28 November, 2006

See You All Next Year

Friends, I won't be blogging for a while. Well, to be precise for one month. It will be my winter hibernation for which I was waiting since long time:)
I want to wish in advance a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family...
See You All Next Year;) Till then, Happy Cooking and Blogging:)
Lots of Love


  1. hey supriya:
    happy journey and have a nice gala chilling time in india...and do convey my regards to athe and mava ur sis and bro and all others in india...

  2. thanks cheemu:) we still haven't finished packing and tom we r going to office... he he he... so much to do:)
    will mail u from home... tc

  3. Gonna miss your posts! I wrote you an email on your yahoo...check it when you get a chance. Have a safe trip!
    See you in the next year.

    Best wishes,Trupti

  4. Dear Supriya..have a fab time, have tons of food with plenty of chill out time all mixed with great company.

    Will miss my daily visit to your blog and your company. Hey i don't care, I will still visit your blog, old habits die hard you know...~smile~...safe journey dear friend...~waves bye~

  5. i understand packing never gets done until the last min...u enjoy gal!!!

  6. Hi Supriya,

    Happy Journey,will be missing you alot.Daily i use to visit your blog to say good morning...

    Anyway enjoy your holiday with your family andbe back right with cheering effect.

    Takecare ,Bye.Wish you the same.(HAPPY X-MAS,NEWYEAR)

  7. Have a blast in India, Supriya! Looking forward to hearing about your vacation when you get back! :)

  8. Hi Supriya, Have a nice time with your family and friends. Viji

  9. Hey Supriya,I'll miss you here.Well,have a nice time,dear and have loads of fun.Our good wishes to everyone in your families for the coming holidays and the new year as well.See you soon.Do drop a line sometimes.My email is


  10. Hi Supriya

    Have a great time. We will miss your recipes.

  11. Hey Supriya...happy holidays! Enjoy!

  12. A very Happy Holidays Supriya, are you off to India ?

  13. hi trupti,
    thanx girl:) yup checked ur mail:) u too tc n have fun:)

    hi dilip:)
    he he.. i'm glad that i can leave my blog in ur care while i'm gone;) tc and have fun

    he he he he

    thank u so much for ur cheering words:) yup will come back with a bang;)

  14. Vani:)
    I will have lots of things to share once i come back:)

    thank u girl:)

    so sweet of u:) will surely mail u when i get time:) tc:)

  15. lakshmiK:)
    dont worry girl... will come ack with dozens of recipes:) so be prepared;)

    thanks a lot... we may bump into each other in bengaluru;)

    thanks girl:) yup i'm off to india for 1 month. its been 1 year since i saw my family... cant wait to meet them all:)

  16. hey supriya
    have a nice time, happy and safe journey to u. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO U AND U FAMILY IN ADVANCE.
    will b missing ur recipes;)

  17. jaya:)
    thank u so much:) u too have a gr8 time with ur family and friends:)

  18. Supriya - Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to your recipes and stories when you are back. Happy Holidays :)

  19. hey supriya,
    I will be missing you on blog dear :( .
    India is waiting for you, come to homeland soon :) .
    take care and if possible , keep in touch.
    Have a happy journey sweetie!

  20. Hai supriya

    have a nice time and enjoy.happy cristmas and advanced new year wishes to u......


  21. Hey Sia...I m gonno miss you a lot for your beautiful food pics, music and inpiring posts, and my recipe "BELL-PEPPER RINGS" is gonno miss your votes :-).
    Wish you a Very Happy New Year in Advance and have a happy and safe Journey.
    Will definitely let you know about the contest...
    Have fun in India.
    Love, Nidhi.

  22. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too, Supriya! Have a wonderful time there.Safe trip:))

  23. Have a safe and happy trip Supriya. And eat all you can :-D

  24. Sia I am unable to blog frequently for quite sometime...but visit your blog everytime i get a chance.Will miss you lots dear girl:(Have a great time with family.Come back soon...

  25. Enjoy.

    wish in advance a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family...

  26. season's greetings, like the collages, they are nice and bright!

  27. Hi ! Happy holidays! Enjoy!!

  28. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! See u soon... come back from the homeland with loads of ideas!!! HAVE FUN!!!!

  29. Happy New Year to you and the hubby

  30. hello Supriya,
    Happy New Year to you

  31. I miss you!!! Have a safe trip back home and I wish you all the best for the new year!


  32. Happy New Year.
    Hamari Hyderabadiz ki Team aap ke liye layi hai neye saal ka shandar tohfa:

    Happy 2007 - Have Fun with Hyderabad ka Paya Paya with full colors, animation and entertainment that is delicious too.

    Please, leave your comments, suggestions, and ideas to improve this blog.
    Best, MT

  33. Wishing peace, health, and happiness in 2007 and always. Happy New year to you and your family !

  34. Happy New Year Sia.....missing your recipes a lot. Looking forward to have you back soon.

    Cheers, Nidhi.

  35. Happy New Year Supriya.
    You must have had a great vacation so come back with a BANG

  36. Hey Supriya,

    Guess you are still enjoying your time with your loved ones in India!Wish you and your families a very very happy and prosperous new year 2007!

  37. HEY SIA
    happy new year wishes to you
    next year has started sia
    waiting eagerly for ur recipes

  38. hey Surpriya,

    happy new yr ..first time here ..have a nice time in India:)

  39. Suppi, Happy New year to you and K. I hope you had a lovely time back in India. Just lettting you know that I just tagged your for Meme.Have a peak at my blog and take your own time and write your Meme when you get time.
    Thanx and talk to you soon

  40. are ya back yet??

    Trupti :)


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