24 August, 2011

Black & White Wednesday with Spinach Flowers

Pretty Spinach Flowers

Here is my first entry for dear Susan’s Black and White Wednesday, a new culinary photo event. I had the pleasure of participating and then hosting Susan’s popular event MLLA which revolves around My Legume Love Affair!

Although I love vintage and black and white portraits, I never ventured into taking food photos in black and white modes. The vibrant colours of food and anything related to food is what excites me and the thought of clicking them just in two colours never appealed to me till I came across some beautiful shots of B&W food pictures taken by awesome food bloggers. So when I came across these beautiful spinach flowers, I went on to experiment them in B&W mode and here is the result. Although I don’t think this is my best B&W shot, I am hoping to learn more during this process. This is my first baby step on a very long journey of B&W food pictures and I am hoping to gain more confident, and may be a better vision, as I gingerly take some more steps in future!

Spinach Flowers

This second picture was shot in colour mode and I played with getting a vintage look using Photoshop. I love the subtle greens of spinach flower and the light coming from back window giving it a dreamy effect!


  1. It looks nice Sia... I am sure we will get to see more amazing B&W pics from you :-)

  2. Lovely picture.. both color and b/w ..gorgeous.

  3. Amazing shots Sia. I had never seen spinach flowers before. They look beautiful :)

  4. I did not even know spinach got flowers! beautifl flowers. I just learned how to set my camera to black and white so hopefully I can join in now!

  5. What a great pic Sia, both B & W and colors look superb :)

  6. Thank u all :) It was fun but I still have a long way to go :)

  7. A great click! Wow, I've never seen spinach flowers...



  8. The shot is wonderful in mono and color. I'm glad you are having fun w/ B/W. Thank you for sharing your photo for BWW.

  9. P.S. - Your header and template are gorgeous.


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