30 May, 2008

Cooking Therapy: Methi Thepla

Methi Thepla with Yogurt, Priya Garlic Pickle & Mango Slices

My friend was surprised when I told him I find cooking very relaxing and therapeutic. How can getting out pots and pans, chopping and grinding, sautéing and stirring be considered therapeutic, especially when you have to not only cook, but also wash, wipe and put them away was his question. Well, cooking becomes just a task or chore when you think it that way. For me cooking is more than day to day chore. While I find chopping vegetables and fresh herbs quite relaxing, the heady aroma of roasted spices makes me slow down and enjoy little pleasure of life has to offer. The steam coming out of pots and pans gives me free facials every day and the flexibility of adding or substituting any ingredients of my choice gives me a sense of freedom. The colour of various fresh leafy, green, yellow, red, orange and multi-colored fruits and vegetables fascinates me and makes me happy. The process of transforming raw, solitary ingredients into a savoury amalgamation of flavour, taste, smell, texture and colour is always magical. And the ultimate pleasure is when you are rewarded by ohh’s and ahh’s, mmm… its so good, comments coming from the people you love busily licking the food you cooked. This kind of therapy is inexpensive, fun and also tasty! Well, not every task or chore gives you this kind of pleasure. Do you think I am right? What makes you relax and enjoy?

These days I am having real rough time at office. With project deadlines to meet I feel emotionally drained and exhausted by the time I reach home. I find solace in my kitchen with my HD next to me. By the time we finished cooking our dinner I was calm and relaxed and enjoying the moment. Food cooked was simple; Methi Thepla served with bowl of cool Yogurt, Garlic Pickle and sweet Mango Slices. Simple task as picking the leaves from big bunch of fresh Methi/Fenugreek Leaves can be therapeutic and cheer you up and punching and rolling of dough can take away all the frustration and leave you content. Now that’s something I prefer rather than sitting in one dark corner and sulking!!!

Here is the recipe for simple Guajarati flat bread called Methi Thepla which is one full meal by itself. You can serve it alone or accompanied with just Pickle or Yogurt and hence without any doubt it serves as an excellent travel food. Fresh Methi/fenugreek leaves are mixed with few spices and wheat flour to form stiff dough and rolled out and roasted. Uses or Methi/Fenugreek Leaves are many as they are high in iron and minerals content. Read more about them here and here. This is my entry for Valli’s Roti Mela and Priyanka’s SWC-Gujarati Cuisine. Methi Thepla also goes to Susan's Beautiful Bones, an event focused on bringing awareness about Osteoporosis.

Methi Thepla (Gujarathi flat bread made with fresh Fenugreek Leaves)
Prep Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins
Makes: 15 medium sized Theplas

3 cups Wheat Flour/Atta (I used Pillsbury Chakki Atta)
½ cup Gram Flour
1 packed cup fresh Methi/Fenugreek Leaves (just the leaves, no steams)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Jeera/Cumin Powder
2-3 Green Chillies, very finely chopped or minced
½ tbsp Garlic, very finely chopped or minced
½ tbsp Ginger, very finely chopped or minced
½ tsp Red Chilli Powder (Optional)
1 tbsp White Sesame Seeds
1 tbsp Oil
Salt to taste
Warm water as needed

Other Ingredients:
Wheat flour for dusting
Rolling Pin
Ghee/Oil for roasting
Methi/Menthe Soppu/Fresh Fenugreek Leaves

Pick just the leaves from a bunch of methi/fenugreek leaves and wash thoroughly.
Mix in all the ingredients listed above and form stiff dough by adding little water at a time. Keep it aside covered for about 20-30 minutes.
Knead the dough again for about one minute and make large lime sized balls.
Roll the balls on wheat flour covering it well and press it down with hand. With the help of a rolling pin, roll it into circle to form a roti with ½ cm thickness. Dust off the excess flour.
Mean while heat a griddle/tawa and place the thepla on it. Cook on both the sides at medium to low heat till both the sides are cooked well and few brown spots start to appear.
You can apply the ghee/oil if needed and serve these Methi Thepla hot with chilled Yogurt & Pickle or with a curry of your choice and enjoy.

Methi Thepla

Special thanks to Prema of My Cookbook and Srimathi of Few Minutes Wonders for passing me "The Yummy Blog Award". I really appreciate it girls :)

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  1. Wow....this looks yummy and perfect!

  2. Sia, you said it so well. That is exactly the look people give me too. Look at those perfectly shaped Methi theplas, you are an expert now.

  3. That looks wonderful Sia!...nice and lovely !

  4. I totally agree with you.
    For me cooking is relaxing and therapeutic and love when my family enjoy the food i have made for them.

  5. I love cooking.... baking a little more :-) And no, I don't find cleaning methi therapeutic :-) I'm just lazy

  6. Kitchen is the only place where u can do anything with freedom, no rule, act instantly, make ur choice... U r right Sia in another word "free Therapy".
    Lovely entry!

  7. wow, you say simple dinner, but these methi thelpas look like a heavenly dinner. Wonderful presentation as usual. They look so delicious.

  8. i agree with your friend. i don't find cooking therapeutic. let me rephrase that. i like to cook only if someone else chops, does all the prep work, washes and cleans. and takes the pics for the blog.

    then, yes, it's theapeutic. especially when you're eating.

    theplas look awesome.

  9. Hi Sia...
    Methi thepla look so good. Lovely picture as usual. YUM!... really so tempting.

  10. Love methi rotis and this version looks soft and delicious, Sia. The color that the besan imparts is really pretty! :)

  11. Some even roll their eyes and become sarcastic when I say I love cooking!! Sad people, don't know how to enjoy love, life and food, huh? ;P
    Methi Thepla looks delicious, Maavinhannu on the side? Doesn't get any better!:)
    I know I am not supposed to be blogging today, but very busy tomorrow until 1pm, had to go Trisha's school.They are honoring her with a golden Key and induction to National Honor society of USA officially. We parents get to hide in the auditorium and surprise her! It's a secret! :D
    See you next week.

  12. Theplas look delicious, Sup! Though I love cooking, I don't really enjoy cooking everyday, especially not complicated dishes. I think it's more because I have so much to do after I get home that cooking becomes just one more thing to take care of, sadly. If I had a sous chef to do the chopping & grinding and other "suttu kelasa" as my mom calls it, I would cook happily, I think! :) I do have a friend though, who WANTS to cook after a long day at work as he finds that relaxing!

  13. Cooking is therapeutic only if you enjoy doing it. For people who *think they cannot cook, it is scary. And add fast food/take-outs to that.

  14. Hi Sia, You are so right about cooking being therapeutic. I will cook up a storm when I am frustrated or angry too. Theplas with chunda is my fav combo.

  15. That looks yum!! ESp with a side of mango slices.

  16. and yeah cooking is such a therapy for me too..I actually feel relaxed and content after preparing a meal!..

  17. methi thepla sounds delicious!!

  18. Isn't is wonderful that cooking can help you unwind after a hectic day? I know exactly what you mean. When you're cooking, you get so focussed on what you're doing that you forget all about what was bothering you!

    Thanks for the delicious submission, Sia!


  19. Sups, cooking is indeed therapeutic for me..baking, even more...the latter can uplift my mood any day...and yes, I love the chopping bits too :-)

  20. ...and yes, those theplas look good :-)

  21. Hi siya, Visiting ur blog for the first time.Ur Having a wonderful and lovely blog.
    Methi thepla Looks yummy and perfect.
    Have a great weekend....

  22. Sia, those look lovely. First time visiting your blog and I love your layout! Very very well done!

  23. I never get bored with methi leaves Sia. The theplas are lovely and perfect. Viji

  24. I've said this in Sig's blog but will say it in yours anyway - I used to find cooking therapeutic, the longer the recipe, the better, but with a rushed schedule now, it's almost a chore. Not the blog, though, heh heh!

  25. I love methi thepla, looks perfect and lovely presentation sia. always great with pickle and with bataka nu shaak.

  26. Yeah but I am sure the HD (yours) does the washing, cleaning and putting away...then it is pure therapy :D

    I know your hole in the wall Gujju joint is giving you good ideas :) Loved your theplas

  27. thanks for delicious entry..of methi thepla..for the event..

  28. May I have some delivered to my home please ;) :P Rolling anything is not therapeutic for me :(

  29. Baking for me is therapeutic..Kneading the dough for bread is my stress buster..

    That is a hearty meal there

  30. Sia...that whole plate with the mangoes and the achaar looks delicious...but i am sure i would eat more than the 2 plated there :D

  31. hahahaa.. same happens with most of us i guess... what angles u take ur pics from haaan... amazingggg...
    nd i have started plannig for mbp

  32. Cooking is certainly not therapeutic for me! I cook mainly for my blog these days is what my husband goes around saying. I agree! ;-D

  33. Very nice.. thanks for the recipe.. Tried it and it was lovely..

  34. @Samira, that's wonderful. glad u enjoyed it :)

  35. Made this several times.. Had it once again today.. Hit as always!!! Thanks arc


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