31 July, 2007

Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita

We may live without poetry, music and art;
We may live without conscience,
and live without heart;
We may live without friends;
we may live without books;
But civilized man cannot live without cooks.
-Owen Meredith, 'Lucile’

We are living in a modern busy world. World filled with busy people, busy families, busy work life with busy routine. We have everything we need or we want at our fingertips. Tired after long busy day at office? No worries, there are hundreds of restaurants or take-a-ways right next to the door. Feel like eating watermelon for Christmas? Just fetch one from local grocery store or supermarket who has them shipped from some exotic corner of the world. Did you say you like Chinese food? No worries, just pop into airport, catch the first plane to china to eat it fresh from the kitchen in few hours. Yes, almost everything is doable in this incredible, modern world. Almost everything… With everything looking incredibly simple can we make cooking as simple as possible? I am not talking about fast food here. I am talking about delicious, tasty, healthy home cooked food packed with nutrition.
I am a through and through “foodie” by heart. Although I love to cook, spending time in the kitchen isn’t always possible. At a same time I am not very fond of popping a pizza from freezer to oven or dialling nearest take-a-way. Eating out and convenience food may sound good for some time but at the same time they are expensive and packed with fats and calories. Having been a big foodie all my life, I have seen my Amma, Aunts and Atte prepare delicious, nutritious and healthy meals with little cooking time. They never compromised on the quality of the food cooked quickly. So express cooking doesn’t mean compromising on taste or quality of the food.
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Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita

When Shaheen of Malabar Spices came with an idea of Express Summer Cooking I was overjoyed. Here not only I can share some of my favourite easy-peasy dishes which take very minimal preparation and less cooking time but also I will get to see and learn from fellow bloggers. At last when it started to feel like summer in my part of the world what more can I ask than collecting some recipes which don’t need me slogging in my kitchen for hours. I can think of lots of other activities for this summer than just sweating away in my tiny kitchen ;)
First dish which came to my mind with the word ‘Express’ was Moong Kichidi, a recipe I learnt from Archana who is a childhood friend of mine. It’s a simple dish which takes very little preparation and cooking time. Kichidi, medley of lentils and rice is a one pot dish cooked with different spices. Kichidi is not just a comfort food but also packed with nutrition. Serve hot Kichidi with thanda-thanda, cool-cool Raita and there is very less chance of you not falling in love with this simple and superb dish. If all these coaxing and cajoling did not excite you then what I am going to say next is surely going to sweep you off your feet. So listen to me carefully. Kichidi is one dish which will not just save your cooking time but also your partner’s time in cleaning the dish ;) So here comes my Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita for this Summer Express Cooking.

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Rice, Whole & Split Moong

Moong Kichidi
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 3-4

1½ cups Rice (I usually use Sona Masuri or Basmati)
½ cup Whole Moong Dal/Green Gram
¼ cup Split Moong Dal
1 large Onion, sliced
2-3 Green Chillies, split
1 inch Ginger, crushed and finely chopped
¼ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Seeds
Few Curry Leaves
3 Cardamoms, crushed
2 Cloves
½ tsp Black Pepper Powder (Optional)
2 tbsp Oil/Ghee
3 tbsp Coriander Leaves, chopped finely
Salt to taste

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Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita

Carrot Raita
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 1-2 mins (Tempering)
Serves: 3-4

2 cups Yogurt, beaten
1 big Carrot, grated
1 small Red Onion, finely chopped
1 large Tomato, finely chopped
1 green chilli, finely chopped
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1 Dry Red Chilli
1 tsp Oil
Few Curry Leaves
Salt to taste
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Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita

0 to 8 minutes:
Wash rice and lentils and soak them in water for 5-10 minutes till required.
Chop onions (one for raita and one for kichidi), coriander leaves and ginger finely.
Slit green chillies in center.
Lightly crush the cardamom and clove in pestle and mortar.
Heat oil/ghee in pressure cooker.
~Take a small break and refresh the Food Blog Desam and your Blogroll for new posts.~

8-15 minutes:
Add mustard, jeera and curry leaves and sauté.
When mustard starts to pop, usually with in 30-40 seconds, add finely chopped onion, ginger and green chilli and sauté it for 1 to 1½ minutes.
Now add the crushed spices and sauté it for another minute or so till onions turn translucent.
Drain water from rice and dal and add them with sautéed onion and spices.
To this add turmeric powder, salt to taste and about 6 to 6 ½ cups of water and mix well(add more water if you like it more mushy and soft).
Close the pressure cooker lid and put its weight on and reduce the gas flame to medium.

15-22 minutes:
Peel and grate carrot.
Chop a tomato very finely.
Take yogurt in a mixing bowl and beat it with a whisk for around 30 seconds.
Mix grated carrot, coriander leaves, chopped onions and tomatoes to the yogurt.
Add salt to taste and mix well.
Heat oil in a tadka pan and add mustard, curry leaves and halved dry red chilli.
When mustard starts to pop n splutter transfer the tadka/tempering to raita and mix well.
Keep the raita in fridge to chill.

22-25 minutes:
~Hit refresh button again on your laptop and flick the TV channels~
~Drag your hubby from couch to clean the cutting board and knife and to clear the worktop~
~Meanwhile, set the dinner table~

25-30 minutes:
Switch off the gas after 10-15 minutes or 3-4 whistles.
Don’t rush to open the pressure cooker right away or you will end up with modern art in your kitchen with few nasty burns on your body.
Let it cool down for few minutes before releasing the pressure and open the lid.

After 30 minutes:
Add finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well.
Serve hot Kichidi immediately with super cool Carrot Raita and enjoy this wholesome meal. (Err… Taking picture and eating time is excluded in this Summer Express Cooking right???? ;)

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Moong Kichidi with Carrot Raita


  1. My khichdi has pretty much the same ingredients. I make it more mushy though. The raita looks yum! Love the play of color with the shredded carrot, onions and the tadka. Just checked your dal makhni recipe. Looks yum!!

    M's bday went well. She developed an ear infection just days before the big day. She has been up pretty much everyu night for the past 8 days. I'm soooo tired! She's better now. Will post her bday pix soon.

  2. Hello Sia, just came back after meeting the Surgeon guy,gave me 2 DVDs to watch and asked me to come back in 2 weeks to talk again.So surgery is not going to be this month I guess,I was hoping to get it over with before kids went to school,no such luck.Let's see what happens.
    Vani's M had her first birthday? I asked her about it in my mine!:))
    Kichdi looks fabulous,nutritios and quick.Thanda Thanda cool cool raita rocks too.Great entry.I will post mine on Monday,it's Eggs! Don't miss the Adai at Aroma,it's yummy.
    Havea great weekend Sups.See ya girl,hugs!:)

  3. That's moong in the picture? I was confused between corn and chanadal.
    Khichdi & raita - excellent canditates for express cooking, besides being nutritive.

  4. Hey Supriya,
    Its been a long time since i stopped here! The khichdi and the raita looks groovy! The ogranne on the raita looks so good. Pictures are delicious!
    Will try the khichdi recipe soon. I love khichdi's

  5. Oh! Those split moon beans look like pearls. And you are so right about take-out foods. As much as I enjoy eating out, I try to watch my nutrition intake and not stuff with empty calories.

  6. that is a nice post. you have given the timings stepwise. the kichidi looks very nice. the pics are awesome. great entry.

  7. Khichadi and raita look delicious! its so much better to make simple dishes at home than order from outside and feel guilty later.

  8. Khichadi and raita is a timeless classic and deifinitely a quick, comforting meal! hot khichdi and chilled raita is just the best kind of food to unwind :).


  9. Supriya, I'm drooling over the carrot raita, it looks fantastic :)

  10. Sups what a lovely presentation :). The bowl of raita is looking like a piece of art. What lovely colours :)
    Your khichadi recipe sounds nice. You have used whole and cut moong . Thats nice. Gr8 entry Sups :)This time the pictures are looking better than ever before before :)

  11. Sia, simply homey Moong Khicidi, nothing fancy but a load of taste no doubt.

  12. great entry, sia. it's healthy and comforting. your site is so fast now, i can't believe it.

  13. Hi supriya
    I love carrot raita !!!the picture is beautiful!!

  14. You can make everything look so tantalizing - a simple, (normally mushy) khichdi has been transformed into an elegant looking dish and the raitha looks ravishing too! All ready in 30 mins - what more could one ask for.

  15. Phew!!This time..Lucky me managed to comment among the first five of your veryyy long comment list...:)

    Pretty looking Kichdi...Yummy and Nutritious Raita!!Fine Fine Photography...You really Rock girl!!!:)

  16. Hi Sia! Kichidi looks awesome and yummy. Excellent combo and great entry. Thanks for sharing.

  17. have you heard this one
    khichadi ke char yaar, papad ghee dahi and achar....:)
    khichadi makes me hungry even after my dinner....

  18. My MIL makes this really well. But her version is quite mushy and she cooks it for 1 1/2 hours on a slow flame! It's just awesome! Your pics look great as always, tell me the secret, how does everything look yellow??? :)

  19. great entry sup... I can't stop looking at the raita pic... looks so exotic.. the colors are beautiful, mustard seeds look like black pearls... just wow!

  20. true.. sia its such a busy world, this is a great idea and comfort food!

  21. Hey I couldnt see the pictures. Why is that ??
    Will check it again sometime today.

    BTW, I have given link to your blog from mine. Hope it is fine with you.

  22. Hi Sia, great entries, but could not see your great pictures. Don't know why? But enjoyed reading your write up. Viji

  23. @vani,
    good to know little princess had gr8 time on her b'day. hope she is recovering well from her ear infection. paapa, poor little thing must have been under lots of pain alwa? its really a nasty thing for little baby's. i can very well understand how stressed u must be feeling. just relax n have good time with M:) post her b'day pics when u get time:)sending hugs n kisses to both of u:)

    doc knows the best:) so enjoy watching those DVDs(???) now:) hope everything goes smooltly for u.
    yes little cutie had her 1st b'day n so vani's blog too:)
    oh wow!!! will wait for ur entry n meanwhile check ur zuccini adai. name itself sounds quite fab:) been busy all this week with trainings and will be busy for next few months. i am trying to catch up with as many posts as possible but its becoming little difficult to manage all. its a gr8 relief that krish is a gr8 help. or else i would have left blogging long back:)

    i'll take that as a compliment;)
    i agree with u. and i can never get tired of eating kichidi n raita.

  24. @latha,
    i knew u will be busy. so thats perfectly alright if u didn't get time to check blogs:) hope u r having good time my dear.
    ah...after many days i heard 'oggaranne' word:) thank u for ur kind words.

    thats exactly what i feel. nothing can beat the simplicity of home cooked meals-healthy and tasty.

    i am glad u enjoyed the post dear:)i guess u must be busy with homework for this month's RCI:) cant wait to see what u come up with:)

  25. @tee,
    oh yes... just the look of litres of oil floating on the curries is enogh to bury my face in soil with guilt:)

    if u ask me i can survive just eating this 3 times a day n never get bored of it:)

    good to see u dear:) hope u n aswin r settling quite well in ur new home:)

  26. @archu,
    thank u, thank u, thank u:) i cant stop blushing;)

    u have said it all about kichidi in just one sentence:) i agree 100%.

    magic-magic;) he he he...i found out the real culprit n kicked him out of my template;)

  27. @swapna,
    thank u my dear:)

    u r too generous with compliments lady:) thank u:)

    LOL... oh yes, u did manage to comment well before my next post for sure;)

  28. @jyothi,
    thank u dear. i am glad to know u liked it:)

    yes...i have:) what a cute phrase about kichidi:) how about...
    "khichadi ke char yaar,
    papad ghee dahi and achar...
    khaye jo isse ek baar,
    khana chahoge baar baar... ;)"

    he he he...dont mind, i am not good @ writing poems;)

    i too love it mushy but this time made it with little less water than usual. actually it was mushy one but it dont look that way in pictures:)
    oh that yellow light??? same thing, light from my kitchen counter:)

  29. Wow!!can't take my eye from the site....such beautifully presented.....especially moondhal,rice with bowl snap is superb....\

    Moong Kichidi sounds healthy with cooling raita...

  30. hey sweetie, Yummy khichadi/raita combo, very tempting :) khichadi always come to the rescue for a quick n healthy meal :)

  31. @sig,
    thanks sweetie:) i was not very sure abt the raita pic. felt it was overcrowded n was not sure whether to post it or not;)

    glad to know u agree with me:)

    yeah, there was some prob with photobucket where i load my pics. u should be able to see it now:) n thanks for blogrolling me in ur blog:)

  32. @viji,
    there was some prob with photobucket where i load my pics viji. it should be working fine now:) do let me know if u still have some prob with viewing the pics:)

    thank u my dear:) i am really glad to know u liked the pics:)
    kichidi with raita is surely very comforting and tasty:)

    thank u sweetie:) thought u will take small break after seeing ur superb RCI roundup:) u have done a fantastic job my dear:)

  33. Hey Sups...the way you did the break up is just great... Ekdum Rachel ray 30 mins. :)

  34. thnx so much for the recipe.. i was lukin for khidi recipe.. this will save my time in d kitchen and enage lunch boxge tekkondo hopale akku.. thnx so much..

  35. A simple and tasty fulfilling meal.... thanks for sharing Sia...

  36. have been trying to read your blog for a long time, but the page wasn't displaying at all.

    My khichdi is mushier... lazy me... can't bite and chew :-)

    Do you know I made khichdi everyday for some 2-3 months in Hyderabad after a heatstroke... different dals, but same khichdi... EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    Loved your recipe. Will try carrot raita soon.

  37. good timeless kichidi..looks delicious.... :)

  38. Hi Sia,
    That's a fab entry! Kichdi with raita, that's so comforting.
    Your photography is excellent & your presentation is superb!
    Is it done in natural light?Any tips for beginners like moi?
    "Don’t rush to open the pressure cooker right away or you will end up with modern art in your kitchen"... that bit was funny :-)

    Thank you for visiting my space:-)

  39. What a cooling combination.. The rice and raita both look really nice. thanks.

  40. @sandeepa,
    he he he... thats what happens in our home san:)

    u r welcome my dear:) make kichidi on weekend and eat it when its hot with curds or raita. i am not sure as if u will like it cold n mushy although i can eat it even when it is cold w/o any prob:)

    u r welcome dear:)

  41. Comfort food!! Beautiful presentation!
    Love all raitas.. as long as they do not have any mashed up eggplant in them!

  42. Sia - that looks delicious and very summery. Great phjoto. Your poem is cute and how true!!

  43. @raaga,
    he he he...now i know why u like mushy kichidi;) n yes,i too cansurvive eating kichidi for 3 months;) who wants to spend too much time in kitchen in summer?

    thank u my dear:)

    thank u:) i dont get to take pic in natural light as by the time i reach home its well past time to get some sunlight. so i have to use artificial lighting from my kitchen counter coz i dont have any other choice:(

  44. @mallugirl,
    thank u dear for hosting this cool event:)

    LOL...is there any eggplant raita? i would love to try it for sure;)

    thank u my dear:) that poem i got it from internet and i felt the same.

  45. Yummmm... Kichidi and raita.. perfect , quick and easy!!! Looks Yummy yummy!!

  46. I'm always in for one pot meals.Nothing can beat a warm serving of kichidi, Such a comfort food with loads of healthy stuff.

  47. Very nice summer recipe!

    bookmarked. i am going to try this next week!

  48. @cinnamon,
    thank u:)

    oh yes, i too keep searching for one pot meals. makes my life simpler:)

    do let me know how you like it:) may be for one of ur pot luck parties?;)

  49. Looks yumm!! especially the Carrot Raita.

  50. Hi Sia,

    Raita looks gr8, Khichdi looks delicious. Nice entry, nutritious and fast to cook. I just can't go away without saying 'nice pics'!

  51. oh sia whats this girl are we thinking alike??? i too made this for last night dinner. the photo looks wonderfull kane. mine make it more soft for the kids :) great entry i never thought of this event. this week is getting very busy :0. have a great weekend dear .bye

  52. @vani,
    thank u:)

    he he... thank u dear:) as far as i remember i didn't aim my gun to ur head rt? ;)

    now thats a coincident:) i too make it mushy but it dont look that mushy in pic allada:) relax n have a wonderful weekend:)

  53. Thanks for your excelent work and have a good weekend

  54. I am only enjoying the pics now.... not diverting my mind by writing a comment... will come back again to read and comment on it.... I am going back for the pics now! ;) :P

  55. Your raita looks like a bouquet of flowers - that's a compliment!

  56. @david,
    thank u:)

    LOL...dont tell me u r stoll looking at the pics;) glad to know u liked it(????!!!!;)

    he he he...thanks my dear:) n thanks for the clarification;) LOL...

  57. That is one delicious express cooking indeed :)...love kichidi any time.

  58. Can we have the recipe for imli+jaggery balls?? I read your comment on talimpu...

    please, please... pretty pretty please! :) :) :)
    I will come back and comment if you post it ;)

  59. whole moong is definitely beautiful with rice. turmeric added a great color.
    luv the raita too....juicy....
    :( wish i can eat them

  60. did i tell u?
    i came yday but now....that i devoured on them (atleast in thoughts) ;)time to comment

  61. Express cooking - I like the term. I like the Moong kichidi. What can I say, I am a rice lover :)

  62. Supriya, the kichidi looks yummy, but that carrot raita with the colorful bits of veggies -- honestly sweetie, you ought to enter a food photography contest. You would win hands down! And yes, I want to try them both :)

  63. Sups,
    You know something?? I made this very same dish yesterday, the only variation that I did was to add some veggies and some sauteed spinach. It was awesome.

  64. Lovely pictures Sia. Now I can see it. Very tempting. Viji

  65. @sunita,
    thanks my dear:)

    he he he... here is my (actually my mom's;) secret(???) recipe.
    take jaggery and fresh tamarind pulp(1:1 ratio), a pinch of salt and little jeera. pund them to a smooth paste using pestle n mortar. make small balls of them and pop in ur mouth and enjoy:)

    LOL... girl, this is what i had today for lunch AGAIN;) cant resit hot kichidi with cold raita:)

    oh!!! u r back??? hope to see new post abt ur vac and also some cool photos:)

    ~blushing~ stop it darling:) i can't take it anymore. u always make me feel good abt myself dear:) thank u:)

    i am so excited to know u enjoyed this dish deepa. adding vegetables surely add more nutritions to already power packed kichidi:)

    thanks viji dear:)

  66. I dont know for some reason, I can't see the photos on your blog. I guess something wrong on my computer but I like the recipes though. Great entry.

  67. ur pics r very nice and looking delicious.

  68. Hey pictures are amazing. Mouth-watering Sia.

  69. Love the carrot raita pic/colours ! but just thinking about having a chilled raita is giving me chills. I love khichdi with desi ghee and pickle too ! Will have to wait for weather to get a bit more warmer b4 I try with your delicious looking carrot raita :-)

  70. Hi Supriya, khichdi and raita look like a classic meal...they are so mouth watering!

  71. Sia, I keep visiting this post to look at that pretty raita and I have a question - how did you make it stand in a lump, or shape? I know you could have unmoulded it, but it wouldn't have stood up, would it?

  72. @hima,
    there was some prob with photobucket. hope u r able to see it now:)

    @ramya & seeC,
    thank u:)

    he he... then its hot kichidi with ghee is for u:)

    thank u dear:)

    we use really creamy yogurt sra. it s texture is quite similar to double cream. i didn't use any mould. just spooned a raita on plate and quckly took photos before it fell flat;)

  73. Hi Sia, amazing how you make simple khichadi look so glamorous! BTW, khichudi is quite common in Bengali cooking, but the use of grenn whole moong was something new to me.

  74. Ohmigod Sia.. Can I come over for dinner ? The kichedi and the carrot raita looks so so comforting.
    Just FYI, I have uploaded my latest entry and along with that the MEME for 8 random facts. Thanks again for tagging me.

  75. This is excellent recipe..... Ur Carrot raita is rocking......amazing pictures...

  76. Looks so good! My mom made khichi the other day - the simple green dal with White kadi version.
    Have to try this recipe. The photographs on your site are always fantastic and make you wish you were eating what you see :)
    Simple meal turned elegant!

  77. Very nice entry Sia....Great work with in 20-minutes cook very healthy dish...:)

  78. @SJ, meena, sukanya, m&m, kajal
    thank u so much ladies for ur kind words:)

  79. Khichidi is made on those lazy days in my kitchen...that carrot raita is great side dish to go with such kichadi's. Nice entry!

  80. hmm. supriya, both ur dishes are yummy! i made this today and it is a winner, especially the raita

  81. @padma,
    thank u:)

    i am glad to know u liked both the dishes:) thank u for letting me know. it feels gr8 when someone tries and likes the recipe:)

  82. Absolutely loved ur Moong Kichdi dear...Thanks for the recipe :-)

  83. I have never posted a comment on any of the blogs I have visited, but could not stop myself to write a few lines of praise after going through your beautiful blog. The recipes look great and Yumm!! and what can I say about your presentation. Hats off to you. Keep up the great work.

    Krithika Fremont, CA.

  84. Had bcom a fan of your blog :) Tried this 2day for lunch....quick & simple yet yummy nutritious dish....Now on when m confused of wat to cook...gonna click ur blog :)


  85. Had bcom a fan of your blog :) Tried this 2day for lunch....quick & simple yet yummy nutritious dish....Now on when m confused of wat to cook...gonna click ur blog :)


  86. I tried the Kichidi, it came petty well, one change i added one potato and 3 carrots finely chopped.

    added cardamom powder this enhances the taste, instead of oil use Ghee, the taste which comes out is no match..

  87. super awesome khichdi and raita! i added grated cucumber also to the raita...i liked the raita more with cucumber :)

  88. Hi Sia,

    This was the first dish I tried from your blog. And it was sensational especially after a long day! And I tried only because of the beautiful pictures :) Thank you.


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