30 September, 2011

Saffron Nan Khatai (Eggless Saffron Cookies Recipe) | Basic Eggless Cookies Recipe

Saffron Nan Khatai/Eggless Saffron Cookies
Little girl with pig tail came running home and her little sister, also in pigtails, was just trailing her. With their big, heavy school bag promptly dumped on their beds, they were just about to rush into wash room to wash their hands and legs when the heady, sweet aroma wafted from their mother’s kitchen.

28 September, 2011

Spicy Palak aur Makai ki Subji (Spicy Spinach & Sweet Corn Stir-Fry)

Spicy Palak aur Makai ki Subji
Lil Dumpling is ill! AGAIN! It all started two days before weekend. First it was cold and coughs and now the poor baby has to go through the piercing pain of ear infection! I am not happy. Not at all…

20 September, 2011

Spicy Tomato Chutney/Relish Recipe for Tomato Lovers

Spicy Tomato Chutney/Relish
I know, I know, I know!!!

I know it’s been raining “Tomato and Tomahto” here in Monsoon Spice but I did warm you well in advance! With baskets after baskets of tomatoes coming from our little veggie patch, I am left with no option but to cook and enjoy them as much as we can. I have made few jars of pickles and chutneys which we can enjoy in coming winter but there are yet more to be preserved in a form of jams and purees for quick fix curries.

16 September, 2011

How to Roast Garlic (Roasted Garlic Recipe) and A Winner of My Indian Kitchen

Roasted Garlic

Yesterday I was going through all the food photos I had taken in the last 2 months. Suddenly I came across one of the simplest and quickest, and yet absolutely delicious recipe of Roasted Garlic I had made when I was all alone! Lil dumpling had recovered completely from viral infection and he was back in his day care. The bad and ugly virus which made my child suffer had happily found a new home in my body and I was left all alone at home coughing, sniffling and weak while the hubby left to work half heartedly after much persuasion from me.

13 September, 2011

Green Tomato Majjige Huli or Kai/Kayi Huli Recipe: Green Tomatoes in Coconut-Yogurt Gravy

Green Tomato Majjige Huli or Kai/Kayi Huli

They say your life is never going to be the same after having a baby. ~ I agree!
They say life revolves only around your baby. ~ I mostly agree!
They say all other relationships take a back bench when baby comes into picture. ~ I partially agree!
They say life and time is only limited to your baby and you don’t have any time to do and enjoy what you loved anymore. ~ Now that one, I disagree!

09 September, 2011

Restaurant Style Gobi 65 Recipe: Deep Fried 'Sin'

Restaurant Style Gobi 65

When the blue sky turned dark, white puffy clouds become grey with heavy rain clouds, tweeting birds on tress flew back to their nests, people on streets wearing sunglasses and t-shirts removed their rain coats and umbrellas, I went and sat on my favourite window seat gazing at the heavy rain drops flirting openly with tree leaves, and kissing beautiful flowers in our garden. The book I was reading with much enthusiasm and interest was left lying next to me on the floor, completely forgotten and abandoned, with in a minute as I admired the rain drops hitting the bay window and elegantly sliding down and then gently kissing the flowers planted on window box. 

07 September, 2011

Black & White Wednesday with Lobia aka Black Eyed Beans

Participating in Black & White Wednesday, a culinary photography event by dear Susan is lot of fun. But with fun comes the challenge of thinking which food element or food related element will do justice to the black and white theme! Just yesterday I tweeted Susan saying my brain is overworked thinking what to post for BWW and she replied saying I will find my inspiration as it sure will come in to my line of vision!

06 September, 2011

Tender Colacasia Stems and Jack Fruit Seeds in Coconut Gravy: Try something new today!

Tender Colocasia Stems and Jack Fruit Seeds in Coconut Gravy

They were newly wed couple. It was just over a month since they got married and entered a new chapter of their life. HE was arrogant, blunt, stubborn and had soft corner towards his new, young wife. SHE was sweet, shy, soft spoken and little scared of her new husband. They were like oil and water in nature, yet complimented each other beautifully. No wonder they say ‘opposites attract’!!! Their life’s journey was smooth, without any bumps or u-turns, or without pot holes or hair pin curves… Until that day!

05 September, 2011

A quick peek into Hari Nayak’s “My Indian Kitchen” & a Giveaway!

This is post is long overdue! I have been sitting on this post for awhile now. Not because I wanted to, but because of heavy workload, and some health problems with lil dumpling. But here it is, at last! When I received an email by the publishers of celebrity Indian chef and Restaurateur Hari Nayak’s latest cook book “My Indian Kitchen” to see if I was interested in receiving an advance copy, I readily agreed for two reasons. One, I love to leaf through glossy pages and pour over the beautiful pictures of delicious food! And second reason is Chef Hari Nayak comes from my home town, Udupi-Mangalore, a sleepy coastal town in Southern Indian state of Karnataka. Few months back I was pleasantly surprised when Hari mailed me when he came across my blog and wanted to leave few words of appreciation. So I was obliviously interested in taking a small peek into his kitchen and see how similar or different he cooks traditional recipes.

01 September, 2011

Panchakajjaya and Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes!


|| Mushikavaahana modaka hastha,
Chaamara karna vilambitha sutra,
Vaamana rupa maheshwara putra,
Vighna vinaayaka paada namasthe ||

Wishing all the readers of Monsoon Spice and my blog friends, a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Wishing you all a happiness as big as lord Ganapati’s appetite, life as long as his trunk, trouble as small as his mouse and moments as sweet as his laddus :)