09 May, 2012

Cauliflower Kurma Recipe | How to Make Simple Vegetable Kurma

Learn how to make Cauliflower Kurma

As soon as the early sunrays caressed the chubby cheeks of little girl with pigtails she opened her eyes slowly, rubbing it fast to kick the slumber still clinging to it in a hope of catching few more minutes of sleep… It was Sunday, a special day filled with promise of long hours of play time, favourite food and undivided attention of parents… Happily she climbed down from her bed and burst into the kitchen where her mother was cooking. She watched with fascination as her mother selected few spices from glass jars, a cinnamon, few green cardamoms and cloves grown in their farm along with other spices. The small cast iron pan was taken out from the top shelf and then her mother started roasting the spices… Within couple of minutes the whole house was filled with a heady aroma of spices. 

01 May, 2012

Simple & Quick Stuffed Baby Eggplants/Brinjal/Aubergine Recipe | Baby Eggplants in Peanut and Coconut Gravy

Learn how to make Stuffed Baby Eggplants/Brinjal/Aubergine ~
Quick and simple recipe for stuffed eggplant/brinjal/aubergine cooked in mildly spiced coconut and peanut gravy

It was one of those rare days of reflection where I sat in my favourite corner of our home, my small yet cosy reading room, on low divan dressed with a beautiful and colourful handmade throw and plump cushions in bright royal shades of red and maroons, gifted by my hubby’s brother and sister-in-law. On one side is the low side table I found in my neighbours skip, the items piled for discarding, now holding a small lamp, a family portrait, small vase of my favourite flowers daisies, and couple of books I love… Opposite wall has a tall book shelf housing my book collection, some important files and my most favourite treasures, art and crafts by Lil Dumpling. My amateur but colourful watercolours are displayed proudly on two walls which compliment and complete the room. None of the things match one another, but surprisingly when put together they somehow seems to work and complement each other…