10 April, 2007

Creamy Corn & Tomato Soup

There are sometimes, or should I say many times, when both feel very lazy to cook. We crave for home made food and yet too lazy to budge from a couch. Having food in restaurants or ordering food from take-away was not very appealing to us. So we decided to make soup thinking it will need very little effort from both sides. It just took few minutes to realise that it was not as easy as we thought. You see, in our home we take more time in deciding what to cook than the whole cooking process itself. And this time again was no exception. My much better half wanted to have sweet corn soup and I wanted to have tomato soup. So the end result after heated discussion was this tangy and sweet Creamy Corn and Tomato Soup. If you like simple, no nonsense recipe which requires few ingredients, little cooking time, and very delicious pot of soup, then friends look no further:)

sweetcorn n tomato soup4

Creamy Corn and Tomato Soup

Creamy Corn & Tomato Soup
Prep Time: 20 mins
Cooking Time: 20 mins
Serves: 2-3
1 tsp Olive Oil
1 cube Vegetable Stock Powder
1 medium Onion, finely chopped
2 medium Tomatoes, finely chopped
1 canned Tomato Puree
1 canned Cream of Corn
1 cup Canned/Fresh Corn Kernels
1 tsp Chilli Powder
Salt to taste

sweetcorn n tomato soup8

Creamy Corn and Tomato Soup

Heat oil in a large pan and chopped onion and cook until soft.
To this add finely chopped tomatoes and cook till it turns tender.
Now add tomato puree, creamed corn, corn kernels and vegetable stock.
Add half a cup of water, salt and chilli powder to it and mix well.
Cook this on a medium-low heat and bring it to boil.
Serve this hot with dollop of sour cream and crisp bread bites.

sweetcorn n tomato soup1

Creamy Corn and Tomato Soup

Here is my contribution to "Kitchen Safety Moments" event hosted by lovely Jyotsna of "Curry Bazaar".
Be careful when pureeing hot soup in the blender or food processor as it can shoot out of the top and scald you (Been there and done that). If possible, cool the soup before pureeing. If you must puree while the soup is hot, do it in small batches. Thin soups may also leak from the processor. The best way to deal with this is to remove the vegetables from the soup with a slotted spoon and process with a spoonful or two of the liquid. Mix the pureed vegetables back into the liquid in the pan.


  1. Hello dear, how re u? :) U re becoming a soup expert, I had seen some soup recipes earlier too from ur blog. In this one, can I omit Corn kernels? dont like them much :P
    Btw, whts that green leaf u always use for garnishing? (Ignore my ignorance, ok:)
    Hows the new work place?


  2. ME!! First!! again!!:)

    Soup looks fabulous.For the first time I don't see the yellow color tinge which I see in your other dishes!I love the Croutons you have there too.Great recipe.

    We cook?! You discuss what to eat and then you both cook it?! I hate you!;P

    If I ask Arvind what he wants,he says 'I don't know!!';D He just eats whatever comes in front of him.Poor us?!sigh...

    Great tip! I have a hand blender which is meant for pureeing soups in the pot.You plunge it in and turn it on.J is doing a Kitchen appliances event,I will post it then.

  3. Hmmmm, sounds good. I love sweet corn soup and tomato soup, but have never tried a combo of the two!

  4. Lovely pictures there..Sia
    I need to read all those 'Safety moments' warnings..always keep burning my hands..My hubby keeps asking every other day, whats up? Any new burns :)) And my answer is always YES :((

  5. Hey Sia,

    Now, look who's talking :)

    with all these delicious, yummy, delightful, drool-worthy pictures ;).

    dear stuff-master.....keep stuffing and dishing out delish soups.....

  6. What a great idea Supriya!! I love the orange color, too. Just the thing to brighten up a rainy day :)

  7. waw Supu, the soup Looks so delicious and creamy!! nice lovely pics. Sounds easy to make.


  8. hey sia, soup looks so good. looks so bright, is the weather getting better there? tomato soup is my all time fav, this seems like a nice alteration.

  9. Heeeeeeeeeeey,I am first here!Same thing here also,Soup on Lazy days, ur recipe is nice,dear, pictures are not visible for me ..

  10. sia

    The soup looks very delicious and nice color too!

    Very good tip kane!

  11. Sups,
    Wow you have created a new recipe Sups :) Soup is looking very appetising :)!!
    I too spend time thinking of what to make .
    Your photos too good :)and what is that on the side bread croutons ?

  12. hahahaha.... that was smart!!!!! ek teer do nishaan!!!! ;)

    Looks cool!!!!!

  13. Creamy soup is delicious sia. Tks for the tip also. Viji

  14. Love the presentation, wish I could stick my hand in the computer and grab all those bread bites. Best of luck on the new job.

  15. @shn,
    WHAT? u dont like corn kernals? OMG!!! i loved to eat "butta" in mansoon hot from coal with salt, nimboo and chilli chuteny...yummyyyy...
    u can omit corn kernals if u dont like. but dod use cream of corn.
    thats green thing is curled parsley from our garden. thats the only thing survived even in coldest winter nights:)
    work place is fab. induction is going on. actual project will start from next month. till then got to read brick sized books:( wish they were some novels instead;)

    he he he... thats coz i clicked this in the day light:) looks better na?
    i made those croutons using whole wheat bread. just cut them into 1 cm pieces and mixed a tbsp of oilve oil and baked it for few mintues. why wasting money when u can make them at home:) cleaver na? he he he... i know i know...donkey praising its own tail;)
    oh i cant cook w/o K. we both enjoy cooking and he is a gr8 help in kitchen.
    i should buy this hand blender. right now my kitchen is too small for all these appliances. so will buy them when we move to bigger house with BIG kitchen:)

  16. @SJ,
    this is what happens when u dont want to cook 2 different soups:) end up with mixed and matched ingredients:)

    i am a walking dissaster. even while walking on staright road i will end up bumping into something or someone or just slip on the floor. so u r not the only one to get those comments from hubby:)

    are masterni... tusi gr8 hoji... (did i say i love those punjabi words:)
    stuff master? he he eh... there r more stuffed stuffs coming:) so watch out:)

  17. @linda,
    we had no option linda. we didnt want to end up cooking 2 different soups as were too lazy to do this. so this is the end result of our laziness:) but must say it tastes really really good:)

    easy to make? u bet. good for lazy people like me:)

    weather is getting much better now. weekend was fab. so bright n sunny. its supossed to be around 18 degree centigrade over the weekend. i am waiting for that:)

  18. @KF,
    i tried loading the pics from flickr this time as its much easier. i can view the pics nad looks like others also dont seem to have any prob with viewing the pics. plz do let me know if u cant see them again. will have to check it:)

    tip en bantu... 2 sala haage madi idu kitchennalli rangoli hakidde:) he he he...

    thanks sweetie:) yup...i made those so called bread croutons at home:) check the reply i wrote for asha.

  19. @coffee,
    aap hi se to sikha hai yeh;) ek teer do nishan;)

    thanks dear:) ur cabbage rice is on my top list now:)

    just bread bites? i thought u want to slurp some soup too:)
    thanks dear for ur wishes:) it means a lot to me:)

  20. Both ma and Dinesh are great lovers of soup...even the kids are catching on...love both tomato and corn soup on their own and love your version of combining the two...looks delicious with the croutons...

  21. Inn the Soup, huh ? Kidding, your soups are always great. I would love to try this, have to get some of Cream of Corn. Can I skip that ?

    The tip was a good one

  22. Hi Supriya!
    Now that's compromise at its best....Corn and tomato together, how lovely. I love ,love soups with crispy croutons, If I run out of croutons, I toast the bread with some ghee on a pan, oh man, is it ever good....
    Email me soon or catch up with me sometime...I'm lonely nowadays, K is in Toronto for goshdamn 2 weeks!


  23. sia, beautiful soup, but what's the in the platter by the side? it looks very yummy.

  24. @sunita,
    r u converting ur kids to soup lovers then? :) i was not a gr8 fan of soups back in india. after coming here soups have become part of our constant diet, thanks to the weather:)

    u got it;) Inn the soup... he he he...
    we made it using the ingredients we love. u can try skipping cream of corn as corn kernals gives that sweetness to the tangy tomatoes:)

    he he he...yup... thats the word...compromise at its best:) i just cut the bread slices and tossed them with little oil and baked for few mins...ta-da... they do come to our rescue isn't it:)
    i am online on yahoo... will mail u soon:) 2 weeks??? thats a loong time. i couldn't tolerate when K was away in dublin for 3 days...

  25. @bee,
    first promise me that u won't kick me;) actually they r the bread pieces which are tossed with a tbsp of olive oil and baked for few minutes in oven. and let me tell u the secret, they r the top and bottommost bread pieces which i hate:) as we were short of any bread sticks or croutons we ended up using them:)
    they r just a plain whole wheat bread(with poppy seeds) u get from super markets:)

  26. Sups!
    Really neat recipe. Nan bere diet shuru madideeni to lose my post pregnancy weight, your recipes are really handy!

  27. Hi sia
    i am not a much fan of soups.but ur soups are encouraging me to make..looks tasty!!

  28. Sup, Soup looks Super... :)

    I love both tomato and sweet corn soup, so combination will be great! Love the color of this soup...

    BTW, I puree soups in the pot with a hand blender, its so much easier than washing all the different blender parts.

    Also, remember You are the better half, no matter what :)

  29. Hey Sia! Marriage made in heaven - you and your hubby and the soup -tomatoes and corn!

  30. Sups,
    Lovely looking soup. Myself and A both love soup and I try and make soups very often. Will keep this recipe too. Will come handy on a busy day. How was your long weekednd? Heard you had been to Maheshanna's place..Did you guys have fun?

  31. I have always tried the readymade corn soup. Haven't really made it at home. Will definitely try your recipe. Pictures looks great.

  32. Hi Sia,
    Your soup looks comforting. I like tomato soup and my hubby likes sweet corn soup. I guess your soup is the answer to satisfy both of us. The color of the soup, croutons,the dollop of sour cream.... looks too good to describe.Thanks for sharing.

  33. Yummy soup. If you want more instant way ( with out even cooking on stove to campbells soups are best), microwave all the ingredients add garnish. Soup ready:D.

  34. Yummy lookign soup Supriya! MY kids love corn, i will try this for them sometime. Bookmarked! :-)

  35. Hi Sups,

    Creamy corn and Tomato soup looks delicious..soup is my all time favourite....as Ashaji said Croutons looks great...So nice to know that you prepared yourself at home..gr8:))

  36. Hi Supriya,
    I am reserving one cup is for me. Lovely looking healthy soup. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Hi Sia’s,
    I love tomato soup with rice.
    Thanks for my favorite soup with new corn taste.

  38. That is a wonderful and filling recipe. It looks fabulous.

  39. hey,
    so are you all set to enjoy the 18C that you mentioned? shopping out in good weather ;-)
    anyway, just dropped by to say that I'm happy to be endorsed by the 'stuff master' herself for my Lauki bharwa he!he!

  40. I like the new look!! Very neat looking...just a simple thing makes so much of a difference, doesn't it?

    Enjoy the weekend!


  41. Looks Great Supriya... I love sweet corn soup too. I always make that and my husband loves tomato soup. Now i can try this out so that both of us will be happy. thanks for the idea... haven't thought of this..

  42. sia
    the template looks neat! nice job :)

  43. @roopa,
    it is good for balanced diet. try maadi nodi. tumba tasty nu ide:)

    before even i was not a gr8 fan of soups. only after coming here i have become one:) i am sure u will like this soup coz it is too tasty:)

    i am confused sig. is sup is super or soup?;)
    i guess its a high time i got one hand blender:)

  44. @cynthia,
    ha ha ha... indeed:) thanks sweetie:)

    i know how much u both love soup. try this and i am sure u will love it. very handy during busy weekdays.
    maheshannanalli gammatu aatu. tumba shopping matte suttideya:)

    @aahar vihar,
    a warm welcome to spice corner. soups r very easy to make and more heathier than the readymade ones:)

  45. @kribha,
    u guys r like us then:) try this one coz it has both tomato n corn.
    thanku so much for ur kind words dear:)

    yeah...thats a good tip:) thank you dear.i dont use microwave much.

    thanks latha. i am sure ur kids will like this one:)

  46. @usha,
    good to know that u too love soups. its so easy to make croutons, so why spending it on stores?;)

    just one cup? i guess u will like to have another after tasting this;)

    thanks dear. do try it sometime:)

  47. @mythreyee,
    it indeed very filling. thanks dear:)

    so sweet of u dear:) its so sunny n bright outside...will be leaving for window shopping in few mins:) have a good time sweetie:)

    yup... it was too crowded. so thought of cleaning it a bit and i am happy with the look:)

  48. @prema,
    looks like sweet corn and tomato soups are the fav ones for most of us. this is a best way to have. tangy tomatoes with sweet corn:)

    thanks roopa. it was very cluttered before.

  49. what a perfect combination.. in ur kitchen , i mean, u discuss and cook together! we discuss, and i cook!

  50. I love soups...and you have provided a great combination of corn and tomato... would definitely give it a try..

    So how is your new job going on...All the Best for your new job


  51. Supriya we are into a cold wave again and your soup is just what we need.

  52. My kinda soup,Love the spicy touch in there...plan to make this one for sure.Sia,Thanks for the same and have a nice weekend !

  53. dear flicker.com is blocked in UAE.
    Oh God! I am going to miss ur all good pics.....
    Pls don't dooooooooooooooooo

  54. so hear you get the one of the kind soup! Splendid!

  55. @shaheen,
    he he... look at the brighter side, at least u two discuss;) i have seen many couples where only one person thinks and cooks:)

    do let me know how u like it:)
    job is going gr8... got to read and prepare. but everything is under control:)
    hugs to u too sweetie:)

    cold wave again? thank god...weather is getting better here(but still cant trust english weather;) do try this soup isg, and let me know:)

  56. @lera,
    thanks sweetie:) hey...i have posted my ma's version of chole recipe. will post the pic of chole i cooked useing ur recipe quite soon:)

    thanks for letting me know KF. i will upload it directly from hardisk:)

    yup:) combination of our favs;)

  57. hey sia you have a great blog first time here will come back for more. Your photos are fab.

  58. @anjali,
    u r making me blush girl:) thank u for the compliments and a warm welcome to u:)


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