05 August, 2009


Work-in-progress!!!! Will be back soon... Meanwhile take a look at pearly delight of Sagu/Sabudana Kichidi at Beyond Curries :)


  1. the header is to die for..i love it

  2. Wow!! Change of template??? Cool.... The header looks great....

  3. Hi Sia,

    The look is great. The blue and yellow has made it so bright.

  4. OMG Sia...seriously!!!..thats one fabulous template..but how do you have energy to do another template!..don't worry I am sure you will have a huge crowd waiting to see the beautiful creation!

  5. wow .. this looks awesome ! great colours splashing out on the screen.

  6. Looks like a gorgeous work in progress.. :) Ive tried a couple of things from your blog and theyve come out real well.. so really looking forward to the reinvented one :)

  7. Love the colors Sia. Its my favorite shade. And the Arabian nights look overall is so good! Can I make one comment?- Why the bicycle icons? Cant it be something more appropriate yet connected to the theme?


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @All, Thank you dear friends :)

    @Altoid, hey gd to see u :) since my blog is not just about posting recipes but also reminiscence of my childhood days i wanted to bring those small things that mattered a lot those days :) here pigeon/dove and bicycles represent the freedom and happiness i experienced while growing up and still experiencing... it's all symbolic and part of my growing up times. i am trying to bring those things here. hope it makes some sense ;)


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