23 June, 2016

Dude, you just turned 6!

Dear Lil Dumpling,
Before I start this letter, I need to grab the tissues, lots of them!

For the past one month all you have been talking about was about your birthday and as exciting as it is for you to finally approach another birthday, I can’t help but wish time moved little slower. Although there were times where I felt the clock was ticking very slowly, but I can’t deny the fact that these were the shortest 6 years of my life…

As they say, the days are longer but the years are shorter and it is more evident to me as a mother of little boy who just turned 6 today. I feel that the years are flying as I desperately try to bottle up your little quirks that I love so much. I don’t ever want to forget how you pause in between the things you are doing to tell me how much you love me. I wish I could bottle your smile, your innocence and have your small hands wrapped around my neck forever. I’m not ready for this. I guess I will never be ready for this…

09 June, 2016

Restaurant style Mughalai Methi Paneer Kurma Recipe | Simple and Easy Methi-Paneer Curry

Learn how to make Restaurant style Mughalai Methi Paneer Kurma ~ Fresh fenugreek leaves and Indian cottage cheese cooked in lightly spiced creamy onion, cashew and yogurt gravy

With the temperature shooting up to 20+ deg C, the British summer has finally arrived in my neck of woods. It means plenty of sunshine, ice creams, spending most of day time outdoors, gardening and of course, less time cooking in hot kitchen. This is the time of the year where my recipe developments and cooking experiments in the winter months come to my rescue as I churn dishes that take minimal effort and less cooking time. One such recipe is this creamy and dreamy Restaurant style Mughalai Methi Paneer Kurma cooked using home grown fresh tender methi or fenugreek leaves.

Few weeks back, during the months of spring when the temperature crossed single digit and crossed double digits, LD and I started our little garden project. Tickled by our success story of growing our own veggies last summer, this time we have decided to double our effort and grow more veggies, especially greens, to nourish our body and soul. This year our little potting shed is filled with trays and pots of greens growing in abundant, making a steady supply to kitchen in cooking the nutrition rich meals to grace our dinner tables.

02 June, 2016

Sukhi Aloo Bhindi Recipe | Simple and Quick Aloo Bhindi Fry Recipe

Learn how to make Sukhi Aloo Bhindi or Aloo Bhindi Fry ~ Spicy potato and okra fry flavoured with assorted aromatic spices

Its last term break for LD before the school shuts down for summer holidays in little over months’ time. The good weather that we enjoyed when the week long holidays began has come to abrupt end, which means that I am stuck inside the home with my soon to be 6 year old hyper active kid who loves outdoor activities. Can you imagine what that means?

It means he wants me to find and create new activities every 30 minutes, and some in 10 mins, to keep him busy and happy! Oh dear lord! I never imagined I would say this aloud, but I am really looking forward to the school reopen day on Monday and my 6 hours of time all by myself when LD is in school. I can’t help but entertain that mommy guilt creeping inside, and as usual, I know for sure that I will miss LD terribly when he is away at school. I guess its all part and parcel of motherhood in a nutshell.