is much better but still need an ice pack.
    i have stopped buying any readymade soups now a days:) so do give it a try and let me know if u still prefer trader joes;)
    i am not sure about the prob though. got same complaints from bee and vani. i have even removed the music from blog.

  20. @deepa,
    thank u:)

    ha ha ha... brits with their little little boats? so u gonn ameet her majesty? do u want me to send u something from here? i will ask her majesty to pass it to u;)

    oh yeah...it tastes really good when it is hot and the weather is cold:)

  21. @shn,
    awww...thanks for ur concern. i am feeling much better but cant walk for long distance:) little swelling is still there but should be fine by the end of next week. i had to drag my sprained ankle for 2 kms in a very narrow path before reaching our car park. i am brave(or stupid;) but i did enjoy a lot coz it was really super day and the place was very scenic and peaceful:)

    thanks dear:) i will be fine by the end of next week:) and i have mailed u:)

    go ahead girl and have it:)

  22. @mansi,
    any time my dear:)

    i used whole meal bread for making those croutons. just cut them into bite size pieces, toss with some olive oil and oven bake for 5-10 minutes. they r ready:) i usually use the top and bottom bread pieces from pack whith no one likes to eat for making these croutons as i hate wasting food in any form;)

    perfect for rainy days. its got very peppery and tangy taste.
    kaalu tumba better ide iga. swalpa swelling untu but will be ok by next week:)

  23. @archna,
    i am blushing here:) thanks for ur kind words archu:)
    curry paste is nothing but base onion+tomato+garam masala we make for any gravy. we get it readymade here. i usually keep 1-2 bottles when i need to make something quick. its optional archana. u can use just 1/2-1 tsp of red chilli paste instead and it will taste similar. hope u do try this sometime coz the taste is really really different.
    and i too used to make tomato and sweet corn soups before. now that i have started experimenting with different vegetables i have hardly made them since:)

    red is my fav colour;) gimme red!!!

    u bet:)

  24. @viji,
    thanks dear:)

    its peppery, tangy and little spicy. mmmm... bit difficult to explain;) but it smells really good:)

    absolutely. i too love to sip big mug of soup with toasted bread.
    ankle is much better now. thank u for ur wishes:)

  25. Hey Supriya,
    Hengidde neenu? Ankle sprain...oh my god this is what exactly happened to me a year ago ...i actually tore my ligament at ankle. Take care lady and don't over work you ankle aatha.... Coming to the soup loved the picture and as you know since we are soup lovers I am gonna make it sometime for sure. Aanu rajja busy idde ...kelsa and vapas manege bandu innishtu kelsa....My in-laws are coming next week ida hange ...By the way nice pictures aatha. Loved seeing them all. I am seeing Maheshanna after a long long time too. Thanx for sharing.

  26. What pics sia??so nice..Love all kinds of soup..
    really appreciate your words,thanx for dropping in Sia..thanx again for adding my blog to yours..increased a lot of traffic:)..
    You really have an inspirational blog Sia..:)

  27. The soup looks glorious...enough to brighten a gloomy day...

  28. Hey, lovely recipe Sia.... gr8 job with the pictures!! And I hope your ankle is feeling better now...

  29. Hey, sorry about your sprain, the colour of the soup distracted me from reading the text. Get well soon

  30. hey the color of that soup looks so comforting. nice presentation.

  31. @seema,
    enage illi K tamashe madta iddavu...anu stright daarili nadavagale bilte innu guddeli nadavappa enta akku heli;) i will mail u later:)

    blush blush:) thanks for ur warm words girl.

    thanks girl:)

  32. @ramya,
    thanks dear. yeah, my ankle is much better today:)

    he he he... i am glad to know that my pics can distract some people;) jokes aprt, thanks for ur wishes:)

    hey sharmi girl...hw r u? do u still have those spring pizza for me? :)

  33. it looks so refreshing sia..nice red color . i'll try this soon.

  34. Sup, another yummy looking soup.... I;ve never tried red pepper soup... definitely going to try this.
    Hope your ankle is better now... that really sucks when these things happen. :(. But I'm sure this delicious soup must have eased some pain... Take care!

  35. Sia, The picture looks straight from a book. Beautiful and appetizing. Wish I could have some right away.

  36. Sia,

    so beautiful, wish I had a cup of it. looks absoutely gorgeous. Love your croutons they look delich.

  37. Supriyaaaaa: I hope your ankle's feeling better....BUT boy, you certainly have the knack and cures for what ails you.....look at the weather, for example,and you come up with this delightful soup..despite the sprained ankle. Can you come and make this for me when you get better??


    Will email you soon...I have news... :)

  38. Yummy, Even I make roasted peppers soup. Add a splash of low fat milk/ cream if you like, it really enhances the flavor.
    Nice colour BTW.
    hope u will feel better soon. Hugs:)

  39. Hope your ankle gets back to normal soon. Never had red bell pepper soup, but it looks very tempting.Once bought some from Trader Joes but then forgot all about it and had to be thrown away when it was finally found. Those croutons and soup together look so good.

  40. the soup looks so comforting..lovely recipe

  41. Wow………………
    Photo are very nice.:)
    You are great photographer; your each and every photo is nice with great presentation.
    Like your three W’s in life. But this is better idea if any male is reply for that.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Take Care.:)

  42. hi supi,
    Hey how are you gal? pics are awesome.soup looks great.

  43. Soup looks so delicious ,Sups!but I have only gree peppers with me now:(..maybe next week when I go veggie shopping,I will get some red peppers.this reminds me of one recipe I have for red pepper soup that I got from one of the somerfield magazines..got to go have a look at it now:)But the indianisation makes it sound even more deelish,I think:)

  44. sorry,hit the enter button before typing the whole msg..so bad that you hurt your ankle while trekking.Trekking sounds good though..where did you go trekking?and don;t get me started on the weather..I am fed up of this so particularly erratic english weather GRRRRR..

  45. @maneka,
    thanks girl:)

    dont confuse my name with soup;) feeling much better but cant go anywhere for this long weekend and the thought of sitting back sucks:(

    i am blushing:) thanks:)

  46. ohhh wow...great soup...I love the colour...is it spicy...I have to try it...I am rammbling beacuse I am in a hurry to buy the peppers...hey what do you mean..I don’t agree with third W...hey hey hey...its impossible for a guy to understand what goes on inside a woman's head...impossible to predict..impossible...no man has ever got close since mankind began...if there is a guy out there that can claim to predict a woman's mind...then I claim to be the Queen of England...~grin~...great post...thanks for sharing ben

  47. @sreelu,
    thanks dear. try it sometime especially when its cold outside:)

    when i want to do something nothing can stop me then;) was really tired of sitting flat;)
    for u sweetheat, any time:) and will wait for ur mail.

    thats a gr8 tip. i didnt add any milk or cream coz i wanted to retain this rich red colour. will surely try it that way next time:) thanks girl:)

  48. @gini,
    ha ha ha... i too have experienced the same thing. i used to hoard things and forget about it and everytime hated when i had to throw them away.

    thanks sush:)

    girl, u r always very generous with ur compliments:)

  49. @soumya,
    iga usharidde:) feeling much better. thanks sweetie:)

    oh vini. ur recipes are always good. do post the recipe of pepper soup u found. will look forward to ur post:)
    thanks for the concern. i am feeling much better but only thing i am unhappy about is not able to go out for trekking on this long weekend:( anyways, the weather report says its gonna rain on sunday and monday;) he he he... weather sucks han? he he he... oh!!! we had been to ingelton waterfalls in yorkshire dales. do visit that place if u already haven't. very scenic with waterfalls and farm land.

    @dilip bhai,
    ha ha ha.. u know what? i just finished a long, heated discussion on this topic;) so i dont think i have anymore energy left to talk about this. i will ask jyotsna to continue with the debate;) what say dilip bhai? he he he...

  50. Hi Sia

    I found your blog through a lot of blog hopping. I'm glad I did. Awesome posts and very very nice pictures.


  51. gorgeous, sia. how did i miss this? did it come on the rss feeder? great pics and recipe.

  52. Hi,
    ur soup looks great.The photo looks so rich.I am a great fan of ur blog.

  53. Hey Sia, hope you are feeling better now.....take care, dear. First stuffed stuff and now soups. You sure know how to make the most lip smacking, yummy styff sweetie. Very lovely dish indeed to lift up the moods. With a crisp toast, it sure is good cure :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  54. WOW.....lovely soup....very simple and nice...

  55. Too good presentation!!!
    felt like taking a spoon and tasting it.
    I am sure it must great!!

  56. gorgeous!! beautiful presentation.

  57. Just beautiful, Supriya -- your photos always leave me looking for a taste! I'm sorry to hear you sprained your ankle -- I know how that can hurt! Take good care of yourself and do a little armchair trekking while you heal :)

  58. Hi Supriya,
    Lovely looking soup. Nice pictures!!!!!

  59. Sia, this is indeed a beautiful, delicious soup. It has notes of comfort food and I guess that it worked that way for you - as comfort :)

  60. Did you go trekking again or what ?

  61. yummy.... ! soup looks divine ... jsut like a blessings on little cold days... oh god i am feeling just lika a roasted papad here :)) . its too hot out here....
    thansk for sharing such a delicious soup. i am soup lover ,just as you are lover of pickles....
    take care girl, and have wnough rest to make yourself feel well. i know u, u are too active to take rest. so hows new job treating you ? have fun and stay tuned.

  62. Hi Sups,

    Whats going on my gal!!you are tempting with just a divine...delicious and perfect colour appetizer....the croutons are really cripsy...
    Nice writeup....3W's...hahahha!!!

  63. @mathangi,
    a warm welcome to spice corner dear:) and thank u for ur kind words. i am really glad to know how u feel about spice corner:)

    he he he...i guess it did come in rss feeder.

    welcome to spice corner:) gosh....i am blushing here. thank u so much for ur lovely feedback:)

  64. @musical,
    my dear upma-holic buddy:) he he he...i am trying to stay away from stuffing stuffs but i have got 3 more recipes of stuffed stuffs to post;)
    thanku for ur concern. i am feeling lots better:)

    thanks dear:)

    ha ha ha...u can grab a cup of soup and have it any time dear:)

  65. @reena,
    thank u dear:) ~blush~

    ha ha ha...arm chair trekking is what i did on long weekend:( thank u linda for ur lovely comment:)

    thanks dear:)

  66. @cynthia,
    oh yes...it was wonderful on that cloudy gloomy day:) i just fell in love with its rich red colour:)

    no trekking and it was long weekend for us:( felt quite miserable but the weather was really bad. so felt better thinking i am not the only one who will have to stay back at home;) he he he... i know i am bad;)

  67. @pooja,
    ha ha ha ha...ROFL...roasted papad?...ha ha ha.... girl, i am laughing so much sitting at my office now:)
    yeah...krish kept scolding me for moving around. its difficult to sit in one place and do nothing;) u will surely know abt this as we both have many things in common:)

    its true:) 3 W's indeed;) he he he... thanks sweetie. i am glad u liked this soup idea:) try it. its really really tasty:)

  68. Sia, soup looks truly delicious and comforting.Loved your presentation.What a rich color!!! I have bookmarked it. Thanks dear.

  69. @kribha,
    thanks dear:) hope u do try it sometime:)

  70. Although red peppers are frightfully expensive in India, I am going to try this recipe. The picture is very enticing.

    Love your blog. I see mangalorean recipes as well.


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