27 July, 2011

Kesari Bhath/Suji Halwa: A fool-proof recipe

Kesari Bhath/Suji Halwa

I am not too fond of sweets! Period.
~sigh~ Wish I could just stop it there and pen down today’s recipe. Being a chatty person that I am, I have this urge to write a long post before giving the recipe! So bear with me for few more minutes and few more lines of my ramblings… or else simply skip to the recipe part and I won’t mind at all!

26 July, 2011

Spicy Stuffed Buns/Khara Buns: To take you down the memory lane...

 Spicy Stuffed Buns/Khara Buns

Do you dream of foods? After one long tired day , you close your eyes and then suddenly this delicious thing comes to your mind. All you can do at that moment is sigh and groan loudly matching the rumble of your stomach. You just wish that you could take one teeny-tine bite of that scrumptious food you have had loooooooong time back?

22 July, 2011

Horse Gram/Huruli & Bimbli Saaru: Hot, Spicy and Comforting

 Horse Gram/Huruli & Bimbli Saaru/Rasam

Few days back everything seemed perfect! Bright and beautiful summer days, lovely blue sky with puffy white clouds, chirpy birds singing happy songs, and my lil pea healthy and happy! Ah, happy days... filled with sunshine, laughter and good fun.

06 July, 2011

Doddapatre Tambli: From Ajji's Kitchen

Doddapatre Tambli

How many of you have given that sulky look, twisted your nose in distaste and then turned your back whenever your mother lovingly cooked and served real healthy food packed with all the goodness that nature had to offer? I, for one have to admit that there were times (many times than I care to count!) when I just turned my back to such food cooked by my Amma. The more she talked about its health benefits, the sulkier I became. The more she tried to feed me, the more I tried to duck under the table. And the more she tried to bribe me, the more I cunningly dropped it into either our pet’s plate or plant pots without Amma’s knowledge.

02 July, 2011

Palak Channa: For the Mother's Soul...

Palak Channa 

Life’s become one helluva of a roller coaster ride to say the least. Juggling work and home with a clingy baby is no plain sailing. It’s not like I don’t have enough things on my plate. In fact, I feel that my plate is so full and I might drop it anytime and never have the courage to pick it up again! I am trying to do everything in my power to walk on razor thin, tight rope of my life balancing work in one hand and home in another. It’s a delicate process which requires lots of courage, commitment, passion and support from loved ones, especially from one’s partner. Thank god, I am lucky enough to have one such man as my life partner.