27 November, 2008

Angry, Sad, Horrified yet Hopeful...

At the terrible happenings in Mumbai.

When will it all come to an end!
Helplines: Help Mumbai

Hotels(Via Twitter):
Taj: 022-66574322, 022-66574372, 1800 111 825
Trident: 022-23890606
Oberoi Hotel: 022-23890606, 022-23890505

St. George Hospital: 022-22820242
J J Hospital: 022-23735555,
Bombay Hospital: 022-22067676 (extn 216)

Blood Donations:
J J Hospital Blood Bank: 022-23739400
Cama Hospital Blood Bank : 022-22611648
St. George Hospital Direct Blood Bank: 022-22620344

Helplines for Foreigners:
Foreign Affairs: 1-613-996-8885 from Canada
From elsewhere: 1-800-387-3124

Help line number US: State Department number: 888.407.4747
Foreign Affairs: 1-613-996-8885

United Kingdom:
Forgeign Office Emergency Telephone Number: 0207 00 800 00.

Brazilian help line: +919820686143 (C)

In Mumbai: 1800 002 214
International: +61 2 6261 3305

(Source: http://vignettinglife.com/shot-through-the-heart/)

Live news streaming @ CNN/IBN
Follow Twitters: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23mumbai
Journal @ Arun's blog
List of people injured/dead: http:///mumbaihelp.blogspot.com/
More Photos: http://flickr.com/photos/vinu

P.S: Please feel free to post these details in your blog.


  1. This is exactly what i thought when i heard the news.

  2. it is terribel..have been following it on Tv..it is so scary....my prayers for all the people within the hotels...

  3. Sups!! Horrifying and so sad to see all this happening. I am at work but unable to do anything other then feeling sorry n praying it all ends very soon...

  4. I was all set for Thanksgiving last night and now in the morning, I don't have the heart to cook or enjoy. My heart is heavy. We are watching BBCA for updates, CNN hardly has a minute of Indian news!!
    Hugs to you sis, be well and pray for India.

  5. yes, its terrible. Felt so sad.. Have been watching all those videos and just cant work today..I pray for all those innocent people

  6. I cannot even think...

    Sia thanks for all the compiled details. I have copied them & added it to my post.


  7. This is terrible..feeling so angry and frustrated..wish there was some way I could channelize this to prevent such a horrible thing from happening again! Angry at the western media as well at the way they have been potraying this :( :( :(

  8. Horrible news from Mumbai,My prayers are with them.

  9. Horrifying! It brings tears to my eyes.

  10. Thanks for information, it is so disturbing.

  11. Scary and shocking, prayers to those families who lost their loved ones!

  12. very useful info dear....we just can pray and hope as you said.I am kinda still in shock! many of my relatives are thr in mumbai and it really hurts!

  13. Same here Sia. It's horrifying.

  14. It was heartbreaking to see Mumbai burn. At least now the government should wake up and take strong action to secure India. My deepest condolences to families of peoples who suffered the horrendous ordeal.

  15. Prayers for everyone there and all their loved ones who are worried. There is such ugliness in this world.


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