21 July, 2007

Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti & Spiced Butter Milk

Well, well… I never knew my blogger friends had patience to read my bragging all these days until I was tagged for 7 & 8 Random Facts MeMe by Bee, Arundathi, Richa and Priyanka. Thanks ladies for tagging me :) Initially I thought all I have been doing these days were talk about my memories, me and everyone who is connected to my life in one way or the other. Looks like you smart people want me to talk more about myself and talking is what I am exactly gonna do ~smiles wickedly~ Don’t blame me if you fall asleep in middle and start to have second thoughts as why you asked me to write this MeMe. I am just a simple human being who is fulfilling my friend’s wish ;) Those who are not interested in reading all this bragging can scroll down (a lot) and read the delicious Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti and Spiced Butter Milk. Those who still want to test their patience level are welcome to read my 8 Random Facts about me, me and only me :)

1. For the first few months of our married life, Krish and I both survived with just 2 ancient vessels to cook and 2 mismatching plates from his student life. Along with those two vessels and plates we were the proud owners of few mismatching coffee mugs and an ancient gas burner and refrigerator which made enough ice in freezer to cover our backyard. It was after few months we received a big parcel from India which contained a pressure cooker and mixer grinder along with full batch of different masalas and pickle jars and a cook book. Thinking about those days and looking at our over flowing kitchen cabinets with different gadgets and cooking ingredients I don’t know how we managed to cook and survive all those days.

2. First dish I ever cooked was Gobi Manchurian when I was in my early teens. I remember coming home after school and had serious craving for Gobi Manchurian. Mom was not at home and I had no clue as what goes into the recipe. Just going with my instincts I mixed some ingredients and voila!!! It was ready within half an hour. Although it was not the proper recipe for making Manchurian it did taste very close to Manchurian. After my first venture and adventure I started cooking Indo-Chinese once in blue moon without necessarily following any recipe or instructions. Even today I am not sure if my family loved eating what I cooked or ‘pretended’ to eat ;)

3. From my early teens to till I got married I lived in hostel and hardly entered kitchen during my semester holidays. I didn’t know the difference between one dal to other when I came here after marriage. I remember using toor dal instead of channa dal for tempering/tadka and using masoor dal in place of toor dal. According to me cooking was not a big deal and all I needed was to chop few onions and tomatoes and cook some vegetable with ginger-garlic paste and garam masala for any north Indian food and cook few chunks of vegetables with dal and sambar/rasam powder and season it with mustard curry leaves tempering for south Indian food. I give all credits to 3 important people in my life, my Amma, Atte and Krish, who made me realise cooking is not just a chore but an art. It was my husband who taught me to cook sambar and rasam and then slowly I picked up some basic recipes from my MIL and Amma. They were my 24X7 helpline for the 1st few months (even now) and thanks to them now I have found whole new meaning and respect to cooking.

4. Spice Corner was born out of my boredom and home sickness. Although I had another general blog where I used to pen down all my rants I thought of having another blog to jot down all the recipes given by my Amma and Atte. It was easier to write down the recipe in blog than in a piece of paper which I would keep some where and loose. It was much later when I realised there are whole bunch of food blogs in blog-sphere while googling for few recipes. First blog I stumbled was Anita’s My Treasure and My Pleasure and since then it’s history. I never ever thought of making friends in this cyber space and even today I feel I am still dreaming. For a person who usually gets bored of everything after some period and loves change, I have surprised myself with sticking to Spice Corner all these months. Eventually I might get bored with food blogging but for now I am enjoying what I am doing.

5. Unlike my Amma and MIL who have beautiful garden, I don’t have green thumb. Last year was the first time I tried my hand in vegetable gardening and it was a complete disaster. It was our first gardening experience and we did what most people do, ignore the instructions in seeds pack. We did get few crops of carrots, tomatoes but I didn’t have a heart to cook them after watching them grow everyday. This year we started our very ambitious vegetable gardening but unfortunately weather seems to be not on our side. Will wait and see what happens in the coming year.

6. I am a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic Classical singer. I started my classical dance training when I was just 6 years old and continued it till I joined my degree class. After that I kind of completely lost touch with it. During my school and college days there was not a single annual day where I did not perform on stage. I loved the lights, stage, music and performing in front of hundreds of people. I do regret sometimes for not continuing my passion for dance. Now I do different kind of performance, giving presentations and seminars ;)

7. I am a hoarder. I can’t stop buying things for kitchen and home. Every time we go out for shopping I end up buying few more kilos of rice or dals or pickles or any such things which I can hoard for months. With the items we have in our pantry we can survive for 2 months without spending a penny on any items. My hoarding issue doesn’t limit to cooking items. I still have got big box filled with the entire greeting cards I received from family and friends on special occasions and all the letters from my parents and friends I collected till date. I treasure each and every small item which for me is the most precious things than any expensive metals or stones. I can’t let things go so easily and like Bee pointed I still have many single earing whose pair is lost some where, long time ago;)

8. I am a big movie buff. I can watch even the most boring movie till ‘The End’ sign pops up on the screen. Same thing applies when it comes to reading. Once I start reading a book I will make it a point to finish it in one sit even if the author bores me to death. I don’t understand my obsession with finishing any thing which I have started and may be that’s the reason I have read hundreds of M&B’s in spite of same kind of stories and very predictable ‘they lived happily ever after’ endings. Back in my school days I remember reading comics and story books hidden in between text books during class hours. I love to watch cartoons and at any given chance, I prefer animated movies to dishum-dishum violent types. I guess my kid will be the luckiest one because I am the happiest kid when I am watching my favourite Tom and Jerry show or The Simpsons (I have already taken a leave from office to watch the first day first show of The Simpsons movie ;) or any cartoon shows.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8… Yayyyyy… I did it! If you are still awake after reading my almost never ending bragging let us talk about food. OK, I will not take long. So stop yawning there!

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Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti & Spiced Butter Milk

Here is my contribution to this month’s RCI-Punjab which celebrates the cuisines from different regions of India. Regional Cuisines of India is a brainchild of Lakshmi and this month it is guest hosted by our lovely Richa. Around seventy percent of the menu in most of the North Indian restaurants is from Punjab-the land of five rivers. When ever I think of Punjab I think of Bhangra (lively folk dance), legendry Punjabi Kisse (folk tales of love and honour), golden mustard fields and Punjabi food. Think about those lovely paronthes (Indian stuffed bread) smeared with desi ghee and dipped in Mah Di Dal and Sarson KA Saag. Then you have big glass of Ganne ki juice (sugarcane juice) or Lassi (sweetened Yogurt). Who can resist this kind of temptation? Not a mere mortal like me. Just the thought of food is enough to make all your senses come alive.
I went to make my all time favourite Rajma and realised I didn’t have enough Rajma to Serve four hungry people. Then ended up adding mushrooms to Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) and every one seemed quite happy with the end product as I had empty vessel and nicely licked plate to deal with. The refreshing Mint Roti with Mushroom Rajma Masala and a big glass of Spiced Butter Milk was the perfect meal to serve.

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Mushroom-Rajma Curry

Mushroom Rajma Masala
Prep Time: 15 mins (excluding soaking time)
Cooking Time: 30-40 mins
Serves: 3-4

1 canned Rajma/Red Kidney Beans or 1 cup of Rajma soaked in water overnight
2 cups Mushrooms, quartered
1 large Onion, chopped roughly
2 large Tomatoes, quartered
2 Green Chillies, slit
1 tsp Ginger Garlic Paste
½ tsp Red Chilli Powder
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
¼ tsp Coriander Powder
½ tsp Amchur(Dried Mango Powder)/Anar daana(Pomegranate Powder)
½ tbsp Garam Masala
½ tbsp Kitchen King Masala
5-6 Cashew Nuts
1 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
2-3 tbsp Coriander Leaves, chopped finely
½ + ½ tbsp Ghee/Oil
Salt to taste

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Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti

Drain the water from canned kidney beans and keep aside. If you are using a dried beans then soak them in enough water over night and pressure cook for 10 minutes or 1 whistle.
Heat ½ tbsp of ghee/oil in a pan and add chopped onion. Sauté this onion for about 3-5 minutes in a medium flame till it becomes transparent.
Now add ginger-garlic paste and sauté it for a minute or so till its raw smell is gone.
Transfer this mixture to a food processor and add tomatoes, cashew nuts, chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, amchur/anar daana powder, garam masala and kitchen king masala. Grind it to a smooth paste without adding any water and keep aside.
Heat ½ tbsp of ghee/oil in a pan and add jeera. When cumin seeds starts to sizzle and pop add mushrooms and slit green chillies. Sauté the mushrooms in a high heat for 2-3 minutes till they starts to leave little water.
Now add the ground mixture and mix well. Reduce the heat and keep stirring for about 3-4 minutes.
Add cooked or canned rajma, salt to taste, sugar and about ½ cup of water.
Simmer and cook covered for another 5 minutes till all flavours blend well stirring in between so that the gravy don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
If you feel the gravy is too thick add little more water to get the required consistency. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with roties or rice.

Now coming to my own creation…Tadaa…. Here is my Mint Roties or Chapattis, whatever you wish to call. Tasted great with Mushroom Rajma Curry with little hint of minty taste. I am happy with the way they puffed and looked. After my unsuccessful attempt at making puffed chapattis I had almost given up making them at home. Last month I got a bag of Pillsbury Atta and now I know the problem was with the Atta I used before not with the way I kneaded it. The below recipe will make around 8 good sized chapattis.

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Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti

Minty Chapattis
Prep Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Serves: 4-5

3 cups Atta/Wheat Flour (I used Pillsbury) and little more for dusting
1 tbsp Mint Paste
¾ tsp Salt
½ cup Warm Milk
Little warm Water
Ghee for smearing the surface of each chapatti

Place flour in a bowl and add salt, mint paste and milk to it and start kneading well.
Knead well for 5-6 minutes by adding little water at a time so that you get soft dough.
Leave to stand for at least 15 minutes or so and knead a little again.
Make a golf ball sized balls and roll it using rolling pin by dusting each ball with little atta so that it don’t stick to the surface.
Chapatti should be rolled from centre out so that the surface has equal thickness and usually the sides of the chapatti should be little thinner than the center. This way the chapatti nicely puffs like poories when cooked.
Place the rolled chapatti on hot griddle and turn it over when you see a few blisters on the surface. Cook the other side same way.
Pick the chapatti with tongs and transfer it on the direct flame (medium flame) or in a grill. Move it around continuously so that it doesn’t get burnt.
Transfer it to the serving plate and smear its surface with ghee which will keep them soft for long time. Serve hot chapattis with any curry of your choice.

The Punjabi meal will be incomplete without a big glass of Lassi (sweetened Yogurt) or Chas (Buttermilk). So my hubby dear was ready with a chilled Spiced Buttermilk and here is his recipe.

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Mushroom-Rajma Curry with Mint Chapatti & Spiced Butter Milk

Spiced ButterMilk
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: -
Serves: 2-3

2 cups Yogurt, little sour one is better
½ inch Ginger, grated or chopped very finely
1-2 Green Chillies, chopped very finely
2 tbsp Lime Juice
1 tbsp Coriander Leaves, finely chopped
½ tsp Salt
2 cups Cold Water

Place yogurt, salt, lemon juice, ginger and water in a food processor and whiz it for 15 seconds or so till u get a bubbled drink.
Mix in finely chopped green chillies and coriander leaves and chill it in fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving.


  1. Hey Suppi,
    That punjabi thali looks yummmmmmmmmmmy. Specially majjige I would die for a cup of chilled lassi any time...even in winter. Loved reading your me me As well. Pics sakkath baindu. Lovely presentation. Mushroom with rajma sounds interesting Suppi. Gottu try this combo.

  2. My mouth is truly watering at the sound and look of this. Golly what a great dish!

  3. WHOA!!!!! At last,your post is longer than mine.You have lost the right to say mine is long now! HAHAHA!!!
    Girl got the some tiiime to write the whole life story today!:))
    Great reading that and I am surprised to learn you were a dancer.Pity you didn't keep up.I learnt Bharatha Natyam for 3 yrs,I was too boyish.Teacher kicked me out!:D
    Rajma meal looks wonderful,great entry.Chapatis are yum.I see the yellow tinge back again!;D
    Have a great weekend.Trish is taking some driving lessons this weekend,time for driving license and a car!!:)

  4. Thanks for the birthday wish...My Treasure My Pleasure was the first Indian food blog I stumbled across...interesting, the food looks good!

  5. @seema,
    thanks cheemu:) he he...i knew u will fall for majjige;) remember those days where we would gulp liters of majjige in ajji's mane??? mushroom and rajma goes very well, try maadi nodu.

    want me to parcel some meeta? :)

    he he he... my one post is nothing compared to ur 102 posts ashakka;)
    i took 4 days to finish this meme. wrote it in between breaks;)
    LOL @dance teacher kicking u out of class:)
    wow...that will give u little more time to blog and blog-hop;) good luck to trisha:) have a wonderful weekend ashakka n hugs to u:)

  6. Cool! Lovely combo, this Rajma and mushroom and with mint rotis, its sure to please!

    Fantastic meme. Gobi Manchurian is a good thing to start with-prodigal signs of the great stuff that happens at Spice Corner :).

  7. hey that was a great meme to read. you are a dancer!! man thats great.
    I loved the look of that rajma curry. yummy pics and great entry.

  8. Sia,

    Well to be honest I just scrolled to meme part and yet did not read your recipe.

    Classical dancer hah!! one thing I truly missed in life is learning dance, I used to bleed from my nose when I danced so had to stop.
    Ditto ditto on MB's and simpsons.
    My grandfather always worried that I am becoming "spoilt" by reading these english books, it was fun to read hiding in text books

  9. I have just discovered your blog and really like it...thanks!
    I liked your post - learning about how you got started. So much of it sounds so familiar..the two vessels during student life, blogs out of boredom etc .. :)
    Rajma-mushroom sounds delicious!

  10. Mmmmm...so yummy! I can't believe this, I just had lunch and now I am hungry again! :)
    Enjoyed reading about you...I also collect all the greeting cards and letters I have received over the years.

  11. Oooohhh... that punjabi spread is so delish !!!

    I can relate to your getting-bored of-anything-in-life-soon thingy :) Your meme was soo fun to read :) :)


  12. now post that gobi manchurian recipe, will ya? enjoyed reading your meme.

    so what else do you hoard? a single earring for which you lost the pair? c'mon, tell us everything.

  13. so nice knowing more about you, sweetie :)i too love to collect kitchen items, be it mixer/grinders, bowls or loads of grocery heh!heh!
    rajma mushroom looks delicous, fantastic thick gravy!
    thanks for this lovely entry.

  14. @messo,
    oh wow! thats very interesting coincidence:)

    he he he... never thought i will be cooking forget about blogging when i made manchurian for the first time;)

    u know what? i am still thinking abt ur delicious punjabi spread and girl, i cant take my mind off from that pindi channa:)

  15. @sreelu,
    i got to give u an award for reading my meme;)
    oh, sorry to know ur nose bled when u danced. he he...u too MB reader and simpson's fan? i cant wait to watch the movie:) just few more days...

    a warm welcome to spice corner and thank u for leaving a trail. so we have many things in common? good to know that:)

    oh girl!!! that means u didn't have proper lunch;) one more hoarder on board? he he...

  16. @mythili,
    thanks dear:) i get bored of things very soon and always look out for some action and adventure:) some how donno how i am stuck with same blog and hubby this long;)

    i have gobi manchuri recipe in my archive lady:) but i dont think its the same recipe i tried for the 1st time;)
    LOL...how did u guess that???? wait!!! we both have same sign sign...aha... so ma'am even u do the same???? LOL...

    oh wow!!! now i have so many 'hoarder' friends;) i am glad to know u liked my entry:) good luck with the round up, i just cant wait to see it:) hugs to u too sweetie.

  17. Lovely thali Supriya...
    Nice to know abt u thru ur meme.
    Giving presentation and seminars, bharthnatyam dancer, singer, and to top it a wonderful cook and food blogger.... U are a super girl Sia.

  18. The punjabi thali looks awesome. Rajma ki sabji, mint roti and buttermilk. Just feel like eating it now wow......yummy. Gotto try this combo. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing the receipe

  19. wow...what a fantastc meal...look there is no getting away from it...you have to invite me for dinner...or maybe i will just turn up...~grin~...you have started this craving in me now...i have to have this meal...wonderful ben...great meme too..enjoyed reading it...hey your posts are never too long...~grin~...take care...

  20. came here for mint chapati
    sure looks delicious
    vl try it sometime

  21. Lovely knowing more about you Sia, don't worry the garden not growing leaps and bounds has nothing to do with you, it is your moody London weather. Rajma curry looks creamy and smooth ahaha it is the Cashews. Buttermilk just the drink for this weather.

  22. Sups you are such a talented girl and also a gr8 cook. You cooked manchurian without any clue how to make it, WoW!! You are a born chef ;)
    It was nice to read about you.Even I love hoarding things in the pantry and I love changes too.
    The combo of parantha rajma curry and lassi is too good and looks very tasty:)This is a nice entry :)
    Presentation is superb!!

  23. Good to read the 8 random thoughts about you and know you a little more better. It was really interesting to read it.
    Rajma with mushroom is new combo for me. must be def delicious.

  24. Enjoyed reading your meme, Sia. I didn't know which green leafy vegetable was which till I started cooking after marriage, and I still get confused between toor and channa dal.
    Your curry and chapatis are making me hungry, and it's only 10.30 in the morning.
    Please don't get bored with blogging!

  25. Sia, as usual nice write up and nice recipes. Its tempting to come home for this. Viji

  26. HEhehe!!! nice MeMe!!!!
    A dancer and a singer! wow.. I got.. kicked out of my dance class...I was too rowdy for them!

  27. Hey Supriya, I can see some similarities between you and me - The dance, reading books, etc :) But it ends right when you mixed rajam and mushrooms!! Grrr....how could you spoil the rajma ;)

  28. Hi Sia, It was nice to know that you were a dancer. I had that desire to learn dance instead mom sent me to music classes. :( Well few months later I started to fall in love with my music too. Lovely dishes, majjige looks very refreshing. As always pics are wonderful.

  29. hey Sia nice MEME and a great set of recipes.. oorina functiona majjige niru nenapatu.. i never used to like mashroom before till i tatsed mashroom manchoori. now i love them. shud try this. Great presentation.. keep bloging..

  30. Yummy yummy and taste taste....Great Punjabi dish.:)
    Very nice photo you capture.
    Nice to read about you....Great writing....I also love the Tom and Jerry and Bob the builder cartoon shows.:)

  31. wow at last the meme, punjabi thali yummy kandtu. enmanelu pantry 2 months bekago samanu irthu. 3) it was sme for me too :) 5) endu hagene
    bharatynatayam and classical singing hmm i too learned for few yrs.nice gal :) the curry and chapatii look yum ! ok see yah!:) hugs and have a great weekend :)

  32. WOW , classical singer and dancer I started admiring u Sup's:). Lovely dishes.Especially Mushroom and rajma curry.

  33. You only survived with two vessles! Are you sure! IT was nice nowing you thru it Sia. :)

    And that spread looks awesome.... Mint chapati sounds great... and easy to make as well. :)

  34. Sup Sup Sup, loved reading your meme darling... Memes are more interesting than recipes :D

    So u are a dancer... good to know :)... And when it comes to getting bored with things, I am in the same boat... blogging is the first hobby I've kept up for so long :)... And I am right there with you on cartoons too... love animations as much as dishum-dishum movies... :)...

  35. @prema,
    oh stop it girl:) u r making me blush.

    thanks girl:) do u want me to parcel some? :)

    @dilip bhai,
    oh yes:) u r always welcome to our home:)
    he he...dont blame me for all those food cravings u get:) i love to see the beautiful delicious food u cook whenever u have serious cravings:)
    thank you....i guess u r the only one who thinks my posts r not loooooong;) he he he...

  36. @anusha,
    its not much of a work at all. just add little mint paste to usual chapatti ingredients. it gives that refreshing taste.

    awww... u r such a sweetheart:) thanks for motivating me indo. we r having flood warning in the middle of summer!!! :(

    LOL...i am not sure if i deserve all those complimets u r showering darling:) i am not a gr8 cook from any angle, its just i am lucky to inherit cooking genes from my mom:)

  37. @pravs,
    i dont think i am a closed book any more;) this blog is becoming more of a daily diary to me now:) glad to know u enjoyed my boring meme girl:) i must thank u for reading it;) he he...

    he he he... even me, i too get confused with toor n channa dal;) but yeah, i guess to some(!!!) extent i have surprised myself with cooing;)
    well, i am not thinking of stopping this blog in near future but promise me u will not stop posting in ur blog. i always love to read ur posts :)

    i will be the lucky one to have u here viji dear:) u can teach me all ur delicious jam recipes in detail;) so its a deal???

  38. @manasi,
    he he he... u sound exactly like my sister;) she was the tomboy in our family and in school and always waa upto something or the other:)

    u r almost my soulmate except for mushroom thing;) LOL... girl, i love this vegetable and once in every forthnight we make mushroom curry;) try this for ur hubby dear:)

    oh!!! u r a classical singer? thats good to know:)
    majjige is always refreshing drink for me. i can drink it in litres without ever getting bored;)

  39. @sushma,
    aha!!! orrina majjige neeru is the best:) the one which is churned and all butter removed. i am seriously salivating now thinking abt it:)
    mushroom is my fav vegetable and i cook this very often. love manchuri also...yum...

    than u my dear:) ur perfect aloo ke parate is still fresh in my mind:) so u too r a cartoon freak??

    i still remember ur chinese spinach (basale) picture:) u surely have green thumb my dear:)
    hugs to u too and have a gr8 weekend:)

  40. @shivapriya,
    thank u dear and i too admire u all girls:)

    oh yes...just 2 vessels for first few months and now dont ask me how coz i wont be able to answe that question;)
    its just a normal chapatti with little mint paste in it;) thats all...

    so u want me to write more MeMe's n stop posting recipes?;) he he he..
    i am very restless person and always want some change in life.
    he he... i am not very fond of dishum-dishum movies but can watch cartoons at wee hours also;)

  41. What a rich spread along with an interested read :) (am still awake).
    Excellent photography too.

  42. looooong post but i read thru it! i am hoarder too and have more stuff in my pantry than i need..nice meme.

  43. Hi Sups,

    It was intersting to know more about you...hey ...so you are a classical dancer&singer..gr8..don;t stop keep practicing..becoz not everyone are gifted with that.

    I wonder how you people managed with 2 vessels...more than that which wondered was you finished cooking north&south Indian with just 3 words..amazing chef:)))

    Ofcourse....for the one who feels boredom..blog has created wonderful place and friends to share their feelings...

    I think my comments is going long than your post...let me stop for now...Mushroom&rajma curry looks rich and delicious..hmm yummy lassi...love to have for this hot days.

  44. thats the longest meme I ve read so far :) yes, u re a talker for sure :)
    Spiced butter milk is something I would wish for now...as my tummy is so full , and i am dying for something light like that :)


  45. I thought you're an icecream junkie. How come then you haven't read my watermelon icecream post yet?? :) [Nice way to advertise my new post, na???} Hahaha :)))

  46. What a wholesome meal. Mint chapatis..mmmmmm!

  47. Loved reading your Meme Sia. Glad to know some more of you. The Rajma and mint parathas look very mouthwatering. nice pics.

  48. Hey gal, those chapattis look so professional!! Wow! :) Are you able to find pomegranate powder easily over there?

    Your no. 5 made me laugh, and it's a relief, seeing all other bloggers out there with their beautiful vegetable patches, to find one like me who is hopeless with plants! :)

    Ad for no. 8, I was like that, too, for a very long time, but now I'm just too impatient and do have a few half-read books lying around! What have you watched of late? I watched Nehlle pe Dehlla last night, it's so funny! :)

  49. Lovely post Sia. Both Meme and the recipe :) Am glad you started blogging :)

  50. nice to read abt you sia, I will try the rajma mushroom curry cos Im going thru a rajma phase now.. :)

  51. Hi,
    Firt time I am commenting...but many times, have visited your blog for your nice words and recipes...
    You have written nicely about yourself and it just never got me bored...It was nice to know about you..
    Rajma looks delicious...Need to try it out.

  52. The mushroom-rajma is looking so very delicious... The whole platter looks so yummy!!!

  53. @seeC,
    he he he..thats really good to know that my meme didn't put u to sleep;)

    i did warn u that my meme is gonna be longer than my usual bragging;) i am meeting many hoarders here:) guess we should start our own coomunity;)

    thanks usha. i do feel quite guilty for not continuing with my dance and music pratice.
    u r very true girl abt blogging:) or else how would i have met all u wonderful people here in blogsphere?

  54. @mishy,
    he he... dont we love to talk?;)
    just read ur post on mid-eastern cuisine. enjoyed it a lot:)

    what??? u have watermelon icecream recipe??? let me check...

    thank u lady:)

  55. @priyanka,
    thanks for tagging girl. i enjoyed writing it:) took full advantage;)

    talk abt chapattis. till i got a bag of pillsbury's atta i used to think i am not good at making them. now everything has changed:)
    yeah, we get anardana in most of the asian grocery shops. on serious notes, do u want me to parcel some??? just drop a line n let me know.
    ah!!!i have some company when it comes to gardeining then:) yayyyyy...
    we watched some old amol palekar n utpal dutt's movies like golmaal, kissi se ne kehna(farook shaikh). and also sunil dutt's padosan. we had gr8 time:) will look out for nehle pe dehella. is this the one with saif ali khan?

    thanks girl:) n talking abt blogging i am glad that u started blogging:)

  56. @dee,
    thanks my dear:) do let me know when u give it a try:)

    thank u for coming out of anonymity n leaving a line:) i really appreciate that.

    thank u girl:)

  57. Hey Sups,
    Good to know more about you. Wow you are both a trained dancer and a Carnatic Singer !!! Such an achievement. I ran away from my dance school the very first day and now I repent. My daughter wants to learn dance though, thinking I will start her this fall.
    Your Punju Thali looks great

  58. WOw u are a dancer??that is great.one stuff i wanted to learn in my childhood days.But couldn't do it.Now i am thinking to let my daughter learn it.

    The perfect drink for a summer time(spiced buttermilk).the color of the curry is great.

  59. As usual loved your blog and recipes...

  60. Lovey recipes and pictures..... I am hungry now......Excellent feast...

  61. Sia, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :-)

    your meme gave some insight into you, and it was good to know you before checking the recipies. Looks like there's a punjabi festival going on in the foodblogworld - every blog I have visited in last couple of days has featured Punjabi cuisine and I just love it.
    Never tried the rajma-mushroom combination before !

  62. Hey Sia.. Wonderful presentation and an amazing MEME.. Oh please.. Don't tell me you are a collector of single earrings too. I thought I was the weird one. Looks like I am not alone. Rajma Mushroom curry looks awesome. Gonna try that one soon.

  63. hey sia...thats a very lovely meme...the way you said you might make us sleep...nay was wondering why you stopped....haha...good to know that you were a avid M&B reader along with cartoons...found a true friend....I have collected so many M&Bs...my husband was surprised to see so many...and of course the dish has come out very perfect...good


  64. Did I comment? Or did I??

    Great post :-)

  65. @sandeepa,
    he he...i am not sure if i have achieve something yet san. i am waiting for that day:)
    oh!! so little S likes to dance? thats chooo chweet:) i am sure she will enjoy dance lessons:)

    aha:) i am really glad to know that ur little one is gonna learn classical dance:) i always enjoyed my classes n its nice to know that people living in abroad are still interested to learn their traditional art forms:)

    thanks lady:)

  66. @sukanya,
    thank u dear:)

    thanks u my dear:) just saw ishita's b'day pics. she looks adorable:)
    this month we r celebrating punjabi cuisine for regional cuisines of india. check the top nav bar for blog events and findout more details abt blog events if u r interested in participating. all these events r for fun and u can also cook something based on monthly theme n contribute:) if u need any more info just drop me a line:)

  67. @meena,
    he he he...so u too belong to weird gang who still keep single earings?;) good to know that:) have u been tagged for this meme? if not i would like to tag u:) common, let us know little secrets of urs;)

    LOL...u really read my meme??
    another MB reader? u know what? there r many guys who read M&B but will not admit in open;)

    thank u lady:)

  68. Hi Supriya, so happy to read your meme and get to know all about you -- does not surprise me you are a lover of the arts! :)

    Mushroom and rajma with the soft minty chapati must taste so good! Buttermilk sounds great too; kitchen talent runs in the family there!

  69. Sakathagide photosu, abba recipe nodtha idre thakshana try madbeku ansutte. Anyway Sups, are you from Kumaran's school by any chance? I think I may know you that is why. If not, never mind.

  70. @sia
    Loved your meme. Gobi manchurian as a first timer is quite ambitious. My first lauki ki subzi was a complete disaster:) I too have trined in bharatanatyam and carnatic music. My music teacher said it would take me 40 years to learn what others take 4 years:) I stick to my bathroom concerts now. I miss dancing too.

    Punjabi menu is yum yum yum. I have to try your mushroom rajma. Thanks for this wonderful post!

  71. Hi Sia it was fun reading your meme!
    Great food too! Mouthwatering!

  72. Why not Sia? Its my pleasure. Viji

  73. Haha Sups, it must be about 12 pm there now isn't it? guess what I did with left over rongi...I'll post that next.

  74. @linda,
    thanks my dear:) after reading ur comments, i cant feel my leg touching the ground;)

    he he... nimma comment oduvaaga nange karnatakadalli vapas banda haage agatte:)
    nope, i am not from kumarna's school:)

    LOL @bathroom concert. that was too funny and i too am sticking with the same;)

  75. @neelam,
    thank u and a warm wlecome to spice corner dear:)

    yayyyyyyyy... thats gr8:) fix some dates viji dear:)

    grrrrrrrrrr... u r not helping me girl:) cant wait to see what u gonna post:)

  76. hey sia.. I spammed the comment u put on my blog... apologize for the mistake. I put it up again

  77. wow!!!
    Yummy reciepy..I am going to rty this sunday only..
    And will surely tell you if i can able to make it or not..
    but, i dont like Lassi..So i can skip that..
    But going to try the other too..

    will keep visisting for more such yummy and delicious reciepies..

    Take care

  78. Sia, how is the weather there now, heard that were floods and a bunch of flights were cancelled. Stay Dry.

  79. @dee,
    dont worry abt it dear:) it happens with most of us:)

    thats gr8, do let me know how it goes:)

    that very thoughtful gesture indo. yeah, there is severe flood warning in nearby places where we live. we r in little safer area. :)

  80. Loved reading about you. I love the smell of mint. Those chapattis must have tasted delicious with the curry.
    I love majjige any time.

  81. Gosh, this looks totally heavenly. The mushroom rajma is a new one, and I like the idea! And mint chapathi's sound really really good.

    Wow! You guys must have really enjoyed this meal!


  82. @suma & kanch,
    thanks ladies:) we did enjoy this meal a lot:)

  83. Hi Sia....The Rajma looks great and so is the mint roti....:-)
    By the way...I like your containers a lot......Cute ones dear :-)

  84. Hi Sia,
    Hope u r doing well. I came across ur blog some time ago. I read ur blog and recipes with full of happiness. I also had dropped my commnets in Mooli-Paratha and that latest chat.(Ye Dil Mange more). But, u don't have reply me yet:(.

    BTW, I read here ur MeMe and burst into laughter readiing some lines. U can write anything very well as I am regular visitor of ur blog. I always love to.
    Thanks 4 sharing ur recipes as I'll try it one by one.
    Take care.

  85. @sirisha,
    thank you:)

    Thank you dear Sonu for ur lovely feedback. and i am glad u enjoyed reading my meme:)
    although i would like to reply to each and every comment it is simply not feasible to do so due to time constraint. i am quite busy at a moment with my office work and hence not able to visit other blogs as much as i would love to. i do make sure to reply to my comemnts when someone has any doubt with the recipe instruction or need some clarification. so sorry for not been able to reply too ur comment. but be assured of teh fact that i read through each and every comment i get carefully and i appreciate people who come by and drop a line or two as i mentioned above.
    by the way, do u have a blog? would love to visit it. take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  86. Ohhh...Sia, u took my comments very seriously that u don't have me reply me yet...etc. I was just kidding at tht time. I knw u r very busy and not able to reply every comment. Although, u always have been trying to help others with any cooking query and appriciated each and every visitor's comment. Here, I always appriciate ur efforts by all aspects.
    Well, I don't have created my own blog yet as I am a toddler in kitchen. :))) However, I definetely inform u when I wud start my blog.
    Thank you Sia.
    Have a nice weekend u too!

  87. it's look mouthwatering i'm gonna try soon i love rajma...
    love your site , it makes you want to cook!!!

  88. hi Sia,
    I've been an avid fan of your delectable blog for the past few months. I tried this rajma and mushroom curry at home today, and it turned out to be such a mouth-watering dish! hubbie dear enjoyed it very much!

  89. Hi Sia,

    thanks for this wonderful invention. now who would have thought of rajma+mushrooms. i have made it for dinner tonight with mint rotis (only minced mint). the gravy is so creamy.


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