08 February, 2007

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

Mango… I can say without any hitch or hesitation that mango is my favourite fruit. It’s not just because of its colour and taste. It is one fruit which is connected to my happy childhood memories. My childhood days I have spent almost every summer vacation in my grandma’s home. Every year me and my sister and our cousins would eagerly wait for our holidays and keep our bags ready before our exams. Right next day after our exams our uncle would come and take us to grandma’s place. We all cousins would gather there and play day in and day out. When our elders use to take siesta in hot afternoon we would go to our mango groves and collect basketful of mangoes for my grandma who would cook delicious items using them. The choices are numerous: Pickles, Mambla (made using mango pulp and sun dried), Gojju, Sasame, Papadam, Sambar, Rasam, Raita etc. It’s a never ending list of delicious mango delicacies.

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

Today I am posting the recipe of Mango rice which has been my favourite rice items from mom’s kitchen. My mother usually makes this during Ugadi which is a new year in Hindu calendar. This sweet and tangy rice is very simple to make and takes very little time. You can prepare it using left over rice too. Serve it with any Pickle and Raita or just plain Yogurt of your choice.

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

2 cups Rice
1 large half ripe Mango, grated
2 medium Onions, finely chopped
2-3 Green Chillies, finely chopped
1 tbsp Mint Leaves, finely chopped
1 inch ginger, finely chopped
3 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
3 tbsp Lemon Juice (Adjust acc to taste)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp sugar (Optional)
1 tbsp Channa Dal
1 tbsp Urad Dal
1 tbsp Mustard
1 Dry Red Chilly
Few Curry Leaves
Pinch of Hing/Asafoetida
Salt to taste
2+1 tbsp Ghee

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

Soak rice in water for half an hour, wash and drain water and keep it aside.
In a pressure cooker heat 2 tbsp of ghee and add washed rice to it.
Mix the rice till every grain is covered with ghee.
Add salt and enough water (4 cups) and close the lid and pressure cook till it’s done.
In a mean while, heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan and add channa dal, urad dal, red chilly, mustard, hing and curry leaves.
When mustard starts sputtering, add onion, green chilli and ginger and cook till onions turn translucent.
Add grated mango, mint leaves, coriander leaves, sugar, turmeric powder and sauté it in medium flame for 1-2 minutes.
Turn off the gas and add lemon juice and mix it well with cooked rice. If you are using raw mango then add lemon juice according to taste.
Serve hot with raita and pickle of your choice.

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

I served tangy mango rice with sweet cucumber-mint raita. This is one of my favourite raitas which can be prepared within five minutes. Nothing can beat the refreshing taste of cucumber-mint raita.

Cucumber-Mint Raita

1 Cucumber
1 tsp Mint Paste
2 cups Yogurt
Salt to taste

Mango Rice with Cucumber-Mint Raita

Grate the cucumber and mix it with yogurt, mint paste and salt to taste.
If you like it spicy, add finely chopped green chillies or season it with mustard, urad dal and red chilly.
Chill it before serving.


  1. Oh suppriya,
    How I miss those childhood days gal!! I remember everything. Navu kaatu mavina hannu thappale alli gopalajjana mane hattare hogiyondiddadu, and oh how can we forget thodili gantegatle adigondiddadu alda. Hee Hee remember the way we used to swim in a foot of water LOL. Miss those days alda. Mango rice looks very delicios sups.

  2. wow supriya
    never heard of this dish with riped mango..mmmmm...looks yummy...

  3. Hi Supriya

    Thanks for tagging me for the Meme. Whatever, you said about me is 100% true. I am surprised. Also the mango rice looks delicious.

  4. @seema,
    me too:) those days i will cherish always:) remember we used to wear doddatte's sarees and pretent we r mothers of our dolls..and remember the hut we used to build and take our food there and eat;) he he he... and can't forget stealing chakkarpe in the middle of afternoon when everyone slept;)

    this i made using half ripe mangoes as they are little tangy and sweet:) give it a try some day i am sure u will like it too:)

    i am glad that i was right guessing how u r:) will be looking forward fot ur MEME:)

  5. Great Sia..The rice are looking very delicious. That color is so beautiful and bright. Wonderful work...what more should I say??

    Thanks, Nidhi.

  6. Hi Sups,

    Wow!i feel the sour taste of mango rice ...Hmmmm...
    I like this rice, we use to prepare but not very often.This rice is particularly done for lady who is in preganacy stage..
    Even when they do seemantham for a pregnant lady, it is a must in menu list....

    Thanks for sharing dear...

  7. mango rice is my fav... looks really yummy... i made few days back for dinner party, but din't get time to take pic... next will post my version. thanks for sharing

  8. Where the heck did you get mango now?? Dang!!!Looks sooo beautiful,I wish I could move in with you and the snow right now!!It must smell delicious in there Sups.Well..enjoy.Arvind is not coming home for dinner,just leftovers for us!:D

  9. I think I have had this before...and it tastes really nice and tangy...
    I really liked reading about your days with your cousins and grandmother. I miss those days.....
    Its too bad we only get to live our childhood once!

  10. Supriya, that's a colorful mango rice.I make slightly different way.Delicious..thanks for sharing..

  11. Hi Supriya ,
    This is something new for me.Sweet tangy minty and also the flavour of mangoes all in one!! I can't wait to try this rice. But will have to wait for a month plus till mangoes are available. Good post:)

  12. this is again a new dish for me supriya, nice way to cook mango rice. Loved it , and picture is nice ,as usual. thanks for sharing this wiht me. gonna give it a try soon . :)


  13. Never heard of mango rice so far. Love the tangy, sour and flavorful ripe mangoes. Unfortunately I cant find raw mangoes here :(
    Does it taste a little like chitranna/lemon rice?

  14. Mango and rice!!!!! I never could even dream about it!!!!! Amazing Supriya!!! And the raita looks to be refreshing. :)

  15. Hi Supriya,

    We make mango pulihora using sour unripe mangoes.never tried using half ripe mangoes.I think I should give this a try..loks soo tasty and delicious and your photos are so bright,and cheerful just like you!

  16. @nidhi,
    thank you. colour is from turmeric powder which also enhances its taste.

    oh i didn't know that its a special dish for seemantha. mmm... thats a very interesting piece of information usha. thanks for sharing:)

    oh... then u must post ur version. i have another 2 recipes of mango rice. i will post them sometime soon.

  17. @asha,
    we got it from farmers market ashakka. here in almost all the super market mangoes have come:) so any plans of coming back to england? ;)

    oh yes trupti... we were very naughty kids:) will tell u about our childhood pranks someday:)
    wish we could spin back the time and go to our childhood days atleast once...

    plz do post ur recipe mahi... i too have 2 more recipes in my kitty:)

  18. @archana,
    then do give it a try archana. hope u will like it as much as i do:) and dont forget to serve cucumber-mint raita with it:)

    i am sure u will find mangoes in fruit market by this time in india:) in my native in november itself we start getting mangoes.

    is it? thats quite strange coz most of the people in south canara are familier with it:) and yes it does taste close to chitranna but i like it better than chitranna as its got little minty taste too:)

  19. @coffee,
    i have got 2 more recipes of making mango rice rooma. will post it someother time:)
    yes mint-cucumber raita is very refreshing and tasty. i love to eat it just like that:)

    then do give it a try sometime vini. i am sure anannya will like
    it. and do post ur recipe of mango pulihara. sounds very interesting.

  20. Supriya, your mango rice looks delicious. Lovely color too :)

  21. I've never tasted mango rice but it looks sooo yummy...and mint chutney again is one of my fav's..Looks beaufiful. I loved all that colour there:)


  22. Sups,
    You know what I just love the Ganesha song that you have on your blog. Which album is that suppi. Enage Songs na burn madekku. Love that.

  23. Loved the colors ! Mango rice recipe sounds unique, i am going to try it for sure, it is way to easy to find ripe mangoes in the markets here. Getting a real raw mango is always a trouble. Thank you for the recipe.

  24. I have never had mango rice before.will have to try it.thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi supriya
    Mango rice looks bright and lovely. have never tried this, looks so tasty

  26. @shn,
    thanks shn... mint raita is my fav too...

    its from a album called divine chants of ganesha by various artists.

    yup... its difficult to get real raw mangoes. let me know if you like it:)

  27. @starry nights,
    drop a line when u give it a try...:)

    thank u dear...

  28. I love mango rice! YOur pictures looks so good, Sup. I will try your way sometime. One day I saw raw mangoes in Indian store and was so excited to make mango rice. The mangoes were tasteless - not sour at all, neither sweetish too. Just bland! Was so disappointed! Loved your childhood stories. We used to look forward to hols too so we could meet our cousins at my grandfather's house in Mysore. I think we'd be out in the compound the whole day, except of course for lunchtime! And steal starfruit and mangoes from the neighbours' trees! What fun, those days!
    I'll stop before it looks like a post from me! :)

  29. ohhh wow....can't say I have ever had mango rice before...I love the colours...great presentation as always...great to have memories of the past...its reminds us as to why we are the way we are...the past shapes us....don't ya think...~smile~...thanks for sharing sweet friend...

  30. Hi Supriya,
    Mango rice looks nice. Wonderful pic. Thanks for sharing your version.

  31. @vani,
    its hard to get good mangoes here too. sometimes u get lucky and other time not so lucky. hope u get hold of good ones soon:) and do share ur recipe:)
    he he... stealing mangoes and str fruits r the best parts i guess;)

    well said dilip bhai... past shape us:) good old childhood days han:) mauj, masti and more mast:)
    try mango rice sometime. i am ready with ur fav mirchi post... need to write the recipe:) will do it soon:)

    thanks dear. would love to learn ur version of mango rice:)

  32. looks delicious ! love the pics

  33. Supriya,

    Your mango rice is very inviting...!!

  34. @yunus,
    thank u dear:) do give it a try sometime:)

  35. Hi Supriya
    Summer is round the corner and the markets here in India is flooded with mangoes. So this recipe comes in handy to try the traditional South Indian variety rice. Have tried Chitvish's version of Mango rice, chk here:

  36. Sups, dear-this one is making me hungry. and its lunch time here! Ah! i have no doubt about you being a naughty kid ;) BTW, hope your foot is better now. Ha ha ha! you used to wear your dodatte's saris :-D. reminds me of my own childhood :). i too was very naughty, you know! and thanks for mentioning that this can be made with half ripe mangoes, you can find those here aplenty :).


  37. Wow this, and all your recipes, sound delicious. Very inspiring!



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