30 July, 2015

Watermelon-Citrus Cooler/Juice Recipe | Simple and Quick Summer Cooler Recipe

Learn how to make the Watermelon-Citrus Cooler/Juice

It’s been a wonderful summer so far… In fact, it’s the best summer season I have ever experienced in Britain! The flowers in rainbow colours are in full bloom, the rich green foliage of trees kissing the bright blue skies, the fluffy white sugar candy like clouds drifting away in the bright sky, the dainty white daisies smiling on a rich Persian green grass carpet and the smiling tanned faces that greets others in the streets. Ah… Blissful days of the year!

Summer is the time when I am busiest, inspite of the fact that the schools are closed. I see myself like an ant working long hours. With five year old for a company, the 24 hours in a day is not long enough to get everything done in a day. By the end of the day, I am so tired that I snooze off as soon as my head hits pillow.

If that was not enough, I took a photography assignment for an Indian based spice company for their product packaging. It was something I really enjoyed as it was quite challenging project I have ever worked on as I was not only a food photographer but also a cook and a food stylist for the whole photo shoot! The photo shoot took on the hottest day of 2015 and I was deep frying in the kitchen and preparing food for the shoot while both my boys played with water guns and splashed water in an inflatable pool. I can get really cranky when the temperature gets too warm and it’s a miracle that I didn’t throttle them for having too much fun without me! Long hours of cooking on a very hot summer day were not really easy, but the fact that the clients loved my work does make everything worthwhile!

The summer days are long, sometimes brutally warm. For once it made me wonder if I was in India or Britain and would have continued to be in the state of confusion if not for occasional burst of showers to cool things down! As most part of my days are spent pottering in our garden, or playing with Lil Dumpling in outdoors, I repeatedly reach out for a tall glass of cool water to keep myself hydrated. But there are times even when the tall glass of iced water doesn’t seem to work and it’s when quintessential summer coolers come handy when the temperatures hits high!

One such cooler is the Watermelon-Citrus Cooler/Juice. This Watermelon-Citrus Cooler is the most refreshing drink to sip on when the temperature hits the roof and the sunny days doesn’t sound fun anymore. The hint of sweetness of watermelon and orange and the tanginess from lime makes this Watermelon-Citrus Cooler a perfect thirst quencher which not only refreshingly hydrating to the body, but also a mood lifter! Try this reviving and flavourful Watermelon-Citrus Cooler when you are tired of drinking gallons of ice-cold water and enjoy every moment of summer.

Watermelon-Citrus Cooler/Juice
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: N/A
Recipe Level: Easy/Beginner
Spice Level: N/A
Serves: 3-4
Shelf Life: Best served fresh but can be refrigerated for a couple of hours
Serving Suggestion: As a summer thirst quencher

5-6 cups Watermelon, seeded and roughly cubed
1 cup freshly squeezed Orange Juice
1/8 cup freshly squeezed Lime Juice
A generous pinch of Salt
Ice cubes
Sugar if needed

  1. Refrigerate the cubed watermelon pieces for at least 2-3 hours until they are nicely chilled.
  2. Place the chilled watermelon cubes in a food processor and blend them to smooth puree. Add orange juice and lime juice and blend them again.
  3. Add couple of ice cubes in a glass and pour the Watermelon-Citrus Cooler. Serve this chilled thirst quencher garnished with a slice of watermelon wedge and lemon to beat the heat on a hot summer day!

Sia’s Notes:
  • You can use any citrusy fruits like blood orange or musambi in place of orange.
  • You can add couple of spoons of sugar or honey if the fruits you have used are not sweet. 
  • You can also add a sprig of finely chopped mint leaves for added flavour. 
  • A pinch of Chaat Masala or crushed Kaala Namak/black salt can be added per glass for little flavour kick.


  1. A divine and refreshing drin! Wonderful pictures.



  2. very nice. really refreshing with colourful pictures. I will try this.

    1. That's wonderful. Thank you, Malini! Do leave a feedback when you try it.

  3. Love your work, you are so talented, beautiful

    1. Coming from you I consider it as a high praise, Simi! Thanks! The feeling is mutual :)


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