20 April, 2016

Aloo Pepper Fry Recipe | Simple and Quick Vegan Potato Peppery Fry

Learn how to make Vegan Aloo Pepper Fry ~ Simple and quick spicy potato and bell pepper stir fry

We are home after three weeks of holiday in India. Getting back to routine after vacation is always challenging, especially when it was spent with the most important people in your life! The weather is not making it easy either, coming back from literally roasting under 38 deg C of Indian summer to the cold, cloudy and windy 8 deg C of British spring will take some time… May be a lot of time! ~sigh~

But the biggest challenge of all is getting back to the rhythm of cooking after being spoiled by the amazing food we have been fed, err overfed, by our loved ones back in India. From my amma’s amazing pile of soLe rotti to MIL’s mouth-watering patrode, from our family cook’s delicious raw jackfruit pakoda to the sinful street foods, we have stuffed ourselves to the hilt and it will take months of hard work outs to shed all the extra pounds we have gained.