12 June, 2014

Avocado Mint Pesto Recipe | Guest Post by Prerna of Indian Simmer

Learn how to make Avocado Mint Pesto from Prerna of Indian Simmer
“The most talented people are always the nicest.”
― James Caan

That really holds true for a very talented and gorgeous Prerna behind equally gorgeous blog Indian Simmer. As her food simmers on a stove, she takes you on a beautiful food journey with stunning food photographs and heart-warming anecdotes. Through her lens she magically transforms everyday food into the most beautiful, exotic and exciting visual experience. If you enjoy good writing which makes you walk down the memory lane and nostalgic, then Prerna’s blog is sure to win your heart! Thank you dear Prerna for taking time from your busy schedule to do a guest post. Please make sure to follow her on Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram if you do not want to miss any amazing posts that Prerna churns out!

Thank you Sia for sharing your beautiful space with me today. Monsoon Spice was one of the few Indian food blogs which I literally grew up following as a food blogger so you can imagine my excitement today when I get to share my work on the space.