24 April, 2007

Sajjige/Semolina Rotti

I remember the days when Amma used to cook elaborate breakfasts. For her it was/is everyday task of making different dosas, idlis or rotties. There were days when I used to just walked away from kitchen blaming she has not made my favourite breakfast and she would make something in a jiffy to meet my demands. Although I am not very proud of that fact, I have come to appreciate every small things now since I have got only enough time to choose between a toast, cereal or some fruits. May be that is the reason why we have fancy weekend brunch. This weekend I was feeling little lazy to cook anything elaborate and still didn’t wanted to break the tradition of fancy weekend cooking. Quick brainstorming session lead to a special recipe of Sajjige Rotti. This is one recipe which I totally rely on when I want to cook something very tasty yet simple food. My Amma used to make Sajjige dosas using same ingredients.
Sajjige Rotti is made using semolina. Chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves and seasoning of mustard with curry leaves gives it the extra Oomph and turns it into a flavourful affair. You can use same batter and make crisp Dosas by adding more water to give the dosa batter consistency. Eat them hot served right out of pan with homemade chutney or with some granulated sugar with a butter or just plain. You need to try this to know how simple it is to make and how delicious it tastes. Sajjige Rotti is the simple dish at its best.


Sajjige Rotti

Sajjige Rotti
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 4-6
3 cups Sajjige/Rava/Semolina
½ cup Rice Flour (optional)
1 medium Onion, finely chopped
2-3 Green Chillies, finely chopped
½ tsp Ginger, finely chopped
2 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
1 tsp Mustard
Few Curry Leaves
A pinch of Hing/Asafoetida
½ tbsp Oil
Salt to taste


Sajjige Rotti

Take semolina, rice flour, finely chopped onion, chillies, ginger, coriander leaves and salt to taste and mix well.
Now add 2-3 cups of water and mix the ingredients. The batter should be of Idli consistency (pouring consistency). Add little more water if required as semolina tends to absorb water very quickly.
Season this with mustard, hing and curry leaves and mix well.
Heat tawa/griddle and pour a ladle full of batter in the centre. Using back of ladle spread this into thick circle.
Cook both the sides in medium-low heat till they turn golden yellow by applying little oil or ghee if desired.
Serve hot with Chutney or Sambar or with Sugar.

Sajjige Rotti

Did you know?

In Italy (Tuscany) spaghetti made with semolina are called pici.
In Northern India, it is known as sooji; in southern India, rava. The even finer (powder) version of this is called maida (wheat powder) from which noodles etc. are made. Sooji is considered healthier than maida.
In much of North Africa and the Middle-East, it is made into the staple couscous.
A popular dessert in Greece, ("Halvas") Cyprus, ("Halouvas") Turkey ("Helva"), and India ("Halva") is made with semolina scorched with sugar, butter, milk and pine nuts.
In some cultures, it is served at funerals, during special celebrations or as a religious offering.
It can be used as an alternative to corn meal to 'flour' the underside of fresh pizza dough to prevent it from sticking to the peel.
In breadmaking, a small proportion of semolina added to the usual mix of flour produces a tasty crust.
(Source: www.answers.com)

Sajjige Rotti


  1. Hey, you're back...loved those yummy semolina rotis...will try it...

  2. Seems its semolina in our kitchens, Sups.:). Rava idli for bfast at my home and this gorgeous looking roti at yours.:) Gorgeous picture. Must try this recipe.

  3. Hi Supriya,
    I am bookmarking this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Will definitely try this, it is looking awesome. Do you eat that with Chutney?

  5. semoline rotis look really tempting ... I once tried to make rava dosa and ended up fighting with the tava ... Seems i have no luck with stuff that demand artistic behavior...

  6. See!!! I got a sneak peak first!!!HAHA!!!
    Looks great,almost looks like un-cooked!!How do you do that without getting brown specks?!
    We gave up making Indian breakfast in 1989!!;D Nobody likes it here,so I make all these for dinner on weekdays.I eat lunch alone weekdays.
    Good one Sups.I will make it one day with chutney.
    Nimbu Masala is coming at Aroma,you will love it with these rotis!:))

  7. @sunita,
    i am back:) couldn't stay away from my beloved blog for long;)

    ha ha...yeah...idli and rotties:) both r easy peasy recipe and always come to my rescue:)

    i am glad u liked it MT. do let me know if u try this

  8. hey, u re back,,.so got the new lappi ? :)
    hmm...what u said is true....I was always fussy and picky when I was at home...but later when I moved to hostel,,,and then to a married life, I started appreciating mummy's food and the effort she used to put in each dish....sometimes I feel guilty for such behaviours of mine, but then I wonder if thats part of growing up...am sure we will also be receing our share :)))) btw, never tastes semolina rotti....u can send some for me :)

  9. @latha,
    we had it with honey and mango chutney...oh i forgot to post the ma's recipe for mango chuteny. will do it in my next post:)

    ha ha ha... i can related to ur struggle with rava dosa:) after many attempt i am able to make so-so rava dosas:) try this rotti as its quite thick and easy to manipulate. this time u need not stryggle too much;)

    u always mange to comment first and this time u were the 1st one to get sneak peek before posting the recipe;) he he he...
    looks like uncooked? mow i am confused as how should i take this? i will take it as a compliment;) its not brown coz i cooked it at medium to low heat so that it cooks well and gets just little golden colour. try it with coriander chutney or mango chutney or just plain honey. tastes good.
    nimbu masala? OMG!!! i am still recovering from ur green marathon and u r set to post another one? hats off to u:) will be coming over to aroma in few mins:)

  10. Hi Sia,
    This is a wonderfual and easy recipe which is new to me.The rotti looks yummy and making me hungry.Sure my weekend breakfast is semolina rotti.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. hey Welcome back with that lovely rottis. hope ur new boyfriend is cooperating with you;) how did you like him?
    nice tempting pics. will try it out.

  12. hey u r baaaack!!
    ur sajjige rotti looks yummy! love all things made out of sooji.
    Lemme repeat - Great minds think alike! I made rawa dosa and here i see lovely sajjige rotti ;-)

  13. Sia, that was a short break, semolina roti looks savory and tasty. I make the rava dosai, should give this a try. Yup no more snide comments now that we are on the other side of the plate so to speak.

  14. Hey Supriya ..
    This is the first time i am visiting your blog .Too good man ..Great Pics

  15. looks really yummy. Welcome back.

  16. Lovely recipe and very touching story, Sia. I guess when we grow up we learn to appreciate the simple pleasures of life.....This recipe is one such simple goodness. i love savory rotis and sooji (you know that, he he), so this one is a must try this weekend now. hugs sweetie, for sharing this.

  17. Looks delicious! No soaking, grinding or fermenting - goes into my list of must-try recipes.

  18. Wow............grat picture with easy recipe............will try it.
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  19. Hmmmm, this is new and I am making a note of it. I love the look and the texture. It looks like such a satisfying meal.

    Sia, you are so right the things we took for granted when we had so many choices and now we are relegated to the everyday toast and cereal...

  20. wow sia,
    just thought of checking whether u were back and there u are!
    Sajjige roti rashi challo kandttu :) enaga eddake southekai hakinu madtha, nin post nodi nenpathu bye so more to see in next few days :)

  21. Hey Sup, this post looks extra special, must be that new laptop of urs :)... I like those rottis, so this is like rava dosa, but thicker? So kind of like Rava uthappam I guess! It looks very yummy...

  22. Hey, I was checking everyday, how did i miss this? They look nice, and I like the way you say "My Amma". Got your new laptop?

  23. @shn,
    new lappi yup but from office;) right time they ordered new laptops and i literally fought with others like cat and mouse to get hold of one;) he he he... kidding:)
    true...i guess every kid is fussy abt eating. now ask me whats my fav veggie n the answer would be the one in fridge;) no more fussy business:)
    u lazy girl. i am not gonna send u this one as its quite easy to make. he he he...

    r u gonna make this for weekend? wicked:) do let me know how u like it:)

    thanks sweetie:) i will have 2 boyfriends now;) one from office and another is still on his way:)

  24. @richa,
    he he he... great mind? u bet! rotti has got similar ingredients as for rava dosa. just differece in size;) and belive me this time size does matter:) tastes good and no fuss about getting thin lacy dosa:)

    had to come back looking at fall in the number of visitors on sitemeter;) he he he...

    a warm welcome to spice corner dear:) thank u for ur compliments. i see that u have got ur food blog too. will be coming over to ur blog shortly:)

  25. @mythreyee,
    thanks u dear:)

    mere upma-holic dost:) he he he... i was thinking of u and trupti while posting. its my hubby's fav ofcourse after upma;) do give it a try sometime n i am sure u will like this too;)

    aha!!! my soulmate:) that is one of the reason why i LOVE this. u hardly need any preparation to make this. do let me know when u try this:)

  26. @kajal,
    girl...i am still recovering after seeing ur post:) loved each n everything u have posted there:)

    easy peasy recipe for u girl:)
    i wish i can turn back time n become a kid again. cant promise that i wont be fussy abt eating;) he he he...
    just keeping my fingers crossed that my kids wont turn out to be fussy like me;)

    nothing can come between me n my blog;) he he he... sajiige rotti with soutekai? oh yes!!! amma used to make that too. i dont get yellow cucumber here:(

  27. @sig,
    wait till i get my brand new lappi with extra features;) he he he... this is my office laptop and its brand new too:) gr8 timing that they got sleek n sexy ones for us:)
    this is not like the lacy rava dosa. we make dosas using same little thiner batter. they r super crispy and brown. yeah...close to rava uttappa:) u got it girl:)

    u didn't miss it girl. posted it just yeasterday:)
    waiting for my personal laptop. for timebeing got office laptop.

  28. Wow, such a great idea. I'm tempted to try it for the weekend party! Will let you know how it turns out.

  29. Hay i love that semolina rotti..... Very nice picture...

  30. Looks great supriya. This is new dish to me. Have book marked it. Picture looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  31. sia,

    i timed it. 4 minutes for your page to load propely, and anoth3r 70 seconds for the comment pop-up to display.

    i've forgotten what i wanted to say about your dish. grrrrr...

    do somthing about it, sweetie. is it the music that makes the site so slow?

  32. Semolina rotis look great.. it is new to me and it is surprising to see it without any brown spots just like asha said...

  33. Looks so good, Sup! My MIL makes something called doDDak from rava, basically a rava rotti but without the onions and all that. Also the consistency of the dough is thicker. Your version looks really good and must be delicious! WIll try it soon!
    Blog break for a week?! You're deifinitely a blogging addict, girl! :)

  34. hahaha, it makes me laugh to see another addict in action.. ;-)

    thanks for sharing all the names of semolina, I'd never have raelised I was eating one and the same thing! :) Couscous and rawa! Who knew?! :) Lovely rotis, though!

  35. U are back...Got new Laptop??I tried Rava idli with the same ingredients but ur picture shows Rotti will taste more..I will try this today as I have nothing for breakfast and I am feeling hungry.

  36. have not tried these rotis in years...I have almost forgotten what they taste like...okay gotta go find the bottle where we keep semolina in...~smile~....thanks for sharing...

  37. flattened dhokla...that's what it reminded me of....must try this one! this and chai....over the weekend, its bliss, I tell ya. :) and of course, hubby too. ;)

    Hugs, trupti

  38. Hey sups!how are you dear?the rotti looks great.I was reading in your chole post about addiction to blogging.boy oh boy,can I understand that!I went through a period of addiction too,Until my darling princess started nursery.It wasn't until I stopped blogging,infact spending any time at all at the comp that I realised how addicted I was to blogging and reading other food blogs!Suddenly there was a vacant feeling,empty feeling where once my time was filled with either reading and commenting on other blogs,bookmarking some recipe or posting on my own blog.I have decided to take it a bit slow for a while now.But don;t worry,i will be coming here and visiting other friends too!:)

  39. Nice , simple and versatile recipe Sups.Will surely try them some time.

  40. @mandira,
    did u try it? do let me know if u have:)

    thank u dear:)

    i am glad to know u liked it. do let me know when u try this

  41. @bee,
    i have deleted the slide show which i had at the bottom. will delete the music player and see how it works. thanks for letting me know bee. i am trying to figure out the root of this prob.

    i am kindof surprised to know that for many people rava rotti is new:) when u cook it at medium-low heat it will not have any brown spot on it.

    i know doddak... if i am not wrong its a konkani dish and my ma used to make it quite often.
    ha ha ha...i actually got new lappy from office. so posted a recipe which was rotting in my draft;)

  42. @shilpa,
    ah!!! my my soulmate;) he he he... u r so funny... so what were u really eating? rava/semolina/sooji/sajjige? he he he....

    did u try this for the weekend then? idili and rotti tastes totally different.

    aha!!! i am glad my post reminded u of rotties:) he he he... i guess it will be better to buy new pack of semolina;)

  43. @trupti,
    he he he... rotti, tea and hubby! what a combo;)

    oh girl... i am so glad to see ur comment. how r u girl? saw ur cakes and wanted to tell u that my b'day will be coming in few months time;)
    addiction? i guess we all have to go through same thing:) i too am trying to take it easy:)

    thank u dear:)

  44. Hi supriya, it always amazes me as to how many different types of idlis and dosas there are in the south of india. and ofcourse they are all most welcome . I too started appreciating my mom's efforts more than ever since I started cooking myself and realised how difficult it is to please everyone at the same time

  45. much faster. i miss the music, though. it was nice.

  46. Hey sups....hope enjoyed yours break...semolina looks different new dear...i never heard even.
    But i can try this for weekend dinners..thanks for sharing..and adding an item in my menu..

  47. hi supriya
    welcome back.amazing recipe ..

  48. Sia, this roti is making me hungry again, sweetie. but no complains, cuz' this is what i'll have for dinner tonight :-D.


  49. Hi Supriya, these rottis do look very special indeed! And I'm still recovering from incredible craving for that scrumptious looking chole you posted a little while ago -- oh yum!! :)

  50. Hey how did I miss this for one whole week...what was I thinking ?

    So god to see you back Sups..loved the pictures gorgeous. So waht did you get, comp I mean

  51. @anupama,
    ha ha ha... even i am not sure about that anu. but i like most of them:)

    thats better:)

    thanks u dear:)

  52. @usha,
    did u try it usha?

    thanks dear:)

    ha ha ha... i am glad to know that u r gonna try this or have u already tried it?

  53. @linda,
    i have stopped checking food blogs when i am hungry;)

    they replaced with a new laptop with better features;) so i am not complaining:)

  54. I make this a lot and my husband loves it. We call it "Rulaama Doddak" in Konkani. Will post recipe sometime. No onions, but coconut instead :)

  55. Hey, I tried your sajjige rotti this morning. Made the dough more like our rotti dough though. It was delicious!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, Sup! N loved it too! Will post the pix when I do a cooking from blogs post. Of course, the pic is not anywhere as beautiful as yours is! :) Thanks again, hon!

  56. @raaga,
    i know doddak and love it. i had many konkani friends in school with whom i used to trade my tiffin box for their doddak;)

    thanks girl:)

    i am glad to know u liked it vani:) thank u for letting me know:) i am blushing here;)

  57. I was searching for a breakfast recipe for tomm, I will surely try this and get back to you sia. Love your site! Im extremely happy that i visited it finally!

  58. @dee,
    thank u so much for ur kind words dee... and a very warm welcome to spice corner:) sajjige rotti is my family's fav jat-pat breakfast and i hope even u like it:)
    if u want u can make it as a thick dough and pat it as roti and cook.

  59. It was a super duper hit with us Sia, its a regular on our breakfast menu now! Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  60. @dee,
    thank u so much for ur promt feedback. i appreciate it a lot:) i am glad to know u and ur family liked rava rotti and its my family's fav too:)
    by the way, do u have ur own blog? i am not getting any links when i click on ur url.

  61. Sups, since there is still some time before i can go home and make this, i am ogling at these pictures and dreaming about the goodness :-D.


  62. Hi, i must admit i love reading all the recipes and tried them too....nice pics and really forces me to try every post....pls continue posting new recipes....

  63. It looks so so tempting, I am making it this weekend :D
    Indian restaurants Manchester

  64. Dear Sia, Namaste.I came across your blog recently and I m so happy I did. I have started blogging recently and still learning a lot.I can see u put ur heart and soul into it. I wanna learn so much from you. Will try this recipe for sure. I am discovering some unknown recipes from your blog. Thanks for sharing. Luv Khushbu


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