24 November, 2016

Harive Soppina Huli/Sambar Recipe | Vegan Red Amaranth Leaves/Keerai and Coconut Sambar Recipe

Learn how to make Vegan Harive Soppina Huli/Sambar or Keerai Sambar ~ Red Amaranth cooked in a spicy and sour lentil and coconut gravy tempered with fried garlic and curry leaves

I am going through a phase which intellectuals call as writer’s block when words seem to have abandoned them. Although I am far from calling myself a writer, I would like to use this fancy term to express this current period of word drought in my life. This one post in recent years got to be one of my shortest post with one of my most loved and cherished recipe. I have this wonderful Harive Soppina Huli or Red Amaranth (Keerai) and Coconut Sambar recipe which missed to make an appearance all these years! Try it and trust me, you will not regret it!

As the name suggests, HuLi (pronounced as who-Lee) means sour in Kannada and this recipe of Harive Soppina Huli or Keerai Sambar is little different from the traditional Soppina Huli recipes in terms of cooking technique and also the ingredients used in fresh masala. Instead of cooking the dal separately, I tend to cook the lentils along with greens to save time. I also like my Huli on bit tangier and hence use both tomatoes and tamarind pulp in making this Huli. I like to add a piece of cinnamon and few cloves, which I believe elevates the flavour and aroma, when making fresh roasted spices that is ground to smooth paste along with freshly grated coconut and tamarind.

07 November, 2016

Autumn Splendor...

I am not sure when October came and went by… I am taking things slow and putting my family, friends and health before everything! I know many have asked me the reason for absence of my blog posts, but it’s just that I feel that the compulsion to post recipes just for the sake of posting has never been my idea of blogging and I will post the recipes when an honest desire to breathe some life into this space takes over the lethargy! Although the number of posts may trickle down to just a handful, but please be assured that they will be something that I have loved cooking for my loved ones and you, my readers! I will try to post couple of recipes sitting pretty in archives whenever time permits.

I may have lost the appetite to photograph the food, albeit temporarily, but I have been enjoying taking my camera with me for my morning walks. I am sharing some of the photographs, from hundreds I had taken, of my most favourite season which I clicked through the month of October from the day the lush green leaves slowly changed colours to the brightest shades of yellows, reds, oranges, gold and rust… Autumn shows us how beautiful is it to let things go…