07 March, 2007

Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole

All this month my good friend Trupti of “The Spice Who Loved Me” is hosting Winter Food Swing where we are invited to cook with our family or friends. I found it very interesting and delightful as my hubby K is a big help in kitchen. For us cooking is not just chopping vegetables and boiling them. It is carefully picking the vegetables, cutting them lovingly (with all due respect for their sacrifice;), cooking them gently and serving them with pride and joy. So everyday cooking is a joint venture for us. First we rummage our fridge to check what’s available. And then we have our brainstorming session for another five minutes or so, arguing which lucky vegetable is going to satisfy our hungry and growling tummy. Once the vegetable is chosen, we discuss (yeah just discuss) on what to cook which takes another few minutes of our time (usually). Once all these are decided, we assign tasks of cutting, grinding, boiling, washing (it’s a long list. Isn’t it?).
Well… Cooking is not just about cooking, is it? I love cooking when my better half is around. He is my food critic, assistant chef, motivator and much more.

So this time I am moving away from all lime lights and leaving my much loved kitchen to my hubby:) He made wonderful Grilled Vegetables with Cream of Tomato Soup and Guacamole. He didn’t ask any help from me and cooked everything from scratch. So this time, all spot lights are on him. So are you ready? Lights, Camera and Action….
Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole

Grilled Vegetables
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5-10 mins
Serves: 3-4

½ Courgettes/Zucchini
6-8 Button Mushrooms
½ Red Onions
½ Aubergines
½ Red Peppers
½ Yellow Peppers
½ Green Peppers
Few Olives
Few Cherry Tomatoes
1 tsp Dry Rosemary
2-4 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole
Cut all the vegetables into bite size pieces.
Soak them in cold water for about 15-30 minutes which will prevent it from drying out when they are grilled.
Take olive oil, rosemary, pepper powder and salt and mix them well.
Pat dry the vegetables and brush them with olive oil mixture.
Thread vegetables onto skewers and grill them on medium heat till they are done.
Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole

Prep Time: 5-10 mins
Cooking Time: -
Serves: 3-4

2 Avocados
½ Sweet Pointed Peppers/Red Bell Pepper
1 tbsp Lime Juice
Salt to taste
Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole
Scoop avocado and mash it properly.
Chop sweet pointed peppers into very small pieces and mix them with mashed avocado.
Add lime juice and salt to taste and serve immediately with grilled vegetables.
If desired, add finely chopped garlic clove to the Guacamole and mix well.

Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole and Cream of Tomato Soup

Something about Guacamole:
Guacamole is avocado based dip or relish which is basically from Mexico. The basic and main ingredients are avocado and lime juice. There are many recipes of making Guacamole. The ingredients vary based on one’s taste and preference. Guacamole can also include onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, coriander leaves and some spices. Click here to learn more about Guacamole.
Isn’t it fun saying Guacamole? Gwock-uh-mo-lay. It is fun… :)

Grilled Vegetables with Guacamole


  1. Wonderful entry!!!A nice and colourful recipe...

  2. that is so my kind of food! love it.

  3. Sia,

    I just love guacamole. Great idea to serve it with grilled veggies....you've inspired me! Thanks for coming to my site as well.


  4. @usha,
    thank you girl:)

    is it? he he... even i love this. simple yet tasty...

    welcome to spice corner:) u have got very good blog going on. i still have got to check so many posts there. so expect my knock anytime;)

  5. Wow, I liked the grilled veggies. Thanks for guacamole recipe. :) I must get my hubby to read this post! Maybe then I can have a faint hope he'll help .....!!
    Btw, I liked the idea of making kada chakka/breadfruit pakodas. My grandma used to make thoran from it. We get it here in Dubai, so thats definitely on my to try list!

  6. Hi Sia,
    Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.
    I learnt a new Mexican recipe today. Usually I have never thought out of the jar like using Avocados and grilled veggies ect. but now ready to experiment it on my Hubby:)

  7. Wowww...i enjoyed reading ur exculsive-inside-kitchen story :))thats cool!! grilled veggies look cute on the skewers.


  8. @jyothsna,
    in one year of married life i have come to know one thin. never try to drop hints coz ur hubby will never understand them;) he he...
    toran is same like what we call palya. its my fav too.

    loved the coconut laddo recipe girl:) u will find more of me in ur blog:)
    guacamole works really good with grilled vegs. try it sometime:)

  9. Woo hoo! Go K!

    Thanks for such a lovely entry!!
    hey, where are the pictures of your hands making it?? hehehe...just kiddin!


  10. @shn,
    he he... no more exclusive story now;) thanks girl:)

    my hands? nope... its all done by him and i was busy with blog hopping;) couldn't get his pics in action though. this is just 1st post girl. look out for more;)

  11. Bravo, Barvo, for the Hubby !!!
    Great job done and the way you described your cooking process it would indeed beat any Karan Johar production :)

  12. Hi Supriya,
    Grilled vegees hmmm...mm..are looking, too good, presentation as usual soo..oper. Full marks to your hubby :)
    Every day cooking must be real fun for both of you :)
    No wonder you dish out such yummy recipes for your blog :)
    I think even I need to show this post to my hubby :)

  13. Supria , how did you link the tomato soup to your post? I tried it with my naan .
    You wrote a draft in the write a post option first and then linked it or you wrote it in the pages ?
    With mine the link led to a blank page after clicking.

  14. Very nice party dish. I will keep this in mind for the next time I have my friends around. Thanks so much.

    By the way, your husband sounds lovely. So sweet...

  15. @sandeepa,
    he he... i will pass ur mesg to him, may be then he will let me take his snap n post it here;) Karan Johar movie? ha ha ha... thats funny...

    full marks for my hubby? then what abt me?;)
    yeah... u r right. we love our time in kitchen. its always pleasure cooking and coming up with new dish:) actually i learnt cooking from him. he makes wonderful kala channa biriyani:)
    i am not sure how it works with wordpress. in blogger there is a hyperlink button. you select the words you want to provide links for and click on the hyperlink button(it will be among font size, font colour etc buttons). thadt time u will get a pop up where u hadve to enter the URL of webpadge which u wadnt to display. and thats it. i am really bad when it comes to explaining things archu. hope i have been little helpful here.

    you r right girl. its very good for BBQs or any party. very colourful and tasty and yet easy to make.
    thanks dear:) i am lucky to have him:)

  16. Eye catching array of delicous Grilled Vegetables. Congrats and Good wishes for the Hubby.

  17. glad Kadhi turned out well! Waiting for the pics!


  18. Lucky girl!!He cooks, He cooks:))
    Mine shook his head and said nothing.Well..I am going to make him get his hairy hand in there anyway ,hopefully this weekend!;D
    Great photos,I love it.Grilled veggies taste great with very light spices and soup looks great too.Good job,Sia.My compliment to the chef!!:))

  19. @ISG,
    it is colourful isn't it? thank you and will pass ur wishes to K:)

    forgot to take pic girl:) will be ccoking khadi again n will surely take its pic then:) thanks for the recipe:)

    he he he... good luck ashakka. cooking is not a big prob to K but posing for pic is a big no no:)
    will pass ur compliments to my assistant chef;)

  20. Very colorful combination of veggies there. I just love the grill bell peppers and mushrooms. I have a little complex way of making guacamole, yours is quick and fast. Check out my version some time(one of my initial posts).

  21. Very colorful entry. I love the grilled vegetables and the guacamole. Great job from your assistant chef :)

  22. Yum, Yum, Yum!! Veggies and guac. look fantastic. Guacamole is one of my favorites and I don't add tomato or much else either... sometimes just a little onion with the lime and salt. I will try with the red pepper next time. Thanks for sharing, Supriya and K :)

  23. Wonderful entry Sia.Hats off to your K for doing this.Excellent choice of veggies and again, i liked the idea of Guacamole.

  24. Nice entry and the photos look awesome. Viji

  25. hey Sups,this looks soo good.I have never tried grilled veggies before,may be its time now.and I love guacamole too.Have never made it at home though,you inspire me!

  26. @jasu,
    thank you:)

    even we like it guac simple and straight forward way. we dont like any other ingredient overpowering avocado's taste.

    thank you dear:) will pass ur compliments to K.

  27. @majula,
    will check your version:) coming right away to ur blog.

    thank u dear:)

    didn't try grilled veggies? oh girl...u r surely missing some fun. do let me know how u like it:)

  28. Wow look at those wonderful pictures.. they are awecome supriya.Yeah as jyothsna said I should make my hubby to read this..

  29. Great combo! Beautiful pictures too!

  30. Thanks for coming by my blog, and for the lovely comment. Hey i love the look of your blog !
    The pictures to this post are very appealing....i like guacamole.

  31. @prema,
    oh my god!!! i hope ur hubby won't start cursing me now;) he he he...

    thank you:)

    thanks you prav. loved ur mango kahdi. i have bookmarked it and gonna make it once i get mangoes:)

  32. Yummmmy ! just love grilled veggies flavour.

  33. WOw Sia, your dish looks awesome...must have tasted great as well...hats off to you and your 'assistant'

  34. Looks delicious, I have to do it sometime, First I have to buy a grill pan :D

  35. wonderful entry...the grilled veggies look wonderful on the skewer with the gucamole on side..

    beautiful presentation also..

  36. @lera,
    me too:)

    thank u dear. this time all compliments goes to my hubby:)

    thank u dear:)

    give it a try soon. we have grill attached to our pven.

    thank u girl:)

  37. Hi Sia,
    I love to hv guacamole as much as possible, this is a very good idea, will surely try it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  38. Anthu yajamanra kaili aduge madisbittri, great!! Eega nangu tumba josh bandide, evattu office inda manege hogidde, Girish ge soutu, paathre kottu koorisbidtheeni :) Lovely pics and great recipe.


  39. @richa,
    a warm welcome to spice corner. i did see ur love for mexican food in ur blog. will be trying them out soon:)

    howdu:) soutu paatre hididu bidisi;) namma yajamanrige adue maadudu andre tumba ishta. haagagi nange dodda tale bisi illa:) so good luck to u:)


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