27 March, 2012

Pickled or Brined Raw Jackfruit Rotti Recipe | Vegan and Gluten Free Jackfruit in Brine Flat Bread

Vegan as well as gluten-free ~ Pickled or Brined Jackfruit Rotti

Yesterday I went to work, little late than usual, and sat at my desk. I was there, physically, in my office tapping the keyboard and scrutinising the lengthy program looking for the line of code that stopped the program from running smoothly, as it should be! I sat there, may be for few minutes or was it an hour, tapping my fingers on lips, something I always do when I am concentrating while my glasses slowly slipped to tip of my nose… the seconds turned to minutes, slowly creeping to hour… but I was still staring at the monitor with a deep frown. A simple task of decoding which would usually take few minutes but not this time! What was wrong?

22 March, 2012

Tuvar Lilva and Tomato Curry Recipe | Simple Tuvar Lilva/Fresh Pigeon Peas Curry

Tuvar Lilva and Tomato Curry

It is one of those days when my fingers linger over keyboard without touching it for hours! After what feels like ages, I randomly type few words only to press delete button after a while… My mind is buzzing with hurricane of thoughts, ideas and stories that I want to share with my reader friends, but words seems to have abandoned me when I try to pen them down! It happened yesterday and I was hoping that foggy thoughts will clear and the words will come flooding to me from my heart and they will flow through my finger tips! But staring at the blank screen with blinking cursor for agers, I have concluded that I am going through the phase of writer’s block! ~sigh~

19 March, 2012

Palak Paneer Recipe | How to make Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer

Is it Saag Paneer or Palak Paneer? Which one it is? ‘What’s in the name?’ you may ask! Well, everything! How will you feel if you are addressed differently from your own name? Aha… yes! Now we are talking… so why this partiality when it comes to food? After all as long as the food on plate is edible, we shouldn’t be much bothered about how it is called, right?

13 March, 2012

Mango Ginger (Ambe Halad/Ambe Haldi/Manganari) & Coconut Chutney | How to Make Simple Coconut Chutney

Mango Ginger (Halad/Ambe Haldi/Manganari) & Coconut Chutney

I miss home! Home as in India that sits on top of small hill surrounded by greenery! The open space and the fresh air, the swing on large balcony and the little seating area in front of house, the rustle of Amma’s freshly starched cotton saree and the jingle of gold bangles in her hand, the sound of turning the news paper and the clicking of grandfather’s clock from my Appa’s study, the aroma of fresh blooms of jasmines and roses from my Amma’s little garden and the noise of leaves swaying to soft breeze, and the heady aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee and the roasted spices from Amma’s kitchen! Oh, I miss them all and more…

08 March, 2012

Tondekayi Palya (Tindla Palya) Recipe ~ A Pictorial

Tondekayi Palya/Tindla Palya/Stir Fried Ivy Gourds ~ It starts from here

I have been feeling extremely homesick today and was leafing through the photos I took when I visited home in December. I found few food related photos and thought you, my dear reader friends, might find them interesting. So here is the pictorial of one of my favourite recipes, Tondekayi Palya or Tindla Palya or Tindora Subji, which is a simple stir fry of Ivy Gourds, cooked using few basic spices and then generously garnished with fresh grated coconut. I randomly clicked few photos while our family cook prepared them at my in-law’s farm house. This delicious Tondekayi Palya or simple Tindora/Ivy Gourd Stir Fry was cooked by our family cook using very old and traditional fire wood cooking technique. The smoke coming from wood adds smoky flavour to this simple stir fry. I will not be posting the recipe as it has already been posted some 3½ plus years back. So if you are interested to cooking this simple Tondekayi Palya or Tindla Palya, please click here for the recipe.

06 March, 2012

Kadai Paneer (Karahi Paneer) Recipe | How to Make Restaurant Style Kadai Paneer or Karahi Paneer

Kadai Paneer or Karahi Paneer ~What’s in name?!

Past three weeks have been really testing and extremely busy week in MS household. First, HD got busy with mountain load of paper works needed for my in-law’s visa and then Lil Dumpling suddenly fell ill with severe cough and then gastroenteritis. Ah, the joys of sending your child to day care means seesawing between little runny nose to viral infections.