07 February, 2014

Sante, A Small Town Farmer's Market ~ Photo Tour | Part 3 ~ The People

Sante ~ Photo tour of small town farmers' market

I do realise that I have not been regular in this space and the posts have become quite erratic. Believe me when I say that I had a plan of posting one of my most favourite recipe today. But if everything went according to our plans then life wouldn’t half as exciting as it is now!

What I am going to share today is the third and final part of Sante, a small farmer’s market from my hometown. Please do take a look at the Part 1 and Part 2 of this photo tour to get lost in the world of fresh fruits and vegetables and the aromatic spices and more! Today’s post is dedicated to the friendliest faces who not only smiled and posed for camera but also showcased their fresh produce and talked about how they grew them in their small farms. May it be the heavy monsoon season or the scorching hot summer days, they are the hard working ones who come to the large open field well ahead of sunrise and work till the sun sets behind the tall mountains! Some of the vendors generously shared their favourite recipes to cook with particular vegetables and some helped in choosing the most tender greens and veggies to take home with me. Going to Sante with my mother has always been one of the most enjoyable experience and it still continues to be the same! So here are the some of the friendly faces I came across who made the whole experience of becoming a tourist in my own hometown a memorable one!


  1. Love these small town markets.. You get the freshest of ingredients and at a good price too.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I really enjoyed this series.



  3. Hi ....seeing all three parts of sante I can't took out of my eyes really simply n superb photos
    We are missing so much of these markets...how they work really hard to get fresh vegetables daily ...hats off to them...thanks a lot for sharing this ....I will check daily ur site for new recipes
    Your cooking is simple n easy ....thanks once again....

  4. Hi sia
    Wonderfull post . Thanks a lot remembering good old days which we enjoy back in our home towns..
    Love lalli

  5. Stunning pics..enjoyed the virtual tour..It reminded me of my hometown santhe.

  6. very colorful pictures. reminds me of my hometown

  7. lovely clicks! first time here. Love this space. Well maintained. Do visit mine if you find time.

  8. I simply love your blog. Every time I come searching for a recipe I find just the thing I'm looking for to transport me to India! I have nominated you for best blog from abroad at TheKitchn and I encourage all your readers to vote for you! http://www.thekitchn.com/nominate-your-favorite-blog-from-abroad-for-the-homies-awards-the-homies-2014-200247#nominate

  9. @Eve Stavros, that's very kind of you! Thank you, Eve :)

  10. You have captured the very essence, feeling and experience of the market. You have presented it with amazing footage and captivating photos! It is my continual hope and dream to one day travel to India and live with a native family and experience and learn the culture and all India has to offer.


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