22 March, 2007

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Scene 1: Home
Me: Ah!!! Weekend…
He: Yeah. I can just sit at home and relax.
Me: Mmmm... I want to go out for small shopping.
He: {Looking suspicious} How “small” is this small shopping?
Me: {With all charm} Well... I need few vegetables for weekend cooking.
He: Can’t you use the one in fridge? And we have some frozen vegetables also.
Me: Oh no. No frozen vegetables. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh ingredients. I really need few ingredients. And besides I am gonna make your favourite dish.
{This piece of information gets his full attention}
He: And what is that?
Me: {Fluttering my eyelashes} Its surprise.
He: OK.. I hope it wont take more than half an hour.
Me: Yes. That’s all. Just 2-3 ingredients which I desperately need and we will be back with in half an hour.
He: OK.

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Scene 2: Super Market
Me: Get the trolley honey.
He: Well, you did say "few" ingredients. {Stressing on few}
Me: Yeah, but look at the crowd here. Looks like whole city has come for shopping. Donno how long it will take to get it billed.
He: Just few ingredients right?
Me: Of course.
He: OK. {Not satisfied with the answer but has no option look}
Me: Oh look. Cauliflower looks so fresh!
He: But we have little cauliflower left in our fridge.
Me: I know. But I was thinking I will make Gobi Manchurian for you. It’s been sometime since I made that. And these cauliflowers are not that big.
He: {With twinkle in his eyes} Oh Gobi Manchurian? Pick one.
Me: This reminds me, I will need a pack of peppers and spring onions too.
He: What for?
Me: Don’t you know? For all Chinese dish I prepare, these ingredients are the must-must.
Oh!! Look here, they have got a good deal for mushrooms.
He: Do we need it?
Me: You do know as how I looooooooove mushrooms.
He: {Rolling his eyes} Ok.
Me: Mmm… These are the tomatoes I wanted. Big, juicy and firm.
He: Now!!! We have one full pack of tomatoes at home.
Me: I know. But I need these big tomatoes for JFI.
He: J what?
Me: JFI, it’s Jhiva For Ingredients. It’s a food event. This month’s theme is Tomato. Last time it was potatoes and I forgot to post my recipe. I don’t want to miss this time.
He: {Looks at me as if all of sudden two horns have sprouted on my head} But we have tomatoes. Cant you use them for your err…JFA?
Me: It’s JFI. And no, I need big tomatoes for stuffed tomatoes. Small ones won’t work.
He: OK. Take one pack then. {Looks at half filled trolley} Are you finished with shopping? We have got “few” ingredients you asked for.
Me: Mmm…. Just few more minutes. I need to buy pineapple.
He: We have canned one at home. And besides, our fruit basket is filled.
Me: I need pineapple for AFAM.
He: Now what is that?
Me: It’s another food event. A Fruit A Month.
He: {Looks more puzzled} How many food events you have and participate?
Me: Well, there is WFSE, MBP, VOTW, JFI, AFAM, MT, LCITK, A to Z…
He: {Confused, lost for words} OK

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Then after one hour+ of shopping with over filled trolley "Me" and "He" come back home. "Me" happy with all the purchases and stuffing the fidge-freezer, "He" happy with all yummy food served day in and day out. So once again a very happy ending:)

Here is my entry for this month's JFI-Tomato which is hosted by gracious RP of My Workshop. Unlike last time, this time I didn't keep drooling at all my blogger buddies entries for the event and managed to post it before the deadline... Yayyy...

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy
Prep Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 30-40 mins
Serves: 4-5
8 large Tomatoes
For Stuffing:
2 Potatoes, cooked and mashed
2 tbsp Cheese/Paneer, grated
1 large Onion, chopped finely
1 tsp Ginger Paste
1 tsp Chilli Paste
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Kitchen King Masala
½ tsp Red Chilli Powder
1 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
1 tbsp Mint Leaves, finely chopped
Salt to taste
For Gravy:
1 medium Onion, finely chopped
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp Kitchen King Masala
½ tsp Coriander Powder
1 cup Fresh Yougurt
2 tbsp Ghee/Oil
Salt to taste

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Remove the top of tomato by ½ inch using a small, sharp knife.
Spoon out the pulp inside using small spoon and reserve this pulp.
Combine all the ingredients for stuffing and mix well.
Make small balls of this mixture and stuff them into the tomatoes.
Place these stuffed tomatoes into non stick baking tray and bake them at 200 degree centigrade/Gas 7 for 4-5 minutes.
In a mean while, chop the tomato pulp into small pieces.
Heat ghee/oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
To this add cumin seeds and sauté it till they starts spluttering.
Then add chopped onions and sauté them till they become soft.
Now add coriander powder, garam masala, kitchen king masala, turmeric powder, tomato pulp and salt.
Sauté them for another 2-3 minutes in a medium flame.
To this add yogurt and mix well.
Reduce the flame and arrange baked tomatoes.
Cover the lid and cook in low flame for another 5-6 minutes till the outer skin of tomatoes starts wrinkling.
Serve these stuffed tomatoes garnished with mint/coriander leaves and cashew nuts.
Tastes delicious with rice or chapaties/roties.

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy

Did You Know?

Tomatoes are members of the fruit family, but they are served and prepared as a vegetable.
There are thousands of tomato varieties. The most widely available varieties are classified in three groups: cherry, plum, and slicing tomatoes.
They are high in vitamin C and also provide beta-carotene.
The National Cancer Institute published a study that showed an association between consuming a diet rich in tomato-based foods and a decreased risk of prostate cancer.
Tomatoes contain large amounts of an antioxidant called lycopene, which may be responsible for this possible positive effect. Tomato paste and sauces contain a greater amount of lycopene, because they are more concentrated than fresh tomatoes.
(Source: www.foodreference.com)

Stuffed Tomatoes in Yogurt Gravy


  1. Happy Ugadi and hope you had a good time. Stuffed tomatoes in Yogurt gravy looks super. Nice laugh reading the supermarket adventure.

  2. sia, yogurt gravy? now that is vert innovative, very nice. one of my friends makes exceptional stuffed tomato, but she has some other gravy, will try to get her recipe and let you know about her style or gravy.
    And yes, supermarket items are never "FEW" ha!ha!

  3. Gorgeous picture!! left me drooling on my keyborad hehehe
    I was planning on preparing a stuffed tomato dish too, but you have beat me to it :-)

  4. @ISG,
    thank u for ur wishes:) we had gr8 time as K took leave to be with me on ugadi:)
    i guess for most of us its a same experience @supermarkets;)

    the tomatoes were very sweet richa. so to make it little tangy i went for yogurt gravy. it tastes really good:)
    do post ur friend's recipe. will look forward for ur recipe:)

    @krishna arjuna,
    ha ha... i beg u to post ur version of stuffed tomatoes instead of drooling:) there r so many ways of making stuffed tomatoes. will look forward to ur recipe:)

  5. hehehhe, these days our grocery list has one more section, things to buy for blog events ;))))) this happens mostly in our place too, going out for shopping with some vested interests too :)) Guess we should salute our spouses for bearing all these tricks :))your stuffed tomatoes look very pretty sia, liked the presentation a lot :)

    Enjoy ur weekend.

  6. HAHAHA!!! Krish at least walks with you in the grocery store.
    After married to him 20yrs, Arvind disappears to Car and tools section and appears only at the check out when I call him on the cell phone and tell him which number I am at!!:D
    Kids disappear into Video games section,while Arvind unloads on the belt,I go and get them!! How is that for a loving family?!:P
    I am really thinking leaving Arvind at home and drive alone next time but that will make him too happy.Nah! I will drag him!

    Dish looks great,I will try it.

  7. Looks grand..like royally treated & stuffed tomotoes...:D. Enjoyed the conversation.

  8. WOW Sia.. Picture looks excellent..Haven't tried stuffed tomatoes at all.Yogurt gravy is also new to me..thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  9. Hi Sups,

    Its very funny and live conversation dear..I was able to imagiane the expression from your DH's face...:)))

    Wonderful,creative entry for the event...so u got all stuff required for the all, atleast for few evetns..so waiting for your amazing recipes...

  10. @shn,
    he he... yeah... things for food events:) and the list is getting longer and longer:)
    thank god my hubby is not that fussy. he too likes to shop with me w/o much complaining:) its just over a year now since we got married. so cant say the same for future;)

    ha ha ha ha... thats so funny. K knows if he leave me alone i will end up buying so many things that our kitchen cabinets wont be enough to hoard things;) so thats the main reason why he doesn't let me go alone for shopping:)
    and dont live arv at home ashakka:) who will load the things from trolley to car boot then;) he hehe...

  11. There is no way for me to get my better half near a grocery store when it's not absolutely required.
    What I really wanted to comment on was the recipe. It looks amazingly delicious. All those wonderful spices - I can simply smell it from here.

  12. @pravs,
    thanks dear. is it the same way with u too when u go out for grocery shopping? :)

    thank u girl. u can use same base for any other vegetables. i like this yogurt gravy with bhendi:)

    he he he... i guess most of us are like this when it comes to shopping:) poor souls have no option.
    every weekends i have this specila list of ingredients for food events:) so as long as we have these events, i dont think i will ever finish shopping;)

  13. Enjoyed the conversation between you and your hubby :) I must say he is really patient :)
    I am bookmarking your recipe .Nice presentation :)

  14. Hahaha
    Wonderful write up I wonder why guys always hate vegetable shopping (any kind):D. Stuffed tomatoes looks great. My mouth is watery already.

  15. @meeta,
    i guess i am little lucky here when it comes to shopping;)
    thank u for ur compliments. we did end up eating more tomatoes than roties:)

    oh he is the master of patience. after all he is married to me;) he he..
    do let me know how u liked it:)

    even i wonder:) sometimes he literally drags me out of super market:)
    hope u did eat something before checking this post;)

  16. Sups,
    Recipe sakathagide, pictures antu nange bayalli neeru tharisuthve. Awesome recipe!


  17. What a scream, Sia! My spouse is patient when he finally takes me shopping but wants me to buy a lot so that he won't have to take me for another trip mid-week! And yes, food blogging is turning into alphabet soup, what with all the events, isn't it? Will laugh my way to sleep tonight!

  18. Hey sia..had fun reading about the grocery shopping..This happens to me and my he also all the time.But now a days, he is ready to babysit the whole day while i am doing grocery.He says this is much better...:D.

    Very very good entry for JFI.Looks delicious..My entry is a very simple one and waiting to be posted.

  19. Hey supriya,
    Nice presentation.read your write ups....Cool

  20. @deepa,
    enri? picture nodta irtira, illa try madtira? he he...

    ha ha ha... for us supermarket is right opposite to our office:) so atleast 3 timea a week we make a trip;)
    alphabet soup? thats so funny sra:) i am gonna have good laugh whole night;)

    baby sitting? he he.. i guess we "me" catagory love shopping where as "he" would love to spend time being a couch potato on weekends:)
    will look forward to ur entry mahi.

  21. Hahaha... I loved reading the he said me said conversation... And the dish looks too good...

  22. that was a very funny write up. LOL
    hey I have also made stuffed tomatoes for JFI but a diff version. Yours looks much better hmmm, should I change my mind?


  23. Ohhh Sia, they look so yummy... I do sometimes make tomato in yogurt gravy..but never tried cooking stuffed tomatoes till now...
    well I can follow your recipe and give it a try...

    beautiful presentation as always...

  24. That was so much fun to read! I don't even try to shop without the cart -- basket is never big enough for veggies ;)

    And what a wonderful recipe -- you do have a gift for cooking *and* photography! I am always left wanting to try your dishes. Beautiful! :)

  25. That was a good one Supriya :) The hubby must be amazed by all the ABCD, EFGH etc. of the blog world :)
    But then he gets to eat, thats a good point

    The tomatoes in yogurt gravy looks really good, I make stuffed tomatoes but never made with gravy

  26. Hi SIA

    Very colorful recipe. This is a must try for me.

  27. Wounderful Stuffing,Perfect cuttings..Dear what u did with that old tomatoes..Its there in the fridge??I want some.
    U know my hubby fed up with my blog news,and he put a new name for me.."miss bloggy"(haha).

  28. hi sia
    hey shopping mall yatre majavagi idde

    well the tomatoes are also looking drooling,


  29. Wow Sia, the dish looks sooo preety...I'd be happy gazing at it for a long time...

  30. @soumya,
    thanks kuse:) online li meet appa:)

    do u have same kind of he said, me said convo? he he...:)

    common girl. do post ur stiffed tomato recipe:) i am sure they must be much much better than mine:)

  31. @sushma,
    tomatoes in yogurt gravy? do post ur recipe sush. i would love to try ur recipe as i love yogurt:)
    thank u for ur compliments:) hugs to u too:)

    he he... me neither. just came back from another "small" shopping;)
    u r too kind with ur words linda:) u can use cream instead of yogurt here for the base.

    he is not much fussy coz he gets to eat good food in the end after all this major shopping:)
    this is how my mom usually makes stuffed tomatoes as dad dont like dry dish:)
    and yup...will look forward for ur version:)

  32. @lakshmi,
    thank u:) do let me know when u try this:)

    he he... yup, have got one full pack:) do u want me to parcel it?
    ha ha ha... miss bloggy? thats a good name;)

    ayyo... shopping yatre bagge kammi matadidasthu olledu:) nimma manelu heege agatta?:)

    just gazing? oh no... u must try this to enjoy:) its very easy although it looks complicated:) so do try this sometime suni:)

  33. Never saw anything like this before! The tomatoes look so cute with all the stuffings.
    Your shopping experience is so hilarious but very true. My hubby keeps pulling my leg that I don't cook for him now, I cook for the blog!

  34. Hi Supriya,
    That was a cute conversation between "Me" and "He" :-)
    Your tomato gravy curry looks yummy!

  35. Sup,
    I was smiling to myself while reading this post..and when I reached the part about all the blog events, I burst out laughing..
    I keep on explaining P about all the mnemonics..AFAM, JFI and other blog events..He keeps nodding his head..Don't know how much he remembers..coz the next time I explain, it's all new to him again:(
    Neways..stuffed tomatoes in yoghurt gravy sound amazzzinggg..P just saw a pic and imme. demanded that I make this:) Nice entry, girl..And all the best for future shopping endeavors:)

  36. Hi Supriya,
    Nice presentation.. Excellent contribution to the JFI( TOmato).
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. namanelli H is a vege lover, for him the fridge should be full of diffn vege,adre ingrediants matra nanu avaglu sauce, herbs, cake pastry section office ninda baruvaga thatte illandre hege agtu :) yerallr mane dose tute

  38. I made stuffed tomatoes too, but as starters... After seeing your recipe and pics, I'll have to hide mine! I can almost taste your tomatoes...they look so yum! As for the supermarket episode, hahahha it was hilarious!!:))

  39. This is really nice dish. Could feel it taste from the photo itself. Well presented. Tks for sharing. Viji (I did not miss any of your posts Sia)

  40. heh heh, cute conversation! Won't happen with my "he", though, 'cos he'd be happy if I cooked less vegetables!

    I regularly stuff tomatoes, too, but haven't done an Indian version of it! :)

  41. @manjula,
    joing the club girl:) now a days i get to hear same from K:)

    thank u sweetie:)

    he he he... i guess its same with all hubby out there. poor souls. they wouldn't have found studies as difficult as to remember all food events we participate;)
    so r u gonna make these for ur hubby? i dont show K anyother blogs. scared what if he starts demanding me to cook looking at other pics;)

  42. @mt,
    thank u dear:) glad u liked it

    sariyagi helidri. ellara mane dose tuthe:) namma yajamanrigu tarakari andre tumba ishta. adikke nange 4 janara adige madbekagi baratte;)

    cool... i will look forward to ur framed pic of stuffed tomatoes. i am all curious as how u made it:)

  43. @viji,
    sweetie pie, thats u:) thank u for ur kind words and dropping comments on every post:) thats absolutely fine with me as long as u check them once in a while:) i donno how u mange each n everything girl. i are one amazing person out there:)

    ha ha ha... my hubby is veggie lover. the more, the merrier:)
    do u have any posts on stuffed tomatoes? will check ur blog:) i donno my obsession with stuffing veggies;) just love them

  44. Heh heh, I'm in the process of creating a drop-down list kind of menu for my blog, but if you're looking for my stuffed veggies:



    Hey, you know, I forgot to mention that there was ginger in my friend's Sindhi curry, but I can't seem to save changes to my post now, so I'll try again later!

  45. haha..sounds soooo familiar, that's why K and I do NOT go shopping together,because its the other way around in my home...he picks out all the weirdo ingredients...and I have no time, I just get what I need and I am out the door!
    Your stuffed tomatoes got my K's attention though~ will have to make it now! :P

    btw, what albums of RS did u stock up on?

    love ya babes,

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  47. Wow! Looks awesome. The gravy really looks amazing. I have never tried stuffed tomatoes in a gravy before.

  48. Nice blog , some great recipes & fantastic pictures.
    Loved the cute conversation between you & the husband(BTW, do u really use the word " honey" to refer to your spouse?)
    Keep up the good work!

  49. @shilpa,
    thank u for letting me know. i have added ginger in my list:)

    lucky u:) wish K was some what like him(its not that he dont like shopping but sometime it does get into his nerve;)

    a warm welcome to spice corner. just checked ur blog and i am very impressed with ur baking:) lovely recipes, will be coming back again:)

    honey, sweetheart etc etc comes when i want something;)
    thank u for ur kind words anu. hope u visit spice corner again:)

  50. Nice Supermarket shopping :) Yummy stuffed tomato in yoghurt.Very interesting post Sia.

  51. HA ha ha ha....very funny reading ur words supriya.this is almost with every family i think.Always the hubby's says "why this and why that"..But at the end of the day they will only ask us for making some interesting foods.At buying time they say no for everything.

    The stuffed tomatoes are looking yummy!!will try this ..

  52. @jasu,
    thank u lady:) glad u enjoyed our supermarket shopping trip;)

    guess all hubbys r like that;) we buy and we cook. end of the story. they r the one who lick clean everything served on their plates:))

  53. Gosh, sorry I didn't even read your recipe...was cracking up so much at your dialogue that had to come over and comment immediately...the dish does look delicious so will go back and check it too....poor hubbies lets not overload them with our abbreviations....next we'll have a meme with everyone posting pics of their spouses pulling their hair out in frustration at the ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL etc etc

    Too funny

  54. Sia,

    Came across your website from Madhu's ,my my one great blog going here .love love your stuffed tomatoes, I am a newbie to blogging , and find all these recipes so amazing ,this comes to my kitchen as a fresh breeze.
    Supermarket scenario is hilarious


  55. @nandita,
    my hubby wants to write an article about his wife,ofcourse thats me, and food events;) so i guess i better shut my mouth next time while grocery shopping;) he says learning any new programmming language is easier compared to remembering all these abbreviations.

    a warm welcome to spice corner. lady, u r very kind with ur compliments:) just visited ur blog and liked the way u r presenting food with love.
    happy cooking and blogging:)

  56. hahahahahahaha.......... I can't just stop laughing...hahahahaha let me finish laughing, will come back to comment again :P

  57. @coffee,
    still laughing madam?;) he he he..

  58. Sia-
    What beautiful stuffed tomatoes! I like your sense of style, and I am adding these to my list to make. I also enjoyed the conversation between you and your husband....it looks like you have some power with your cooking skill!

  59. @pelicano,
    a warm welcome to spice corner:) power with my cooking skill? OMG!!! just few days back i managed to learn differece between lentils;) i am still a beginner when it comes to cooking as i started cooking just over a year ago. but must say that its become very relaxing experience and enjoy every moment of it:) thank u for all ur kind words:) ~blush blush~

  60. hi,
    Ur tomato yogurt gravy is very simple and nice.....

  61. @sukanya,
    thanks dear. it is very simple and tasty:)

  62. I missed this post Sia....A fun read totally....haha...thatz what happens to us most of the times...Poor husbands :-))

  63. Hi Sia,

    I am a first time visitor to your site and also a novice at foodblogging. your site is very innovative and calming. Do you have a recipe for Stuffed Capsicums in green gravy? do let me know..

    rgds , shobha

  64. Hi Sia,
    Your blog is wonderrful!
    I tried this recipe myself and it turned out just great.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  65. k seriously, this is like really amazing. I had no clue you could stuff tomatoes and then make a gravy wit it..love the idea..bookmarking it sia:)


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