17 November, 2017

Rotimatic Review, FAQs and Discount Code | Everything You Need To Know About Rotimatic

A complete Rotimatic Review, FAQs and Discount Code 

About a year and half or two years ago, a video went viral on social media where a robotic kitchen appliance measured, kneaded and rolled the dough balls, flattened it, puffed and roasted it and pushed perfectly cooked round rotis. I was very sceptical when I first saw the video, but at the same time I was really excited to see this staple unleavened Indian flat bread called Roti, with over 4000 years of History dating back to Harappan civilisation, and consumed by millions of people of Indian subcontinent finally have its own dedicated modern machine which makes roti from scratch with a touch of a button. This dream was made into reality by inventor wife and husband team Pranoti Nagarkar Israni and Rishi Israni with their 8 years of hard work and never give up attitude.

If you haven’t already guessed by now, I am talking about Rotimatic which is world’s first ever automated roti maker with its cloud based software and an impressive assembly line with chockful of robotic goodness! The look and finish of the product is quite sleek and minimalist with glossy white exterior that belongs to the 21st century design concept. So, does the Rotimatic live up to its hype? I am hoping that my extensive review of Rotimatic with FAQs will help you in finding out everything you need to know about this ‘smart’ kitchen appliance. 

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1. What is Rotimatic?

Rotimatic is the world’s first robotic kitchen appliance which automates the entire process of roti making. In short, Rotimatic is a smart device that measures the flour, kneads the dough, rolls and flattens the dough into thin discs, and cooks perfectly round and puffed rotis. All we need to do is fill the flour, water and oil containers and customise the flour type, thickness of roti, roast level and the oil content foe each roti and with a touch of a button, this ingenious robot makes fresh rotis within 90 seconds.

2. How Rotimatic works?

Once you place the flour, water and oil container and the start button is pushed and once you have customised the thickness, roast level, oil content and the number of rotis you need, the nifty machine does a final check for the ingredients and checks if all the containers are in place and prompts a message on its screen with beeps if something is amiss like if the container is not fitted rightly in its slot or if there is not enough flour or water content. After the final check, it takes about 6 minutes to heat the machine and then the machine start preparing the dough by dispensing the flour, water and oil by automatically calculating the quantity of each ingredients to prepare soft dough ball for individual roti. Rotimatic automatically measures, dispenses, mixes the ingredients and kneads one dough ball at a time. With the built-in AI technology, it can mimic human judgement to adjust the proportion of flour & water real time to create a perfect dough ball. The robotic arm pushes the prepared dough ball into flat tray where it presses the roti to desired thickness and then the uncooked disc is pushed into inbuilt heated tray/griddle where the roti is cooked and puffed. The perfectly round, puffed and cooked first roti is pushed out in 90 seconds and next ones in 60 seconds like a factory assembly line! 

3. How many rotis can Rotimatic make in one go?

Rotimatic can make as many rotis as you like non-stop. The machine allows you to choose up to 20 rotis in a single go and if you need to make more than 20 rotis, you can always top it up with a touch of a button. The flour and the water container has the capacity to make 13-14 rotis continuously, and the machine will notify you to top-up the ingredients when it runs low. 

After the first roti, which takes about 90 seconds to cook from measuring the ingredients, mixing them to make dough, to roll it into dough ball, pressing it into flat disc, roasting and puffing the roti to pushing the puffed roti out. The entire step is repeated for the next roti and the rotis are cooked sequentially. Having said that, the Rotimatic is a multitasking machine where the dough is pressed and cooked while the next dough is kneaded reducing the overall cooking time for the next roti to about 60 seconds as compared to the very first one.

Kneading parts that needs cleaning after every use

Flour, water and oil containers that needs cleaning once a week or so

4. Size and weight of Rotimatic?

Rotimatic weights about 20 kgs and measures 40cm (width) x 40cm (length) x 32 cm (height). Overall, it is the size of a medium-sized microwave.

5. What material is used in Rotimatic and are they safe?

The machine is made of safe plastic materials designed towards FDA compliance. The metal tray or the griddle is made of Teflon or as the makers call Greblon.

6. What is included in a package?

Apart from the machine, Rotimatic comes with containers for flour, water and oil, cleaning brushes, and three-piece kneading parts. The package also contains additional spare containers for flour, water and oil as well as kneading parts and a user manual explaining how to set up, use and clean the Rotimatic along with useful recipe cards.

7. How easy it is to clean the Rotimatic?

It is quite fuss free when it comes to cleaning as Rotimatic is designed in such a way to keep cleaning as easy as possible. There are two types of cleaning involved, one is ‘Daily cleaning’, where only 2 small parts which come in contact with the wet dough needs cleaning after each use. They are dishwasher-safe and easily accessible via the side door. Second is the ‘Weekly Cleaning’ which includes cleaning storage (flour, water and oil) containers, flour dispensing tunnel, front door, pan area, behind Kicker and Sweeper. Over all it takes about 2-3 minutes for ‘Daily Cleaning’ and 6-8 minutes for ‘Weekly Cleaning’.

Atta/Flour choices

8. What is the voltage and power consumption?

The power consumption of Rotimatic is about the same as a large microwave oven.
Power consumption: 1.6kW – 1.8kW
Voltage for USA, Canada model: 110V
Voltage for UK, Singapore model: 220V

9. What is the size of rotis made in Rotimatic?

The rotis approximately measures about 7 inches in diameter and is little thicker than the handmade rotis, even if you choose the thinnest roti setting, with pockets as every roti is nicely puffed.

10. Can we use any flours/atta or is it limited to certain brands and types of flours?

Currently Rotimatic works best with whole wheat and multigrain flour/atta from well-known brands like Pillsbury, Aashirwad and Sujata. The Rotimatic allows you to view and select your preferred flour type. The team are working on adding new flour types through regular software upgrades. There are some owners of Rotimatic who have successfully tried gluten free atta, mixing a combination of gluten free flours with whole wheat flour to make rotis. Rotimatic team are working tirelessly to test different flours which means the corn tortillas, gluten free rotis may make an appearance on your dining table in future! The potential of Rotimatic is just unlimited.

11. Is it just limited to rotis?

I was under the impression that Rotimatic was designed to make just rotis! How wrong I was and I was pleasantly surprised to know that Rotimatic is not just for rotis. After a couple of tries to get the perfect rotis that my family likes, I ventured into making masala rotis by adding an assorted spice mix along with the wheat flour, palak or spinach roti by adding spinach in powdered form, multigrain roti by adding a mixture of different kinds of flours along with whole wheat flour and beetroot rotis by adding organic beetroot powder. The Rotimatic rolls out dough discs for pizza base which you can top it with your favourite pizza toppings and bake it in an oven. Recently, the fantastic tech team have rolled out an option to make poori by pressing out the perfectly round discs to be deep fried and have plans to roll out options to make tortillas, gluten free rotis in future through software upgrades. There is a dedicated Facebook public group of Rotimatic owners who have been sharing some amazing and innovate recipes of rotis made using Rotimatic.

Rotis before cooking/roasting

Round, perfectly puffed and roasted roti

12. Does it make home style rotis and do they taste good?

It is a bit tricky question as everyone has their own measure to gauge their preference or likes. I am not an expert when it comes to making perfectly round and puffed rotis and for me Rotimatic exceeds my expectation when it comes to the shape and the way it makes fully puffed rotis every single time. So, to answer the above question, yes, Rotimatic makes home style rotis in terms of shape and the rotis do taste good, but not same as the one which is cooked directly on exposed flame with its distinct smoky flavour.

13. Are the rotis made from Rotimatic thin and soft?

Unlike handmade phulkas with 2 layers, rotis from Rotimatic have 3 layers and are not as thin as handmade Gujarati phulkas even at the lowest setting, but it is thin enough to satisfy most people. And it is definitely not as thick as Parathas as some think!

I find the fresh rotis that come out of machine are little crispy for my taste. So, I cover them with a kitchen towel or put them in hot box and within a minute, the rotis turn super soft. On many occasions, I have found the leftover rotis from previous night remain soft to be had for lunch if covered well in a casserole or air tight box which is pretty amazing. I turn on the Rotimatic while preparing the breakfast and the fresh rotis are packed for my lil boy’s school lunch box. Most days the rotis are used as covering for veggie wraps or in jam rolls and the fact that empty lunch box comes home is proof enough to say how good they taste even after 3-4 hours!

14. The edges appear uncooked. Do the rotis come out well cooked?

The rotis are perfectly cooked on both sides including the edges. The rotis are soft, not rubbery or chewy and are easy to pull apart with two fingers. There are 4 thickness and 4 roast levels to choose from to suit your taste.

15. Does it always make a round and puffed rotis?

Just the way we learn to make better rotis by practice, so does Rotimatic which is a smart machine embedded with cognitive computing ability that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to sense, learn and evolve with each use, making each roti better than the one before. There are times when the dough is not perfectly kneaded or rolled, and the machine instantly notifies us to remove the imperfect dough ball from the side door. There were also instances when the roti was not round or uncooked or half cooked and one occasion when the flattened disc got stuck to the tray. With my experience of using the machine for more than 6 weeks, these instances were far and few in between measuring to approximately 2% - 3% failure rate.

Cleaning brushes

16. Is it noisy?

One of the drawbacks of Rotimatic is the noise it makes when the machine is on. The maximum noise is generated when it kneads the dough and the noise can be off-putting to some. If you use an Indian style mixer grinder, then that’s is similar noise level of Rotimatic.

17. What is the cost of Rotimatic?

The retail price of Rotimatic is 999 USD excluding local taxes and logistics. You can buy it in 3 equal monthly installments and Rotimatic will be shipped after third EMI is paid. However, thanks to team Rotimatic who are giving exclusive US $75 discount to the readers of Monsoon Spice. Order via https://rotimatic.com/order-priority-uk-monsoonspice to get US $75 discount as well as skip the waiting list and get into a priority order.

18. How and where can I buy Rotimatic?

Rotimatic is available for order only via their official website https://rotimatic.com and currently is available for the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australian postal address only. After the machine comes to your house and if you are not happy with the Rotimatic experience, you can return it within 30 days. They’ll refund the full retail price. No questions asked. Please be aware that Rotimatic.com is the authorised retail channel for Rotimatic and there are no third party distributors. 

Good news for the readers of Monsoon Spice who can skip the waiting list and get into a priority order with a discount of US $75  when you order via https://rotimatic.com/order-priority-uk-monsoonspice

19. How long is the warranty?

Each Rotimatic comes with a free 1-year limited warranty valid in the country where your machine was purchased to support you in case of breakage related to regular use. After your 1-year warranty period, you can purchase extended warranty from warranty page.

20. Is there a support or after sale team?

Yes. They have chat support available 24/7 via the Rotimatic App (iOS and Android compatible). Rotimatic tech support team can remotely connect to your machine to troubleshoot and send software fixes via the cloud.

Masala rotis made by Rotimatic

Regular, plain rotis made by Rotimatic

21. Is it worth the high price?

Priced at US $999 (excluding shipping cost and tax), Rotimatic is not cheap and would probably be the priciest kitchen gadget. Having said that, this IoT enabled (internet of things) gadget is really like a 3D printer for flatbreads. For those who make roti are aware of time, effort, energy and practice one needs to measure, knead, roll and cook the dough into fresh hot rotis and getting that perfectly round, puffed and soft rotis every time is both art and science. The Rotimatic’s genius kicks in with an automated micro-controller running 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 parts like clockwork cooking that round, soft and puffed up rotis every minute with a touch of a button. If you consider time is money, then Rotimatic is worth every penny. Also, the company claims that for an average family of 4, Rotimatic pays for itself within 6 months and continues to save more as it encourages less restaurant, take-away meals which I think is true. We haven’t ordered a takeaway or bought frozen rotis ever since Rotimatic came into our lives! 

With my engineering background, I find this robotic kitchen appliance quite fascinating. I feel it is worth the high price label as this smart machine is WiFi enabled and can be connected via its own app. The Rotimatic uses AI (artificial intelligence) machine learning algorithms to make each roti better than the one before. If you aren’t wowed already, then get this, just like your smart phone, troubleshooting and software upgrades for the Rotimatic can be done remotely. The team is working tirelessly on software upgrades that will unlock ways of customising flatbreads, enable users to control Rotimatic through the app and download different recipes from the cloud. Eventually, rotis made with other flour combinations like maize, millet, soy, sorghum, oat, and other gluten-free flours will become a possibility with just a touch of a button.

Above all, Rotimatic aims to make healthy eating easier. There are no preservatives, bad fat, microwaves or emulsifiers involved in the roti-making process which means the rotis from Rotimatic is as healthy, if not more, as the handmade rotis and way better than the frozen or store bought rotis taste wise and health wise.

22. I am a pro at making rotis? Do you still recommend Rotimatic?

The answer is yes and no as it entirely depends on individual needs! 

YES, even if you are a pro at making rotis, but lead a busy life as Rotimatic will save at least 30 to 45 minutes of your precious time every day. 

NO, if you enjoy making rotis, kneading, rolling and cooking rotis is your stress buster or do not see it as a chore, then Rotimatic is not for you.

23. Areas of improvement?

  • Rotimatic is quite heavy weighing at 20 kgs and thus, making it difficult to move from one place to another. Apart from weight, its large foot print demands a dedicated space on the kitchen counter (as big as a medium sized microwave). If you have a small kitchen with limited counter space, then it might pose a problem. 
  • Rotimatic is quite noisy and the noise level is equal to sturdy mixer grinder and imagine it running continuously for 20-30 minutes when making rotis for a family of 3 or 4. 
  • It has a plastic body and I find the side door bit flimsy compared to other parts of the machine. The kneading parts are also made plastic which means more wear and tear.
  • Although the flour inlet can be easily cleaned with the cleaning brush provided, there is no way to clean the water inlet pipe which I am worried that it may develop mould in a longer run making it a health risk.
  • It takes around 30 minutes to cool down once it finishes cooking the rotis and it needs to be plugged in all the while during this process. Like other day when I made 30 rotis for potluck party in the last minute and had to leave home in rush, I had to leave the machine plugged in as it was just halfway through its cooling process.
  • And finally, the cost! Priced at US $999 excluding shipping cost and taxes, it is a big investment for many. I hope the prices will be much more affordable in the future making it pocket friendly for those who wish to make Rotimatic part of their life but are put off by the high price.

24. Summary:

  • Pros: Ease of use, easy to clean, future-proof with cloud technology, software updates and troubleshooting via App, delivers on its promise of fresh hot rotis per minute.
  • Cons: Cost, size and weight, noise.
  • Rating: 7.5/10 as the cost, noise and thickness of rotis even at lowest setting are the reasons for lost points.
All in all, Rotimatic is a fantastic addition to my kitchen and has been popping out fresh, hot rotis at least 5 days a week, twice a day! My husband is a good cook but his roti making skill is non-existing. So Rotimatic is a life saver for someone like him who loves roti but can’t cook it from scratch and for someone like me, who loves it but find it bite challenging to cook on most days. When I was away in India for a month, my husband was heavily dependent on frozen rotis from supermarket and I know for fact that he is not a big fan of them. But now with Rotimatic in our lives, making fresh, healthy, hot and soft rotis is going to be a piece of cake. Personally, I feel Rotimatic’s versatility is well worth the price and it is ideal for those who lead a busy life and could do with any extra help they need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I hope I have covered all your queries in this review post and if not, please feel free to drop your queries below in comments. Also, remember that you can jump and order Rotimatic directly without signing up on the wait list plus receive a discount of US $75 if you order via the priority link via https://rotimatic.com/order-priority-uk-monsoonspice!

Disclosure: I received this product for review from Zimplistic. All opinions expressed are my own and unbiased based on my experience of extensive testing the product.

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